this is a Collab Story that I did with Exotos135

Wakeman's House, Jenny's Room; 8:00 am

On a sunny day at the Wakeman's House XJ-9, better know as Jenny Wakeman, was sleeping in her bed before her mother and creator, Nora Wakeman, opened the door and turned on the lights.

"Good morning XJ-9." greeted Nora.

"Good morning mom," greeted Jenny as she got up and left her bed. "What's up?"

"Well I made a discovery yesterday and finished a gadget that will help "Do you want me to show you?"


Getting out of her bed, Jenny followed her mother to the laboratory, closing the door before leaving.

At the Laboratory; 8:03 am

The older woman and teenage robot arrived at the laboratory, where Jenny followed her mom to the place that gadget she mentioned earlier was; in a small table covered by a white sheet.

"This is what I wanted show you," answered Nora before taking out the white sheet. "Ta-da!"

What Jenny saw was nothing impressive; it was just a purple colored belt. "... What is this?" asked Jenny.

"The Portalizor!"

"That's a weird name."

"Well the name doesn't matter, what does matter is what it can do!" replied Nora. "You see, I have discovered there are infinite universes outside of our own."

Walking to a giant monitor Nora turned it on to show the many dimensions she was talking about were actually shows from many other cable networks; Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and many others.


"Yep, and excluding the ones that have their own different universes, these are the only ones that exist in our multiverse." said Nora. "There are even more universes out there, inside many multiverses! I'll show you in an instant."

Nora reached for a remote nearby and pressed a button in it, which made a hologram creating program to come out which created an absurd amount of giant spheres, with the words multiverse and a random word underneath them, with little spheres inside them. After a short look at it Nora deactivated the program and the laboratory returned to normal in an instant.

"So anyway, I have worked on this gadget so we can create a portal to any of these universes," resumed Nora as she went back to the Portalizor. "The only problem is that there's no knowing which universe will the portal lead to, and it isn't completed yet so it has many bugs."

However, as Nora continued to talk Jenny was too caught up on the infinite amount of universes outside of her own, getting an eager smile after seeing a few of the many universe outside of her own.

"XJ-9!" called Nora.

Startled by her mother's sudden shout Jenny turned around to see her with an angry look on her face. "What is it mom?"

"You didn't hear anything I said, isn't it?"

"O-Of course I did." assured Jenny. "It was about the other universes, right?"

Without saying anything Nora took a deep breath and exhale before speaking. "I already showed you the gadget, let's leave before you get any crazy idea."

Nodding in response, Jenny followed her mother to the door, staying still while acting like she was walking as her mother left. Once alone Jenny went back to the portalizor, grabbed and then put it on her waist before leaving the room.

Outside; 8:10 am

Having left her home without being spotted, Jenny got ready to go to one of the many universes she saw. Her friends, Brad and Tuck, arrived just as soon as she finished.

"Hi Jenny." greeted Brad.

"What are you doing?" asked Tuck.

"I'm gonna try this new gadget mom made," answered Jenny. "According to her it can open a portal to another dimension-I mean universe!"

"Cool." said in unison.

"Yeah, the only thing I'm having trouble with is figuring out how it works."

Pressing a Red button on the portalizor, the gadget and eventually Jenny were surrounded by electricity as the two obtained a glowing blue aura. "Portalizor, ready to work." stated the Portalizor.

"Whoa, who said that?!" asked Tuck.

"I don't know, but this thing is ready to work." replied Jenny. "Now the last thing I need to know is how to open the portal

"Open a portal at the sky and go through it."

"Thanks portalizor!" said Jenny while Brad and Tuck had a confused look.

Jenny transformed her hands into blasters and then aimed for the sky, where she shot two small blue energy balls that turned into a portal when they collided. Changing her hands back to normal, Jenny quickly went flying to the portal just as her mother

"XJ-9!" called Nora.

"Hi Miss Wakeman." greeted Brad and Tuck in unison.

"Have you seen XJ-9?"

"Yeah, she's flying towards that interdimensional portal she opened just a moment ago." answered Tuck.


Looking up at the sky Nora saw Jenny flying to the portal and went back inside her house. Meanwhile on the sky Jenny was flying towards the portal before a screen came out of her chest, with the image seen inside the screen being Nora herself.

"XJ-9, stop now!" ordered Nora.

"Sorry mom, but I just gotta see one of those universe you showed me, and not even you will be able to stop me." replied Jenny.

Jenny continued to fly towards the portal, with static spontaneously appearing on the screen before the connection returned to normal.

"You have to stop now! The portalizor you're carrying is just a prototype!" stated Wakeman. "It's just for test purposes and using it this early can make it go bonkers. It's also very fragile and the event horizon of the portal between universes is enough to destroy it!"

"And by that you mean?" asked Jenny, not paying attention to her mother.

"If you go through that portal and reach the event horizon, the portalizor will disintegrate and you'll be trapped in another dimension for all eternity!"

"... Wait what?" asked Jenny in a shocked tone.

Unfortunately by the time she heard that Jenny went through the portal, which blinked out of existence once she did.

Inside the Portal Between Universes

The teenage robot had successfully entered the portal between universes, without noticing the screen was totally static and the portalizor was surrounded by electricity.

"Mom?" asked Jenny before tapping the screen. She received no response. "Guess I'll call her later."

Turning off the screen and putting it back on her chest, Jenny continued to fly on the portal before reaching the event horizon; which apparently was a part of the portal that was green-yellow colored. Once she got there, the speed increased in an alarming rate as Jenny futilely tried to escape.

Just like Nora said the portalizor was disintegrated after a bit of exposure to the event horizon and Jenny was finally dragged to the rest of the portal, which had even faster speed than the event horizon for some reason.

Her trip wasn't very long as she saw a bright white light, which intensified as she got closer to it. "What is that?!" asked Jenny.

Gravity Falls Universe, The Twins Room; 8:12 am

Meanwhile in another universe at the Mystery Shack, the mystery twins Dipper and Mabel were doing their usual stuff. Mabel was alternating between playing with Waddles and knitting a sweater while her twin brother, Dipper, was reading his "3" book on his bed.

"Hey Mabel listen to this," said Dipper, getting her twin sister's attention. "The book says that an infinite variety of universes exist among us."

"Awesome, what universes are among us?" asked Mabel with a tone of curiosity.

"Well it doesn't say that, but it does say that it's possible to cross to another dimension-I mean universe that is not inside our own multiverse."

"Oh! Let's do that!"

"That's not a very good idea Mabel, some dimensions-I mean universes-are so different from our own that they're almost incomprehensible by default. And besides there's the risk of being trapped in one of those universes with no way to escape for who knows how long."

"Can we even try? It's not like this has not happened before."

"No Mabel, the risks are too high," replied Dipper, Mabel groaning with anger in response. "And besides, who would be nuts enough to try and do that?"

Just then the twins heard a huge *boom* sound that came from the outside. So they went to the window and they saw blue electricity surrounding at the sky, which opened a portal where Jenny-who was now covered in a blue fiery aura-got out as the portal winked out of existence.

"Did you heard and saw that?"


After eyeing each other, the twins bolted out of the room in an instant.

At the Sky

The fiery aura surrounding the teenage robot disappeared as Jenny regained consciousness and saw she was falling to the forest. Before she actually screamed though, she remembered she could fly, so she turned around and activated her pigtails and feet propellers, which made Jenny fall slowly and safely to the ground.

At the Forest... Again; 8:14 am

The twins arrived just as she landed, with them getting an amazed look as they saw that fireball in the sky was actually a robot from another universe, though they didn't knew about the "other universe" bit. "Amazing."

"That was a close call." stated Jenny. "But anyway, I arrived at another universe!"

After a little cheer, Jenny realized that, with the portalizor disintegrated, she had no way to come back which meant that she was now trapped in the Gravity Falls Universe for eternity. "Oh bolts, this a grave situation."

"Hey!" called the twins.

Turning around Jenny spotted the Mystery Twins walking towards her. Mabel was walking normally but Dipper, who had more common sense, watched his steps and stayed slightly far away from Jenny.

"Hi little kids, do you belong in this dimension-I mean, universe?" greeted and asked Jenny.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna guess you're not from here?" asked Mabel, Dipper rolling his eyes after hearing her question.

"Mabel, of course... she?" replied Dipper.

"Yes." confirmed Jenny.

"Of course she's not from this place," resumed Dipper. "Just look at her and you'll see how different she is to what we normally see, save for one occasion."

"You two look like nice kids," commented Jenny. "Can you tell me where am I?"

"You're in Gravity Falls!" informed Mabel.

"Gravity What?"

"Gravity Falls." repeated Dipper.

"Oh so that's the name of this universe?"

"No, that's the name of this city."

"Hold it, you think Gravity Falls is the name of this universe?"

"Yeah, why?"

"... Can you give us a second alone?"

Nodding in response Jenny looked around the forest as the twins reunited. "Do you get the same feeling I have?" asked Dipper.

"Yeah, she's a dimension traveler!" answered Mabel.

"Universal traveler," corrected Dipper. "Though the question remains as how she was able to go from wherever she came from to here."

"Maybe whatever she used to travel universes was destroyed during her trip."

"Maybe... What should we do now?"

As the twins continued to talk Jenny turned around and got an interest about what they were talking about, so she walked to the unnoticing twins. "Let's show her the book, assure her she can trust us and then make a new universe hopping machine thingy." suggested Mabel.

"Mabel are you nuts?!" asked Dipper.

"No, just overly happy."

"Mabel, we can't just show the book to a complete stranger from another universe!" resumed Dipper, unnoticing Jenny being close to them. "What if she's actually evil or someone we can't trust?"

"I'm not evil at all." assured Jenny.

Startled, Dipper jumped and accidentally threw the book in the air, catching it before Jenny did. "Don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry, I just couldn't help but overhear your conversation," said Jenny. "But don't worry you don't have to show me anything, all I need is help getting back to my universe, that's all."

"Well, you can trust the Mystery Twins in helping you with that!" assured Mabel, holding her brother close to her.

''Mabel, how many times have I said that that's not our name?''Dipper muttered under his breath

"Thanks," said Jenny.

"Okay, follow us to the Mystery Shack!" ordered Mabel as she marched out of the forest.

"What is this Mystery Shack?" asked Jenny.

"You'll understand when you see it yourself." answered Dipper.

Dipper gave chase to Mabel and Jenny followed the twins out of the forest.

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