Alpha Omega

Summary: Dean and Castiel are in their 11th year at Truman Academy – a prestigious boarding school for werewolves set in the mountains – when series of unexplained deaths occur. As the body count rises and the incidents become more frequent, the school scrambles to uncover the truth behind the mystery before it has to close indefinitely.

Warnings: character deaths (no major), were creatures, self-lube, heat, alpha/omega/beta, violence, sex, top/alpha/dominant Dean, bottom/omega/submissive Castiel, they're teenagers (17 years old).

"A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf." ― George R.R. Martin

The day was hot. Incorrigible sun rays beat down on the white flagstone path, which led up to the omega dormitories, and reflected into Castiel's eyes making him squint. He huffed. Sweat had sprung on his forehead and his school shirt was sticking to his chest and lower back.

The living quarters were a steep climb away from the main part of the school. It was a taxing walk after a long day but the view made it worthwhile. Past the confines of the thirteen acre land belonging to the academy, were snow capped mountains adorning the horizon, their bases surrounded by woodland and rivers that cut deep into the earth.

Castiel was lucky enough to attend one of the most prestigious academies for werewolves in the world. Built in 1801, its solid stone structure and prominent architecture were amongst the most beautiful educational facilities on offer and ranked number one in Shifter School Selection and Which for the Werewolf: The Education Edition.

When he reached his dormitory building, a pale monk bond brickwork structure, he slotted his key into the silver lock and pushed the door open, taking the stairs two at a time up to his second floor quarters which he shared with four other friends. They had been sharing the same apartment during term time since last year and despite been placed together at random, they all got along well and had become good friends. Before that, Castiel had shared a large dormitory with over twenty other students and as they got older they were split into smaller groups and organised by type: omega, beta and alpha.

"Hey," said Madison upon his entering.

Castiel returned her greeting and removed his satchel and blazer, hanging them up by the door. "Do you have Tracking first tomorrow?"

"No," she looked up from her laptop, "why?"

"I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be." School had officially started, after a long summer holiday, the day before and Castiel was having a hard time finding half of the places listed on his lesson plan.

"Have you got your schedule?"

"Yes," he said and dug the eggshell blue sheet of paper from his bag. Taking a seat next to her, he handed it over. "Look," he said, pointing to the chart. "It says L13. I have no idea where that is."

"Yeah, they've changed a lot of stuff around. Let's see if I can find it." Madison opened up a webpage and clicked on a series of links that Castiel couldn't hope to follow. She checked his lesson plan again and typed in his student identification number. Another page popped up and a map appeared. "I thought so. It's behind the alpha dorms. There's a new building over there that they furbished over the summer."

Castiel's brows drew together. "How did you do that?

"Find the room? It's easy. You just have to go onto the school's homepage and click on this link here," she indicated with the cursor. "Then type in your student ID number. You can find out who's teaching the lesson, where it is and who's in it. They've only added the application to the website this year so it can be glitchy sometimes but usually it's pretty good." She clicked another link and a window popped up with a list of names, student numbers and wolf groups. "This is everyone in your class and, whoa, you've got a lot of alphas in there. Looks like you're the only omega."

"Perfect," grumbled Castiel. To make matters worse, he was in heat the next day. Even with suppressors his scent was strong and blatantly obvious to every alpha in the vicinity. It wasn't that they knew he was in heat that bothered Castiel. It was that they all assumed they could send him into fever if they tried hard enough that grated on him.

Fever could only be induced during heat and under two conditions. The first: the omega had to have climaxed very little or not at all throughout the month (which was why Castiel masturbated a lot). The second: the omega had to have powerful feelings for the alpha in question. Another reason pig-headed alphas tried to induce it - it was a great boost to their ego.

Met with both conditions, the omega would spiral into fever which, put lightly, was a blind obsession with the alpha that had caused it. It was not akin to love or affection. It was purely animalistic and lust driven and if Castiel was honest, it scared him. Unlike heat, there was no human essence left. The wolf was allowed to take over in both human and animal form. To have no control over his own body terrified Castiel. It was why he went to such lengths to avoid it, like masturbating at least once a day and refusing to date. Of course, refusing to date didn't mean that a handsome face went unnoticed when he saw one.

Madison's squeal of excitement brought him out of his thoughts.

"Look! Dean Winchester's in your Tracking class!"

Castiel felt his cheeks warm and he looked away, eyes flicking to the name of his crush highlighted on the screen by Madison's cursor.

"This is the first time you've ever had a class with him, isn't it?" she asked.

"I think so," said Castiel but that was a lie. He didn't think, he knew. Since the moment he had laid eyes on Dean he had lusted after him but they had never shared a class together and there had never been any opportunity to talk to him. Not that Castiel would have the courage to do so if he was confronted with Dean. He was too gorgeous for words.

"It's the perfect chance to get to know him."

Castiel gave her an incredulous look. "Madison, what could I possibly say that would entice Dean Winchester into a conversation?"

"You could talk about things you have in common."

"Like what?"


"I take the bus if I have to travel somewhere. I don't know anything about cars nor can I drive."


"He likes rock. I like classical."


"Have you seen the things he eats?"

Madison sighed. "Talk about the weather then. That's a nice subject."

"It's a generic subject."


"I'll bore him to tears."

"You bore most people to tears, Cassie," said Gabriel as he ambled into the common room in his boxers, scratching his belly idly, hair like a haystack. He yawned wide and long. "Time is it?"

"The afternoon," replied Madison. "Don't you have any classes today?"

"Yeeeep. I've got English at 2:15," he said, snatching an apple from the bowl on the kitchen table and taking a bite.

"It's 3 o'clock," said Castiel.

Gabriel paused mid-chew. "Oh," he said and swallowed. "Then, no, I don't have any classes today." He jumped up on counter. "Are we going to Bela's bonfire thang tonight?"

"I can't, sorry," said Madison. "I have to take the sixth graders on a run around the perimeter."

"Urg! You pain me. What about you, Castiel?"

"Gabriel, I didn't go last year or the year before that. What makes you think I'm going to go this year?"

"My charm?"

Castiel gave him a look.

"Okay, fiiinnne," groaned Gabriel. "Where're Balthy and Anna?"

"Still in school. I know Anna has a late Biology class," offered Madison.

"It's the first day of school—"

"Second," corrected Castiel.

"—why is everyone being so boring?"

"Because some people don't want to fail," said Madison.

Castiel picked up his school schedule and folded it neatly in half. "I'm going to change and get some more suppressors from the store. Does anyone need anything?"

"Stallion sized condoms?"

"I meant something realistic, Gabriel."

"That is realistic."


Castiel's room was basic. Underneath the window was a double bed with beige sheets. There was a poster on the wall of Albert Einstein and his small bookcase was full of books ranging from the Earth's history to French poetry and everything in between. Beside his desk, which held a computer, was a keyboard with its own stand. An electronic keyboard was no match for the beautiful sounds a piano could produce but he made do with what he had.

He changed into a thin, sky blue t-shirt and some over used jeans, choosing to remain barefoot. Once he was ready, wallet in hand, he left his dormitory again and headed back down the steep slope towards the school.

On the academy grounds they had a fast food restaurant, a general store, a small clothes store and a bank. These were located on the square near the dormitories and beside a road which led off school property.

He smiled and nodded to the class mates he passed by and tried to beat down the anxiety he was carrying for tomorrow. He knew it was impossible that Dean would push him into fever but he still had an illogical fear of it. Dean certainly wasn't the type of person who would revel in something like that if it actually happened but Castiel would find it absolutely mortifying.

Even though he didn't know Dean, had never spoken to him, there was an awful lot of information one could glean from watching someone at a distance. For example, he knew that Dean had a little brother which he doted on and was overprotective of. He also knew that Dean was into rock music, loved vintage cars and had a reputation for being a bit of a prankster. He was also –

Castiel stumbled and so did his heart.

– standing outside the convenience store.

Dean was with two of his friends and his little brother who was in his wolf form. He knew it was Sam immediately by the shape of his eyes and the reddish brown colour of his coat. And if that hadn't been enough of a giveaway, Dean was keeping him close by, a hand on the wolf's head - a familial gesture.

Pathetically, Castiel almost debated going back to his dormitory but Madison and Gabriel would know he had seen Dean by the speed with which Castiel had returned.

So, taking a deep breath and exhaling slow, he kept his eyes on his feet, folded his arms and tried to make himself seem as small as possible as he walked to the store.

"My mom says she won't let me have a motorbike until I'm eighteen," said a female voice. He didn't look up to see who it was but he assumed it was Jo, one of Dean's close friends. "She thinks I'm irresponsible."

"You are," said Dean.

"Yeah but she's my mom; she should have faith in me."

"She has got faith in you," said another boy, one Castiel didn't know very well.

"Faith that you'll crash into wall," supplied Dean and they all laughed.

The conversation went quiet as Castiel approached and he cringed. He was tempted to look up, to see if they had noticed him but he didn't dare.

Dean was closest to the store entrance. Castiel's eyes darted to Dean's bare feet and the cargo pants he was wearing. He could smell him. Castiel could smell Dean's alpha scent and heat coiled low in his belly. It was the most attractive, nerve burning scent he had ever experienced. It was sex. It was the burn on the back of the throat after a shot of alcohol. It was the taste of sun-kissed skin and the smell of a forest after a rainfall. The other alphas, Jo and the unnamed boy, were a blip on the map, a smudge, barely there.

The automatic doors opened and he entered the cool store. The smell of Dean evaporated and Castiel mourned its loss.

He found the strongest heat suppressors he could find and waited patiently in the queue to the till. He wasn't happy to learn that he couldn't double up on the daily dose without inadvertently poisoning himself. Why couldn't they make heat suppressors with the power and strength to dampen the rampant oversexed spirit of a rhino? Instead he was stuck with two packs of Chill Me (for the heat that can't be beat!) which also had the tagline: suitable for squirrel shifters. Squirrels! He was a wolf shifter for goodness sake.

Just as he was taking some money out of his wallet, he heard footsteps behind him and Castiel froze. It was Dean. His scent was like a cloud and for a brief moment Castiel had to close his eyes and inhale the delicious smell as quietly as he could. Lungs filled, he exhaled and oh, he could literally taste it on his tongue.

Castiel would probably empty his bank account to suck Dean's cock.

He was so pathetic.

"Uh, excuse me? Dude?"

Castiel's racing heart doubled its speed. Was Dean talking to him? Surely not. Dean didn't even know Castiel. Why would he be talking to him? No. It was probably someone else he wanted the attention of.

Fingers tapped his shoulder and Castiel jumped.

Having no other option, he turned slowly, his face fire hot and looked up at Dean. Up close he was absolutely gorgeous, so handsome it was painful. Castiel stared into his perfect green eyes, managed to refrain from gawking at the luscious mouth beneath Dean's straight nose and swallowed hard.

Dean, however, was perfectly at ease. He smiled, holding something out to Castiel. "You dropped your, uh..." he looked at the packet of heat suppressors in his hand and Castiel squeaked and snatched it off him. While he had been busy smelling Dean, he must have dropped it. How humiliating.

He spun back around before Dean could say anything else and thankfully the checkout was free. Hastily paying for his items he practically sprinted out of the store and only cooled his pace when he was climbing the slope to his dormitory.

Castiel had no idea what Dean had made of their excruciating interaction but what he did know, for a fact, was that he was going to be masturbating an awful lot before his class with Dean the next day.