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"Dear Mikey, we miss you. It's been one week, 3 days, 5 hours, and 17 minutes since we last saw you. Sensei is trying to cope with loosing another child. April's still trying to overcome the shock. Raph doesn't seem to be... there, anymore. He doesn't leave your room, we have to force food down his throat, much like Donnie. Donatello... I think we lost him the day we lost you. He still believes you're alive, mumbling something about portals, alternate dimensions, and computers. He should know that even mutant turtles couldn't survive that blast. I suppose it's ironic... We always wanted you to be quiet, and leave us alone... Now we're realizing I, we, took you for granted. Otouto, why did you have to go? We... I miss you. I miss your crazy creations, your pranks, your annoying music, and I miss your sunshine. It's dark now. Why did you have to go? -Love, Leonardo."

Placing his pencil on the desk with a shaky hand, he carefully folded up the tear-stained letter, sealing it gently, signing his baby brother's name in beautiful calligraphy. A sob caught in the leader's throat, as he reached up to cover his eyes. He let a few choked breaths escape before he somewhat regained his composure, taking the letter into his hand. Leonardo managed to stumble into the dojo, kneeling in front of the small shrine. He brushed his fingers over the picture of Michelangelo, straightening the orange mask that rested on the shrine, lighting the two orange candles. He lit the neatly-written letter on fire, setting it in the small porcelain bowl that sat there. He watched the flames lick at the ink and paper, finally letting the sobs he had been hiding out.

"Otouto," He whimpered, sucking in a breath. "Anata ga daisuki." He pressed a shaking kiss to his fingertips, touching them to the picture of his lost brother. "Gomen nasai."

Leo walked the silent perimeter of the lair, passing Donatello's lab, hearing the nonsensical murmuring from within.

"Donnie," He whispered tiredly, pushing the door open. "you need to sleep."

"No, Leo!" The olive turtle said hysterically. "I've almost figured it out! We can get Mikey back." Deep blue eyes closed, waiting for the wave of pain to pass.

"Donnie, it kills me to say this-"

"Not this again!" The brown-eyed turtle snapped. "Mikey's gonna be fine!"

"Donatello," Leonardo said, a little more firmly this time. "Michelangelo is gone. You should know as well as anyone." His voice got softer as he continued. "I'm not loosing another little brother to something I can prevent. Like hunger and exhaustion, for example." Donnie shook his head, and the blue turtle took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was about to say. "How can you help our little brother if your exhausted and starving?" He felt his heart shatter, but he knew it was the only thing he could do besides knocking his brother out and putting him on a feeding tube.

"You're right, Leo." Donnie said finally. A pained smile stretched across the elder's face.

"There's some leftovers in the fridge."

Leo slumped down into the pit, chin hitting his plastron. He felt a presence beside him and looked over to see the disheveled appearance of April O'Neil. Her bloodshot blues met his, and his arms wordlessly opened, the redhead diving into them, sobbing her eyes out.

"I miss him." Leo didn't respond, only holding her tightly, his own tears making their appearance once more. His eyes looked up to the heavens as he released a breath heavy with sorrow. He held the sobbing girl, his heart breaking further at seeing a once strong girl so broken. Never in his life had he believed in angels. Now, he was begging to whatever deity would listen that he was wrong.

He decided to meditate in front of his baby brother's shrine to try and find his peace so he could put his family back together, but found that someone had beaten him to it. Splinter knelt before his youngest's shrine, his uneven breathing telling of his light meditation trance. Being as silent as possible, Leonardo sat down beside his father, not saying a word. The rat peeked his eye open, lifting an arm to wrap around his son's shoulders, as the strongest ones of the Hamato clan mourned for their baby. Leo leaned into his father, lower lip quivering.

"Too young..." He whimpered. "I wanted to see him grow up..." Splinter squeezed him.

"I understand, my son." His eyes drifted to the picture of his youngest son, remembering times of his childhood. "I understand."

The eldest mutant teen lay awake that night. He felt the shards that remained of his heart clench when he heard Raphael's guttural sobs from Michelangelo's room. Taking a cleansing breath, the leader sat up, pulling the covers off of him. Not having the strength to lift his feet, he dragged himself over to their baby brother's room, inching the door open.

"Raphael." He whispered, sitting on the bed beside the usually hotheaded turtle. His response was rasping breaths. Nudging the younger ninja aside, he eased himself into the bed, pulling his immediate younger sibling close as sobs racked his body.

"Mikey..." The green-eyed terrapin said brokenly, curling close to his only older brother. "Why did it have to be him...?" Leonardo silently stroked the back of his neck until the crying turtle fell asleep.

"I don't know, Raph." He whispered to his sleeping sibling.

Dear Mikey, We miss you.