"This is your last chance, Luxanna." A voice calls out to her. Suddenly, a cloud of purple and black fog surrounds her...she feels as if she's suddenly in space, filled with dark nebulae promising emptiness...the Void.

"Come with me. You can survive this mortal realm, if you would just listen." A silken-gloved hand appears from a portal, allowing him to enter. Him, in all his glory and glamour. His eyes glow intently with the bluest fire. She's suddenly forgotten how to breathe. The hand reaches out for her, but she cannot move.

She tries to grab him to no avail. Her hands are shaking violently, a huge weight within her arms.

"I never thought I would learn what love was, especially with someone like you." His voice is raspy and low, as if he's trying not to be heard. "The world was always cruel, from the day I was born. A seer who could see the future. No one cared, except perhaps my mother. But she was gone, and so the Void was my friend. The world has never shown me mercy, and yet...here you are. Showing me mercy when you shouldn't have..." An ironic laugh escapes his lips.

She can't speak either, it seems. Her lips won't budge, not even a centimeter. She can only watch him. He floats over towards her, lifting her chin with his hand.

"Your eyes remind me of the sky on Shuriman mornings. Your hair is the color of the sun flaring over the desert. Your skin the color of the pale sands... Things I thought I forgot about." Malzahar muses. "Perhaps in another life..."

Why not this one? She wants to say, although she already knows all the answers.

"Perhaps in another life, we could have been."

He turns away, as if to unlearn every emotion he's felt with her and begins to ascend.

Come back, she thinks.

A portal opens and he slips through it, the black and purple smoke whisking around her.

"Luxanna!" She hears her name again, but this time it's a different voice. "Luxanna!"

Someone's shaking her, demanding her attention. She jolts awake, seeing Garen kneeling next to her.

"Luxanna...there have been sightings of Void-beings, and the Prophet himself. He's coming. You must prepare for battle."


"Yes, Garen. I will be at the Council right away."

"Good. We need as many warriors as we can get." He rises up and walks out the door.

She blinks for another moment, before getting up herself and changing into her armor.

After all, she knew this day was coming.