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You're nervous.

It's been two weeks since Santana appeared back in your life- two weeks that you've spent getting to know her outside of her occupation.

Well- former occupation. She'd reached her end of service contract two years prior, but had been forced to stay in because of the war. However, with the immediate threat over, she'd been free to leave the service or sign a new contract, and she'd chosen to take her leave and start the life she'd mentioned when she'd shown up on your doorstep.

It had been the best two weeks of your life.

And the most frustrating, which surprised you, because you didn't think anything could get more frustrating than your time in service. Boy, were you wrong. You and Santana had decided to take things slow, but eight months apart had not exactly helped your self-control, and you're dying to be with her again. You'd been on a date together almost every night in the past two weeks, and every night, the date ended the same way- a heated make-out session in your dad's truck before she departed for the night to her room (which she was renting out from Mrs. Hagberg, the kindly old lady on the edge of town) and leaving you to make the drive back to your parents' house, your cock hard and throbbing the whole way, and finish yourself off quickly with your hand.

For all that you desire her physically, though, you'd really enjoyed getting to know Santana as a person. She'd showed you how incredibly thoughtful and sweet she could be, taking you to places she knew you'd enjoy, seeing movies she'd never see on her own, and bringing you flowers on every date. She'd really won your heart, and her snarky comments always made you laugh. She could be silly, and even though you sometimes said some strange things, whereas most people, even Berry, would look at you strangely, you could see her scrunch her eyebrows and actually attempt to work out what you meant in her mind. It took her a few moments sometimes, but she always got you, and you'd never felt more special and normal at the same time.

The simple act of getting to hold her hand in public while you strolled through the mall was enough to make your heart pound in adoration. You're definitely falling for her. The way she smiles lights up an entire room. Her brown eyes are always soft whenever she looks at you. When she hugs you good night, her body fits against yours perfectly, and her mouth-

You groan as you flip through channels on your TV, lying back on your bed. You can't even think about that. Her kiss is enough to set your entire body on fire, nevermind when she touches you-

You feel a twitch in your shorts and you bite your lip. You've been sexually frustrated ever since you've been dating Santana. You're eager to express your new feelings. You're eager to be with Santana, and not Commander Lopez. You're eager to feel what Santana feels for you, and you know she wants it, too. The way she presses against you when you kiss her, or the way her fingers rake through your hair, or the way she moans in your mouth all tell you that she's as desperate to have you as you are to have her.

You think you're ready. You've waited long enough. When she comes over tonight, you're going to talk to her about it.

With another sigh, you reluctantly reach your hand into your shorts to grab your hard dick, feeling reassured with the knowledge that this will hopefully be the last time you'll have to relieve yourself like this.

You're painfully hard, your thoughts are gone, and that's when you realize, you waited too long.

You rock your hips tightly against Santana's body beneath you, searching for some friction through your loose jeans as she runs her hands up your back. Her tongue teases yours in your mouth, and you can't hold in your groan of desire as she wraps her leg around yours to keep you pressed close. You're on top of her, your hips between her legs, grinding against her fully clothed like some horny teenager. Although, the way your cock is throbbing, you kind of feel like a horny teenager, anyways. You rut your hips against her desperately as she drags her nails down your back, and even through your shirt, the sensation makes you gasp in her mouth.

You definitely waited too long to talk to her. Talking is the last thing on your mind.

Her hands squeeze your ass, and you instinctively thrust your hips down again. Your hardness rubs against her center through your clothes and she moans, tightening her grip on you. You can feel yourself reaching the point of no return, but you can't stop. Not with the way she's sucking on your bottom lip and squeezing your ass. Not with the way she's moaning. And definitely not with the way her hands are working your belt buckle open-

"Shit," you gasp, pulling back and trying to remind yourself to slow down.

"I want you so bad, Britt," she moans in your ear, and her warm breath along your skin makes you shudder, makes your cock throb. You want her, too. You want to be inside her, and when you feel her hand grasp your cock and stroke it a few times, you realize you really need to stop now or you're definitely not going to. Your hips jerk forward and you practically moan in relief. It's been so long since she's touched you, really touched you. She's felt you through your jeans before, but having her hand on you, warm, soft skin to warm, soft skin, is incredible and almost too much to handle.

"Wait," you pant, lifting up slightly, regretfully. Her hand doesn't stop squeezing gently at your shaft, and you feel your orgasm building. You want nothing more than to tug her pants down and bury yourself inside her, but you know you can't.

"Please," she breathes before she cranes up to kiss you, and the way her lips take yours, the way her tongue flicks out to caress your own, makes you forget what you were about to say and almost forget that you can't give in to her request. She twists her hand, sending shocks of pleasure shooting through you, and you drop your head to her shoulder for a moment, struggling to concentrate. "I want you inside me."

Your cock jerks in her hand at her words, and you curse that she's so hot and so tempting and so willing. You're about to throw slow out the window, but then you hear your dad's voice, calling to your mom down the hall, and you remember why you wanted to wait.

You don't want to have sex with Santana here.

You push up onto your knees, lifting off of her warm body, and you miss the feel of her immediately.

"Britt," Santana says softly, her face showing concern. "What-"

You kiss her, willing your pounding heart to slow, but she hasn't let go of your throbbing cock, and it's a struggle to control yourself.

"I don't- I don't want to do this here," you say shakily, catching her gaze and swallowing as her hand pumps you slowly, driving you crazy.

"Okay," she says cautiously, waiting for you to continue.

"I want you," you reassure, "just- not here. Can I take you o-out somewhere?"

Her smile is grateful and adoring and it gives you a warm feeling in your chest, it makes your heart thump joyously. Her brown eyes are affectionate and you smile in response, happy that you made her happy with your words.

"Of course you can," she says, reaching up with her free hand to cup your cheek. She leans up to kiss you, and you let her, trembling lightly at the arousal still pounding through your body, made worse by the fact that her hand hasn't released you. When she pulls back, her smile transforms into something a lot more playful, and the sight makes your stomach flutter in a good way. Without warning, she speeds up the tempo of her hand, stroking you faster, and you choke on a moan as you drop your gaze to watch her pumping you.

"S-San," you breathe, and she shushes you gently.

Pressing a kiss to your cheek, she lingers there to whisper, "Can I finish you? You're so hard, Britt…"

You swallow the huge lump in your throat and nod, your breath coming in heavy, ragged gasps as her hand massages you. She sits up slightly, and, still on your knees, you rest your forehead on the shelf of her shoulder, keeping your eyes focused on her hand moving up and down the length of you, squeezing gently. When clear fluid begins to drip from the head of your dick, she rubs her palm over the slit before rubbing the liquid along your shaft, and you hiss at the stimulation and the slick feeling of her hand working you quickly.

Your orgasm continues to build, and you can feel your muscles tightening in preparation. Your stomach quivers, and you grasp a handful of sheets next to her hip, clenching them as you feel yourself on the edge.

"I- I'm gonna come," you pant breathlessly, sucking in air. Santana moans but doesn't halt her pace, and after a few more heavenly pumps of your shaft, you watch your release cover her stomach, spurts of white liquid spilling onto her skin. You groan lowly as your orgasm rips through you, your hard cock pulsing in Santana's hand as she continues to pump you through it. You struggle to breathe as Santana milks the last few drops of fluid from your slowly-softening cock, the drops landing in a puddle on her stomach.

You swallow and bite your lip. You want to touch her in return, but she shakes her head and you decide you'll make sure to take care of her on your date tomorrow night. Quickly, you fetch her a warm, wet towel and clean her up, and she gives you a satisfied smile and a long, deep kiss that almost gets you hard again. After, she leaves, stating that she doesn't want to run the risk of getting you worked up again, and you smirk at her.

Your eyes meet, and you feel your heart quicken with the unspoken promise of tomorrow night.

After you walk her to her car and kiss her goodnight, you watch her drive away and can't help but thank the powers of the universe that you were drafted.

This is it.

You've taken the necessary preparations, and now here you are, driving Santana out to your favorite spot by the lake. It's pitch black, but you love being so far out from the city. It makes the stars brighter, and as you slowly drive down the gravel road through the trees to the spot you had in mind, you feel your stomach tightening with nerves and anticipation.

You steal a glance at Santana, who's relaxing in the passenger seat of the truck, nodding her head to the music. She looks beautiful in tight jeans and a tighter plaid button-up shirt, and you don't think you'll ever get tired of seeing her out of uniform.

"I feel like we're in a Deliverance movie," she teases. "You're not taking me out to the woods to kill me, are you? Because I've gotta say, I'm totally armed."

You smirk at her playfully challenging tone, and meet her brown eyes briefly. "I'll let you know if I hear any banjos."

Her laugh makes you smile wider. You can feel your heart beat faster in response, and you marvel at the effect she has on you from such a simple gesture. As you maneuver the truck into the perfect position by the lake, you lick your lips and keep your fingers crossed that the night continues to go smoothly. Dinner had been a success, and you hope that Santana enjoys the next part as much as she did the first part.

"Hey," she says softly as you pull the keys out of the ignition, and you pause, meeting her eyes again. She smiles softly at you, and then she leans forward to kiss you, her lips just barely grazing yours. It's sweet, but still makes you tingle, and when she pulls back, she reaches up to finger a strand of your loose blonde hair. "Thank you."

You return her smile, pressing one last lingering peck to her lips before exiting the truck. You walk around and drop the tailgate as Santana comes up next to you, and you reach for the bag you'd packed. Carefully, you lay out the blankets and the pillow you'd brought, and then you carefully help Santana up into the bed of the truck before pulling her down to sit against you.

Silently, you hold her in your arms and just breathe in her scent. You'd brought wine coolers, but you don't really feel like drinking or dulling the moment in any way. You want to remember every second of your first time with Santana. You revel in the sound of her peaceful breathing, and watch her face as she gazes up at the clear sky, staring at the brightly-lit stars.

"Do you remember your navigation training?" she asks with a playful nudge at your shoulder and a cocked eyebrow, and you nod. You kiss her cheek, pulling her closer, and point up at the sky.

"There's Polaris."

She falls quiet, and you find her brown eyes. She's staring at you with completely obvious adoration, and the sight of so much pride and affection makes your stomach tense. You swallow, feeling slightly overwhelmed at the emotions pouring off of Santana, and then she's leaning forward to kiss you, her hands cupping your cheeks.

You don't hesitate to tangle fingers in her dark hair, pulling her even closer to press against you, and you love the way she feels. Her body is warm, even in the cool night air, and her lips are soft and moist as she kisses you slowly.

It doesn't take long for the kiss to become heated, however, and moments later, your tongue is caressing hers in her mouth, and you're biting her plump lower lip and sucking while she moans. Your arms tighten around her, and at her insistence, you lay back against the blankets, turning on your side and guiding her down to lie in front of you. Her breasts rub against yours as she breathes, and even the slight pressure makes your nipples hard. You moan in Santana's mouth as her grip on your hair grows rougher, and when her free hand slips around your waist and to your lower back to push your hips forward, you feel yourself getting hard against her thigh.

She feels it, too, and she teases you by rubbing her thigh between your legs. The friction makes you suck in a slow, deep breath, and Santana's lips move to your neck. You think you might go crazy as her tongue darts out to lick at your skin. Your cock is hardening rapidly, a result of Santana's actions combined with your excitement and anticipation.

In the next instant, Santana rolls onto her back, tugging you on top of her, and your thoughts race to process everything that's happening. You're on top, you're in control, and just the idea that she surrendered it to you, that she submitted to you, is enough to get your dick throbbing. You don't waste any time unbuttoning her shirt, but you don't rush- you keep your movements steady but loving. You want Santana to know how you feel, that this is different, that it's more. You don't want it to be like all the other times.

So you carefully peel her shirt apart, pausing to admire the way her full breasts look in her bra, and press a kiss to her chest just above her heart. You hear her breath hitch, but you don't stop as you tug her bra cup down to suck her hard nipple into your mouth. You swirl your tongue around it, loving the little whimpers your action causes, and slip your hand between her thighs to rub at her center through her jeans.

Her hips respond, rolling upwards, and she gasps. You smile against her flesh and kiss across her chest to her other nipple, showing it the same care as the first. You trace fingertips across her toned stomach, loving the feel of her smooth, tan skin. She feels so good, and you sigh, your thoughts beginning to go fuzzy as your arousal continues to climb.

You feel her hands on your belt and then she's pushing your jeans off your ass, replacing them with her hands. She squeezes at your ass, pulling your hips forward so that your hard dick rubs against her center through your boxer briefs, and you groan. Her warm hands slide under your shirt, and she pushes the garment off, then reaches for your bra. She cups your breasts once they're free, and her palms slide against your hard nipples, sending shocks of pleasure through your body and straight to your rock-hard cock.

She unfastens her own jeans and then wiggles out of them while you finish taking off the rest of your clothes, and then you're both naked, tracing hungry eyes over each other's bare bodies. The way her skin looks under the starlight makes your heart pound even harder, and as your eyes fall to her glistening center, you feel your cock swell almost painfully.

"You're beautiful," she breathes before she cups your neck and pulls you into a deep kiss, and your stomach flutters at the compliment. When your warm, naked body presses to hers, your breath hitches. You've never been completely naked with her, and the sensation of all your skin touching is better than you'd ever imagined.

It's a warm night, and she's even warmer, and she looks so good under the stars like this that you can't help but shudder with pleasure just from being close to her. You can practically feel her heart pounding in her chest, and you know she can feel yours. As your eyes meet hers again, you feel as if you might cry- your dream is finally coming true. How long had you craved this intimacy with her? And now- you have it. You have her. And it's perfect.

She's perfect.

And she's yours.

You kiss her, and she opens her legs, spreading them and inviting you to move between them. Your cock slides through her wetness as you shift, and you both moan at the contact.

"Please," she pants when the kiss breaks, and the look in her eyes tells you that she can't stand to wait anymore. She wants you. Your cock throbs.

You swallow and nod quickly, trying to calm down a little. She rubs your lower back with one hand, and reaches for you with her left, guiding you to her entrance. When the head of your cock presses to her soft, wet folds, you hold your breath. She wraps her legs around you, and you push yourself deeper, trembling at the way she takes every inch of you and squeezes tightly on all sides, surrounding you completely in her warmth. When you're completely inside her, you slide your arms under her shoulders and enjoy the moment of being so close, so connected with her. She touches your cheek, craning her neck to kiss you, and as you begin to move your hips, her fingers push your hair back from your forehead.

You're in heaven. She's so tight and soft inside, and the way she grips you as you move feels better than you ever thought it could- with anyone. Her whimpers and moans only make your cock swell further, and you're so swollen and sensitive that you feel as if you're going to erupt any second. Your orgasm builds quickly as you fuck Santana slowly, driving your cock into her and letting her feel every inch. You rotate your hips, rubbing against her walls, and feel the way her body shudders beneath you at the pleasure.

She hasn't broken eye contact with you, and her eyes shine with the reflection of the stars above you. The effect makes your chest feel tight, and you're suddenly right at the edge, especially when you feel her clench hard around you and gasp. You hold her tighter, closer, your strokes growing shorter inside her as you chase your release and simultaneously attempt to take her to her own.

She tells you she's close, and you struggle to keep yourself from coming as you pound into her, angling your hips and hitting her sweet spot. Her thighs tense, and she grips the back of your neck almost painfully tight. Her eyes lock on yours, and even though you can feel a sheen of sweat forming on your skin, you don't stop the movement of your hips.

Finally, you feel her grow wetter, and her grip on your cock tightens considerably. Her hips buck up and she cries your name, and the sound of it, combined with her back arching and her inner walls spasming around your cock, sends you flying over the edge. You shoot your release deep inside her, rutting erratically as your orgasm takes over your body. You can feel your cock twitching as you continue to come, and you wonder if you'll ever stop shaking as your muscles tense and release repeatedly. Pleasure sparks through your nerves, and then her lips are on yours, her arms holding you close as your hammering heartbeat finally begins to slow down.

You nuzzle your face into her neck, steadying your breaths and listening to her pulse and the now-familiar rhythm of her breathing as she strokes fingers through your damp hair. You press a kiss to her bare shoulder and sigh with content.

"I love you, Britt," she says softly, and you freeze. You're unsure if you heard that right. Did she say- "I'm in love with you," she repeats. She kisses your forehead. "And I have been for a long time." You swallow, feeling that lump in your throat returning, but she continues, "You don't have to say it back. You haven't known me- Santana- as long as I've known you. But even when you were just Pierce, you stayed true to yourself. And I love that about you. I love you."

You kiss her shoulder again before lifting your head to catch her eyes. You stare at her for a moment before kissing her softly, and when you pull back, you say, "I love you, too. I may not have known Santana- but I saw her in Commander Lopez. You could've chosen to let me die, but you didn't. You chose to save me. I'm alive because you cared enough."

"I'm sorry for treating you so poorly," she says, and you bite your lip. "My methods, while cruel, always work- except on those that don't have the capacity for war."

"Like me." You smile.

She nods, smiling. "It helps me recognize and separate them from the rest. It doesn't happen often."

"So how many other girls have you discharged over the years?"

"Only three. I lost a few before I realized they couldn't be changed. That I couldn't force them to disregard their nature." She looks seriously at you, and your heart skips a beat. "I couldn't bear losing you."

"You never have to," you reassure, kissing her again. You settle down against her, and after a moment, you pull another blanket up to cover your naked bodies. She strokes up and down your back, humming lazily, and you trace absent circles on her stomach as you allow yourself to drift into a half-unconscious state.

You're almost asleep when she says, "Britt?" And at your answer, she continues, "This is going to sound horrible, but I'm really glad you were drafted."

You chuckle sleepily and kiss her shoulder again. "Me, too."

And as you slip into sleep, you can hear the tired laugh in her voice as she says, "You served well."

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