AN: When Dean is with Castiel, Castiel is referred as a she. When Castiel is with workers, Lucifer or in his own thoughts he is referred as a he. Hope there is no confusion!

Song References "Cherry Pie" by Warrant, "Change your life" by Iggy Azalea and "Truly Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden.

The loud music dulled for but a moment, as the lovely Castiel moved from her throne, and took her place on a swing in the center of the hall. Suddenly, the hush was replaced with a loud, heavy melody.

"She's my cherry pie," sang Lucifer, the owner of Heaven's Gate, dressed in a magnificent white suit, with a single red rose in his breast pocket. Castiel swung back and forth, round and round, keeping with the quick and dirty beat of the song that had overtaken the entire club. The spot light shone brightly on Castiel causing the sparkles from her dress to dance in time with her, shinning like the night sky. However, they didn't shine nearly as bright as her eyes. Dean couldn't take his eyes of her. And that is when Dean met her gaze, at least, that is what Dean was hoping for.

"Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise, tastes so good makes a grown man cry". The song kept being hot and heavy, the beat of the song throbbed through Dean's head, heart and entire being. If only Castiel was a cherry pie, then Dean could have her all to himself, savoring every last inch of her skin and flavor. At that moment, Dean knew it, he knew he would never be able to love anyone else other this this grinding, humming body in front of him.

He did not know her, he did not know what she liked, what she sounded like and he did not know anything about her as a person. But Dean wanted to know. He would move Heaven, Hell and Earth to learn her every quirk, her every like and everything else about her. At that moment, Dean learned what it meant to be in love. He never was a believer of love at first sight. He thought it a myth. But how wrong he was.

"I have a meeting with her, you know," Balthazar said to Dean. "If you want work published, you have to talk to her. She knows very influential people." Dean looked at Balthazar. "I need to meet her" he said desperately. His desperation was reeking off of him. Balthazar saw the love sickness that had taken Dean, and with a heavy sigh, he replied, "Alright, fine. You can take my time slot, just no funny business. Castiel isn't into that sort of thing." Balthazar exclaimed. Balthazar could not say no to Dean, he looked so pitiful he had to let the fool in love meet Castiel.

Suddenly, Dean felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned his head and met Castiel's beautiful gaze. Then she began to speak, her voice was lower than Dean expected, but was extremely seductive. "Boys, since its ladies choice, I have selected a partner." The crowd yelled in delight, Castiel looked back at Dean who was stunned in place. "I chose this young delicious man." There was a loud audible sigh of disappointment from the crowd when they were not the ones chosen.

She grabbed him and dragged him to the dance floor. "Tonight, I'm going to change your life." She said as she grinded against him. "Not much of a talker are we?" She asked as she pulled him closer and start to move around the dance floor. "I-uh-I-hi," was all Dean managed to sputter out.

"Well aren't you just a cutie, say, what is your name love?" Castiel asked as she looked deeply into Dean's green eyes. "My name? Name's uh-Dean, I-uh have a meeting with you," Dean stuttered. "Well, aren't you a charmer. Dean, don't be so nervous, it's not like I bite… Much." Castiel said as she slide her hand down and grabbed his behind. Making Dean squeak in confusion and embarrassment as he felt his cheeks redden.

They continue to do the fox trot across the dance floor, a flurry of feet and fabric swirling around them, the colours blending together. Dean's breath was getting caught in his throat, which was caused by Castiel's beauty. Everything about Castiel was beautiful and being this close to her was more than Dean could take. They continued to dance a little longer, their eyes locked on each other's, everything seemed to fade around them as they were dancing.

In that moment Dean felt as though it was just the two of them in the club. However shortly after their moment, Castiel leads Dean back to his seat, so Castiel can finish her set. "I will see you later Dean" and plants a kiss on his cheek. Dean is so flustered he does not even realize he has been kissed. Balthazar gives Dean a quick punch in the arm. "You dog, look at you! First time here and you already have the star of the show on your shoulder. Bet she likes you." In that moment Dean already feels his life changing.

Crowley, the CEO of The Bank of New York, saunters in and heads over to Lucifer to have a quick chat. "Lucifer, old sport, you have quite a fine establishment. However, it does need quite a fix." He says as he pats Lucifer on his back. "Well yes we desperately do. But I guess that is why you are here, I assume? Shall I book an appointment with our lovely Castiel, in say 15 minutes?" Lucifer can see Crowley's excitement. "Yes." Is all he says and moves along to the bar.

Crowley stands at the bar and orders a whiskey on the rocks. He watches Lucifer move over to his Castiel. Crowley has been obsessing over the crown jewel of Heaven's Gate. He was waiting for the right moment to come and sweep her off her feet, with the promises of all the riches she can have.

He is pulled out of his daydream as he hears a familiar voice call his name. "Crowley! My old chap, how has it been? It's been ages, keeping busy I see." Balthazar says as he motions to the bar keep for two whiskeys. "Well you would know all about keeping busy, Balthazar, you dog." Crowley nudges him in the arm. "So what brings you here?" Crowley continues. "I'm here with a new friend, he, well he has no experience in this department so, I figured I'd show him the good part of town." Balthazar said as he laughed.

As those two were conversing, Lucifer and Castiel were preparing for his last segment of the show. The grand finale. "He is here," Lucifer stated "the CEO of the Bank of New York. He has come to see you, and invest. Castiel, you do know what this means right?" Lucifer said in excitement. "Yes, we get to fix our beautiful building and I can finally be a real star. We can finally put on real shows, I can finally be a real actor" Castiel said with a happy sigh. "Where is this very important CEO of ours?" She says as she looks around the club.

Lucifer looks towards Crowley and sees he is speaking with a frequent and known customer Balthazar. "He is with our dear friend Balthazar." By the time Lucifer pointed out who he was with, Balthazar had already made it back to Dean. Castiel gasped when she saw who it was, she had no idea that Dean would be the CEO. "Oh well," Castiel said with a purr in his voice, "this won't be a problem at all. I am fine with this client."
Lucifer was actually surprised, Crowley wasn't exactly Castiel's type of man. Which was tall, blond and troubled looking. Kind of like the man Balthazar was now sitting with. "Ok, love time for your big finale" Lucifer said as he lightly smacked Castiel's bottom and helped him back on the swing.

She is lifted into the air and the original song comes back on. Lucifer starts singing again "She's our Cherry pie…" Castiel continues to swing and move her body around the dance floor. She was elevated above all her fans who were trying to grasp at her and get her for themselves. That is when she started faltering and at that moment Lucifer knew something was wrong.

She started gasping for air and slipped from consciousness. She started falling from her perch on the swing. At that moment she looked like a falling angel. Luckily she had workers underneath her to secure her safety. One of her guards Garth caught her before she could hit the ground.

There was a deafening hush around the club, the air was heavy with anticipation. Lucifer quickly instructed Garth to bring her to her room. "Well Gents, I'm quiet sorry but it seems our Cherry pie was not quite ready tonight. But there are plenty of other pies, waiting to be eaten." He instructed the band to continue playing their music and rushes over to Crowley.

"Crowley, can we move the appointment just a tad later. It seems Castiel did not get enough sleep last night. And over exerted herself today, she needs a bit of rest. I assure you though, she will be ready for you tonight." Lucifer looked anxiously to Crowley, Crowley simply nodded his head in agreement with Lucifer and acknowledged that he will go up later to meet Castiel.

Lucifer quickly headed to Castiel's room in the penthouse suite at the top of the building. By the time he settled everything with Crowley and the club workers, Castiel was already up and about getting ready for his meeting with the C.E.O. "My little Angel, are you alright?"

Castiel turned around he was wearing a shimmering white dress with fabulous opal embellishment. "Of course, it was that stupid corset, I can never breath in those things. What are women? Beasts that their ribcages needed to be slimed down? What were women thinking, wearing those sorts of things? Lucifer, can we skip theme nights? My ribcage cannot take these corsets anymore." Castiel asked swirling around in his new loose, low waist line dress. "See it covers everything, without me having to die, to look feminine. I love this new fashion." Castiel said giddily.

"Well it is good that you are fine. I am so relieved." Lucifer said as he walked across the room towards Castiel. "The CEO should be here any moment and your other appointments will be coming later as well." He put a hand on his shoulder. "This meeting with the CEO is very important Castiel. We need this so bad." Lucifer turned around and headed to the door. "Tata love, have fun with your guests".

With that Castiel was left waiting for his lovely man to join him. He decided to wait on the bed, sprawled with pillows and satin sheets surrounding his body. For once he will actually enjoy his company, unlike the unsavory clients he has had before. Castiel was getting tired of having to sneak around his clients, hiding his true identity. His jaw aches at the thought of having to do this again tonight, however, he could make an exception for the CEO Dean. And if everything goes accordingly, he will never have to do it again or to anyone else.

Dean seeing all this gets very nervous and wants to go see if she is alright. So he consults Balthazar as to where her room. Balthazar is more than willing to share this information. "Why don't I just show you the way to her room." He said coyly. Dean is lead up to an elevator and Balthazar presses the button for the penthouse suite floor. "So, you really like her, don't you Dean?" Balthazar asked. "Yet you know nothing about her" he emphasized on the "her".

"Yes, I feel like we connected instantly, like she held me tight pulled me out of a loveless perdition." Dean says with a stupid happy grin on his face. "Wow, Dean, you are a love sick puppy aren't you" Balthazar said laughing to himself. They get to the penthouse floor and walk over to Castiel's room. "Well Dean, here you are, have fun." He gave Dean a wink and walked away. Dean started sweating and was hesitating at the door.

"Ok Dean, you can do this." He said as he pushed the door open. There he saw, the most beautiful woman sprawled, waiting, wanting for Dean on the luxurious bed. "Cas-Castiel" He sighed out the name like a prayer. He moved slowly towards Castiel. "Hey big boy, why don't you come sit down with me?" Castiel motioned for him by waving a finger, encouraging him to come to the bed. Dean shuffled himself to the edge of the bed, looking at Castiel's beautiful body, he could hardly breathe.

Castiel got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to Dean. She slide her hands up his chest and around his neck, and laid a gentle kiss on his neck. Dean pulled away out of nervousness leaving Castiel slightly irked. "I- I want to recite you a poem-" Dean said but was cut off by Castiel pulling him down into the bed. "Oh you can recite me all the poems all night long, if you want." She straddled his hips and grinded against him. She then slipped her hands down to his first button of his pants and undid them.

"Well, well, well, look at you, I guess I have even more of a reason to call you big boy." She exclaimed as she looked down. Dean moaned out but knew this wasn't right. He didn't want things to go down so fast, he knew what she was and that she was working, but all he wanted to do was sweep her off her feet. He knew he wanted her, her whole being but not like this, not yet. Dean lightly pushed her off of him.

Castiel was starting to get annoyed, why was it that Dean didn't want to take him right there and then? Most of his customers skip the talk and get right to business. Castiel was taken aback, a man resisting me? That's a first. He thought to himself. Dean was now standing and fiddling with his fingers. Dean felt Castiel grab at his coat, but before Castiel can say a word, he belt out a love poem. "I want to stand with you on a mountain" He began to say. "I want to bathe with you in the sea" Dean turns and looks at Castiel. Castiel is looking at Dean with wonder in his eyes. "I want to lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me" He continues.

"Castiel, I- You have brought something out in me. I've never know this feeling. And I hope you don't mind it. Truly, madly, deeply, I've fallen for you. It feels like, I have known you forever, maybe in a past life we knew each other." Dean practically sings out to Castiel. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" Dean says as he moves over to Castiel and gently strokes her cheek. Castiel had a melancholy look on her face, but her eyes glimmered with happiness. "Yes, I do, Dean" she said as she reached up to hold his hand that was cupping her face.

"You look sad, why is that?" Dean asked lovingly. "I do not know what I'm feeling, I can't love and you know that, I am paid to love men. But you, I could love you, you'd keep us warm, and well feed, and I won't have to love anyone else but you. We would never have to worry about anything" Castiel said as he went into Dean's arms. "How would I manage that?" Dean starred at Castiel with a look of confusion. "Well, because you're a CEO of the bank." Castiel leaned in to peck kisses on Dean's cheek, but just before he could, Dean pulled away. "But I'm not a CEO, I'm a writer, I've just moved here." Dean tilted Castiel's head, so he could gaze in her sapphire eyes with all the love he could. "You're a writer?" Castiel pulled back as quick as he could, like Dean had burned him.