AN: I promise a Riverchele fic is coming soon, I just had to get this out of my system! I may continue this to make it a 'two-shot'. Enjoy.

Santana felt a weight on her bed beside her. She groaned and turned over to look at the object who had rudely disrupted her beauty sleep. The slight shine of the streetlights outside Santana's bedroom lit up the room just enough to see who the person was. Rachel. Of course it would be her. Once again she groaned, turning back over and pulling the blanket over her head to block out the light.

"Santana?" Rachel whispered noticing the movement from the Latina.

"Santana, please." Santana could hear the desperation behind Rachel's voice, so slowly she pulled the blanket down to rest just under her chin. This was due to the lack of clothing Santana was wearing. She wasn't expecting anyone to join her.

"Berry, what could possibly so important that it couldn't wait till the morning?" As Rachel was about to answer, tears began falling again.

"Hey," Santana frowned as she heard the quiet sobs from her friend. Slowly Santana sat up, securing the blanket around her and placed a hand on Rachel's arms. "tell me whats wrong?" After a few moments of silence, followed by the sound of Rachel sniffling to stop her crying, she spoke up.

"Brody and I broke up." Santana had never understood Rachel's interest in that guy. She had warned Rachel about him but the diva refused to listen. Although the urge to say "told you so" was strong, Santana shook it off to comfort her friend. Santana frowned and wrapped an arm around Rachel, gently running her hand up and down the brunette's arm.

"Sorry I didn't know who to go to, Kurt's out and..I'm so sorry" Rachel knew Santana wasn't the most pleasant after being woken from mid slumber. Santana shook her head and pulled Rachel close to her.

"Don't be silly, Rach." Santana whispered softly against Rachel's hair. Rachel smiled at the name, savouring the moment because she knew it wouldn't happen again. Santana never called Rachel "Rach" or even "Rachel", it was usually "Berry", "hobbit" or "dwarf".

Santana held Rachel until she felt the sobs die down, while whispering "you're okay" repeatedly. She wasn't really good at advice. Santana looked down at the tiny brunette and smiled as she noticed she was asleep. Being careful not to wake Rachel, Santana laid the diva beside her.

"Sleep tight, Rach." Santana kissed the tear stained cheeks before laying back in her original position before Rachel had woken her. Just as Santana closed her eyes, she felt warm arms wrap around her waist. At first she was startled at the sudden contact - she wouldn't let Rachel hug her that often, never mind spoon with her. But Santana began to enjoy the feeling.

Santana opened her eyes and turned around to face a sleeping Rachel. A small smile was strung upon the diva's lips, but all Santana could notice was the mascara stains down her cheeks. She gently brushed the hair from Rachel's face and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"Santana?" Rachel said, her voice thick with sleep. Santana smiled and rest her head on the pillow beside Rachel.

"Morning." Rachel smiled and opened her eyes, rubbing them slightly to adjust to the bright light coming in through the gap in the curtains.

"Sleep well?" Santana asked and moved back slightly realising just how close she had gotten to Rachel. Rachel nodded and closed her eyes again.

"Perfect, thank you." Santana continued to stare at Rachel.

"I'm sorry about what happened." Santana said taking Rachel hands in hers as she noticed the frown take over the diva's face.

"I just don't understand." Rachel whispered and closed her eyes again. Santana frowned and kissed the tiny hand softly before getting up.

"I'll go make some tea then you can let it all out, okay?" Rachel nodded and wiped the tear slowly falling down her cheek.

Rachel held the cup close to her chest as she stared ahead. She had explained to Santana that the relationship had been based on arguments lately.

"What'd you argue about?" Santana pulled the blanket further up her waist then took a sip from her cup. As Santana spoke, Rachel looked down at her cup and began tapping the side; a thing Santana had gotten used to when Rachel was nervous.

"You, mostly." Of all the things Santana expected Rachel to say, this wasn't one of them. The Latina raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Rachel.

"He hated the fact you lived with us, because're gay," Rachel placed her cup down as Santana glared at her. "he thought you'd try 'turn me' and give him the reputation of turning a girl gay." The diva frowned as she wondered if she was making sense.

"Go on." Santana nudged Rachel's arm after a few seconds of silence.

"So I defended you, telling him you're not the bitch everyone thinks you are. You wouldn't try 'turn me', you're not like that."

"He accused me of being in love with you and when I didn't deny it, he called me a dyke and told me you'd never love me back." Santana continued staring at Rachel after she had finished.

"Then he left and I came straight to you." After Santana didn't respond for a few minutes, Rachel began to panic. She pushed the blanket off her legs and put on her jacket which hung over the chair beside Santana's bed.

"I should go.." Rachel frowned trying to gather her thoughts. "shower, yeah." She nodded to herself then walked to the curtain which separated Santana's room from the rest of the apartment. Santana snapped from her daze and leaned forward to grab Rachel's arm.

"Wait." Santana pulled herself up and wrapped her arms around Rachel, pulling her into a hug. "You should stay, please." Santana lightly kissed Rachel's shoulder before pulling away from the hug. The diva soon nodded and shrugged off her jacket, climbing back into the bed.

Santana laid her head on Rachel's shoulder and closed her eyes.

"I can't promise you anything, but we can see how this goes." Rachel nodded and turned to look at Santana.

"Someone tired?" Rachel smiled at the site beside her. Santana nodded.

"Couldn't sleep. Too busy making sure you were okay." Rachel's smiled grew wider and she began humming quietly, sending Santana straight to sleep.