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Here's a few things you should know before you begin the story~

*Alexis never gave Sam up for adoption, she raised Sam herself

*Mac and Alexis have been married for a few years and have been raising Robin, Sam, Maxie, Kristina, and Molly together.

*Robin, Maxie, and Molly are Mac's biological daughters.

*Laura raised Nikolas until she had a mental breakdown when Nikolas was ten. After that Alexis raised Nik, while Luke raised Lulu and Lucky, as well as Ethan.

*Nik is like a brother to Sam, Maxie, Robin, Kristina, and Molly.

*Anthony Zacahara is not a crazy mobster, and Claudia is Johnny's sister, not his mom

*In this story Jason is still Jason Quatermaine, although he may act a bit like Jason Morgan

* AJ's is not an alcoholic.

*Emily is still alive in this story

*Dante was raised by Sonny and Olivia

*In this story Most of the characters are high schoolers at a boarding school in North Carolina, but most of the main characters are originally from Port Charles.


Sam Davis rushed through the busy hallways of Denton Academy carrying boxes to her dorm room. She was trying to run through the halls without being noticed because she was already late for homeroom and couldn't deal with any distractions. If only that plan had worked.

"SAM! IT'S ME!" yelled her best Friend Patrick Drake from across the hall. He quickly ran to catch up with her. He had a stupid grin on his face as he stepped in front of her, blocking her exit.

"What is it Patrick? I'm in a hurry!" she said as she pushed pass him.

"Wow, not even a hi! We haven't even seen each other since Sunday!"

It was Monday. Patrick began to walk beside Sam, "Uh, Hello Patrick, my dear friend" School had just started back up. Sam was excited for her second semester of school as a senior.

"Hi Sam!" Patrick said jollily, "Those boxes look heavy, need a hand?"

"Sure, I guess I could use the help I'm kind of in a rush"

"I'm On it!" Patrick said before shouting, "Lucky!"

As the two passed Lucky in the hall Patrick grabbed him by his shirt collar and pushed him twords Sam, "Hey! What was that for?" Complained Lucky rubbing his neck.

"Poor Sam is carrying those heavy boxes while you're just standing there chatting like it's a Saturday morning. What kind of friend are you?" Patrick asked him.

Lucky sighed as he reluctantly took one of the boxes from Sam. Patrick smiled patting Lucky on the back as the three friends continued to Sam's dorm.

"Thanks Lucky" Sam mumbled. They had reached her room and she was trying to fish the key out of her pocket.

"Eh hem?" Patrick said expectantly.

"Thank you so much Patrick." She sighed.

Finally Sam caught hold of the key. She opened the door and dropped the boxes on the floor relieved. Lucky dropped his box next to it. They turned to leave but were interrupted."Excuse, eh mwah." Someone said from inside. Sam sighed. All she needed was a picky room mate.

"Do you have a problem, cause I can fix it," Sam said as she turned around.

"Nice way to greet your friend!" Her room mate, A.K.A. her best friend/sister Maxie Scorpio said as she came out from the bathroom. Both girls shrieked and gave big hugs.

"Friend? Sister." Sam said as she closed the door behind them. They all walked down the hall and Sam seemed to forget about her class, as they laughed at Lucky's story of Ethan.

"You guys talking bout me?" Said a familiar accent.

"Yah, we are." Lucky said as he grabbed Ethan and put him in a headlock, and began giving him a noogie.

"WHAT Are you doing out of class!" A female voice said from behind them. Sam cursed under her breath.

"What are you doing out of class?" Patrick said to the crazy dorm mom that should have been fired years ago.

"I ask the questions around here!" She said pointing a half eaten banana at Patrick.

"Do YOU? Do you really? Who are you? Do you even know? What if we're you and You're us. You should really be punishing yourself. Or should you?" Patrick said slowly.

The dorm mom known as Crazy Filly, instead of Mrs. Filene said, "You're right!" Before running in a circle and screaming "IM LOSING MY MIND!"

"Nice one." Ethan said giving Patrick a high five.

"We probably should get to class." Sam sighed.

"I hear there's going to be a new kid joining class today" Maxie informed them.

"So?" Lucky said cluelesly.

"So, What if he's cute? I want first dibs!" Maxie demanded grabbing Sam's arm as the two raced off to chemistry class.

"He better have a cute twin sister who also joined our class." Patrick muttered as he and Lucky chased after the girls while Ethan headed off to his class.


Sam sat down behind her counter in chemistry class taping her pencil on a test tube. Sam looked back to see Emily banging her head on the counter. Brenda was Emily's assigned lab partner, so Emily spent most of her classes like this. Suddenly their teacher, Mr. Wesel, stepped into the classroom followed by a cute teenaged boy. All the girls in the room suddenly went quiet, even Brenda, for the first time in her life, was silent. "Who would like to be Todd's lab partner?" the second the teacher started speaking everyone started to ramble as all the girls hands shot up.

"Me! I can catch him up easily." Maxie screamed eager to get first dibs. At this the room silenced.

"What did we learn about yesterday?" The teacher asked the blonde.

"Politics?" Maxie shrugged.

The class sighed. "Todd go sit next to Ms.-" The teacher scanned the room. His eyes finally landed on Emily who wasn't even bothering to look at Todd, knowing that she had no chance. "Quartermaine." He said. Emily and Jason both looked up. He then corrected himself as they stared at him puzzled.

"Todd go sit next to Emily." The teacher said pointing to the brunette.

"It must be my lucky day." Todd murmured, before taking a seat next to Emily who was suddenly shy.

Sam noticed that Brenda had disappeared. She then spotted her next to Jax. "Classic Brenda. Always jumping at the chance to flirt." Sam thought.

"I don't get the fuss." Sam said as she poured the tube with Yellow liquid into the beaker.

"I know. You girls are weird." Jason said adding a splash of blue liquid into the mixture. They both watched as the liquid became a greenish tone.

"At least we're not as emotionless as you guys. We ask you out and its 'K'! We break up with you and its 'K'! We fall off a building it's 'K' " Sam said mimicking her some what boyfriend. "We cant even tell when we are dating you or not."

"Are we dating?" Jason asked seriously as he grabbed Sam's hand. She was about to anser when someone walked in the room.

"Is this Chemistry?" The tall teenage boy asked as he flipped his hair.

"Yes, you must be John. Who wants to be John's partner?" The teacher said. No one could respond before Sam pushed Jason out of his seat and yelled, "This seat is empty!"

"Someone's eager." The teacher said before sending John over.

"Ow." Jason said as he lied on the floor. He crawled his away around the counter to Sam's side, and whispered "What the heck?"

"Shhhh!" She hushed as John walked over.

"Hi." He said with a smile as he sat.

"Hi." She practically sang, which annoyed her since she normally was never boy crazy.

"Hi." Jason growled, which received him a kick from Sam.

"So um... how you doing?" John asked with another smile.

"I'm good." She once again sang.

"Eh, the weather is a little cool down here, and-" Jason whispered receiving himself yet another kick.

"Sooooooo..." She said with a smile as she poured the closer tube into the beaker not taking her eyes off John.

"So." He mimicked.

"noooooooooooo" Jason sighed receiving a very hard kick. He finally gave up as he leaned against the counter.

All of a sudden the beaker started to smoke. Sam grabbed it and quickly threw it to the ground when it burned her hand.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Someone screamed from under the counter.

"JASON!" Sam shrieked realizing who the acid landed on.

"Get in the emergency shower Jason!" the teacher said running to help Jason.

"IT BURNS!" He yelled his eyes covered.

"Where are your goggles!" The teacher yelled, realizing all the danger at this scene.

Jason didn't respond as he jumped into the emergency shower.

"This is bad that stuff is toxic!" The teacher yelled. As he said this the song 'Toxic' by Brittney Spears started to fill the room. Every one laughed while Sam, Emily, and the teacher panicked.


Jason was furious as the water hit him, luckily he could tell that he wasn't blind, and the burning sensation went away, but the sound of laughter was more 'Toxic' then the chemicals. He stared at John who was of course pretending to be concerned for Sam, with his hand on her shoulder. Jason knew one thing. This was John's first and last day at Denton academy. As he stepped out of the shower he shivered from the cold water. Maybe he shouldn't have worn shorts today. The room went silent, the music stopped, and everyone froze.

"OMG BECKY! His hair is soooo gone!" Patrick said in a mimicked girly voice to his lab partner, Johnny.

"What are you talking about?" Jason questioned. Just then Maxie came back from the bathroom.

"Oh my god Jason, what are you using? I couldn't get my legs like that if I shaved all day." Maxie asked. Jason looked down to see that any hair that was on his legs was now gone. He turned around and looked at his reflection on the shower glass to reveal that all hair that he had once had was gone. Eye brows. Legs. Head. EVERYTHING!

"Acid!" He growled to Maxie who was waiting for an answer.

"By Rihanna?" The teenage girl asked eyes wide and innocent. He ignored her. It would be a long day. And all because of John.

This. Meant. WAR!

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