AN: I've been reading numerous amounts of Faberrittana and Berrittana fanfics this week and I came up with this.

"Sanny," Brittany whispered into a mess of brunette hair. She had woken up in a cold sweat after a terrifying nightmare which was a familiar occurrence.

"Sanny please, I'm scared." Brittany lightly shook the sleeping Santana causing a groan to escape her lips.

"I had that nightmare again Sanny, but he got Rachie this time." Santana frowned when she felt Brittany grab her arm as she spoke. Santana could hear the tint of sadness and fear in the blonde's voice.

"Hey it's okay," Santana said softly. She pulled Brittany closer and wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist. She hummed softly into Brittany's ear to soothe the girl. For the past few weeks, Brittany had nightmares involving her two girlfriends being taken away by, who Brittany described as, 'Lord Tubbington's evil twin human'. She felt the blonde relax slightly at the sound of Santana's voice which would allow her to get Rachel.

"I'll go wake Rachie, okay?" Santana kissed the tear stained cheeks before slowing removing herself from Brittany's grip. Brittany nodded and laid her head on Santana's pillow, taking in the scent of the Latina.

"Okay." Brittany sighed.

Santana walked over to the sleeping diva on the floor. Rachel had insisted sleeping on the floor due to her not wanting her girlfriends to catch the cold she had. Santana knelt beside Rachel and gently stroked her hair. She admired how the diva always hummed during her sleep. The little things, that's what she liked.

"Hey Rach," the Latina said softly, hoping it would be enough to wake her. "Britt had that nightmare." Santana continued to stroke Rachel's hair as she stirred.

"M'kay, i'll be over in a minute." Rachel laid on her back and stretched slightly to wake herself up. Santana smiled and stood up, walking back to Brittany who was fast asleep gripping Santana's pillow close to her chest. Santana laid beside Brittany and stroked a few strands of hair behind the blonde's ear.

"It's okay, we got you." Santana whispered before she closed her eyes. She draped an arm over the dancer's waist and rubbed softly. It wasn't long after when Santana felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. She smiled at the contact and leaned back into the warm body.

"Don't cry Britt, i'm okay." Rachel mumbled into Santana's hair. Santana giggled quietly and rubbed the diva's arm that rested on her stomach.

"Goodnight, Rachel." Santana soon followed her girlfriends and drifted off to sleep.