Chapter Five: Pocahontas and John Smith

I followed Pocahontas down to the river, Flit and Meeko not too far behind us. We crept up on a rock to watch these visitors. To me they were normal as I was pale myself but had tanned over the year. But to Pocahontas they were strangers and unusual.

John Smith leapt out of the canoe and lowered his helmet as he looked around. I watched as Pocahontas rose up to get a better look, her eyes never straying. I hid a smile as I watched the others come ashore. It looked like Pocahontas was smitten with the handsome John Smith. I didn't blame her. He was handsome and very strange looking to her. We watched as they pulled the ship closer to shore.

We retreated into the cover of some bushes as John Smith climbed the tree for a better look. Meeko decided to greet John and happily trotted out despite the combined efforts of Pocahontas and myself to pull him back. Flit tried to stop him but sent Meeko flying into John's legs causing him to spin around with a knife in his hands.

He looked down to see Meeko and knelt down and offered him a biscuit. Meeko stared at John before snatching the biscuit from John's hand and gobbling it up. That raccoon was a bottomless pit and would eat anything. Including old biscuits.

Meeko looked over his shoulder at us and waved the biscuit, pointed at it and motioned us to come over. John looked up and smiled.

"You got a friend back there?"

Pocahontas and I gasped as John stood up and began walking closer to our hiding spot. Pocahontas pushed me behind her to shield me as we crawled backwards. John walked closer and reached out and started moving the bush aside.

Flit flew out and started flying around John distracting him. John moved around to avoid Flit, spilling a few biscuits that Meeko pounced on with glee and gobbled up.

Thomas called John and he left while Meeko licked his fingers and picked up the crumbs. Pocahontas gave Flit a look as he flew back to us looking pleased and Meeko smacked his lips, watching John leave.

Pocahontas and I moved closer the shore watching the settlers come off the ship and Ratcliffe claim Virginia and name the settlement. He sent John off to look Indians and Pocahontas followed him. I debated whether or not to stay or go but I knew it would be bad if Kocoum and the others found me here and also very bad if the settlers found me. I knew I was dark enough to pass off as an Indian that the settlers would shoot me. If they didn't, my eyes would be a big giveaway that I wasn't like the others and they would most likely assume the villagers kidnapped me, inciting the war before it was supposed to happen. I decided to follow Pocahontas as I would be safer with her. Plus I wanted to see John make a fool of himself.

The settlers began singing while they were digging. I rolled my eyes. Ratcliffe was a jerk and I wanted nothing more than to punch that greedy pig of a rat's ass in the face.

I caught up with Pocahontas just as John began singing.

All of my life, I have searched for a land

Like this one

A wilder, more challenging country

I couldn't design

Hundreds of dangers await

And I don't plan to miss one

In a land I can claim

A land I can tame

The greatest adventure is mine!

I had to admit he was a really good singer.

This land we behold …

A man can be bold!

I flinched as I heard the cannon fire but Pocahontas was too caught up in watching John. We followed him to the waterfalls and hid as he looked behind him. He got up acting like he was leaving. We crept closer and peered through the grass. We didn't see him but I knew he was hiding behind the falls. Pocahontas pushed Meeko back down before she crept out. I debated whether or not to follow her. I knew I had to get back to the canoe so I hopped out too, keeping close to her and crouching down as well praying I wouldn't get shot.

John jumped out of the falls just as I jumped onto the rock with Pocahontas. We both froze and she slowly stood and turned to him. They stared at each other before John slowly put down his gone, never breaking eye contact with her. He moved into the water slowly, walking toward us. His eyes flickered down to me and a brief look of shock crossed his face before he looked back at Pocahontas.

I mentally cursed. He had seen my eyes and was probably asking himself questions. Pocahontas bolted and I wasted no time in following her.

"No! Wait. Please." John called out after us.

We ran through the trees and I hopped into the canoe with Meeko in my arms and Pocahontas pushed the canoe into the water and was about to start paddling when John caught up to us.
"Please!" He called as Pocahontas turned to him.

"Don't run off. It's all right. I'm not gonna hurt you. Here. Let me help you out of there." He held a hand out as she looked at him in confusion.

She spoke and I knew she didn't understand him.

"You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?" John asked.

Gee what was your first clue? You speak English a language she's never heard. I knew if I spoke it would most likely be the language of the villagers and not English.

"It's alright." John said as he held out his hand again.

Pocahontas looked at it unsure but took it as the wind started blowing around us. I could hear the Spirits singing and hid a smile. This was my favorite part. Two worlds were about to connect.

John pulled the canoe ashore and helped Pocahontas out of it. Flit chirped angrily and tried to fly at John but Meeko held onto his tail feathers a dreamy expression on his face.

Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand

"Who are you?" John asked.

Listen with your heart

You will understand

Pocahontas opened her eyes and looked right at him. "Pocahontas."

Meeko and Flit's jaws dropped open as the looked at each other and looked up at me. I grinned at them and we all looked back at the pair on the shore

John looked at her in shock. "What? What did you say?"

"My name is Pocahontas." She said as she pointed to herself.

John placed his hands on his chest. "I'm John Smith"

I grinned happily. Connection was made. Let the fun begin.