She stares at the screen while tears stream down her face. She does this everyday until the "available" sign pops up underneath Santana's screen name. Ever since Santana had graduated, Brittany was a mess. She wasn't her cheery self.

After waiting for two hours, Brittany turned over and stared at the ceiling as Lord Tubbington climbed on her legs.

"Not now okay." Brittany mumbled shuffling her legs so the overweight cat would move.

Tears began falling from her eyes faster by the moment as the naive blonde thought of Santana. Around Santana, she never felt stupid. Santana would appreciate her lame jokes and strange outbursts and it made Brittany feel special. Slowly, Brittany closed the laptop screen and pushed it aside, once again turning on her side. As memories came flooding back, she began crying even more. She pulled a pillow close to her chest and hugged it, desperately trying to calm herself down. The pillow still had the scent of Santana on it, since that's the side she'd always sleep.

"Go away." Brittany mumbled as she heard her bedroom door open. She buried her face in the pillow to hide her tears from whoever was standing at the door. Brittany frowned when she felt someone sit on her bed.

"Please leave." Arms from the mysterious person wrapped around her waist. Brittany, startled, lifted her head from the pillow to look at the arms.

"San?" She whispered turning around.

"Didn't think i'd leave you, did you?" Brittany smiled wide and tossed the pillow aside before hugging her girlfriend. Brittany shook her head taking in the warming scent of Santana. Santana smiled and rubbed Brittany's back softly.

"Once I saw you upset this morning, I knew I had to come back." She rested her head on top of Brittany's.

"What about your classes?" Brittany mumbled against the Latina's shoulder.

"I'm taking them online until you graduate then we move to New York together." Santana smiled wide as she thought of them together in a place they both adored.

"With Lord Tubbington." Brittany pulled back to look at Santana. Hesitantly, Santana nodded. She and Lord Tubbington had a bad history, but she'd do whatever it took to make Brittany happy. As Brittany smiled, Santana cupped her cheeks.

"Now, no more crying, okay?" She gently wiped the tears from the blonde's face before kissing her softly. Brittany nodded and closed her eyes at Santana's touch.

"I missed you so much." Brittany mumbled. Santana pulled back slightly to look into her girlfriend's eyes.

"I'm never going to leave you again, pinky promise." Santana help up her pinky for Brittany. Brittany wrapped her pinky around Santana's and smiled.

"Lord Tubbington missed you too, Sanny." Brittany slowly moved from Santana's grip pulled her oversized cat onto the bed. "I think he wants a hug, too." Santana's eyes widened as she glared at the cat.

"Maybe later," She said pulling Brittany back down beside her. "because for now I wants my Brittany cuddles." As Brittany relaxed in her arms, Santana nudged Lord Tubbington gently with her foot to push him off of the bed.

"Pinky promise." Brittany smiled and closed her eyes.