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Chapter 1 - Mega Origins

"Amber! Amber, where are you?"

The shouts were coming from Arthur, an 18 year old young man. He had smooth, light brown hair somewhat draping over his olive green eyes. His build was kind of thin, scrawny even. But even if he wasn't the most muscular man on the planet, he still packed some muscle. Arthur's complexion may have been pale, but not enough to be confused for a girl or a ghost. His height isn't that bad either, being almost six feet tall. Right now, he has on his face a worried expression because he couldn't find Amber.

Suddenly, he was tackled to the ground from behind. Then he heard giggling behind his head. He could recognize that giggle anywhere, mostly because that giggle is accompanied by a southern accent.

"Amber!" He flipped himself around, the weight still on him. "I thought I lost you!"

"Please. As if you could lose little ol' me," replied Amber.

"Just stop running off and giving me a scare when I'm too busy to notice."

Amber shook her head. "It's too much fun to resist."

Arthur rolled his eyes. "I gotta say, your voice with its southern accent sounds better if it actually sounds like words rather than syllables of your Pokémon name. It feels worth it to get this portable Pokémon translator from Professor Juniper."

Amber was a Pokémon. To be specific, a yellow and black electric-type Ampharos. When Arthur heard of the Unova Region, he was looking for a place to call his own. The Unova Region was a land Arthur has never heard of before so he thought it was perfect. Arthur even traveled all over it before releasing all but six of his Pokémon, plus retiring from his trainer days. Arthur was able to pick where he wanted to stay due to traveling the Unova Region and that place he picked was Nimbasa City.

When Arthur started traveling Unova to check it out and pick where to retire, the first place he went to was Nuvema Town. There, he met Professor Juniper. She just finished a prototype device, the Poketranslator. It was worn like a crown. Grey metal wrapped around the wearer's head. There were two simple buttons on the side of it. One button labeled 'ON' and the other labeled 'OFF'. Professor Juniper wanted to test the device and she saw Arthur wasn't a bad guy. So she choose to let him test it. It turned out to be a success and Professor Juniper let Arthur keep the language decoding device as a reward for trying it out. He and his Pokémon have been much happier since, having found a way to communicate.

"You gotta say, Arthur," Amber said, "even it's just parts of my Pokémon name, I sound positively divine."

He chuckled. "Yeah, I guess I do. Come on, we still haven't gotten on the Ferris wheel like you wanted today."

"Oh, yes. We must go!" She told him excitedly, pulling him along the way.

They made it to the amusement park attraction and waited in line. He paid for both himself and Amber. Pokémon were let in at a discount but it was still added to the regular amount he had to pay for himself. Luckily for everyone, Arthur's business is successful enough to keep up with all the bills and other necessary things in addition to the Ferris wheel rides nearly every day of the week.

They were led to the seat and the man managing the circling attraction shut the door behind them. Then it turned. It kept going round and round. In the meantime, the two passengers enjoyed the ride. At least one of them did.

Kaaaa, Arthur looks as handsome as ever today! He makes my heart race whenever he looks at me with his soft eyes. And that smile! The smile that can make my heart race even faster!

Arthur has done so much when he took care of her, dating back when Amber was a little Mareep. That made her fall for him. Amber knows he also takes care of his other Pokémon like he did her but it still didn't change a thing.

She snaps back to reality; she only had a few more minutes alone with Arthur. Then she'll have to wait for a whole week for a moment like this.

Amber attempts to make conversation. "So, Arthur, did you say something earlier today about a package in the mail?"

"Um? Oh, yeah, that's right. I was drawing another one my art pieces and the guy I sold it to told me about something special for all of you. Something called Mega Stones. He said it would be worth my while if I bought it. Now that I think about it, I'll need to check if it got to the apartment after we're through with the Ferris wheel ride."

"Something special for little ol' us? This I just have to see!"

Arthur smiled warmly at her; Amber blushed and turned the other way so he wouldn't see.

They talked about various things and have enjoyed the view. Then the ride was over. They got off and headed back to their home.

With a family of seven, Arthur himself included, they needed a big place to call home. Arthur was able to find an apartment that allows Pokémon.

Amber and Arthur went through the ground floor, where the front desk was. The clerk had the package Arthur was talking about. He was given it and the two headed up to their room. It was one of the 2 rooms on the top floor, floor 7. Those two living spaces are so large they take up almost the whole floor; that's why there's only two.

Arthur and Amber made it to their door. Arthur had his companion hold the package while he got out the keys and twist them around in the lock. The room had 3 bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, and a living room connected to a dining room that led to a small kitchen. That was the nicest Arthur could afford on his business.

The two of them walked in and Arthur noticed the calendar next to the door.

Well, I already went with Amber to the Ferris wheel on Saturday today, Arthur thought as he walked by. I don't have to worry about something like this tomorrow but I will have to when Monday comes. The Ferris wheel is something Missy looks forward to because she hates Mondays. That's weird because she's a Pokémon and doesn't have to work or go to school. I go with Darla on Tuesdays, Serena on Wednesdays, and Tomoko on Thursdays. But Tomoko isn't normal like the others so she has to disguise herself so no one gangs up on us. Finally, on Fridays, I take Miley with me. Yeesh, what a schedule! Still, if it makes my girls happy, then I can deal with it.

"Oof!" Arthur exclaimed as he was once again tackled to the ground.

Speaking of my girls…

He looked up to see his Mawile on top of him. Her face was covered in frosting and crumbs.

"I see you dug into the cake I got for you yesterday, Missy."

"I sure did! And it was yummy!"

"Good to hear. You might want to use your hands rather than literally stuffing your face in it next time. Anyways, Missy, can you get the rest of the girls over here? There's a package for all six of you."

"Sure thing, Arty!" She dashed off to get them.

"I thought for sure," stated Amber once Missy went into one of the bedrooms, "that she would have eaten the sugary thing as soon as it gone through the door."

"Oh, don't say that, Amber. She's just a very hungry girl. Set the box down on the dining room table. I'll get the scissors."

Amber set the package down on the table. Arthur went to the dresser in the living room and took out a pair of scissors from a drawer.

Missy, in the meantime, got the rest of the girls. Amber gestured them to gather around the table as Arthur cut the tape.

"What's in the box, Arthur?" asked Miley, Arthur's tall, red-feathered Blaziken.

"Missy told us whatever is in it is for us girls," said Serena, his black, blue, and yellow furred Lucario. She had spikes on her chest and the back of her paws.

"Well, we're not going to find out unless we open it," pointed out Tomoko, his legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.

"She's right, girls," Arthur chimed in, "we have to open it to know." He just about finished cutting off all the tape. "Darla, don't you want to see, too? There's something in here for all you girls."

Darla, his white, furry Absol, came closer to the table. Arthur flipped up the flaps. Everyone commenced oohs and aahs.

In the box and surrounded by styrofoam and plastic wrappings were transparent stones with beautiful colors streaking through them. There was one for each of the girls. There was also a booklet beside them telling them which stone is meant for whom.

"Cool! It's so pretty!" Missy exclaimed, picking one of them up.

"Hold on a minute, Missy! I still have to read the booklet to find out which one's yours," said Arthur. He took it away from Missy and put it back in the box.

Missy pouted and crossed her arms. "I just wanted to take a look."

"Then just simply look at it rather than grabbing it," spoke Darla.

"Oh, look. She speaks," Missy countered.


"Sorry," the two said.

He looked through the booklet and gave the right stone to the right girl.

"All right, girls, it's says here all Mega Stones, not just the ones you have, becomes active only in battle," explained Arthur. "Let's go to Lostlorn Forest and have practice battles there."

Arthur locked the door when the last one walked out the door. They walked all the way to the very back of the forest, with wide open space large enough for battles.

"Ok, girls, you need to keep your grip on your stones during the battle. Then we'll be able to see what they can do. I even thought of the battle pairings before they even arrived. It will be Miley vs. Amber, Serena vs. Tomoko, and Missy vs. Darla."

"Sounds good, Arthur," Miley said.

"Thanks. So which battle pairing wants to go first?"

"We will." Everyone turned to Serena. "Right, Tomoko?" Tomoko nodded.

"No fair! I wanted to go first!" whined Missy.

"Well, that depends if Darla wants a go," Arthur told her. He turned to Darla. "You want to have a battle right now?"

She shook her head no. "I can wait."


"Missy, you heard her," Arthur said. "If she doesn't want to fight, then she doesn't want to fight. Besides, you two are going to have a brawl some time today. Don't worry."


"Missy, do I have to butt in?" Miley asked.

Missy crossed her arms and pouted. "No, you don't," she mumbled.

"All right, then," Arthur announced. "Then it's Serena vs. Tomoko. Tomoko, Serena, get into positions. Everyone else, stand back and give them some room."

Everyone did just that. The two brawling gals got ready, positioning themselves suited for fighting. Arthur stepped back a bit, but not as much as everyone else.

"I'll be the ref," notified Arthur. "Get ready. Noooooooooooooow… Fight!"



Tomoko fired a dark and crackling orb. Serena fired a bright and blue one. The two orbs collided with one another.



Serena was using Close Combat to reflect all the little stones from Stone Edge. While she was doing so, Serena was getting closer to Tomoko slowly and steadily. Tomoko has noticed this; she was even counting on it.


"PROTECT!" She managed to shield herself from that one, but not the one after that. She was sent back with the force of the fighting-type attack. It did a lot of damage to her. Tomoko fired another Focus Blast at her and have made the mark.

Tomoko was preparing to fire Stone Edge this time. While she was doing so, Serena was struggling to get up. She looked at Arthur. Although he's happy Tomoko's doing well, he doesn't like how Serena's doing.

"For Master Arthur… I. Will. Not. Lose!" Her Mega Stone in her paw started to glow. It made her glow, too. When she came into view once more, everyone gasped. Serena looked different.

Serena has gotten a little taller. Her 'dreadlocks' got even longer and was tipped in red. There are black markings all over her arms and legs. Serena gained extra spikes on her paws and torso; there's even spikes on her feet. Her paws and feet have also become red. Finally, Serena's blue tail is gone. It seemed to have become a big, yellow, furry tail.

Serena took a look at herself. "It seems we found out what the Mega Stones can do."

"Serena…" Arthur started, "you look like you evolved. Maybe you, I don't know, mega evolved?"

Serena smiled. "Sure, Master Arthur. Let's call it that. AURA SPHERE!"

"SHADOW BALL!" Tomoko tried that as an attempt to save herself from the attack. However, it was no use. To everyone's surprise, the Aura Sphere broke through the Shadow Ball and headed straight for Tomoko. It hurt more than Tomoko initially thought.

"Wow!" Arthur was impressed. "The Mega Stones even increased Serena's strength tremendously!"

Serena smiled. Tomoko silently scowled.

"That's not the only thing of me that's increased, Master Arthur."

Serena ran straight to Tomoko. When she did, there was a smug look on her face. Tomoko had a bad feeling.


And she was right. The Close Combat attack was even stronger than before. Tomoko tried her hardest to get up when the onslaught of punches and kicks were over.

She didn't like it. Arthur giving praise to Serena and not her, Serena being the apple of Arthur's eyes, none of it. Not one bit. Tomoko and her stone began to glow.

Everyone was anxious to see how she would look. Serena, of course, let her mega evolve as courtesy/common sense of battling, plus curiosity like anyone else there.

Everyone there noticed she was getting smaller as she mega evolved. They weren't expecting that since Pokémon usually get bigger when they evolve, mega or regular. Tomoko became thinner and curvier. It looked like her tail became a ponytail thing attached to her head, topped with a swirly thing. Her eyes seemed to be a different color but they're still just as piercing.

"STONE EDGE!" That move hurt Serena more than she initially thought. She was pushed back because of the sudden force, but still managed to stay on her feet.

"Stop!" Missy shouted at the top of her lungs. Everyone looked at her. "I don't want to wait anymore! I want to mega evolve, too! Come on, Darla, you just have to want to fight now!"

She nodded.

"Yippee! Move aside! Coming through! We're gonna fight now!"

"We're still having a battle, Missy," Tomoko started.

"It's ok, Tomoko," Arthur said. "We have seen both of your mega evolved forms. You both look and have done amazing out there. Now let's see how the rest of the girls look in their new forms."

Serena and Tomoko blushed as they joined Miley and Amber. As they did, however, they transformed back to their previous forms.

"It's true what it says in the booklet. It only lasts for a battle," Arthur reminded them. "That'll be something to look forward to when we have fight against other trainers."

"Sweet! I bet I'm gonna look all badass when I fight! People and Pokémon we go up against will take one look at me and go 'ah, we better not mess with her! We better quit while we still can!' The rest of you will look cool, I guess."

"Well, you can't find out if you don't stop talking and don't start battling!" Miley voiced in while she could.

"Get ready!" Arthur shouted before more unnecessary fighting continues. "Noooooooooooooow… Fight!"

Missy rushed directly to Darla. When she got close enough, she swung her head around and filled the teeth in her other mouth with venom. "POISON FANG!"

Darla shook her head; it was typical for Missy to use what she thought was her most intimidating feature as her first move. In the nick of time, Darla dodged the attack.

"Future Sight!" Her eyes were a bright blue for a moment. Now it was only a matter of time before the attack strikes.

"IRON HEAD!" Missy charged with a head-turned-iron. Darla just avoided that attack again. She was always one of the fastest in their little group.

"ICE BEAM!" Missy fired a beam of cold and ice but it was another move Darla evaded. It was at that moment the Future Sight attack finally arrived. Darla got out of the way so it could hit Missy. Hit Missy it did. She didn't have time to recover before another attack, either.

"Night Slash!" Darla lashed her with a paw shining in purple.

Missy has taken quite some damage. She took a look at Darla, the one who didn't even have a scratch on her.

Darla then did something unusual for her. She chuckled. Then she taunted.

"Have you had enough, Badass?"

That burned Missy.

"Not by a long shot!" She yelled as she began to glow like her Mega Stone. Everybody was impressed with her new mega evolved form.

Missy's legs and part of her arms turned pink. The hair-like things hanging from the sides of her head got longer and Missy even got a little taller like Serena has. The most notable change was her other mouth. Or mouths. There were not one, but two huge mouths hanging from the back of Missy's head.

"You look awesome, Missy! The both of you keep fighting!"

"With pleasure!" Missy said. "ICE BEAM!"

At last, Missy landed the attack. It did a lot of damage and even froze one of Darla's front paws.

"IRON HEAD!" Missy charged again with a literal iron-hard cranium. She managed to strike successfully once more. Missy decided to use the same move again.

Darla gritted her teeth. She didn't want to lose, either. So she radiated alongside her Mega Stone. Everyone, once again, were excited to see what Darla would look. Missy forgot what she was doing and watched, too.

Darla radiated no more. She has gotten a bigger and curvier horn; her tail looked more jagged than before. Darla's fur has grown longer, even going as far as covering one of her eyes. The fur near her paws were tufted, but then there was the fur on her neck. It was so tufted that it looked like Darla had wings!

"Night Slash!" The move was, predictably, more powerful.


"Double Team!" Darla made more of herself and surround Missy with them.

Missy hit one of the Darlas that was there but it wasn't the real one. She looked around, trying to make out the real Darla from the fakes surrounding her.

"Slash!" The real Darla lunged forward and struck Missy with that move. Even Slash was stronger than ever.

"Stop!" They turned to Arthur, the one who yelled 'Stop!'

"What's the big idea, Arty? I was gonna win it!" Missy and Darla turned back to the way they were.

"Oh, yes, Missy, you had poor Darla on the ropes," Amber retorted.

"What was that, you walking lighthouse?!"

"Missy, Amber, stop it!" Arthur told them. He turned to Missy. "I just thought to let Darla try out her new form a little before stopping. It wouldn't be fair if I stopped the fight right after Darla transformed. Besides, Serena and Tomoko didn't finish their battle, either." Missy again pouted and crossed her arms. Arthur turned to Amber. "Amber, there wasn't any need for sarcasm. Missy didn't deserve it. Come on, it's your and Miley's turn to have a brawl."

"I hope Amber brawls at the end cause Miley kicked the crap out of her."

"Missy! You're going to get in trouble if you keep that up!" Arthur warned her.

"Fine, I'll be good. That is, if I'm not tempted."

Arthur sighed and shook his head. He turned around and saw the two girls yet to fight already in position.

"Get ready! Noooooooooooooow… Fight!"

"Rain Dance!" A blue, uneven orb flew to the sky. Clouds began to gather and water started to pour down on Arthur and the rest of the girls.

Miley had a countermeasure. "SUNNY DAY!" She flung a bright, round orb to the sky. It cleared away the clouds and made the sun shine intensely.

Before Amber could do anything, Miley used another move.

"BLAST BURN!" A massive stream of fire blasted from Miley's mouth. Combined with Sunny Day, the move was even more powerful.

Amber got hit with the attack. Miley leapt high in the sky, readying her next attack.

"BLAZE KICK!" Her leg was covered in flames.

Amber thought fast. "Flash!"

It blinded Miley's vision, disrupted her Blaze Kick, and made her fall face-first into the ground.

Amber called out her next move while her opponent was still down.

"Rain Dance!" The rain has started once more. "Thunder!"

Without Rain Dance, Thunder had a very high chance of missing. With it, however, it would make its mark with much better accuracy. Miley got hit with the incredibly strong Electric-type move.

Amber was getting ready to use that move again but Miley got out of the way in time.

"BLAZE KICK!" Even if the move was weaker due to the rain, she still had to attack. Amber looked like she would have had enough if she was hit by one more attack anyways. Miley prepares exactly just that.

"Soooo-laarrrr…" she began, preparing the grass-type move.

The mega evolution pattern continued with Amber radiating with intense brightness alongside her stone.

"Amazing, Amber," Arthur said from the sidelines. "You look majestic."

Long, white 'hair' flowed from Amber's head. Her tail looked similar except it wasn't flowing down and there were red orbs were scattered about in it. Her ears looked like they were twisted round and round.

She blushed and giggled. "Why, thank you, Arthur! Now how about we see my newfound power? Signal Beam!" She fired a multi-colored beam from the red orb on her head. It was as strong as it looked. Amber fired another one; now Miley looked like she would have had enough if she was struck with one more hit.

"One more ought to do it," Amber said, "unless, of course, a miracle happens for you!"

That miracle was Miley and her Mega Stone glowing. Amber decided to switch from Signal Beam to Rain Dance. The downpour has stopped a little while ago and Amber didn't want to risk missing when she uses Thunder.

Even when the water droplets fell from the sky, Miley continued mega evolving.

"Woah! Miley, you look awesome!" Arthur told her from the sidelines.

Miley was red and black rather than red and yellow. Miley's long feathers from her head were pointed up and parted in two diagonal directions. They seemed more tapered at the points. Lastly, there were two long, thin streams of fire from both of her wrists.

Amber aimed Thunder right at her. Miley dodged it with ease, a smile on her face.

"SUNNY DAY!" The sunshine have cast the rain aside once again. Miley kept going before Amber could use another move. "BLAZE KICK!"

Amber fell to the ground; she had those black swirls in her eyes.

"Stop! Miley's the winner!" Arthur proclaimed. Everyone cheered for Miley and comforted Amber. Amber was a little miffed that she lost so Arthur came up to her.

"It's ok, Amber. You win some and you lose some. It just so happened Miley ended the battle before I could yell 'stop'."

She sighed. "It's all right, Arthur. I'll be able to look at this like it's nothing sooner or later."

"It is cool, though," Arthur said. "We'll give all trainers and their Pokémon a real shock when those Mega Stones get in action!"

At that, they all cheered, even Amber.

About two months have passed. They have been winning much more battles thanks to their Mega Stones. Arthur even had custom-made necklace chains and attachment things for pendants ordered so his Pokémon wouldn't have to hold them for every single battle.

Additionally, the mating season for one of the girls has rolled around. That girl would be Amber. She's not embarrassed about it or tries to hide the heat but she doesn't approach any males. Amber wards off any male who have made advances to her as well.

One night, Amber made sure everyone were either out of the house or too preoccupied with something to go to her room for any reason. For extra security measures, she locked the door since it locks from the inside of the room.

Amber shares the room with Miley and Missy, proven by the three beds. She walked over to her bed. That would be the one next to the full-length mirror. Miley's bed has a heat lamp next to it in case she wants her nights to be a little warmer. Missy's bed is the one covered in garbage and other kinds of junk. That's why she sleeps on the side of the room farthest away from the door. Otherwise, Amber and Miley would have trouble getting in and out of their own room.

Taking something long and smooth out of the drawer of her little dresser in front of her bed, Amber sighed a sigh of longing.

Oh, Arthur, if only you knew how much I love you… Actually, we all love you, for one reason or another. You might not love me, perhaps particularly because I tricked you one time to buy me a vibrator. Details of which I won't think about and details of which you still don't know. You still don't even know I have this buried under the harmless-looking contents of my dresser.

Amber sat down on her bed, vibrator in flipper-like hand. She closed her eyes as she slowly grazed the adult toy over her folds, making herself more excited at the mere touch of it. As she started to do it faster, she'd graze the vibrator over her clit and feel a quick wave of pleasure. Amber was so wet. Wet enough for the juices to leak down to her anal pucker, which was where she was planning to put it.

Amber felt something washing over her body but she dismissed it as the sensations she's feeling at the moment.

Having had enough of the foreplay, Amber spread her precum all over her back hole. She pushed it in there once she was sure it was lubricated enough.

Amber have let out a soft moan. They continued as she pushed the vibrator as far as she could push it in, having to hunch over. Just barely being able to push the button on the bottom, Amber pressed it. Then it began to move back and forth as if a real male was fucking her. As fast as she could, Amber got on all fours and dived her face right in her pillow. There was no guarantee she would be able to completely keep her moans and other sounds of pleasure silent.

Her toy kept going back and forth at a speed she likes very much. Amber kept a good grip in her anus on the vibrator, determined not to ruin the sexual fantasy she's having right now. She had her eyes closed the entire time, moaning Arthur's name into her pillow.

"Arthuuuur… Arthuuuur…"

She lifted herself up slightly to play with her two perky nipples. Amber doesn't have any finger digits so all she could do was brush against them. She played with one nipple and then another, taking turns with each one.

This continued on for a while until Amber ultimately reached her climax. Using her free flipper-like hand, Amber pressed the pillow even more in her face. She let out her a loud groan of satisfaction that would have been much louder if not for the pillow.

Now content, Amber pushed out the toy from her butthole. She was going to lie down for a few minutes until she heard something outside the door.

"Hey, Serena, have you seen Amber? I wanted to ask her a question."

Amber recognized that voice; it belonged to Arthur, the same man she fantasized to!

While it sounded like he was talking to Serena for a few moments, Amber quickly wrapped the vibrator in a bright red, small towel in another drawer of her dresser. Amber would need to clean and dry her toy after she's done playing with it. Because of that, Amber got herself the cloth to hide it when she goes to the bathroom. Amber has three more small towels, one pastel blue, one vivid green, and one pure white. Amber told anyone who have asked, since she doesn't always bring out those pieces of cloth, that she uses them for a special kind of freshening up that requires those towels specifically.

Amber held the wrapped-up vibrator in one arm and wrapped it around the other three towels. She held it in her arms as she got off the bed. Amber was getting ready to leave the room when she noticed something in her mirror. She turned to take a good look and gasped.

Amber was in her mega evolved form!

She thought about what could have happened to have made that happen.

I think it was when I felt something wash over my body. Now that I think about it, I have on my necklace with my Mega Stone attached to it and it felt like the many times I mega evolved. I must've thought of it as nothing because I was feeling so excited.

Amber felt something going over her body again. When the feeling was over, Amber saw she was back in her previous form.

Her mouth was open wide in amazement. It wasn't until a knock on the door that Amber snapped out of it.

"Amber? Are you in there? I have something to ask of you."

Amber felt grateful Arthur always respected their privacy and knocked.

"Yes, I am! Hold on a moment! I'm coming out!"

Still holding the towels and the concealed toy in her arms, she managed to silently unlock the door and then open it.

Arthur flashed a huge smile at her. "Hey, Amber. I know tomorrow's Saturday and you want to go to the Ferris wheel with me. The thing is, I got a request from someone to draw the scenery of Lostlorn Forest. Do you mind if we go there first?"

"Oh, yes, Arthur. I don't mind a bit," she answered, with a smile slightly bigger than Arthur's on her face.

"Great! I'd promise to hurry up but you can't rush art. Thanks for understanding."

"It's no problem, no problem at all. Now, if you kindly excuse me, I must be heading on over to the restroom."

Amber walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She unwrapped the vibrator from the red towel, dampened the blue towel to clean it, and dried it with the green towel. She was saving the white towel for carrying the toy back to her room in the dresser. While Amber was doing all of that, she thinking of her newfound opportunity.

All of Arthur's Pokémon felt more self-confidence in their mega evolved forms, but were saddened by the fact it only lasts for when they're fighting. If they had a way to stay in those forms, then they would have tried making a move. Now Amber has found a way.

Arthur said it becomes active and stays that way only in battle. Sex must technically count as a battle because of all of the activity. One thing is for sure. I must make Arthur mine before any of the other girls do. And tomorrow is Saturday…