AN: This is a little crappy, but Brittana. Prompts are very much welcome!

Santana let out a deep sigh as she sat down on at the counter. She was beyond exhausted due to working graveyard shifts and the nonstop dancing at NYADA. She pulled another stool close to her and rest her boot clad feet on it. As she undid the zip to her left foot, Santana let out another deep sigh - those boots were not the most comfortable things to walk in.

"Santana, I think you should take this order," the voice from the person Santana had tried to avoid rang out through the diner.

"Can't you see I'm busy?" Santana groaned and unzip her other boot. She kicked them off giving her feet much needed release.

"I really, really think you should take this order," Rachel said.

"And I really, really think you should leave me be, hobbit," Santana glared at Rachel as she walked to the kitchen, meaning Santana would definitely have to take this order. The last thing she wanted to do was get up, she earned herself at least a twenty minute break!

"I see the name calling hasn't changed," a voice called out from behind Santana. The Latina raised an eyebrow at the familiar voice.

"Britt?" Santana merely whispered as the blonde walked round to the stool Santana's feet had occupied. She carefully lifted the feet and sat down, placing them back on her lap.

"Need help with the pain?" Brittany smiled and Santana's left foot without waiting for an answer. The blonde began massaging the foot to ease the pain the boots had caused. It took Santana a few minutes to collect her thoughts and be brought back to reality.

"Britt?" Santana said again, causing Brittany to giggle.

"Santana," Brittany said starting to massage Santana's other foot. Santana had never been left speechless, but she just couldn't conjugate a sentence as she watched Brittany. Was she really seeing this or is she a hallucination from the amount of caffeine she has consumed? After a few minutes of staring at her, Santana reached out and placed a hand on Brittany's cheek to confirm her thoughts.

"You're really here?" Santana couldn't help but smile. Brittany nodded and placed her hand on top of Santana's, enjoying the soft side the Latina never let out.

"What about college?" Santana rubbed her thumb against the pale cheek eliciting a soft sigh from the blonde.

"That's one of the reasons why I'm here," Brittany smiled and turned Santana's hand over to lace their fingers. Santana raised an eyebrow and thought of all the reasons her college would send Brittany to New York. After seeing the confusion in Santana's face, Brittany laughed and continued to speak.

"Rachel told me that auditions for Julliard were coming up and she begged me to try out," Brittany shrugged and played with Santana's fingers.

"It's in a few days," Brittany looked up to find Santana staring at her.

"What?" The blonde laughed and waved her hand in front of Santana's face breaking her stare.

"I'll be there!" Santana nodded. "at the auditions, I'll be there to support you," This bought a smile to the faces of the pair. Brittany lunged forward and pulled Santana into a tight hug.

"What was the other reason?" Santana mumbled relaxing into Brittany's arms. She'd never missed the scent and the warmth of someone so much in her life.

"To see you," Brittany smiled and pulled away from embrace. The blonde cupped Santana's cheeks coaxing a blush from her.

"I missed your sweet lady kisses," Santana rubbed her nose against Brittany's then whispered.

"I'm so sorry," Just as Santana was about to continue speaking, Brittany's lips were pressed to hers. The kiss was short, just to quiet Santana.

"Forgive and forget," Brittany smiled and pulled back from Santana, sitting back in her original position. She rubbed her hand slowly up and down the tan legs, something which always soothed the girl.

"Does this mean I can take you on a date tonight? Ice skating, I know you love ice skating," Santana smiled thinking back to their last attempt at ice skating. It ended with a grumpy, bruised Santana and Brittany talking nonstop about the tricks she had learnt. Regardless of the pain, Santana loved hearing Brittany talk about something she was passionate about.

"Duuh," Brittany giggled and pushed Santana's feet from her lap. "Now show me the real New York!" Brittany jumped up and placed Santana's boots on her lap.

"Yes ma'am," Santana laughed and quickly made work of zipping her boots up. Once up, she grabbed her bag and walked to the entrance of the diner where Brittany was waiting.

"Cover for me!" Santana called out to Rachel who nodded, relieved to see her friend happy. Brittany took Santana's hand and once again laced their fingers. This is how Santana imagined her time in New York.