Something Interesting Has Begun.

The Avengers/ The Amazing Spiderman Crossover

Peter knew this was not going to be his day, hell his week. Dr. Connors was out and has lizard out once more. The Avengers lend him a helping hand and now he finds himself tangled up with SHIELD and a world a 17 year old should never be a part of.

Disclaimer: I do not own either the Avengers or Spiderman. Perhaps some Superfamily and tons of Science Bro's travelling around here.

Chapter One: The Lizard Returns.

"Hey Doc, I thought you were locked away!" Peter Parker AKA Spiderman shouted as he swung above the Lizard's head to avoid those deadly claws, he still had the scars on his chest from their last encounter.

"I got out!" Dr. Connors roared whipping his tail towards the teenaged spider, it made contact with his stomach and sent Peter flying into the nearby wall.

"Ow…" Peter moaned as his head bashed against the brickwork. "I can't have a day off can I?"

"I will destroy you this time!" Connors swore stomping towards the teen's fallen form.

"Yeah okay." Peter muttered trying to stand up with the giant lizard claw wrapped around his head. Peter's hand flew up to the large scaled wrist trying to pry the claw off his face; all he got in return was a squeeze making him see spots.

"HEY!" A new voice shouted and suddenly the claw was gone and Peter was sprawled out on the ground breathing heavily. He looked up and saw the Ironman suit fly by shooting repulsors blasts at the Lizard. A pair of strong arms was lifting him up to his feet; Peter glanced over and saw the man who was holding him was Captain America! Yes THE Captain America!

"You okay there?" The Captain asked.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine." Peter stammered. "We should help Ironman, the Lizard is strong and he is going to need some help." Peter said knowingly.

"You know how to beat him?" The Captain asked releasing his hold on Spiderman, adjusting his shield.

"Well last time he showed up we cured him with an antidote but clearly that didn't work. The best thing to do is to slow him down so we can contain him, liquid nitrogen freezes him up." Peter relayed to the good captain who pressed a finger to his ear.

"You get all that?" He asked.

"Yup, tell the Spidey it's a good idea." The voice of Ironman came though the earpiece loud enough for Peter with his super hearing to understand, he felt himself grinning under his mask. One of his idols just said one of his ideas was a good one, he felt like a fan boy. He could hyperventilate later right now he had a Lizard to freeze… Again.

He nodded at Captain America and quickly scaled up the nearby wall towards where the Lizard and Ironman were fighting, the gold and red clad suit was now spewing liquid nitrogen at the Lizard who was roaring in anger. His beady eyes turned on Peter as soon as he came into view.

"YOU!" The lizard started towards Peter once more, the teen swung over its head and this time was wise enough to avoid both the claws and the tail landing on the wall behind where Ironman was hovering.

"This guy really doesn't like you does he Spidey?" Ironman asked conversationally.

"Not really no." Peter answered just as calmly. "I kind of blew him apart once or twice and stopped him from turning the whole city into lizards." Peter shrugged.

"Nice! I want the whole story once we wrap this up here." Ironman sounded like he was grinning.

"Alright… Hey watch out!" Peter launched himself in the path of the tail of Connors that avoided the liquid nitrogen and was launching towards Ironman. Peter grunted as the tail wrapped around his neck tightly cutting off the air supply holding him above the water of the pier they were fighting by.

"Poor little Peter." Connor's spat out and Peter lashed out with his feet trying to get a good hit in.

"Hey let him go!" Captain America threw his shield and it sliced the tail clean off and Peter fell towards the water below.

He hit the water with a hard impact, knocking the air of his lungs, the water hit his wounds and spots covered his whole vision. He spotted his precious air bubbles head towards the surface, he swore he saw a large ripple and something shooting towards him before darkness overtook his vision and he sunk towards the bottom of the bay.

Ironman and Captain America watched helplessly as Spiderman sunk below the dark surface of the bay.

"Keep the Lizard Busy Cap!" Tony shouted as he dove into the bay after the fallen spider.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Steve sighed facing the half frozen Lizard.

"Maybe we can be of use Captain." Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow called from the megaphone on the Quinjet that was now spraying liquid nitrogen at the Lizard as Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye landed beside the Captain.

"Good to see you guys." Steve sighed in relief.

"Where is Stark?" Clint asked.

"At the bottom of the bay." Captain America jerked his thumb over his shoulder just as the water erupted and Tony blasted into the air carrying the limp form of Spiderman cradled in his metal incased arms.

"Whose that?" Bruce asked walking over to join them sending Connor a look of interest and slightly disturbed.

"Spiderman, he has fought and beaten this Lizard before." Captain America said as he watched as SHIELD agents swarmed and started to cart the frozen Lizard away. Tony landed in front of the group and laid Spiderman on the ground.

"I think he's out cold doc." Tony reported his helmet faceplate flipping up.

"I'll take a look." Bruce adjusted his rolled up sleeves on his purple dress shirt before kneeling down beside the fallen hero. He took in the gashes that tore through the skin-tight fabric and the bruises around his throat. Bruce gently pulled the mask off and had to hold back a gasp, the others however gasped loudly.

Spiderman was a teenaged boy around 17 with spiked up brown hair, his face was covered in long cuts and he was breathing heavily. Bruce gripped his wrist taking in the small devices that adorned them, making a mental note to ask the teen about it later as he felt for a pulse. There was one but it was going too fast and the teen looked soaked to the bone.

"We need to get him back to the Tower, his wounds might be infected from his swim in the bay." Bruce reported.

"I'll take him, I'll meet you all there." Tony said in a strange voice as he looked down at the superhero teen unconscious at his feet.

"Okay." Bruce nodded and watched with veiled amazement as Tony gently picked the teen up into his arms, holding him close to the arc reactor in his chest before blasting off into the sky towards the 'A' Tower.

"Spiderman is a teenager? Oh Fury is going to love this." Clint shook his head.

"We can discuss the fact that a teenager saved the city from the Lizard later right now we need to get back to the tower." Steve shook his head trying to jerk himself out of his own shock.

"Then get in, unless you want to walk back." Natasha said from the doorway of the now landed Quinjet.