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"Hey you." Rachel whispered into Santana's ear before taking a seat next to her. Santana shivered and smiled in response. It was no secret to the rest of the cast that Rachel and Santana had gotten closer, but they hadn't realised how close.

"What? No 'good morning' or 'I missed you last night?'" Rachel pouted and watched Santana who seemed to be zoned out.

"Santana?" Rachel waved her hand in front of Santana's face causing the Latina to snap out of her daze.

"Sorry, did you say something?" Santana smiled at Rachel and took her hand.

"Are you okay? Seemed a little spaced out there." Rachel let out a quiet chuckle and rubbed her thumb across the back of Santana's hand.

"I'm fine, just tired," Santana laced their fingers and sighed. "I hate when you don't stay over, I can't sleep." Santana stuck out her bottom lip. Rachel giggled and moved her chair closer to Santana's.

"I promise I'll stay over tonight and the rest of the week," Rachel smiled and rested her chin on Santana's shoulder. "but in the mean time, how about I wake you up?" Rachel whispered the last part into Santana's as she noticed more of the cast members enter the room. Ryan had suggested a table read for the season finale, so they had been gathered in a cramped meeting room. Santana leaned forward on the table and grabbed her script.

"We can't here, we would in no doubt get caught!" Santana whispered yelled and leaned back in her chair. She held the script up to cover her face as a blush crept on her cheeks. This was due to Rachel's lips grazing against her neck, which unfortunate to the Latina, was her weakest spot.

"Only if you can't keep your mouth shut." Rachel smiled and placed her hand on Santana's knee, slowly moving it upwards. With each small movement, Santana would whimper, trying her hardest to concentrate on the script.

"Rachel.." Santana whined only loud enough so Rachel could hear. Rachel just smirked and grabbed her script from the table, going over a few lines in her head. Rachel rubbed small, light circles on Santana's inner thigh as she moved her hand upwards. Santana could feel her face become more flushed as she felt her arousal heightening. She didn't know how Rachel could act so nonchalant especially since she knew the brunette could feel the heat radiating from her core.

"Sh, you're gonna give us away." Rachel whispered as Santana let out a quiet moan, which caused a few looks from her cast members. Santana leaned forward to rest her head on the table, trying to muffle her moans as Rachel's fingers brushed against jean clad core.

"Please.." Santana whined, bucking her hips trying to get Rachel's fingers to press harder against her core. She groaned as Rachel traced her fingers back down her other thigh, but was surprised to find the diva unbuttoning her jeans a few moments later. Santana's eyes widened at the sudden contact of Rachel's hand under her soaked panties. She knew the consequences of getting caught, she knew the embarrassment it would cause them both, but right now, she really needed the release.

"Promise to stay quiet?" Rachel whispered as she leaned close to Santana who was biting down on her arm. Santana nodded and moved her hips forward for Rachel's fingers to meet her throbbing bud. This caused Santana to squeal and more of the cast members to look at her. She hadn't realised they were waiting for her to read Santana's line.

"Are you feeling okay, look a little flushed there?" Ryan asked. Santana shot up and looked at the faces staring at her. Slowly, Rachel pulled her hand away and glanced towards Santana.

"Uh, yeah, just.." She looked towards Rachel who smirked triumphantly at the state she had cause Santana to be in. "it's hot in here, I need some air." Santana pushed her chair away from the table and rushed towards the bathroom.

"You're gonna regret doing that," Brittany leaned in close to Rachel, fully aware of what she did. "she'll get you back." Brittany laughed and sat back in her seat.

"I know." Rachel smiled wide thinking of the events tonight would most likely hold.

After splashing her face with cold water, Santana returned to the cramped room. She sat beside Brittany and sent a glare towards Rachel, who once again smirked.