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My heart is beating rapidly. I must have checked over my outfit fifty times and it's still in the same order. The tea I've been drinking isn't helping me at all. I finally shake off my nerves and lead my way through the massive building.

There's hundreds of people wandering all over the place. I spot the front desk in the distance and walk over there. A young woman explains to me that a man will be waiting for me and points me to the elevator. I enter inside and it goes straight up. I inhale and exhale multiple times, trying not to freak out. The bell dings and the doors open.

She was right, a middle-aged man with a buzz-cut in a suit is standing there with his hands behind his back. I take one last breath and make my way towards him.

"Miss. Steele I presume?" he asks and I nod. "Alright, follow me." We first stop at an large desk. "You can place your belongings here." I do what he says and we continue on our journey. We enter into a room with a camera. "You need your picture taken for the badge, you must have it with you always."

"Okay." I say, standing before the lens and smiling. We exit the room and go back to the front desk.

"My apologies that I haven't introduced myself, I'm Jason Taylor. I am Mr. Grey's personal boyguard." Jason states and I bite my lip. "Since Mr. Grey is very strict on how he likes things done, I've made you a list that will you help."

"Thank you so much." I mutter and he nods.

"Have a good first day, Miss. Steele." Taylor turns around and disappears. I'm left alone for the first time and sit down at the desk. I find the list and begin reading it. Wow.

Always refer to him as Mr. Grey or sir, never by first name.

Have his coffee already prepared when he arrives. He likes it just black.

Knock before entering into his office and say your name.

Never, ever touch anything on his desk or in his office.

Make sure you get his dismissal that you can go home.

Be prepared to book his appointments and to get his lunches.

Wear appropriate clothing as sometimes you be sitting in his meetings.

You should be at your desk at exactly eight o'clock sharp.

I finish reading the list and I'm scared. Mr. Grey seems like a control freak. I fear I will do something wrong. Number two says that he likes his coffee. So I should get him some, right? I jump up from my seat and I find myself to the kitchen. The coffee is already made and I pour the black liquid in a mug. It's now or never, I make my way to his office. Following the list, I knock on the door and announce my name.

"Mr. Grey, it's Miss. Steele with your coffee." I voice, waiting for him to accept my arrival.

"You may proceed." he states, his voice deep and huskily. I bite my lip and step inside. My heart drops when I see him. He's seated at his desk, deep into his work. His hair is already all over the place and jacket is discarded. "My coffee?" he asks, finally staring up at me.

"Yes." I whisper. My eyes connect with his. He has beautiful gray eyes. The kind you could get lost in. Snapping out of my daydream, I walk over to his desk and place it in front of him.

"So you're my new assistant?" Mr. Grey questions, examining me from head to toe. He nods like he's impressed. "I hope you're better than my last one."

"I hope, too." I mumble under my breath, looking down. Christian chuckles and I gaze at him.

"Don't doubt yourself." Christian voices and I bite my lip. "And don't bite your lip." My teeth let go of my bottom lip and I nod.

"Sorry, Sir." His eyes become dark and intense.

"I like you."

"You don't even know me." I mutter and he leans back in his chair.

"I want to, though." Grey says and I feel my heart jump.

"I should get back to my desk." I state and he nods.

"You should." I turn around and go towards the door. "Oh, Anastasia." I look back at him and he smirks. "I meant what I said."

I blush and exit his office. My feet quickly go to my desk and I fall into my chair. Christian Grey has a way with words. I look at the papers on my desk and start getting business done.

Christian's POV

The air has been knocked out of me. Anastasia Steele. Her beauty has captured my attention and so has her body. The purple dress she is wearing shows off her long, silky legs. Also, how I would love to run my fingers through her long, brown hair. Stop it, Grey. You're married, remember?

How can I forget? My wife is out of town visiting her parents, while I'm at work thinking about my new assistant. Sophia and I's marriage is slowly losing it's passion. We married young as we were high school sweethearts.

But things are changing, I'm becoming someone different. So is Sophia, as she wants children and I well, don't. I'm too fucked up to have children and let alone raise them. As my feelings for my wife are fading as I don't think we belong together anymore. I want something different, new. Maybe Anastasia Steele can be that something.

Ana's POV

A couple hours later, I almost having every completed. It's almost lunch time and I'm starving. I was too nervous and frazzled this morning to make a lunch. What am I going to eat? My phone rings and it's coming from Mr. Grey's office.

"Yes, Mr. Grey?" I ask, biting my lip.

"Come into my office, please." he orders and hangs up. I immediately head straight for his office and enter inside. "Well that was certainly quick, Miss. Steele." Christian teases and I blush.

"If you need me, I'm always here." I answer and his face becomes serious.

"Alright, then. I would like you to get me some lunch." he states, loosening his tie.

"What would you like?"

"A sub sandwich would work and order yourself something also." Christian voices and I stare at him. "And when you arrive back, I want you to join me to eat." The butterflies in my stomach flutter.

"Yes, Mr. Grey." I don't argue with him and leave his office.

Taylor tells me the restaurant where Mr. Grey likes his sandwiches. It takes me twenty minutes to get the food and I get back to GEH in record timing. I arrive back into Grey's office and he's on the phone. He points to the conference table to where I should put down the food.

I place all of the food out of the bag and turn my head to see him standing next to me. Holy hell. Christian is so tall next to me and muscular. My heart begins to race super fast as I become nervous. I take my seat and he sits across from me.

"Did you find the place okay?" he asks and I nod. "Were they busy?" I shake my head. "Do you know how to talk?" I nod and he starts laughing.

"I'm sorry, I'm just- I'm just..." I ramble and he raises his one eyebrow.

"You're nervous." Christian finishes my sentence and I nod.

"It's obvious, isn't it?" I ask, taking a sip of my drink.

"Just a little." he teases and I smile. "There we go, there's a smile."

"So do you ever eat lunch with your employees?" Christian stares at me and shakes his head.

"No, you're the first."

"Wow, I'm honored." I voice and he smirks.

"You should be."

"Okay, tell me why I'm the first person to eat lunch with you?" I ask and his finger trails his bottom lip, while he looks at me.

"Because you intrigue me, Miss. Steele." Christian answers and I blush. While he's staring at me, I look at him. He works his suit like a GQ model and I gaze at his left hand. A wedding ring. Why didn't I notice it before? This is so wrong, beyond belief. I'm not this girl, flirting with her married boss.

"I think my lunch break is over." I mutter, raising up from my seat. Christian gets up as well, noticing me becoming frazzled.

"Well, I didn't dismiss you, Miss. Steele." he states and I bite my lip. "Remember what I told you about that lip."

"Mr. Grey this is wrong." I whisper and he raises his eyebrow.

"What is wrong, Miss. Steele."

"Why did you want to have lunch with me?" I ask and he crosses his arms.

"I thought I told you why, Anastasia." he voices, starting to walk over to me. "You've captured my attention." Christian murmurs, meeting in front of me.

"Mr. Grey." I mutter, my blue eyes catching his gray ones. He starts leaning towards me but my hand connects with his cheek. A loud slap echos the room and my hands immediately cover my mouth. "Oh, my God. I'm so sorry." Christian starts rubbing his cheek and backs away.

"You are dismiss for the day, Miss. Steele." Grey orders, turning his back to me. My head is trying to wrap around what just happened.

"Mr. Grey, I'm-"

"Please, leave. Now." he orders and I run out the door. Tears start running down my face as I collect my belongings. What the hell just happened?