** A note from the author:

Hi there! It's me, Allora. Many of you know me from my story Allora Silverfield. If not, check it out! If so, welcome back. I decided to write this story because, once again, of a dream that I had. There are a few things that you need to know to set the scene for this story. First of all, it is set about 1000 years in the past. That's right, no PC's, no pokeballs, no technology. The people in this time period use different colored "crystals" to capture pokemon. Imagine a stone, bland, but when capturing a pokemon, it absorbs it just like a pokeball, and when it is full it glows. These crystals have varying strengths based on color.

This story is set assuming that any pokemon revealed in X and Y in the months do come do not exist, and all typing and abilities will be based on previous guidelines.

In this world, there are many different religions, each based on a pokemon type. Some types do not have a religion, and they are based on the most common pokemon groups: fire, water, grass, electricity, dragon, flying, psychic, rock, and normal. (No bug, fighting, ghost, ground, ice, poison, or steel.) The thing about these religions is that nearly everyone is of the "normal" religion. They believe in coexistence. But there are smaller sects that worship the other types, and these sects believe that their chosen type is superior, and all pokemon that expose the weaknesses of that type should be eliminated.

There is a queen, a monarchy, in this story. The queen is of the normal religion, and everything has been running smoothly.

So far. **

"Choke ma mach."

"Queeeeen. Nidoqueen, nido do doqueen."

""Come on guys, we're almost done, and then you can have your lunch," Vega groaned. The two pokemon groaned, and pushed harder than ever. It only took a few more minutes, but finally they were finished plowing the far side of the field.

They collapsed in the neighboring grasses after they had completed the chore. The sun beat down on them, but still being early in the spring, it wasn't quite powerful enough to bake them, though it did do a good job of drying their sweat.

There couldn't have been a better day for work outside. A cold breeze blew in from the mountains to the west, but in the sunlight it was just warm enough to be comfortable. Hard work worked the sweat glands, but the cold wind kept them cool. It wasn't long before the trio was rested enough to make the trek back to the farm house.

Twenty minutes and 30 acres later, the house was in view. Vega broke into a run, her stomach motivating her to sprint the remaining distance, towards the lunch waiting for her. The machoke took it as a game, and easily overtook her with his muscular legs. The nidoqueen wasn't as quick, but she kept up with Vega, though the young girl did slow down slightly, enjoying running with her parent's pokemon.

Her stomach wasn't the only reason the teen was so eager to get home. It just happened to be her 17th birthday, and in the Rudan Region, that was the day that girls were allowed to leave the house, and begin their own life. That was the day that Vega would have to go out and capture her own pokemon.

Of course, she had her own high expectations of what kind of pokemon she would get. Something that was a fire type, for sure, and while she wasn't a member of the Flaming Sect, she still enjoyed their energetic nature.

Or dragon type. They were really strong, with minimal weaknesses. Plus their Sect was the most just of all, aside from The Normalcy of course.

Though catching a pokemon aligned with a Sect didn't automatically require one to join, it did earn you favor with that Sect, if you ever came across them. Many members of The Normalcy, though believing in coexistence, still caught pokemon of only one or two types, to earn favor with the local Sects in their area.

Vega firmly believed that all pokemon were created equal, and none should be discriminated against. She didn't, however, believe that all Sects were created equal. Some were cruel, some were violent, and some were cowards. As part of The Normalcy, she was neutral, although the predominate Sect in the area which she lived was Fire, with a neighboring influence of the Stone Sect to the west, and the Flying Sect to the east.

The Flaming Sect was full of strong warlords, who believed in bravery and honor as the most valuable attributes that could be found in both people and pokemon. It was the fourth biggest Sect, overtaken by the Nature, Flying, and Wave Sects.

In school, the students were taught to imagine the Rudan Region as a triangle, with the Wave Sect, the Nature Sect, and the Flaming Sect at the three points. Slightly Southwest of the center of the triangle, was the queen's castle, and the surrounding lands were the focal point of The Normalcy.

The mountains extended North to South, creating the western border of the Rudan Region. The Stone Sect resided here, laying claim to the thin strip of mountains, save for the Northern tip, which belonged to the Drake Sect. The Flaming Sect resided in the Southwestern corner of the imaginary triangle, and extended farther south to take the very tip of the Stone Mountains, and the volcanic land surrounding. These volcanoes and lava fields were rumored to house the legendary pokemon that were worshipped by the Flaming- the phoenix Moltres and the great dog Entei.

What can be imagined as the bottom of the triangle was the Great Plain. The Flying Sect resided here, and their influence covered the entire base of the region. The flat, endless plain made for great updrafts and excellent flying weather. The legendary pokemon Rayquaza was said to keep the weather perfect for flying pokemon at all times of the year. The three legendary nature pokemon, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, when not causing natural disasters, were also said to live in the fluffy white clouds of the Great Plain.

The neighboring Nature Sect at the Southeastern corner covered some of the Great Plain, but it owed most of its overwhelming size to The Garden. The Garden was the giant forest in the Southeastern region that extended all the way to the Eastern Sea. The Nature Sect's infuence blanketed the entire forest, and their great temple was hidden deep in the woods, its location only known to true members of the Sect. Their legendary idols, Celebi and Shaymin, were not shy at all, and had been seen multiple times by eyewitnesses frolicking in the forest.

North of The Garden was more plains, but no flying type pokemon. This area was unofficially called the never-ending-storm. It didn't always rain there, but there was constant lightning and thunder, even on those rare days that the sun managed to come out. It is said that the legendary pokemon that the Lightning Sect worships reside in the area; the great thunderbird Zapdos and the plains-runner Raiku. Because electric type pokemon thrived in that climate, the Lightning Sect held tight to their influence in the region.

Just North of the never-endind-storm was the Mind Sect, whose area of influence had no name. The Mind Sect consisted of ancient ruins from the First People, and these ruins were spread across hills and jungles, and were the natural habitats of psychic pokemon. Monks silently walked the ruins daily, guarding them from... who knows? This was the smallest, and strangest Sect in the Rudan Region. The ancient pokemon Mew had never been seen, but was thought to flit through the trees in the jungle, and reside in the deepest chambers of their great temple.

And then there was the Gyra River, which sliced across the Northern Rudan Region in an almost perfectly straight line, balancing on the tip of the imaginary triangle. The Wave Sect had their great temple at the bottom of the river at what could be imagined as the tip of the triangle. Their influence extended only slightly South of the river, but reached far to the West and the East along the banks. In fact, their followers extended as far east as the Eastern Sea, and the islands near the coast. The water was said to be home to their legendary idols; the fresh water of the river home to Suicune the Wave Spirit, and the ocean to Kyogre, the beast of the sea.

The river even cut through the Stone Mountains to the West, and provided the decided border between the Drake and Stone Sects. Vega sighed, trying to picture the region as she opened the door to her house. It wasn't as complicated if you had lived there your whole life, but even then, it was easy to forget the borders.

Those belonging to The Normalicy lived in every single region of the Rudan, except for the Mind Sect, though there was no civilization there anyway. You weren't officially a member of a Sect unless you pledged and completed their initiation. As a member, you could receive benefits, whatever they might be, as well as live in the special housing, join their core, and much more. Those belonging to no Sect could still be given some benefits, such as protection, by doing things such as donate money and own pokemon of that Sect's typing.

Even owning pokemon of a compatible Sect was acceptable in most places. The Flaming Sect, for example, respected the Flying, Lightning, Drake, and Mind Sects. They were neutral to the Stone Sect (but then again, the Stone were pacifists, who were neutral to everyone.) The Flaming could not stand either the Wave or the Nature, and owning a water or grass pokemon in regions under Flaming influence was not socially acceptable. People still did it, don't doubt it, but they were not given the protection or any other benefits of sucking up to the Flaming.

The same went for the other Sects. Lightning didn't mind the Flaming, Nature, Drake, or Mind, but were at odds with the Flying and Wave, and though the Stone liked them, they were distrustful in return.

The Wave disliked the Flaming, Nature, and Lightning, and shared a mutual distrust with the Drake and Flying. They believed the Stone to be weak because of their insistent pacifism. The Wave was the most confrontational and problematic Sect, and were strong believers in loyalty and would hardly ever associate with others. The only group that they didn't seem to have a problem with was the Mind, and only because the Mind kept always to themselves and quarreled with none.

The Drake also never quarreled, prefering as well to keep to themselves in the mountains. They distrusted the Wave only because of their aggressiveness towards the others.

The Lightning and the Wave fought the most, with their issues being fought out usually in the inner lands just South of the Mind. These lands also neighbored the queen's castle, and often imperial soldiers had to intervene and prevent full fledged wars from breaking out.

But for ten or so years, the world had been quiet. No wars, no issues, and life had been good.

But good things do not always last, as the world was suddenly going to find out.

Shaking her history lessons from her mind, Vega sat down at the table, with her brothers and the pokemon, and stuffed herself.

"So are you excited?" asked her brother Jake through a mouthful of corn.

She grinned, chewed, swallowed, and answered. "You know it, weren't you on your Leaving Day?" she asked. He nodded, thoughtfully, remembering the past.

Boys were allowed to leave at the age of eleven, to make a life for themselves. Jake, now 19, had returned to them after several years of travel to help his parents with the farm. He had missed it, and realized that farming is the life for him.

Her brother Brad had done the same, and being 21, he was the first in line to inherit the farm from their father. They had brought back pokemon with them, and built both a stable and a second farm house, so they could continue to live there without inconveniencing their parents. Now the family made good money growing and selling berries and vegetables throughout the Rudan Region thanks to the extra help. They lived a comfortable life.

Vega had never enjoyed farm work. She hated it, honestly. She found it extremely boring. What she did enjoy was wrestling with her brother's tyrogue and boxing with his hitmonchan. Though she always lost and was scolded for fighting, she loved it. She knew she wanted to be in the queen's guard.

"But dear, don't you want to get married some day?" her mother had said when she told her.

"Well... yes... but-"

"Well then that's settled! Why don't you marry a soldier who can provide for you, and you can raise the children?"

"I don't want to raise children mom! I want to fight! To defend the Normalcy from rowdy Sects, to be in the-"

"That's enough!" She had slammed down her fists at that point, thwacking the table and rattling the glassware in the cabinets. "Women do not fight. Women cannot be in the army. Women have two roles, and it's time you chose between them."

Vega cringed. She knew the roles. As a women in Rudan, either you married and raised children, or swore a vow to serve a Sect, and became a religious priestess. The latter was worse, in Vega's mind. Not only were you forced to align with a Sect, but you were never to marry, and served the men in the Sect you had chosen. Of course, the advertised duties were cooking, cleaning, and running errands. The, well, sexual services were known by all, but never spoken about. It was the life of a concubine, dressed up in religious robes and hidden away in temples.

Since that discussion with her mother almost a year ago, Vega had kept quiet about wanting to be a soldier. But she hadn't forgotten, and her desire hadn't faded. Today, on her Leaving Day, after she had captured her first pokemon, they could not control her. Today was the day she had waited for her whole life.

Now if only she knew which pokemon she wanted.

**YES, I KNOW THIS CHAPTER IS A LOT OF SET UP INFORMATION. I know it is a lot of boring stuff, and I know I simply lay it all out there. But that is literally just because this is a set up chapter. This story is going to be very different from every other pokemon fanfic out there, so I figured that it was necessary for some pretty easy-to-follow background information. The rest of this story is not going to be like this, so please don't let this discourage you from continuing on. And I know all of you trolls out there who like to review stories just to tear them apart are going to have a field day with this, but believe it or not, many people like basic, easy-to-follow stories.

Thank you to those who enjoy this story no matter what the first chapter looks like!**