Santana watched as her wife of 2 years cradled their new born son in her arms. She smiled as Brittany sighed in relief, in relief that she had finally got their son to sleep. The past few days had been tough for the couple but every day was getting better. They only had to get up twice in the night to see to their son however the strain was getting to Brittany.

Quietly, Santana walked in front of Brittany, gently taking their son from her arms. Santana was dumbfounded when she saw her son for the first time; nothing was more beautiful. He looked exactly like Brittany: blue eyes and tiny strands of blonde hair. Santana kissed the top of his head before laying him down in the moses basket placed beside the couples bed.

"Sleep tight" She whispered and slowly closed the door, leaving it slightly a jar to they would be able to hear any noises.

As Santana walked back to the sofa, she noticed Brittany had fallen asleep. Santana couldn't help but smile.

"I love you." She whispered taking a place beside Brittany. Santana slid her arm around her wife's waist and naturally, Brittany rest her head on Santana's shoulder. Santana hummed quietly as she watched her exhausted wife sleep.

After what felt like minutes but turned out to be an hour, Santana's phone vibrated loudly on the coffee table, causing Brittany to shoot up. Santana laughed quietly and rubbed her hands up and down Brittany's arm.

"It's just my phone, he's okay." Brittany once again sighed and laid her head back against the sofa.

"Another visitor?" Brittany mumbled as Santana leaned foward to open the text. The past few days, they had many visitors, mostly family and close friends. Santana smiled as she read the text to herself. She then turned to look at Brittany.

"You're like this visitor, I promise." Brittany raised an eyebrow as she looked at her wife, trying to figure out who would be over.

"Do I have to change out of my sweats?" Santana laughed and shook her head, turning on the baby monitor placed on the coffee table.

"Then i'll like them." Brittany smiled and leaned against her wife. After a few minutes of cuddling in silence, they heard a few light knocks at the front door. Santana smiled at the speed of her friend and slowly removed her arms from around her wife and headed towards the door. As soon as she opened the door she pressed a finger against the diva's lips to keep her from shouting her excitement.

"He's sleeping." Santana said as Rachel engulfed her into a hug. She laughed and returned the hug before pulling away and closing the door.

"Where's Brittany?" Rachel asked as she looked around. She noticed many balloons and cards along with half empty baby bottles.

"I'm here." Brittany said as she walked up behind Santana. Santana smiled as she felt her wife snake her arms around her waist and press a soft kiss to her shoulder, causing the Latina to shudder.

"I definitely like this visitor." Brittany chuckled and moved from her wife and over to Rachel, who just like she did to Santana, pulled her into a hug. An extremely tight hug. Brittany laughed patted the smaller girls back.

"Congrats you too!" Rachel said as she pulled back. Just as Brittany opened her mouth, a quiet cry came from the baby monitor. Brittany frowned slightly and leaned against the wall.

"I'll go get him." Santana tip-toed and pressed a kiss to the blonde's temples before heading off to their bedroom.

"And like, San nearly fainted!" Rachel and Brittany burst out into a fit of laughs as Santana walked to the living room, cradling their son in her arms.

"I'd appreciate if you didn't mention that again," Santana pouted and looked towards her wife. Rachel's eyes looked towards the baby in Santana's arms, then towards Santana. "In my defense, you were squeezing my hand pretty tight." Santana shot back and Brittany rolled her eyes.

"Can I hold him?" Rachel pleaded, sticking her bottom lip out. Santana smiled as she leaned down to slowly pass her son into Rachel's arms. "Hey little guy." Rachel said softly. Santana dropped down on the sofa beside Brittany and leaned against her.

"You and i are gonna get on like a house on fire!" Rachel smiled and kissed his forehead softly. The couple laughed as they watched their friend, Brittany's eyes slowly closing.

"He truly is a blessing to you guys." Santana nodded slowly and smiled at her wife who was on the brink of sleep.

"Although he's a got set of lungs on him, we've never been happier." Brittany giggled softly and nodded in agreement at Santana's statement.

"We love him more than anything." Rachel smiled and watched as the tiny boy in her arms drifted off to sleep.

"I should get going," Rachel stood up and walked over to Santana who held her arms out for the baby. "But i'll be back tomorrow to spend some quality time with baby Rivera!" Rachel kissed the top of his head once more before heading towards the door.

"Thank's for stopping by." Brittany mumbled against Santana's hair. Santana was about to stand up and walk Rachel to the door, but was stopped by Brittany tightening her arms around the Latina's waist. Santana sent Rachel an apologetic look and Rachel laughed.

"If you need any help, just call." Rachel called out before walking out the door. Santana turned back to her wife and smiled.

"I love you." Santana whispered watching a smile stretch out on Brittany's face.

"I love you too, mamacita." Santana giggled at the nickname and turned to face their son, starstruck on the beauty of their family.