Warning: Contains Yuri. Girl-on-girl action. Females doing things to each other. I hope you all enjoy reading this. And sorry to any female fans who are on the straight path.

Thank you, everyone, so much for liking this story. I realize it's by far the most popular one I've written and I didn't expect it to be. Maybe some people would like it if I made this story longer but I planned to end it here. You can feel free to make your own version of this, though.

Chapter 8 – Mega Finale

"WHAT?!" Everyone, minus Arthur, exclaimed. Tomoko has apparently snapped out of it.

"I said, why don't all of you have me?"

They were astounded. Nobody spoke. Or could. Not for a long while. After that long while, Miley spoke.

"You can't be serious."

"But I am. All of you girls are everything to me and I don't want to have to choose. Tomoko, Miley, you two know better than anyone else how important family is me. So, please. Everyone, please don't make me pick one of you."

Arthur was pretty close to crying now. Miley and Tomoko just stood, understanding what Arthur meant. The others were clueless.

"Miley, what on earth does Arthur mean?" Amber asked.

"Yeah, Tomoko, what's he talking about?" Serena also asked.

Not saying a single word, Miley lifted Arthur up again and, this time, have put him in his room.

"Wait here, Arthur," Miley told him. "We got some girl-to-girl talking to do."

Arthur nodded as the doors closed on him. Arthur trudged to the bed, too tired for anything else. He tucked himself under the covers and fell to sleep instantly.

While Arthur was busy sleeping, the girls gathered around in the living room, forming a circle. Miley and Tomoko were next to each other in the circle.

Amber and Serena questioned at the same time, "What was Arthur talking about?"

Tomoko was quiet, probably a little afraid to start explaining. Miley decided to go first.

"Arthur's mom didn't want Arthur to be her son anymore. It all started when Arthur came back home after trying the Pokemon League in Hoenn. From what Arthur told me, over a few years before he gone on a journey, his dad wasn't there all that much. Arthur's dad would even miss holidays and Arthur's birthdays. The mom and dad would get into fights every time the dad came home, if ever. Then Arthur left, hoping to find and meet up with his dad every once in a while on a pokemon journey."

"Did he meet his dad?" Missy wondered out loud. She was getting into the story the same way a child would.

"No, he didn't," Miley replied. "They met up again when Arthur visited home after he tried that pokemon league."

"I was there when Arthur was home," Tomoko stated. "His dad captured me and took me there. He was looking for me for years. I should know because I was always trying to get away. It started out as every once in a while until it came to point where I'm always on guard and expecting Arthur's father every single day. At long last, he caught me. I was brought back to his home, where apparently I was going to be a trophy pokemon."

"That must have been hard," Amber commented. She was sincere about it.

"That wasn't the part where shit got heavy, Amber," Miley insisted. "The heavy shit was the biggest argument Arthur's parents ever had. The dad seemed obsessed with Tomoko to a very scary level. Right, Tomoko?"

Tomoko shook her head for yes.

"Right," Miley continued, "and the mom didn't give a damn about Tomoko. She just wanted her husband to stay home. Voices were raised, people were angry, and someone died. Really. Arthur's mom pushed Arthur's dad. It wouldn't have been so much a problem… if they weren't right above the stairs. He died, hitting his head. Blood gushed all over the stairs. Even if it was only spur of the moment and even if she just wanted her husband to stay home, that was a bit too much."

"It was really scary," Tomoko said, having taken over on storytelling. "Arthur's mother turned on me, believing I was the reason the family she worked so hard for was ruined. She believed that even more when Arthur defended me. The fight got even uglier than before and Arthur said at the end that he'll take me in. I would be released back in the wild if I wanted to be. But when his mother heard I'll be Arthur's pokemon, she told Arthur to never come back to the house and call himself her son."

"She said that?" Missy asked. She looked like she was gonna cry.

Everyone else felt this way. Even Darla. No one talked for a while. Then Darla found her voice.

"Where were the rest of us at that time?"

Miley answered, "Amber and Serena were not caught yet. They were caught in other regions and Arthur traveled only the Hoenn Region at the time. You, Darla, were indifferent to everything and everyone around that time. You preferred to stay in your pokeball most of the time and, even when it involved Arthur, you were indifferent. As for Missy, she ran off when she smelled food somewhere and Arthur was pulled into his house by his parents before we could catch up to Missy. After what happened was over, we thought it was best to not let everyone else know. At least, at the time we thought that."

Missy pouted and crossed her arms. "Even if I wanted to eat, I still should have been told. I like food but I love Arthur."

"We all do, Missy," Tomoko said. "And Arthur loves us all the same. After that incident in his old home, Arthur has valued all six of us more than ever. That's why he suggested him belonging to all of us to begin with."

"Well, I have opinions on the matter," Amber voiced out. "I think everything can work out this way…"

The girls have talked long and thought hard. At last, a decision was made. All that's left to do was do it. The girls entered Arthur's room to see how he was. Arthur was still sound asleep on his bed.

They gathered around the sleeping boy on the bed. Before a choice as to who was going to wake up Arthur was made, Missy was already trying to do that, shaking his shoulders wildly.


"I-I-I-I a-a-am a-a-a-awaaake!" Arthur managed to say through being shaked.

"Oh, good! We got something to tell ya!" Missy said, having let go.

"You do? I guess that girl-to-girl talk is over?" Arthur asked as his eyes were busy refocusing vision.

"Yeah, it is and we made a decision," Miley declared.

"About what I said back there?" Arthur asked, having regained correct vision now.

Everyone nodded yes.

"Then what did you decide on?"

"That we are gonna share you, even if some of us would like to have you for ourselves and never share you," Serena shared.

"And we'll share you according to our Ferris wheel calendar!" Missy announced happily.

"Wha?" Arthur wondered out loud. He didn't expect this. Even when Arthur offered himself to all six of his pokemon, this outcome didn't occur to him in his head at all.

"You heard her, Arthur. You'll be passed around according to who normally goes with you on the Ferris wheel," Darla repeated for Missy.

"There is one more thing we decided," Amber told him. "Soon after your arm heals, we will all have sex. Together."

Arthur really didn't see that coming.

"Are you serious?" Arthur felt like he had to check.

Everyone nodded yes again. Then they left the room to go back to their own. Amber stopped for a moment and turned her head over her shoulder.

"You better rest up, as much as you can. Quickly, too. Hee, hee!" Then she left with a smile.

Arthur just laid where he was, anticipating the future with mixed excitement and dread.

Holy- what did I just get myself into?

Arthur had to wait for 2-3 months before that question could be answered. In the meantime, all the girls was able to get along again. Even Amber and Serena, despite not quite being as close as they used to.

Then the day finally came. Arthur's arm was completely healed. Arthur was nervous about it, but was still looking forward to it. Many guys would love a group of girls willing to have sex with them. Maybe it would be called a harem but Arthur would disagree, saying that, in his situation, he is the possession.

Arthur was in the middle of watching TV when he was unexpectedly lifted up. He saw it was Miley, the girl who seems to like carrying him a lot.

Miley carried him to Arthur's room but, this time, dropped him on the bed. Serena closed and locked the doors. Those two weren't the only ones in there with Arthur; all of the girls were there.

Arthur complained, "Really, girls? The day after my arm's completely healed?"

Amber reminded him, "Well, I did say 'soon after'. Or did you forget?"

"Can we just get this going already? I'm as horny as hell here!" Serena complained.

"How we do we start? Who goes first? What do we do?" Missy asked.

"Kissing usually goes first," said Tomoko. Tomoko was going to kiss Serena on the lips if it wasn't for her pushing Tomoko away.

"Stop it or I'm gonna get less horny."

"Kissing girls isn't a bad thing," Tomoko said, gaining a blush.

"You can do your own thing," Serena explained, "but I'm not into girls in that way. Be sure to respect that, all right?"

Tomoko drew back and twiddled with her fingers. "S-sorry. I thought it was fine because we all know each other. Does anyone else want to…?"

Darla pushed her against the wall. "Oh! Ok!"

Those two started to make out. They're really enjoying it, too, evidenced by the sounds of tongues slashing each other and the girls' growing arousal. Tomoko's hands were groping and caressing Darla everywhere and Darla is attempting to do the same to Tomoko.

The sight of that made Arthur's cock become fully erect in seconds. Then Missy sat in Arthur's lap, facing him. Missy kissed him and stuck her tongue inside. Missy made her tongue move just like a Magikarp on land and in all directions. Missy's trying to lift herself up by using Arthur's shoulders, unintentionally rubbing her little butt against Arthur's cock. Arthur kissed her back, swirling his tongue inside of Missy's mouth, but he didn't last long the way things were going. Arthur groaned and shot his seed across the bed under Missy.

Serena remarked, "Wow, Arthur, didn't even last a minute, did you? You need to save some of that energy for me."

"It-it's not my fault!" Arthur said in his defense. "I wasn't touched at all for months! It-it was building up!"

"Good because you will need to satisfy all of us, starting with me. Make way, Missy!"

"I had Arthur first," Missy said through her pout. "Why should I move?"

"Serena, Missy," Arthur said. He got their attention. "I have two hands and two girls in front of me. Do you know where I'm going with this?"

Serena did. Missy was clueless. Serena got on all fours, her rear facing Arthur. Missy was instructed to position herself the same way. Missy was surprised when she felt something penetrate her pussy. It was Arthur's finger on one of his hands. On his other hand, Arthur's using two fingers to fuck Serena in the same place. Arthur made sure to keep a slow pace for Missy, but a fast one for Serena. It was difficult but he managed to do it.

The remaining two were Amber and Miley, who were on the floor right now. Miley was pinned down by Amber, despite being taller than her.

"Amber, what are you…"

"I'm going to touch and caress you all over, that's what I'm going to do."

"I'm not so sure about this…" Miley was beginning to look worried.

"Oh, come now, don't be like Serena! I haven't tried doing things with another girl, either, but I'm certain it feels just as delightful!"

Amber locked lips, or tried to since Miley has a beak, with Miley before she could object anymore. Amber also found Miley's nipples underneath her feathers and rubbed them. Miley took some time to relax before getting into it. Once she did, Miley reached her claws behind Amber's ass. Amber felt a jolt when Miley's clawed digits insert themselves into her vaginal hole. Even when surprised, though, Amber continued making out with Miley.

Eventually, Arthur took his fingers out of Missy and Serena when bright lights filled the room. Arthur unshielded his eyes when he was sure the lights were gone. Just as expected, every pokemon in the room mega evolved.

"Arthur! Don't leave us alone! Get those fingers back in!" Serena whined.

Yeesh, Serena's been getting more and more demanding with each passing day, Arthur thought.

Still, Arthur complied all the same. Arthur decided to put 3 fingers in Serena and 2 in Missy. Arthur also finger-fucked them at a faster speed, making the two girls make louder and more frequent moans.

As for Darla and Tomoko, they were finished with sucking face and are sucking pussies with the help of a 69. It was almost natural for Darla on top, being a creature who typically walks on all fours. Darla figured she just had to pretend to lap up Tomoko's inner fluids like water from a doggie bowl. It felt amazing to Tomoko; she desperately tried to keep up with her work on Darla. Tomoko attempted reaching as deep as she possibly could and even twiddled with Darla's clit with one of her fingers. Tomoko's actions felt as good to Darla as Darla's actions did to Tomoko.

The same held true for Amber and Miley. Miley was still finger-fucking Amber like before, but was going faster and harder by the minute. Amber let go of Miley's beak when she needed to take a breath. Then Amber had an idea. She placed the tip of her tail right next to Miley's butthole. Amber was becoming wetter than water itself and all that pre-cum was flowing all over Miley's groin. As a result, it provided plenty of lubricant for what Amber's about to do. Amber plugged Miley's anal hole with the round, orb-like tip of her tail. Miley gasped at the sudden intrusion between her butt cheeks. Miley stopped, but only for a moment. Miley continued plunging her fingers in and out of Amber. Amber did the same, thrusting her tail in and out of Miley.

Missy wasn't able to take it anymore. She screamed out while cumming. It was enough to cover Arthur's fingers down to the knuckle. Even when Missy came already, Arthur didn't cease fingering her. Missy screamed even louder, being extra sensitive after having reached her climax once already. A little later, Serena came, too. Arthur went on with the fingering for a little longer before pulling out those digits. Both girls on the bed collapsed, the two-mouthed one plopping her tiny ass on the bed and the more furry one still keeping her ass up in the air.

Arthur had gotten hard again from all of the finger-fucking so he was looking for another girl to fuck. Then Arthur heard something to his left. It was Serena, struggling to get up again.

"Arthur, fuck me. I'm still good to go."

Arthur just knew she wouldn't let him fuck another girl before her so he moved over to Serena. Arthur took hold of Serena's tail and lifted it up.

"Does it matter which hole?" Arthur asked.

"Nope, just fuck," Serena answered.

Without thinking, Arthur dived his thing into the hole in the front. Arthur made sure to fuck like an animal. Exactly the way Serena likes it.

"Oh, yeeeeeeeeeeeessss!" Serena screamed.

There was an outburst like Serena's, but muffled. It came from Tomoko. It felt good, pouring out fluids as fast as the rapids. Although, Darla was yet to feel that way. She got off of Tomoko, wishing to save it for Arthur.

Before getting on the bed, Darla was checking on Tomoko. She was breathing kind of heavily but it was from having received so much pleasure.

At that moment, two more girls was crying out in satisfaction. Those girls were Miley and Amber. Miley was moving clumsily as she got up but Amber was far from finished despite cumming just now.

Figuring Miley couldn't handle another round at the moment, Amber crawled over to the other two girls on the floor. Darla noticed Amber heading their way and pushed Tomoko over to her.

"She's yours. I want Arthur to finish me off," Darla explained.

Amber smiled. "I'll gladly take Tomoko. I'm going to nab Arthur later, though."

"You will after I'm done with him," Darla said as she jumped on the bed.

Tomoko was lifted up a little, her nipples facing Amber's mouth. Tomoko liked the feeling of having them sucked. Amber was swirling her tongue all around those perky, little things. Later, Tomoko decided to start fingering Amber's pussy.

While they did that, Miley dragged Missy to the edge of bed and ate her out. Missy was squealing, moaning, and crying out in pleasure louder than ever before. Missy was even pushing Miley down a little deeper so her tongue can reach inside even further.

And while that was happening, Darla approached Arthur, hoping he'll make her orgasm someway, somehow. Arthur noticed Darla next to him and nodded to show acknowledgement.

"Wait a bit, ok, Darla?"

Then he quickly laid down, making Serena sit up on his cock. Serena happily took initiative, fucking herself on Arthur's rod. She did that as rough as ever; the bed was creaking.

Darla took it she could indulge herself in Arthur now. Darla positioned her fleshy front folds above Arthur's mouth. Arthur began to taste those folds. Arthur was wiggling his tongue around desperately like Tomoko but, for him, it was a small distraction for the partially strenuous humping of Serena's. Arthur was still thinking of pleasing Darla, of course, and felt happy Serena was being pleased, too. It's just that Serena's humping was so rough that Arthur felt like he was going to go completely nuts focusing on only that.

All of this continued for a while. Then it was a chain of orgasms, each one a few minutes apart. First, it was Darla. Darla set herself aside soon after she came. After Darla, it was Amber. Tomoko was still yet to orgasm so they didn't stop what they were doing. Finally, it was Serena and Arthur at the same time. Serena's womb was overflowing with sperm and Serena clamped down on Arthur's cock very hard.

Serena pulled the thing out of her, making a popping sound. Then Serena fell off of the bed in her weakened state. Arthur hurried to see if she was alright.

"Not…to worry…," Serena assured him. "I'll…get back up… when I can."

Then Serena began probing and messing her butthole to keep her arousal strong until Serena's body became strong to get up again. Arthur couldn't help but roll his eyes at this.

Serena's mind is becoming more oriented with sex with each passing day, too.

Arthur saw it as a good chance to direct his attention on some of the other girls before Serena comes back up. Arthur had a feeling Serena might keep him tending to her until she's good and satisfied. Arthur took a look around and had an idea of what to do with Darla and Missy next.

"Missy. Darla. I got an idea. Both of you come over here," Arthur instructed. He moved himself closer to the middle of the bed. Darla staggered to where Arthur was. Miley let Missy go; Missy got to Darla and Arthur as swiftly as she could, eager to get to another climax.

"Darla, lie down in front of me. And Missy, you get on top of her."

Missy and Darla weren't so sure about that idea, being newbies at sex, but they went along with it. Little did those inexperienced females knew, the sight of their vaginas and butts pressing against each other stiffened Arthur's half-hard cock even more. Then Arthur attempted to push it in between those two pussies, keeping it from going into either girl. Missy and Darla gasped at the feeling. Arthur's rod was rubbing constantly against their clits and Arthur took it up a notch by fingering anal holes of both girls. Arthur kept it up until Missy came one more time and then passed out. A few more thrusts was enough for Darla before she was too tired to continue. Arthur climaxed soon after Darla, taking his cock out and frosting Darla and Missy's lower halves with sperm.

Tomoko and Amber switched to making out. Tomoko wasn't just fingering Amber, but herself as well. Out of the corner of her eye, Tomoko was able to see everything Arthur did with Missy and Darla. Tomoko watched from beginning to end, getting more and more excited until she wasn't able to take it anymore.

Arthur set aside Darla and Missy on the bed. There was still room for Miley, Arthur's next target. Miley has been masturbating ever since she let Missy go.

"Miley, get up here. It might be a little crowded up here but it'll be fine."

"Uh, sure!" Any hesitation Miley could have had at this point was a very small amount. So small you'd have problems seeing it even with a microscope. Speaking of seeing, Miley had to wait until the bright lights behind Arthur went away; it had to have been Darla and Missy undoing their mega evolutions.

"Ok, Miley, this is a good chance for you to lose your virginity. Do you want to?"

Miley did hear it would hurt, but only the first time. Miley knows she's a tough girl so she can stand it out for the pleasure that's sure to come sooner or later. Miley threw herself down on her back like a dropped ragdoll, legs spread wide for easy entry.

"Do it."

Arthur took action upon receiving Miley's approval. Arthur grabbed one of Miley's legs and hoisted it over his shoulder. Arthur was limp below the waistline so he thought about getting it up by rubbing the two front parts of themselves together. Arthur's cock and Miley's pussy was causing friction, eventually hardening his thing once again. Miley was getting closer to losing it.

It wasn't complete but Arthur was hard enough to penetrate. The journey inside Miley wasn't an easy one but Arthur was still able to do it. Finally, there was a hymen. Arthur took a look at Miley to double check with her, just in case. Miley nodded to show confirmation.

Arthur went through Miley's feminine shield like a car though a wall. Miley had torn the sheet to shreds and done her best to restrain her screams of pain.

Arthur didn't want the erection become limp again so he thought it was best to go slow. Soon, pain was fleeing and pleasure was invading, just as Miley hoped. Miley didn't feel any pain anymore. Just how good she felt. Arthur kept his grip on Miley's leg and continued to fuck her. This went on for a while longer until Miley finally lost it. She became so still that she seemed lifeless.

Tomoko was being fucked vaginally by Amber's tail during all of that. They noticed Miley needed to stop and rest now. Tomoko, even with a hazy mind from all the sex, used Psychic to lift Miley off of the bed and place her gently on the floor. Miley transformed back once she was on the floor.

Tomoko and Amber got on the bed, hoping Arthur will turn to them now. Arthur still didn't see Serena up and running so he thought he was still in the clear.

Serena must have felt it more than I thought she did.

Amber pushed Tomoko forward. As surprised as Tomoko and Arthur were, they didn't question anything. They just wanted all of this sex to keep flowing like a river.

Speaking of rivers, it seemed to be a river where Tomoko's pussy is supposed to be. But Tomoko wanted to keep having sex, apparently having at least one more round good in her.

Arthur had another idea seeing all that cum on Tomoko's pelvic area. Arthur was already almost fully erect by the time he got to Tomoko. Now all he would to do was stick it in. Arthur did exactly just that in Tomoko's asshole.

Tomoko shuddered and shivered at being taken in that kind of place. With all those juices Tomoko has made during the first two times she reached an orgasm, sliding in and out was a breeze. Or winds. Arthur was fucking Tomoko at a very fast speed and meshing against her vigorously. Tongues and fingering were great but it couldn't beat a man's fat, eager stick.

Arthur realized he might release sooner than Tomoko so he reached down to rub her sensitive clit. As Arthur predicted, his sperm was gushing inside of Tomoko's ass. However, with a few more highly stimulating caresses, Tomoko came seconds after.

That was it for Tomoko. Lasting one more round as presumed. Tomoko simply laid down where she was, turning back to her previous form. Once Tomoko was finished, she was rolling away and have stopped near the edge. Arthur and Amber turned to see Serena, who finally got back up and have pushed Tomoko to the side.

"I've been waiting too long. Do me again. Now!"

Arthur was going to voice out his opinions about Serena's behavior, even if it was going to wreck the mood. Then Amber seized his arm. The look Amber had in her eyes and her wink were the only things Arthur needed to know she had something in mind.

Arthur felt a little uneasy with any plan someone like Amber would cook up, but ultimately decided to go with it. Serena pushed Amber to the side, making her land next to Tomoko.

"What's taking so long? Arthur, I said do me!"

"I'm gonna need to get myself up first but-"

"No buts! I'll just suck the thing and you'll be back up in no time!"


With Serena as demanding and as impatient as she is when it comes to sex right now, Arthur figured he would no longer have a penis if Serena gives him a blowjob.

"Oh?" Serena wondered. "And what would that be?"

"Stand up on the bed and put your paws against the wall," Arthur said as he backed up against said wall. "Right in front of me."

Serena didn't waste any time doing that. Arthur's cum was dripping out from Serena like a faucet. Arthur made sure as much of it as possible was already out. Then Arthur grabbed her ass and pressed her closer to his face. Then Arthur began to thoroughly lick Serena and her pussy the same way he did Darla, but in a wilder manner.

Serena didn't think it was as good as being fucked but she still loved it this way. Arthur's tongue wasn't just getting the outside. It was hitting Serena in all the right spots on the inside, too.

Arthur was becoming excited by how Serena smelled and tasted. Arthur's friend was slowly but surely getting up. Serena was almost there, too, from mere tongue action. During all of this, Arthur was using his salvia mixed with Serena's pre-cum to lube up her anal tunnel. Serena thought she was going to be finger-fucked there but she was so very wrong.

"What the fuck?!" Serena yelled upon feeling something that definitely had a different feel from Arthur's fingers.

Serena turned around and didn't like she saw. Amber used her tail once again on Serena's ass. Amber was playing with her own nipples in order to keep herself horny.

"Take it out this instant! You hear me!?"

"Oh, I hear you. I hear you have been rather spoiled as of late. Someone will have to teach you where your place is!"

Then Amber began pumping her tail in and out of that hole. As much as Serena didn't want to come from that, it was physical pleasure and Serena was almost there.

"Stop! I don't… want it… like this! Stop it, I said!"

Serena was putting up a fuss about it but it was futile. She came all the same. Amber took her tail out of Serena. Serena was calming down a little but, even though she would've liked to keep going, Serena was trying to kill Amber right around now.

"What the hell was that for? I didn't want to come that way!"

Forgetting she was in an apartment complex, Serena was getting ready to fire an Aura Sphere.

"Oh, for the love of Luvdisc, cut it out already!" Arthur exclaimed, seizing Serena's arms.

"What are you doing!?" Serena questioned. Her irritability decreased but she was still pissed.

"What the hell are you doing, Serena? I have had it up to my neck with your selfishness! If you really want to be fucked so hard you pass out," Arthur said, impaling her ass with his hardened dick, "then so be it!"

Then Arthur was pounding Serena mercilessly. Despite the power and force Arthur was applying, he wasn't being abusive or anything. On the contrary, Serena loved this feeling more than anything else in her whole life and thought of it as even better if it was with Arthur. It occurred to Serena she's probably a masochist but she didn't care. Loving, gentle sex is, of course, not a bad thing but it's something Serena wouldn't pick over the kind of treatment she's getting now.

Soon, Serena couldn't take much more of it and came. Arthur erupted inside of her at the same time. Serena has collapsed from exhaustion, which means she's officially done until tomorrow.

Arthur lifted Serena up and dragged her to the side of the bed that doesn't have three girls on it. Serena suddenly fell off the edge. Arthur checked to see if she was okay. Once Arthur heard Serena murmur something about him fucking her harder, Arthur knew she was fine.

Arthur was poked on the shoulder and he turned around. Arthur saw it was Amber who got his attention. Amber sat to where there was more space on the bed.

"There's just me left, Arthur."

After the bright light was done flashing from side of the bed, Arthur crawled towards Amber. As soon as he got close enough, Amber pushed Arthur down on the bed.

"You know, Amber, I just realized I need a serious picker-upper. And even if I can actually get it up again at this point, it might be good for only one more time."

"No problem at all, Arthur. We'll simply do this until you're all good to go."

Amber turned herself around and lowered her pussy down enough for Arthur to reach it with his tongue. Amber went straight to work on Arthur's member. Licking it, stroking it, sucking it, and rubbing it. Amber even massaged it. She did many things one can do to please a cock.

In the meantime, Arthur was eating her out. Arthur did so at a more relaxed pace because he and Amber are the only ones left now. Arthur could take his time pleasing Amber and being satisfied himself. It was the same for Amber, too.

And those two did take their time. They didn't stop even when Amber came. Arthur wasn't sure about fucking Amber since she already came but Amber assured him that she could take it. Besides, it was what Amber wanted ever since the very beginning of this almost entirely lesbian orgy. There was no way Amber wasn't going to do that.

Amber repositioned herself again. Amber still had Arthur's cock in her face but her pussy was no longer in Arthur's face. Amber continued to suck his cock; it was still some way before it becomes fully or almost fully erect.

Even more time has passed. Eventually, Arthur was as horny as Amber liked so she let it go. Then Amber turned around and lifted her tail up. It was the exact same position Amber had the very first time they had sex.

"The same position when the whole problem started?" Arthur asked.

"I thought it would have special meaning to it. Did it?"

"I guess so. Now let's think about how it feels to do this."

Arthur moved right up to Amber and the same part he's been licking. Arthur dove right in once he found the desired hole, the pussy. Although Arthur dove right in, he wasn't half as crazy as when he fucked Serena. He knows Amber likes to be wild but not that wild.

To kick it up a notch, Arthur reached around Amber to play with her nipples. He squeezed, pulled, and groped. Arthur was making Amber tingle in every single part of her body.

Arthur knew he wasn't going to last long, but was determined to hold back as long as he could. Arthur wanted Amber to cum, at least. Luckily for him, Arthur succeeded in doing that. Arthur managed to hold on until Amber had an orgasm and then he had one, too.

That enough for Amber and that was enough for Arthur, too. Without cleaning up whatsoever, Arthur and Amber just plopped themselves on the bed and fell asleep. Arthur mad sure to pull out when he plopped on the bed.

Arthur woke up to find Amber and Tomoko wrapping themselves around him. Arthur also found himself and Amber to be the only ones awake in the room.

"You surprised me today, Amber," Arthur declared.

"Oh, did I now? How?" Amber asked.

"Well, you surprised me," Arthur answered, "by willingly sharing me. You were the one who said you would try taking me away and keeping me all to yourself."

"Oh, yes, I recall. Although, the one thing more important to me than that is to make you happy so I couldn't bear breaking apart our little ol' group. To make myself happy with that, however, I needed to change my goal."

"And what would that be?"

"To make sure we outlive everyone else, you and I. That way, we'll have each other all to ourselves until we die."

Arthur's head made all sorts of worst case scenarios.

"Don't kill them!" Arthur pleaded.

"What? No! Arthur, I am offended and appalled. I simply said we'll outlive them. That is completely different from killing them." Then Amber squeezed around Arthur a little tighter. "You needn't to worry, Arthur. I still love you. You're rather cute when you're dumb or worried."

Dangerous! I'm involved with someone dangerous! Arthur thought.

Amber looked sincere in her defense but Arthur still couldn't stop himself from thinking that.

Someone waking up got Arthur's attention. Arthur saw the one waking up was Tomoko.

"Morning, Tomoko," Arthur greeted her.

"Good morning," Tomoko mumbled, rubbing her eyes open.

"Good morning, Tomoko," Amber gushed. She obviously had the desire to tease, judging by the tone of Amber's voice.

"What's gotten into you?" Tomoko wondered.

"I didn't expect you to voluntarily kiss a girl," observed Amber. "Even if that girl is familiar to you."

Tomoko was wide awake now. She blushed and avoided eye contact.

"I'm a legendary pokemon. It's different for us. I don't feel like I have a lot of options to choose from so I get together with girls sometimes. It's not always males."

Arthur thought about that.

Wow. That's hot.

"What time is it?" Arthur wondered out loud.

"Oh, it's morning," Amber answered. Tomoko was glad to have a change of topic.

Arthur asked, "What makes you so sure?"

"I was already awake when Missy went off to eat breakfast. Her eating schedule is so accurate that you wouldn't need a clock."

Arthur chuckled at that. He felt things were looking up. Something then popped in Arthur's head. Arthur sprang up from the bed as fast as he could.

"Missy! Missy! How much are you eating?!"

Arthur rushed to the kitchen. Just like he feared, Missy was right next to a totally empty refrigerator.

"Missy! Why!? Why every single piece of food in the-e-e-e-e-e-e-ere?" Arthur was wailing as he crouched down on the floor, banging on it with his fist.

"I couldn't help it!" Missy attempted to justify. "All those things from yesterday made me soooooooooo hungry!"

Even though Arthur had to take everyone to the Pokemon Center for their breakfasts and go grocery shopping after that, he still felt like things were finally looking up. And they really were. Any bitter argument that was in the past stayed in the past. New ones arose, but they were harmless. Those new arguments were also usually between Amber and Serena, the most often horny girls of the entire group. Even then, the fights wouldn't become so serious that it would pose a threat to the well-being and togetherness of the group. Serena's demanding selfishness did prove to be a bit of a problem but Arthur makes sure she remembers her place.

The girls' plan to share Arthur according to the Ferris wheel rides was working out well, too, once the control panel was fixed. The girls valued their time alone with Arthur more than ever and it felt fair. They'd make some exceptions, like holidays or the days of the year a girl has met Arthur for the first time.

Everyone couldn't be happier even if they tried. But Arthur was the happiest one of them all. Even if Arthur didn't have his parents, he, at least, had his girls alongside him.