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Chapter eight - Answers and more confusion.

She awoke feeling a little dazed and a lot sore. Her thighs ached and her pussy throbbed slightly. She glanced downwards and smirked at the bruises peppering her skin. She loved the visual evidence of the amazing night of sex she had shared with her vampire's. She felt boneless thinking about it. Bella lifted her head and searched for them and sighed with relief as soon as she found Jasper. His eyes were still fixed on her and she wondered idly if he had looked away all night.

Her vampire.

His deeply red and piercing eyes fixed on her intensly and instead of fear – which would have been most human's reaction, she felt at peace. He had moved slightly away from her, not wanting to chill her. Jasper's perfectly sculptured muscular torso was on full display and Bella felt a surge of lust as she let her eyes wonder over its marbled perfection. Hairless and rivalling Adonis he made her drool. His eyes were amused as they locked with hers; obviously she was putting out some seriously great emotions, like lust. She grinned lazily at him and stretched out an arm languidly, fingers trailing over hard cold skin until they encountered a fine dusting of golden hairs that disappeared under the low-slung sheet that he wore.

"Where is Edward?" she asked her voice rough from sleep.

"He is hunting, I have just returned, we took turns guarding you." Jasper said a small smile playing along his firm and sensuous lips.

As her hand passed her line of vision following the trail down Jasper's lower stomach she froze as the very bloody bandage came into view. It was still wrapped around her wrist, dark blood dried on the once snowy white. She gulped and sat up fast, her head swam but she ignored it and stood hastily.

Jasper tried to grab her but she shook him off angrily.

"No more!" She all but shouted at them. "No more lies or evading my questions with…with…" she gulped. "…Sex."

She shook her head causing her very long, wavy mahogany hair to spill wildly around her face and shoulders as Jasper rose and stood in all his very naked splendour before her, words frozen on his lips as she continued. "No distracting me with sex…as nice as it is…I want the truth. What happened to me? And most importantly why can't I remember anything?" she finished in a rush as she shut her eyes to block out the delicious sight of her naked mate.

"Calm down Bella." Jasper ordered his voice rough as he grabbed her and held her tightly against his chest.

She sobbed now, tears pooling in her dark brown eyes and slid down her cheeks as she whispered into his skin. "Why can't I ever remember? It's always a blank. Why?" her voice broke then and she cried onto Jasper's chest her, her hot tears sliding down his ice-cold chest.

"Come Bella. Sit with me and I will explain everything." He said, his deep voice taught as he witnesses her pain. She nodded against his skin and allowed him to lift her in his arms gently.

He sat back down on the crumpled and slightly blood stained sheets and pulled her deeper into his arms, cradling her against his chest lovingly.

His fingers stroked her hair soothingly.

He began with no inflection in his voice, "We have been searching for our mate for what seems like all of eternity, its been a very long time since I found Edward, longer than you can begin to imagine. He is my mate as much as you are. In our world, there are two mates for any one of us. When we find both of our mates it is a very happy day for us. Because it doesn't always happen that you find one let alone both of your mates. We were hunting the night we found you, we were drawn by the smell of blood, both of us knew the minute we saw you that you were ours - our mate, the other half of our selves. Who you are and what you are capable of is simply a bonus." Jasper paused as Bella raised her head and stared at him, curiosity and the beginning of fear dawning on her beautiful face.

"What I am?" She asked her voice quivering slightly.

"In our world you are called a switch." He answered matter of factly.

"A switch? What…what is that?" she asked a lump forming in her throat, she cleared it and looked up at Jasper pleadingly.

Jasper trailed his large, rough fingers across her cheek and onto her lips as he hesitated before answering her. "In your world, it had a less desirable name and a demeaning reaction from other humans. They try to cure what should be looked on as a gift, they don't understand it." He said, not really answering her. Bella sat up and pulled away from him.

"Tell me." She demanded firmly.

"Its called multiple personality disorder in your world." He replied at last.

A gasp left her lips and she clutched her throat as if in pain as silent sobs wracked her slender body. Jasper grabbed her and held her as she fought him trying to break free.

"It is me. Isn't it?" she asked between the sobs. "I kill people? That's where all the blood comes from when I blackout?"

Jasper kissed her hair and nodded slowly. "Yes." He said simply. " The other half of you calls herself Charlotte. She is a killer, she glories in it."

Bella shuddered and lay gasping for air against his hard body. The truth of his words finally making sense out of the darkness she had experienced for so long. It all made sense now.

"Charlotte?" She asked as she sat up slowly.

"Charlotte." Jasper agreed.

A shudder travelled down her spine and her eyes began to blur, black spot appearing before her eyes. Bella clutched at Jasper's arms in fear, her face the picture of horror.

"No!" she cried as she realised that this always happened before she blacked out. She now knew that it was Charlotte trying to take over her body. "No!"

"Relax Bella!" Jasper commanded. "If you fight it you are needlessly harming yourself. Let her come easily and she will do the same for you."

Bella watched his supernaturally beautiful face swim before her eyes and tears coursed down her pale face as she felt herself slipping down into a deep, dark pit. She ceased to fight, simply obeying the voice of her mate.

Her Jasper.

He would never hurt her, she trusted him. That was besides the fact that it was tiring to fight the drowning sensation. It weighed her limbs down like thousand pound weights and made her feel like she had been fighting it a thousand years.

Deep darkness came taking her with it, she wasn't scared anymore, it was peaceful and somehow right.

"I will see you soon, my love." Jasper whispered as his lips touched hers. She smiled as she lost consciousness, her small fingers tangled in his long golden hair.

Jasper kissed her passionately, his tongue gliding between her lips and caressing her sweet mouth deeply and thoroughly. She was limp in his arms, her face slack and peaceful, each breath deep and calm.

Awareness came slowly, he could feel it, a slight tightening of her fingers in his hair and a sigh escaped her parted lips as he kissed his way down her slender neck.

"Jasper…" It was said with a sarcastic edge that hinted at another personality within the beloved body.

"Hello angel." He said as he raised his head to gaze into her eyes. It was a joke he had with Charlotte, when he and Edward had taken her out on the town, literally going on a killing spree, Jasper had dubbed her his angel of death, 'angel' had stuck.

Charlotte grinned up at him as he hovered over her, her face completely familiar but foreign at the same time. The expression was tinged with mischief and deadly intent. This woman was dangerous and she held herself as one who knew it.

She reached up and grasped his face with both hands as she licked his chin and lips in one stroke, before sliding her tongue deeply into his mouth. They kissed passionately, wildly.

Tongues intertwined and teeth clashed, it was pure unadulterated lust and Jasper maximised on the emotions between them, literally swimming in a sea of wildly veering emotions and explosive passion. He enjoyed the emotions that both sides of his mate gave off; it was very satisfying for him as an empath to have this veritable feast of emotion to feed off.

"Where are we?" Charlotte asked her voice muffled as she continued to kiss him.

"It's time for answers, angel." Jasper said as he pulled back from her ravenous lips.

"Are you going to finally tell me why I'm not always here with you and Edward?" She asked petulantly.

"Yes," he said cautiously. "This body you have, it's not yours alone angel."

"What?" she shrieked, jumping up from the bed in all her half naked splendour. "What do you mean?"

Jasper used vampire speed, catching her startled form in his arms and holding her tightly as he finished. "In my world your are called a switch, in your world its known as multiple personality disorder. Regardless of what name you wish to call it, your share your body with another person. Her name is Bella. And she too is our mate."

Charlotte gazed at him with anger infusing her brown eyes with cold murderous rage. "What if I don't want to share?" She asked her voice deadly calm and emotionless.

"You don't have a choice, angle." He said firmly. "We will not lose her completely, just as we don't wish to lose you. We wish for you both to exist - together."

"You love her." Angel stated, her voice jealous and still angry.

"I do." Jasper replied "And so does Edward. We love you both for different reasons."

"Why are you telling me this now?" Angel asked, her gaze locked with Jasper's evilly. The chillingly dangerous look in her eyes had not abated in the slightest.

"I have told Bella about you and I thought I would tell you at the same time." He explained.

"She did not know about me either?" Charlotte asked, shocked for the first time.

Jasper shook his head. "No."

"Was she upset?" An evil grin twisted angel's luscious lips into a smirk.

"Yes." Jasper agreed, "She didn't know why she woke up bathed in blood sometimes."

A chuckle escaped angle's lips and relaxed against his stone body.

"She doesn't kill too?"

Jasper grinned at the dark one; "No, she is not a violent person. She is sweet and gentle – innocent."

"She sounds fucking boring." Charlotte drawled, examining her fingernail in disgust. "And she has an awful sense of fashion. These nails are horrible."

Jasper refused to be amused, Charlotte as insulting his Bella after all.

"She isn't like you. No two people could be more dissimilar and yet you share a body." He mused aloud.

"I don't like it." Angel said the smile vanishing off of her face in an instant.

Jasper stroked her hair back from her face and grinned as she dodged his hand. "Stop fucking petting me as if I were a cat, if you want something to stroke I can think of a far better place for your fingers." Charlotte said the evil smirk back in place. "Last time you denied me after both of you turned me on. Why?"

"It was Bella's first time." He said.

"So the fuck what? You wanted to be tender with her. Must she fucking rule my life and my body?" Angel growled.

"You both have equal claim to this body as far as we can tell. It was her body first however so we decided that the first time she had sex would be while she was in control."

"Her life first?" Angel laughed loudly. "So the stupid bitch that tried to tell me what to do the first time I remember being there was her mother? She claimed to be my mother and yet I didn't believe her."

Jasper nodded his face expressionless.

"I don't like being told what to do." Charlotte said simply, her face equally expressionless now. Her face was chilling as she snickered. "She learnt the hard way."

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