A/N: To all my lovely, loyal TOBITF readers, I'm brimming with ideas and my head is full with snippets but unfortunately I'm still unwell and too tired most of the time to jot these ideas and snippets down. You all know how long TOBITF chapters can get (exceeding 5500 word on occasions). So I hope these short drabbles/one-shots will make up for my rather slow (sometimes non-existent) update these days.

The idea of the title was triggered by one of TOBITF's reviews by Rose who referred to Darren & Darryl as little Ds and Sara & Suri as little Ss. Thank you! ;)

To new readers unfamiliar with my first fan fiction, TOBITF, just a bit of background, in TOBITF Serena and Darien were visited by their future children: ebony haired 8 year old twin boys & 4 year old twin girls: Darren, Darryl, Sara and Suri Shields. So these drabbles will feature S&D and these children with cameo appearances by the Senshi and Shitennou, Andrew, Luna, Artemis and other characters from TOBITF.

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(Standard disclaimer: I do not own any of the Sailor Moon characters. All characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi.)

S plus D equals little s squared plus little d squared (S + D = ss + dd)


A series of drabbles/moments set in the TOBITF world dedicated to all my loyal TOBITF readers.

To new readers unfamiliar with TOBITF, you won't be required to read it to be able to appreciate these drabbles, (though you might want to read its summary).

S plus D equals little s squared plus little d squared (S + D = ss + dd)

1. Like Father Like Sons

Timeline: takes place a few days after Chapter 19: Saori & Seiya

Rating: K

No. Of words: 367 words

Serena moaned, "I'm never going to get this! I'm going to fail my finals! I won't be able to graduate!"

Panicking and hyperventilating, she almost forgot the little boys sitting on the floor across the table from her, doing their homework while she studied for her final examination.

"Take it easy Mom. Just remember, everything on the right hand side must be equal to the sum on the left hand side," Darryl explained earnestly.

Darren nodded encouragingly, "Reactant must equal product," he added easily.

"I'm studying Maths right now, Darren, not Science," Serena replied gently, regaining her composure.

"It doesn't matter, Mom. The rule applies in both Maths and Science. Dad's favourite quote, neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another," Darren answered solemnly as though it was the most obvious logic, and to him, it was.

Next to his twin brother, Darryl nodded his head in complete agreement.

It took her a moment, but Serena managed to close her mouth. She looked from one boy to the other, "Do you even know what that quote means?" she asked in utter bewilderment.

Both boys nodded their head vigorously. "Of course," they answered in unison.

"Of course you do," Serena replied with amused exasperation. It would figure that the boys would also inherit Darien's intellect as well as his looks!

"Like father like son!" she sighed dramatically and almost jumped when she felt warm hands on her shoulders.

"You're not complaining, are you, Meatball Head?" Darien teased as he bent down to lightly kiss the top of her head.

"That's not very nice, Daddy," Sara scolded her father. In her hands were a plate with sandwiches they had prepared together in the kitchen before joining Serena and the boys.

Suri nodded, completely agreeing with her twin sister, "You shouldn't call Mummy names, Daddy," she said setting an identical plate in her hands on the table and putting both her hands on her hips. Sara joined her with the same indignant expression on her face.

Darien wisely smothered his chuckle. Aside from their raven hair, the girls looked exactly like Serena did after one of their 'ritual' arguments.

Posted on fanfiction: 22 September 2013

A/N: So, yes, short drabbles which I hope I can keep writing in between my currently slow TOBITF updates. I know it's not much but I really hope this makes up for the long wait in between TOBITF chapters.

First attempt at writing drabbles/one-shot. Hmm...It's not as easy as it looks. Do let me know what you think! ;)

P/S: Chapter 20 of TOBITF titled Wishes & Charms takes place 2 weeks after Chapter 19: Saori & Seiya and this first drabble and the next 6-8 will feature moments that took place between the two chapters.