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Name: Daryl Dixon (crossbow)

Occupation: Hunter, survivalist

Age: 33

Hobbies: Hunting, killing walkers, practicing Zen, staring at Ca -

About Me: This is stupid.

What I'm Looking For: A nice woman who is sweet and sassy.

Favorite Quotation(s): "People in hell want Slurpees." - Me. "Wanna screw around?" - Unknown.


CarolSuzanne: Daryl, you can't say 'this is stupid'!

crossbow: Why not? It is. Everyone should know who I am anyway. I'm the one with the arms.

CarolSuzanne: I thought you actually wanted to find someone?

crossbow: Well I changed my mind. I don't. I don't need any women in my life.

Private Messages

Daryl Dixon (crossbow) and Carol Peletier (CarolSuzanne)

crossbow: I'm sorry.

crossbow: Carol?

crossbow: You there?

crossbow: Say somethin please.

CarolSuzanne has logged off.

Private Messages

Karen Ponzio (italianbeauty) and Daryl Dixon (crossbow)

italianbeauty: Hey sweetheart, want to hook up sometime? No strings attached, I just need an itch that needs scratching if you know what I mean ;D

crossbow: Jeez, have some dignity will ya?

italianbeauty: Is that a no?

crossbow: Uh, let me think about that - of course it's a fucking no.

italianbeauty: Why? :O

crossbow: Because I don't like you. Just because we saved your ass that one time don't mean you gotta follow me round like a goddamn puppy.

italianbeauty: You are sex on a stick, got nothing to do with you saving me :) Although it helps - I like a guy who knows how to be a hero.

crossbow has logged off.

italianbeauty: Mmm playing hard to get are we?

crossbow has logged on.

crossbow: Good Lord.

italianbeauty: I've hardly ever seen you even glance at a woman before. Sure you don't bat for the other team?

crossbow: Stfu woman, I glance plenty. Just not at you.

Private Messages

crossbow: Carol I'm sorry for sayin I don't need any women.

CarolSuzanne: Don't be sorry, it's true. You don't need anyone.

crossbow: Well it's true I don't need any women. I just need one woman. I need you don't I?

CarolSuzanne: ...really?

crossbow: You deserve someone better than me though.

CarolSuzanne: How do I deserve someone better than the most bad ass walker killer in the whole of Georgia? In the whole of America even? You're the most wonderful man I've ever met.

crossbow: You really like me?

CarolSuzanne: I love you, you fool. You know that. The question is: how do you feel?

crossbow: I don't know how to say it.

CarolSuzanne: Then get over here and show me.

crossbow and CarolSuzanne went on a date in Carol's cell.

Dater's Response

CarolSuzanne: You really showed me didn't you? ;)

crossbow: Was I alright?

CarolSuzanne: My legs are still shaking! You were more than alright :)

crossbow and CarolSuzanne are married.


rick_rulez: Whaaat? What the hell did I miss?

walkerbait: A lot. You were too busy entertaining yourself with our resident ninja to notice.

farmers_daughter: That was quick! :D Go Carol!

countrygirl: OMG congratulations guys!

CarolSuzanne: You guys, calm down! Carl hacked Daryl's account and changed his relationship status. We're not married.

Tyreese226: Maybe I could change that :) Wanna go for a walk later?

crossbow: Hey, the lady said we ain't married but that don't mean we ain't together! Back off asshat if you know what's good for you.

righthandman: Heeeey well done little brother! Was starting to think you was queer.

crossbow: -.-

crossbow and CarolSuzanne went on a date in the woods.

Private Messages

CarolSuzanne: My back is all scratched up from the tree bark :( Why couldn't we have done it on a bed like normal people?

crossbow: We ain't normal, darlin. Sorry for hurtin you though.

CarolSuzanne: It was worth it ;D Never knew you could be so wild..

crossbow: I hope you can sew those shorts back up.

CarolSuzanne: Probably, my panties are a lost cause though. Maybe you could make it up to me?

crossbow: How?

CarolSuzanne: I'm in your cell. Bring your leather belt!

Private Messages

Group Conversation: Carol Peletier (CarolSuzanne), Maggie Greene (farmers_daughter) and Beth Greene (countrygirl).

CarolSuzanne: Squeeee I finally did it! We're finally together.

farmers_daughter: Was startin to wonder if you guys would ever face the truth and see that you're a match made in frickin heaven.

countrygirl: How is he in bed?

farmers_daughter: Beth!

farmers_daughter: ...seriously though, how is he?

CarolSuzanne: Lol! More than satisfactory.

countrygirl: Must be a Dixon thing then!

farmers_daughter: Ew.

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