Wine for me

Since this is just drabbles as they pop in my head I'd like to remind everyone that I do not follow any linear passage of time.

So I'm setting this somewhere in the middle of the sets of triplets, no he doesn't faint in this but I wanted to take him out of his element totally and have fun with him.

This is brought to you compliments A Little Wine by Patrice Roberts, a soca artist from Trinidad.

My thought was what would happen if Snape was in a carnival mass?

This isn't perfect but you've been so good waiting on my other story, so Happy Friday.

Severus Snape was on vacation alone with his wife, the children were hopefully not terrorizing his in laws, he'd threatened and cajoled his daughters with promises of a trip to Disney World if they behaved, they'd better Hermione had already booked 2 whole weeks in the house of the giant mouse for the summer.

Speaking of his wife he looked for her finding her sunning herself on the verandah of the villa, goddess like in a bathing suit that showed her curves to perfection, motherhood had been good to her leaving her with full breast and hips no longer stirring rod straight, he found himself growing hard and wondered if he could convince her to come to bed for an afternoon siesta.


"Yes my love?"

Hermione smiled, my love? Oh he was feeling amorous that was good, she needed him in a good mood to convince him to do this, J'ouvert was out Severus had very strict rules governing what he considered waking hours thanks to his years as a spy but she wanted to jump mass and under the right conditions she was sure that Severus would agree.

She stood walking to him,

"Look what the ladies next door taught me yesterday, wining! "

She stood before him and turned, planting her feet shoulder width apart and placing his hands on her hips, and backing her behind into him, she started humming keeping a rhythm and moved.

Severus immediately found him self growing hard, the feel of her behind moving, grinding on him was potent most potent indeed, her movements sped up and slowed over the course of her dance at the end he was as hard as a stirring rod his eyes peeled to the movement of her arse on him, not listening to Hermione's chatting, she stopped, dammit!

"So we can go? Right Severus?"

"Of course my love."

She smiled brightly and he had a moment to wonder what he'd agreed to before she ran a finger down the zip of his pants and pulled him into the bedroom and he no longer cared.

The next morning painted and standing with a few thousand muggles well on their way to inebriation Severus cared! He cared a whole lot!

Shshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsh shshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsh

Flash back

It was bad enough that some type of mass had passed the villa at 4 in the morning waking him, Hermione then had dragged him out of bed to be pelted with brightly colored corn starch as they watched the sweaty brightly coloured masses; when he went back in he'd only been treated to an hour of sleep when the neighbours started blasting music, he was out of bed about to give them a piece of his mind, when Hermione had stilled him with talks of cultural sensitivity and how would be feel if someone tried to tell him no fires for Beltane, chastised he grabbed a potion and went in search of the kettle, he needed strong coffee! Next time he was planning their Easter holiday and making sure there were no local celebrations within weeks of their visit.

It was his second cup of coffee when the neighbour came over calling for Hermione, the tiny Indian woman carried 2 large bags, a third floated above her head to the left, her wand carried stuck between her ample breast he tried his best not to snarl a greeting and was retreating to his bed when she called to him

"eh eh whappen? Yuh not gwan try on yuh costume?" (What happen? You aren't going to try on your costume)

He looked at her as if she was the town simpleton.

"My what madam?"

"Yuh costume."

She sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes at him as if he was an imbecile, a fragrant bag whizzed pass his head and a second was pressed into his hands

" tek dis."

She nodded towards the floating bag

"Breakfast, jumping need ah solid breakfast, aloo choka, fried bake, buljol, coconut bake, and fried plantain, de rum cyan guh down on nuting."

Severus stared at the short woman and wondered if she was mad, him in costume? He would have laughed, he should have laughed, but Hermione was standing with a bag in her hands, the same as the one in his arms and a hopeful look on her face, he turned stalking to the bedroom

"A word wife?"

Hermione looked contrite yet defiant, she went into the bedroom stripping her robe off as she turned, starting to pull costume pieces out of the bag making it clear he could stay but she was going, bugger there would be no talking when she was angry and defiant!

He remembered the Weasley patriarch's counsel "when she's defiant just go along with it, then she can't make you out to be the uncaring bastard crippling her desires."

She slipped the bottoms on, it was minuscule beads and pieces of string! Where did she think she was going wearing that? Over his dead body! He emptied the contents of his bag on the bed, long green pants, what he believed was a chest piece heavily beaded with silver, black and green beads, and a half mask, it was barely acceptable and only so because he still physically pushed himself as if still a spy his body was muscled missing the middle age spread that most of his compatriots had gained since the end of the war, he headed to the bath, his wife wasn't going to this revelry alone.

end flash back

shshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshhshs hshshshshshshshshshs

Now here he was a bottle of fire rum in one hand from Annette the neighbour who said it was necessary, Hermione pressed against him buzzing with excitement, camera snapping picture after picture of the surrounding muggles, her ass bouncing against his groin to the beat of the music, he took a swing of the rum this would be a long day.

Shshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsh shshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsh

The day was almost over when it happened, he thought it would have been Hermione the locals would have grabbed to dance with but no Hermione was standing with Annette laughing brightly when 2 women had pulled him from the side lines.

"Wine fah me nuh?"

He stood stock still as they sandwiched him, the woman in front voluptuous in ways he'd only seen in books she pressed her arse to his groin, the woman behind him pressed into his back he felt her breast and her mons against him, he was uncomfortable this wasn't his wife in such a sexual position this was a stranger, he wished he could apparate, he wish he could leave, he wished his wife the tiny terror would come save him! He looked to Hermione who smiled brightly and waved.

The woman behind him spoke

"Iz only a wine, ya wife ain't going mind"

The beat started and the singer started to sing

Is just a wine
Just a little wine
Eh no harm in that right
We having a good time
Wine on somebody now
Take a wine
Wine on somebody now
A little wine never hurt nobody
So take a wine
A little wine never hurt nobody
So take a wine
A little wine never hurt nobody
So take a wine
A little wine never hurt nobody
So take a wine

The women moved perfectly in sync, Hermione and Annette cheered from the side lines, Hermione smiled happy that he hadn't stalked away in anger, he could do this! He started to move his hips, the anonymous woman behind him cheered, revealers passing gave him smiles and thumbs up, he placed a hand on the hip pressed into him and replicated what he had seen countless men do that day allowing the beat to set the rhythm of his hips and he wined.

Hermione took a picture, the magical picture would show the moment Severus released himself to the music, hips thrusting, he smiled brightly, his eyes glittered in mischief, he threw his head back and danced.