An: I like Christmas.

This would be the first Christmas Santana and Brittany would spend together and Santana was beyond happy. They were away from parents, judgemental people and most importantly Lima. To top it off, the couple were spending Christmas in New York with Quinn and unfortunately for Santana, Rachel. But she did have a soft spot for Rachel's delicious holiday cookies. Kurt had gone back to Lima to spend Christmas with Blaine and his family so Rachel literally begged Quinn to come too so she didn't have to deal with, in her words "Brittana's antics."

It was late on Christmas eve. Rachel and Quinn had fallen asleep watching endless Christmas movies while Santana and Brittany iced cookies together (Brittany's idea, of course.) While Santana finished up cleaning, she looked over at Brittany who was staring out of the window.

"Britt?" Santana whispered being careful not to wake up Quinn or Rachel. The brunette walked towards Brittany and slid her arms around her waist.

"What's wrong?" Santana could tell Brittany wasn't herself just by looking at her. She thought maybe Brittany was missing her family or Lord Tubbington.

"It's meant to be snowing." Brittany pouted and leaned back into Santana. "and it won't now because of the storm." Santana sighed quietly in relief as Brittany spoke but tightened her arms around her naïve girlfriend.

"Santa's full of surprises." Santana whispered before kissing Brittany's shoulder. Brittany shivered slightly before turning to face the brunette.

"Why are you whispering?" Santana pointed behind her towards a sleeping Quinn holding Rachel. Brittany smiled took Santana's hand to kiss it softly.

"Let's go to bed, the sooner we sleep, the sooner it's Christmas." Although she wouldn't admit it, Santana was like a little kid when it came to Christmas and she was relieved when Brittany agreed to come stay because it gave her an excuse to show off the excitement. Brittany nodded and they both walked to Santana's bed.

"Happy Christmas San." Brittany mumbled against Santana's shoulder as she got comfortable. Santana smiled and held Brittany's arms around her.

"Happy Christmas Britt, I love you." Santana couldn't help but smile. This was truly the perfect Christmas.

Santana awoke to the sound of light foot steps heading in her direction then the feeling of someone sitting on the bed.

"San!" Brittany whisper-yelled as she crawled closer to her girlfriend. Santana smiled at the blonde's voice and slowly sat up.

"Hm?" Santana rubbed her eyes trying to wake herself up.

"Can we open presents now?" Brittany had obviously found one of Berry's Christmas sweaters as she was wearing it over her pj's. Santana nodded and climbed off the bed, stretching her arms out and yawning. She hadn't fallen asleep till at least 3am due to being too excited. Brittany rushed towards the bright Christmas tree placed in the corner of the apartment and knelt looking for names on presents. Santana smiled and peeked her head around the curtain separating Rachel's bed from the rest of the apartment.

"Berry wake up." Santana said not bothering about the volume of her voice. After no response, she walked over to Quinn and crouched beside her. Knowing Quinn for the majority of her life wore off as Santana knew exactly how to wake up her; tickling which Quinn hated.

"Quinn wake up." Santana pulled the blanket off her and began tickling the blonde before she finally woke up.

"What?!" Quinn groaned pushing Santana's hands away.

"It's Christmas!" Santana chanted and made her way to the kitchen to make hot chocolate for who she considered "Family."

"Extra marshmallows?" Santana said looking over to Brittany who had set out piles of presents for each girl. Brittany nodded. As Santana carried the drinks to the coffee table beside Brittany, Quinn and Rachel finally joined them.

"About time!" Brittany said jumping up to hug the half asleep girls. Quinn smiled and Rachel knelt by the gifts, admiring the organisation.

After an hour of opening presents and a countless number of cookies consumed, all gifts had been opened. Santana smiled as she played with Brittany's hair while the blonde was occupied with her new colouring book.

"Hey Britt?" Santana moved her hands and placed them on Brittany's shoulders.


"Looks like you missed a present." Santana motioned towards the small box hidden under the tree. Brittany's face lit up and she threw her colouring book to the side so she could grab the box. Quinn and Rachel smiled to each other as they watched the couple, knowing what Santana had in mind.

"To Brittany, from Santa." Brittany read aloud then looked at Santana.

"Maybe he's apologizing for no snow." Santana shrugged. Brittany nodded and opened the box, revealing a large and what looked like a very expensive ring.

"I can't take this, I gotta send it back to him." Brittany nodded and closed the box. She grabbed her colouring book again and began writing a note to put with the box.

"It wasn't from Santa, Britt." Santana said softly as she opened the box. "It's from Santana." Santana suddenly became nervous as she watched Brittany.

"I still can't take it, San." Brittany pouted and stared at the ring. As much as she wanted to wear the ring, it look like it cost three months pay check.

"You have to, well, only if you say yes." Santana mumbled and Brittany tilted her head. Santana took the box and knelt beside Brittany.

"I promise, no matter what gets in our way, be it distance, judgmental idiots or people who hit on my girl, I'll love you forever," Brittany smiled and placed her hand on Santana's red cheek. "and this ring will be a sorta physical representation of my promise." Brittany stared at Santana for a few moments, which made the Latina anxious.

"Say something?" Brittany giggled and leaned forward to press a soft kiss against Santana's lips.

"I'll always love you, Santana." Santana let out a sigh of relief as Brittany moved away. "But, you're still taking that ring back for a cheaper one." Santana nodded and hugged Brittany as tightly as she could.