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Rachel knew the break up between Brittany and Artie would be hard. Mostly on Brittany's behalf since the person she thought loved her, doubted her trust and called her stupid. Regardless of the occasion, Brittany never missed a day off school, which Rachel admired. So when she didn't spot the cheery blonde at school, she feared the worst for Brittany.

Rachel had tried talking to Santana about Brittany, but Santana didn't see why it concerned Rachel and therefore shooed her away. When Brittany hadn't showed up for school on the third day, Rachel took it in her own hands and decided to go and see Brittany. Brittany had always been the one to comfort Rachel when she cried which happened to be a lot. She'd make Rachel a, as she called it, Brittany Basket, consisting of a small soft toy, tissues and a small bag of Brittany's favorite candy. It always made Rachel laugh when Brittany ate all the candy as the two sat cuddling in the auditorium.

Rachel had only thought of the Brittany Basket as she made her way to the blonde's house, so didn't have anytime to make one up. Rachel looked around her car as she parked just outside Brittany's house. She needed something. Rachel looked down and smiled at the scarf hanging around her neck. Brittany loved anything soft.

Rachel hesitantly knocked on the door, since she would the last person Brittany would expect. After no response she tried the door, hoping it would be open. Rachel smiled as it opened and slowly walked inside.

"Brittany?" Rachel asked loudly as she looked around downstairs.

"In my room," Brittany responded. Rachel took off her shoes before she made her way upstairs. She smiled at the baby pictures of Brittany lining the wall as she walked, still as cute, she thought. Rachel didn't have any trouble finding Brittany's room. Pictures of Lord Tubbington and herself plastered the door causing Rachel to laugh. Rachel mentally prepared herself before opening the door, hoping the reaction to her visit would be pleasant.

"Hey Britt," Rachel said softly as she stepped in the room. Brittany's room was exactly how Rachel had imagined it; fun and colorful. The total opposite of how Brittany was at this moment. Rachel frowned as she noticed the red puffy eyes and tear stained pillow. She hated seeing the blonde so upset, so broken. This so wasn't Brittany.

"Rach?" Brittany sat up and wiped her cheeks with the sleeve to her shirt. "Why are you here?" Rachel stood by the door, unsure of what to do next. Sure they considered each other friends but Rachel was still nervous of the cheerio. Brittany patted the space on the bed beside her and Rachel walked to the bed.

"I'm sorry about what happened," Rachel sat beside Brittany and placed her bag on the floor. A frown took over Brittany's face and she felt a fresh pair of tears come to the surface. "when you didn't come to school I was worried about you and had to come cheer you up, right away!" Rachel smiled slightly hoping to lighten the mood and keep the tears away.

"So I made you a Rachel Berry Basket but it won't be as good as your version," Brittany smiled and watched Rachel. The diva placed the scarf and a lunch box on Brittany's lap. She laughed as she saw the confusion in the blonde's face.

"Since I'm skipping lunch, I thought we could share my sandwich while you cuddle this scarf and watch your favorite film," Rachel watched the blonde as she wrapped the scarf around her neck.

"Thank you, Rachie," Brittany laid back on her bed and smelt the scarf, smiling at the scent of Rachel. "Can we cuddle, too?" Brittany looked at Rachel giving her the cutest pout she could, one no one could resist.

"Of course," Rachel smiled and walked to the TV. She placed the DVD in the player and crawled on the bed beside Brittany.

"Finding Nemo?" Brittany asked hopefully and moved herself closer to Rachel so she was able to lay her head on the diva's shoulder. Rachel nodded and wrapped her arm around the blonde. Brittany smiled wide and placed a light kiss to Rachel's pulse point causing the girl to squirm.

"I know that would make you feel better, but I think you should eat and relax, okay?" Rachel poked the blonde's head noticing exactly what she was thinking. Brittany once again pouted but complied. She pulled the lunchbox on her stomach and took out half of the sandwich. She inspected it then took a bite.

"Peanut butter and fluff!" Brittany squealed. Rachel laughed and took the other half of the sandwich from the box.

"You're the best at cheering people up Rachie, thank you," Brittany smiled and stared at the screen.

Rachel felt her eyes becoming heavy as the movie ended. She glanced down at Brittany who was fast asleep, her head buried among the mass of brunette hair. Rachel turned her head to look at the clock. Rachel should head back to school, but seeing how comfortable they were and how peaceful the blonde seemed, she decided against it.

Rachel turned off the TV and turned slightly to wrap her other arm around Brittany's waist. She pressed a kiss to Brittany's hair and mumbled.

"You're the smartest unicorn out there," Rachel giggled softly and rubbed her nose against the blonde's hair.