Naruto: Rise of Uchiha Naruto

Prologue: and Chapter 1: Death of Madara!

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After the battle with Hashirama Madara survived, idly coming up with the Mugen Tsukuyomi plan, but he holds off on it once he meets Namikaze Hitomi. Together they have a son who they name Minato. One day shortly after Minato's birth Madara is away in another nation checking on some of his contacts, when Kumo shinobi come to his house while scavenging for supplies, and upon finding the barriers, attack the house where his wife and son are. The seals he had set in place alert him to this and he immediately begins to rush towards his home.

When he gets there that night, he finds his home burnt to the ground, and in the living room what he can only assume is the body of his wife and son so badly burned only a few bone fragments remain. Consumed by grief he immediately throws himself into the Mugen Tsukuyomi plan. All the while unbeknownst to him, his son had been saved by the Sannin.

Decades later the two Zetsu bring him the body of a boy in an horrible orange jumpsuit. When Zetsu informs him it is the body of his grandson and that his plans for Mugen Tsukuyomi inadvertently caused his son's death for real, along with his daughter in law, Madara gives his life and blood to bring his grandson back to life so he can stop the monster he created in Uchiha Obito, along with the Mugen Tsukuyomi plan.

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-Along a road in Ta no Kuni-

The dirt road was quiet in underneath the mid day sun in Ta no Kuni. The only sound being the call of birds and chatter of chipmunks in the trees, and the slow and soft footfalls of the single traveler of the dusty road.

Uchiha Madara walked steadily in the dull summer heat. He was dressed in a loose fitting black shirt with dark grey shinobi pants and black shinobi sandals. His body was covered in a light grey hooded cloak that hung down from his shoulders to the middle of his calves.

He was a youthful looking man, with pale skin and onyx colored eyes. The only signs of his sixty years of age were the slight wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, and the grey color of his long spiky hair with its bangs framing his face and covering his right eye.

Madara had a bored look on his face as he walked.

'I cannot wait to be done with this tedious meeting so I can get back to Hitomi-chan and Minato-chan.' The Uchiha thought to himself as he stared up at the bright blue sky.

It hadn't been that long ago when he had been planning to enact an ultimate genjutsu on the moon so that he could create a world without winners and losers, so that his losses to that blasted Senju would no longer matter. But that all changed the day he met the angel known as Namikaze Hitomi.

The woman twenty years his junior had slowly pulled him from his world of darkness, and soon she was his world. Then six months ago she had given him something he had always wanted, a son. Now his world included little Minato as well.

However he had received some disturbing news from one of his contacts around the nations. It seemed the Second Great Shinobi War which had previously looked like it was winding down, was stirring up again with tensions between Ame and Konoha.

Thus he was going to meet the man to get more information.

Suddenly the Uchiha felt a seal burn on the back of his hand. His eyes widened with fear as he felt the stinging sensation of the seal, and saw the symbols. His heart was gripped with fear and his breathing almost halted as his eyes locked onto the kanji.

The seal was designed to alert him if chakra signatures with hostile intentions entered within a certain range of his home, three kilometers to be precise. The kanji on his currently read five, and they had shinobi level reserves! Five shinobi with ill intent were heading towards his wife and son!

His wife was a former Shinobi of Kumo, but she hadn't trained or used her craft for over a decade. She was no match for those shinobi unless there were only genin and chunin, and from the number he could tell it was more likely to be a team of jonin with a couple chunin.

Without a second thought he whipped around and shot off into the trees with a 'whooshing' sound as he immediately began to head home with his considerable speed, barely even being a blur to even a jonin shinobi.

Even at full pace he knew that it would take him hours until he reached his family. He only prayed that the barriers lasted long enough for him to arrive, or at least that his wife held them off long enough for him to get there.

When he did, he would slaughter those who dared try to harm his family. Screw keeping his existence a secret, they would know what it was to face Uchiha Madara!

'Hang on Hitomi-chan, Minato-chan, your husband and father is on his way' Madara thought as he blurred through the trees.

-Hi no Kuni, near the house of Uchiha Madara-

Namikaze Hitomi sighed happily as she stared down at the baby in her arms. He had her sunny blond hair and sapphire eyes that seemed sparkle with happiness. Although his hair was the same color as hers, it held his father's spikiness.

Hitomi was a beautiful woman despite being in her forties. She had long blond hair that fell to her waist, and lightly tanned skin with bright sapphire eyes that expressed her emotions to those who gazed into them. Despite having given birth only half a year ago she still had a figure most women would kill four, with a decent sized bust that was just this side of large, a slim waist and wide hips with sculpted long legs and tight rear. Yes she could confidently say that she could have teenage boys drooling over her.

Despite her age her face was without a single wrinkle with soft features and was heart-shaped.

The past few years had been the happiest of her life. Ever since she met her husband. Uchiha Madara.

If you had told her twenty years ago when she was a rookie jonin that she would marry Uchiha Madara, the Iwa no Nayami no Tane(1), a man twenty years older than her; She would have called you crazy.

Yet here she was, not only happily married to him with a beautiful baby boy.

She was brought out of her blissful reflection by a blinding flash appearing on the wall in front of her.

As she looked at the seal written there her mind blanked for a second, not immediately recognizing it. But when she did, an icy feeling came over her as she felt as if a block of ice was deposited into her stomach. All the warmth of a minute previous bled away to be replaced by fear and horror.

Her eyes widened with fear and her mouth dried out as she looked on the seal in horror.

Shinobi were approaching her home. Shinobi with ill intent were approaching her and her beloved Minato-chan. It just had to happen on one of the rare days Madara was away.

Hitomi had no delusions. If even half were jonin, she wouldn't live. Stall for time so Madara could arrive to save Minato, maybe. But she would die afterwards, because despite being a former ANBU captain, she hadn't even trained in over a decade. Her body simply wasn't up to the level of an active shinobi.

Gently she set her son down before leaving to the room she shared with Madara to don her former shinobi attire.

Two minutes later when she stepped out she was no longer dressed like a new mother, instead she wore a tight black body suit with black shinobi sandals and the traditional white flak jacket of a Kumo jonin with a white clothed slashed out hitai-ate that gleamed in the light, with the Kumo right in the center of the metal plate.

Quickly she grabbed her son and rushed out the door, heading straight for a large tree twenty feet from her front door.

She pressed her palm to the trunk when she reached it and a seal glowed brightly on the gigantic tree.

As she looked down at her son her eyes welled with tears, even as a previously hidden door swung open to reveal a room inside the hollowed out tree that was just big enough for three people. The walls were covered in seals, all with the purpose of protecting the tree from any impact or attack, even from an S-ranked shinobi.

It was a safe house Madara built using a combination of his Mokuton and sealing knowledge.

Hitomi kissed her sons forehead gently, even as she heard another jutsu impact the barrier.

"Stay here Minato-chan, Kaa-chan is going to go take care of the bad shinobi and then she'll be right back." She told the sleeping child, even as her heart ached since she knew it was most likely not true.

With that she set the child down in the center of the room. Walking out, the door swung shut behind her.

Her heart pounding in her chest, Hitomi walked towards the house to feed her chakra into a particular seal Madara set up in the living room.

The door closing behind her with a soft click barely registered in her mind as she headed towards the living room, the sight of the warm wooden house built with mokuton bringing none of the feelings of happiness she usually felt when looking at it, only a sense of melancholy.

In the distance the sounds of clashing against the barrier could be heard.




She herself to ignore it, instead opting to kneel down and pour nearly half of her chakra into the center of the living room floor, causing a giant glowing kanji for 'fire' to appear.

The sight of it caused her to gain a grim smile.

"I do so hope they have a few hotheads in their group, it will make this so much easier, ufufufu." She chuckled to herself.

Without another word she disappeared from the room, to appear in the branches of a tree outside the house.

Looking at the large green barrier, she stared in the direction of the lightning jutsu.

"And so it begins." She whispered as she settled to wait for the enemies to break the barrier.

-One hour later, five kilometers from the house-

A group of three ninja in standard jonin attire of Konoha with black shinobi shirts and pants and blue flak jackets and two supply pouches on their hips, and Konoha hitai-ate's strapped to their foreheads, dashed through the trees of Hi no Kuni. Their attire was the only normal thing about them.

In the middle was a stunningly beautiful women with -ahem- very large breasts. She had long blond hair split into two ponytails with her bangs framing her beautiful heart-shaped face. Her eyes were a honey brown and she stood at about 5'4.

On her right was a very pale man, as in literally white skin, with long straight black hair and yellow snake-like eyes and purple markings around said eyes. The man stood at a tall 5'10 with an athletic build and narrow snake-like features. Unlike the other two, he also wore a black poncho.

On her left was a very tall man who stood well above the other two, at about 6'3, with broad shoulders and red marking on his face. On the side of his nose was a wart, while his eyes were brown and his long spiky white hair was pulled into a ponytail that fell to his lower back.

"Tsunade-hime, Orochi-teme, you sense that?" The tall man spoke in a deep gravelly voice, being surprisingly serious for those who knew him.

It was the other man that answered first.

"Why yes Jiraiya-baka, I do." The white skinned man replied in a hissing voice.

The third ninja, and only woman spoke last.

"Me too, what do you think it is Jiraiya?" Tsunade asked in curiosity.

Jiraiya suddenly halted, forcing the others to do the same, as they looked at him in confusion. They all felt the chakra being used about five kilometers away from them, but they weren't sure why it was such a big thing.

Looking at them dead in the eyes Jiraiya's face held none of its usual cheerfulness.

"I'm pretty sure from the feel of it, that it's a very strong barrier, and probably several at least low jonin level shinobi are firing jutsus at it." He told them.

As the two other members of the team focused on it, they discovered that he was right.

As they came to that conclusion they too gained serious looks, tension filling the air. They knew that it had to be important to be such a strong barrier.

"Whad'ya s'pose, go check it out?" Tsunade asked.

The other two nodded grimly. This was something that warranted investigating.

Just as they set off, they sensed the barrier fall, forcing them to redouble their pace.

-With Hitomi-

The former Kumo kunoichi watched silently as the five figures dashed through the trees, landing in front of her house.

Just as she feared, three of them were jonin, with two being chunin. The three jonin consisted of two dark skinned men who appeared to be twin with matching black hair and thick beards. The third was pale skinned with pale blond hair and blue eyes.

The two chunin were both average looking, both had platinum blond hair, but while one was pale-skinned, the other had dark skin.

As soon as they landed she saw the pale skinned jonin issue an order that made her grin.

"You two, check inside the house!" He barked at the two chunin.

The two lower ranked ninja hurried to obey their superior, rushing into the house, completely forgetting protocol. Not even five seconds later the house erupted in a pillar of fire that centered around the living room.

The flames were blindingly bright, white hot, radiating their heat into the air, so intense it caused Hitomi's skin to dry out slightly even from this distance.

Down on the ground the three jonin yelled in fright, not expecting such a violent trap.

With a smile Hitomi leapt down and slit the throat of one of the off-guard twins, his partners instantly whipping around to face her.

The second twin watched in fury as his brother slumped to the ground.

"Bitch! I'll make you pay for that!" He yelled in anger. He was stopped from charging by the blond that appeared to be in charge, earning a growl from the large man.

The blond paid it no mind as he continued to look at Hitomi.

"Settle down Rojurō, don't you recognize her? She is not one you rush towards, even if she is out of shape." The man stated in a monotone.

Blinking in confusion the black haired man complied as he stared at Hitomi, then his breath hitched for a second.

Everyone in Kumo knew Namikaze Hitomi.

Hitomi felt her heart beating rapidly with apprehension. Her only shot had been for the second twin to recklessly charge her.

Her gaze hardened as her eyes became steely. A fire seemed to begin to build in her stomach as she looked at the two shinobi. Her maternal instincts screamed at her to tear those who would threaten the safety of her family to pieces.

"Well well, Namikaze Hitomi. There is quite the bounty on you. I can't wait to collect it." The blond man spoke, causing white hot fury to flash through Hitomi.

Her entire being buzzed in hyper awareness as she prepared to strike, the adrenaline causing her body to dull it's pain receptors.

"Enough talk, let's get this over with!" She cried as her hands began to flash through hand seals.

-With the Sannin, ten minutes later-

As the three students of the Sandaime Hokage landed in the clearing they came across the sight of an obviously intense battle.

Smoke choked the air from the remains of a house that was still on fire. Scorch marks littered the ground along with gouges and craters. Amazingly enough there was a single gigantic tree near the house that was completely untouched, despite all its neighbors having caught on fire or been knocked down.

Lying on the edge of the clearing near them was a dark skinned Kumo Shinobi, and near the house there were two other bodies that looked like they had just been barbequed, with smoke still coming off them.

They had to hold down the bile that instinctively rose in their throats at the sight of the blackened corpses and the sickly sweat burning flesh coming off them.

However their attention was inexorably drawn to the only person in sight that was still breathing. Albeit rather raggedly.

It was a beautiful woman with long sunny-blond hair and sapphire blue eyes that were clouded with pain. She wore a black bodysuit and white flak jacket with a scratched out Kumo hitai-ate.

In normal circumstances Jiraiya's perverted tendencies would normally kick in, and Tsunade would proceed to beat him to within an inch of his life. However right now that was the furthest thing in his mind, as he gazed at the woman whose body was littered with cuts. However the thing that was the most noticeable was the gaping wound in her side that looked like some large animal took a bite out of it, even though the flesh was blackened and looked to be cauterized, the wound still bled through the cracks in her burned flesh.

There was no doubt she would die, not even Tsunade could heel it. At best she had ten minutes.

The women seemed to have realized they were there as she strained to lift her head and looked at them with her large blue eyes, eyes that seemed to be reaching out to them, baring her soul as she desperately pleaded with them to help. But the words that came out of her mouth were not ones asking for them to help her.

"Pl-plea-se, he-help him!" She cried softly as tears gathered in her eyes, her hand reaching out to them in desperation.

Slowly they stepped closer. Jiraiya's eyes held sadness and sympathy , while Orochimaru's held nothing. As for the final member, she was shaking in repressed anger as she looked at the Kumo shinobi. Even if she didn't like to see anyone die, she still hated Kumo for their part in her grand-uncles death.

As he knelt down at her side Jiraiya took the hand she had outstretched and held it gently in his own.

Before he could speak Orochimaru spoke first.

"Should I put her out of her misery?" He asked in his normal hissing tone, purveying no emotions.

As soon as he said this the woman's eyes widened slightly, but she spoke in the same pleading tone.

"D-do whatever y-you want with me. But pl-plea-se, help him! Help my son!" She pleaded more urgently.

At this, both Jiraiya's and Tsunade's eyes widened.

"Where is he?" Jiraiya asked quickly.

Seeing they actually would help, Hitomi's eyes gained a hint of relief.

"Ov-over b-by the tree. Hidden seal, use chakra..." She told him softly.

The white-haired Sannin nodded to his blond teammate, who gave a nod of her own as she walked over to the tree, and proceeded to apply chakra to the trunk, causing the seal to glow and the door to swing outward.

Stepping inside Tsunade's eyes instantly locked on the bundle in the middle of the floor.

Cautiously she reached for it, making sure to be wary incase it was a trap. Luckily it wasn't, and she picked the baby up into her arms.

The little boy was still soundly asleep, the silencing seals having prevented him from hearing what was going on outside.

Tsunade marveled at how cute the baby looked, her heart warming up as she watched him.

Turning around she walked back to the other three, stopping to kneel down on the opposite side of the woman as Jiraiya had. By now Jiraiya was propping her up into a reclined sitting position, her head cradled gently in the crook of his arm.

When she saw Tsunade with her son, safe and sound, she smiled serenely, even as she cried, knowing this was the last time she would see her son.

She shakily reached her hands out, soundlessly indicating she wished to hold him.

Tsunade couldn't find it in herself to deny her, even if she was an Kumo shinobi, she couldn't deny her the right to hold her son one last time before she died. so she handed him over gently to the woman.

Hitomi brought her son to her chest as she sadly smiled at her son.

"What are your names?" Tsunade asked the woman.

Hitomi looked up at Tsunade with a sad smile.

"N-amikaze, Na-mikaze Hi-to-mi, and th-this i-is my son Mi-Minato." She told her.

Hitomi looked down at her son with the same sad smile, as tears poured down her face.

"L-looks like th-this is goodbye Mina-chan." She whispered.

Jiraiya and Tsunade looked on at the scene sadly, and even Orochimaru's eyes were slightly sad.

He knew the pain of being an orphan.

Hitomi looked up at them one last time as her breathing started to become more labored, struggling for a few more minutes of life, even as she felt the immense stinging sensation in her side that made her want to succumb to the eternal slumber of deaths embrace.

"Pl-please t-take hi-im with y-you." She pleaded.

She had no idea whether Madara would get here any time soon, and by the time he did there was any number of ways Minato could die. Yes this was the best thing to ensure her sons survival.

Jiraiya gave her a comforting smile and a nod.

"Don't worry Hitomi-san, we'll make sure he gets looked after in Konoha." He told her happily.

Hitomi's eyes flashed with a look of humor. She hadn't noticed the head bands

"K-Konoha...h-his father will th-throw s-such a f-fit when I t-tell h-him." She giggled weakly, even as her breathing slowed to a crawl.

With one final look at her son her eyes closed gently as her chest stopped it's movements and her body went limp.

All three Sannin sat quiet for a minute, before Tsunade took Minato from her arms.

Jiraiya stood up, carrying her body bridle style.

When he saw the questioning looks of his team, Jiraiya gave them a tired look.

"Kid deserves to be able to visit his mother's grave when he's older." He said simply, gaining nods from the other two.

With this the three Sannin took off for Konoha, where the beginnings of another Shinobi legend would start to bloom within the leaf.

-With Madara, two hours later-

The moon shone down on him as Madara fell to his knees in what was left of his living room. His eyes stared at the pile of ash and bone fragments in the center of the room where the couch would be.

His heart clenched in his just as his stomached dropped and he felt his breathing become rough. A cold feeling descended upon him as tears leaked from his eyes.

Before him was what he could only assume were the remains of his wife and child.

As he fell forward on one hand, he punched the ground with the other.


He sat there sobbing harshly for the longest time, until finally he snapped his gaze up, his rinnegan glowing ominously in the darkness of the night. A look of insanity was etched onto his face, his mind descending into darkness once more, with his two lights in the world no longer there to guide him.

"I'll complete the Mugen Tsukuyomi! All nine Bijuu will be gathered, and I'll create a world without winners and losers...and more importantly a world where I can never lose them again!" He declared to the night

Chapter 1: Death of Madara!

-Valley of the End, thirty years later-

Wind swept across the wide divide that was the Valley of the End. The sun shone down in the bright blue sky above, with a forest on either side. In the middle a gigantic waterfall fell down, a constant roar as the water fell to the still water below.

On either side of the waterfall stood to gigantic statues of two men. The men were Senju Hashirama, and Uchiha Madara. Currently the statues were cratered with pieces missing from them, and the upper half of Madara was missing. Below, on the surface of the water stood two small figures.

The first was a young boy of about 12 that stood at about 5'0 and had grey skin with claw-like finger nails and fangs jutting from his upper lip. The boy had long grey-ish blue hair and a black shuriken like mark across his nose. Most distinguishing was the pair of hand-like wing on his back and the blood red eyes with black sclera and the black tomoe marks spinning around the pupils furiously.

For clothes the boy wore a pair of white shorts with bandages around his shins and a bark blue high-collar t-shirt.

Currently he was glaring furiously at the second boy that stood across from him.

The second boy appeared to be about the same age. However unlike the other boy who was about normal height for their age, he was rather short, barely reaching 4'8. He had lightly tan skin and wild three whisker marks on each cheek. Currently he was wearing a hideous orange jumpsuit with blue shoulders and a white collar, with a kunai pouch taped to his right thigh.

The most noticeable feature about him right now was the shroud of bubbling orange chakra that covered him with a single tail swishing slowly behind him and two ear-like protrusions on top of his head. His blond spiky hair was wild from the chakra and his whisker marks thicker. His lips had a black mark around it and stretched across a pair of fangs with thin black rings around his eyes, and ruby colored irises with slit pupils. His fingernails were claws and he was currently snarling at the boy across from him.

"Sasuke!" The orange clad boy growled as he charged up a swirling orb of purple chakra in his right palm.

The now named Sasuke's face twisted in rage as he glared with hatred at the boy.

"Naruto!" He bellowed in rage as black lightning began to spark around his right hand.

Eventually it was encased in the intense black lightning as the sound of a thousand birds chirping filled the air.

Slowly a leaf began drifting on the wind from one of the trees up above. As if it was the signal to attack, as soon as the leaf touched down the two boys charged at one another. The moment their attacks met they were surrounded in an orb of intense black chakra.

-Konohagakure no Sato, Archives-

Inside the Hokage Tower there are allot of important places. For example the Hokage's office itself, and the conjoining room that houses the Hokage's library, filled to the brim with scrolls on all manner of special taijutsu styles and jutsu that have been collected by the various Hokage all the way back to the founding of the leaf; most importantly the forbidden scroll of seals where all of Konoha's jutsu labeled 'kinjutsu' are written.

Among all the important rooms there is one that while seemingly for a mundane purpose, to the right person, it can be the most important room of the entire building. This room is the room where they keep all the records of all on the book missions, the archive.

In the middle of the archive a figure slowly emerged from the floor. They were a strange person, appearing to be half plant and half human, with a venus flytrap like protrusion on top of its upper body. The person wore a black cloak with red clouds emblazoned upon, and blue shinobi pants and sandals.

Slowly the venus flytrap parted to reveal the face of a rather strange man with his green mossy hair being the most normal thing about him. From there his face had two different colors, with one side being white and the other black. The white side had normal human features like a mouth, a yellow eye and an eyebrow. The black side however had no human features save for his yellow iris.

The man seemed to smile as he looked at the computer desk sitting before him.

"How considerate of them to switch to using technology for their main filing now, I would hate to have to search through all that paperwork down in the basement." He joked with a grin.

Suddenly he spoke in another voice, this one rougher and serious.

"We don't have time to mess around, we need to look up the tip we got from observing Orochimaru!" He said, appearing as if the joking voice was the white half, and the serious one the black as the white sides mouth didn't move when this was said.

Ignoring the comment the man stepped forward as the flytrap split, the cloak along with it, and fell to hang from his waist, revealing his torso, and proving his entire body was most likely divided between black and white, with the black having white dots just inside the border with the white half.

The man sat down at the computer and proceeded to quickly type in keywords for a search.

"Hmmm let's see. Jiraiya + Tsunade + Orochimaru + Kumo + Namikaze Hitomi." The man said to himself in thought as his two voices mixed to form his sentences.

A waiting bar appeared as the computer began to search through the database for any reports that matched those parameters. As this was happening, the man began to speak to himself between the two halves.

"It's kinda funny when you think about it, For all the trouble it caused, Orochimaru's obsession with the sharingan is what got us this lead, ya think it'll pan out?" The white half asked.

The black half grunted before replying.

"It makes sense, Madara-sama was too distraught to actually confirm the remains were theirs, and we weren't created till later. On top of that, the Yondaime's name and physical appearance matches up, the only reason we're investigating now is it's the first time we've had a chance since finding Tobi." The black half replied musingly, getting hum of agreement from his counterpart.

Finally the search bar fully loaded and disappeared to be replaced by a text document that matched the search parameters.

"Huh, a mission report by one Jiraiya of the Sannin. It says that they came across an dying woman with blond hair and blue eyes with tanned skin when they were heading back from a mission and sensed a barrier. When they arrived the woman begged them to help her son who Tsunade then retrieved from the tree he was hidden in. Before she died she identified herself as Namikaze Hitomi, and her son as Namikaze Minato. I'll be damned, it is them." The man finished with the white halves voice.

The black half spoke up.

"It seems so, we'll do some blood tests to compare the Yondaime's DNA record with the vial of Madara's blood, and then compare both to the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. We're pretty sure he is Namikaze Minato's son, and Minato is in turn Madara-sama's son, but it never hurts to be absolutely certain" The black half said as the man quickly erased the search record and began to merge with the ground once more.

-Konoha Hospital, Records Room-

The plant man from earlier looked at the results on the screen in front of him.

"That proves it. Uzumaki Naruto is Madara-sama's grandson." The man said to himself as he began deleting his searches.

"Ya think he'll call off the Mugen Tsukuyomi plan now, he may be a hard ass but we know he has a soft spot for his family, and there's no way to revive someone completely who's been killed by having their Bijuu removed via the Gedō Mazō, the best they can be brought back as is a path for the rinnegan." The white half asked the black one.

The black half seemed to ponder this for a second before replying.

"Yes I think he will, which is why we are going to go report to him immediately. Tobi is to obsessed, he won't halt the plan even if Madara-sama orders it." The black half replied.

The white half sighed, not looking forward to disturbing his master.

"*sigh* I really don't wanna do this, but he did say top inform him on anything extremely important. Oh well, not like h can't bring us back if he accidently kills us. On to the Valley of the End, and possibly death!" The white half mock cheered.

The black half didn't deign to reply as they sunk into the ground.

-Valley of the End, with Naruto-

The pressure on his throat kept him from breathing as he glared into the eyes of his opponent, refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing him accepting defeat.

In front of Naruto was the person he thought of as a brother, someone like him who knew what it was like to be alone, his best friend, Uchiha Sasuke. How foolish he was to believe that.

But Sasuke didn't see him that way. All he saw him as was a means to get more power. Now he was standing here being held up by the throat by a now normal looking Sasuke who had a Chidori charged in his right hand.

By now the Kyuubi's chakra had receded. Even with all that power, he still hadn't been able to defeat Sasuke. Now all he could do was glare into those sharingan eyes.

"What's with the look dobe? Are you angry, angry that you're about to die. Well don't be. I meant it when I said that our friendship was worthwhile, it was worthwhile because when I kill you my sharingan will evolve to the next level. That's how it works, to obtain the mangekyo sharingan, I must kill my best friend. Just like my brother said." Sasuke said coldly.

For some reason Naruto found this ridiculously funny. Slowly he began to chuckle, and then the chuckle turned into a full blown laugh.

The duck-ass-haired avenger looked at him in confusion. Why was he laughing? He was just told he was going to kill him.

"What's so funny dobe? You're about to die." Sasuke stated smugly.

Naruto's laughter halted and he fixed Sasuke with a piercing gaze, one that the avenger never expected to see on his face. It was an expression of pure seriousness and cold fury. His words that he spoke next filled Sasuke with white hot rage.

"What's funny is, that for all your supposed hatred of Itachi. You're just as bad as him, willing to kill anyone and do anything to gain power or test your strength." Naruto spat.

The Uchiha's eyes widened and then narrowed in fury.

Without another word he plunged his fist directly through Naruto's chest and out the other side.

Without a care in the world he dropped the blond on the ground to bleed out as he turned and dashed away for the border of Oto, even as his eyes stung and a sick grin twisted his face.

'Yes, the mangekyo is mine. Now it's only a matter of time before I kill Itachi!' He thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Naruto felt darkness closing in around him and his heart slowing and breathing becoming ragged.


'So this is it...'


' this place, without having come anywhere close to my dream?'


'Guess that necklace really was cursed...'


'This is really how I pathetic...'


With that last bitter thought Naruto's heart stopped and his breathing ended, briefly aware of a roar of fury in his mind. However he was ignorant to the figure that rose up and picked his lifeless body up just as his heart stopped and his eyes glazed over.

-Inside the seal-

Inside it's cage the Kyuubi no Kitsune was roaring in fury as its container 's life slowly faded. The light was fading as darkness surrounded it slowly from all sides and pieces of rubble rained down as the cage collapsed.


It had gotten a chance that it didn't get with its previous containers, to suppress its containers inteligence when they were an infant so nobody would notice. So it used it's little influence to insure Naruto wouldn't be intelligent enough to control his emotions, and when combined with Kyuubi feeding his dark half or 'Yami', escaping would have been too easy when the time came that he inevitably tried to learn to control its chakra.

But now it was pointless, Kyuubi would die, possibly for good this time what with the Yondaime's seal, and even if it reformed, it still wouldn't have the other half of its chakra, that was forever locked away inside the stomach of the shinigami.

Slowly the Kyuubi felt its consciousness flickering as the darkness ate away at it, finally when only its head remained it let loose one final roar of fury before it disappeared completely.

-Minutes earlier, Hi no Kuni side of the valley-

Slowly the man with the venus fly trap and two different sides of his face rose from the ground in front of the forest on the side of the valley that led to Konoha. He could only greet the sight before him with a blink of the eyes before they widened in shock and fear and a sense of dread descended upon him.

Before him was a pair of boys. One had black hair and wore the typical Uchiha style shirt. The other was the boy he had just been heading to inform his master about, Uzumaki Naruto, aka: Namikaze Naruto, aka: Uchiha Naruto, aka: His masters grandson.

And currently the Uchiha had just shoved his lightning covered fist into the chest of the blond jinchuriki.

This was not good.

"Oh shit...ok don't panic, Madara-sama can still bring him back with the rinnegan since he didn't die by Bijuu extraction via Gedō Mazō, right?" The white half asked nervously.

"Yes but he will still not be happy...let's get this over with." The black half replied as they saw the Uchiha boy drop Naruto and dash off.

Quickly the man melded back into the ground and reappeared beneath Naruto's body, picking it up bridal style.

Trying to repress the shudder of fear that wanted to go down his spine, the man melded back into the ground with the body, intending to take it to his master.

-Behind the waterfall, hidden chamber-

Uchiha Madara sat silently on an ancient looking throne made of roots. He looked to be a living mummy, that was how old he was, at 96 years of age.

For the past 30 years he had sat on this throne, reflecting on the past. There wasn't much else to do, especially when he became too move very much without his body aching. He used to pass the time by reading from his library.

The only reason he had any idea of the time past was because he carefully regulated the growth of one of his mokuton trees, so that each year that passed, it had grown another foot. Right now it stood at thirty feet in the underground chamber.

The library. Oh that was something he truly prized, even more than the garden he grew with his Mokuton where all his food came from. The library was truly amazing, filled with all kinds of knowledge on the shinobi arts, and the history of the elemental nations, he even had scrolls that he had *ahem* 'acquired' from various clans all across the elemental nations.

He even had a copy of the entire Uchiha clan library, and some originals of the more important scrolls that he neglected to leave them a copy of.

But now, he couldn't do much else but sit and reflect on his memories of his family, and how he failed. Once he thought he could escape his hatred by immersing himself in the warmth and love he felt for his wife and child.

But that had been foolish. He had grown soft, and because of that the ones he cared about were killed. He had let the warmth he felt for them to cloud his judgment, and for a single moment he forgot the times they lived in back then, and gone to meet his contact in person.

It was pathetic, such a strong shinobi making such a mistake. He should have sent a shadow clone, it would have been perfectly capable of getting the information he needed.

Madara would have continued his lamenting, as he waited for the plan to be completed so his younger body could be brought back and then he would finally enact Mugen Tsukuyomi. However he was interrupted by a plant-like man emerging from the ground in front of his throne, he recognized his subordinate instantly, but he did not have a clue as to who the corpse in his arms was. The drawbacks of secluding yourself for three decades, you had no idea who the major or minor players in the current shinobi world were.

He examined the bland boy with lightly tanned skin dress in a ragged hideous orange jumpsuit that as drenched in blood, probably the entire blood contents of his body.

Activating his sharingan to glare at his subordinate and study his demeanor. He was nervous...extremely nervous. So whatever this boy meant, he assumed it would anger the old Uchiha.

Finally he spoke in a voice cracked with age and disuse.

"Zetsu, it's 30 years since I went into seclusion...this had better be to tell me that the plan is going to commence soon. And who is this dead boy in your arms?" Madara asked coldly.

The now named Zetsu shivered under the gaze of the ancient Uchiha. He felt a weight settle in his stomach as he swallowed nervously before answering.

"Well you see Madara-sama. The plan isn't yet ready to be enacted but-" Zetsu began, only to be cut off by Madara's cold voice and an intense burst of killing intent.

"Then why, did you interrupt my seclusion when I specifically ordered not to be interrupted unless the plan commenced or it was something of the utmost importance occurred?" Madara hissed in cold fury.

Zetsu shifted nervously as he cleared his throat to reply.

"*Ahem* Well you see, it doesn't have to do, with the plan per say, but rather the continuance, of the plan. You see, we uncovered something, about the death of your family-" Zetsu was cut off once more as another even more intense burst of killing intent.

"Choose your next words carefully Zetsu...this is a sore subject with you know..." Madara warned with fury laced into every word.

Once again Zetsu gulped before continuing.

"Well we discovered from a leadpicked up unwittingly. That the day your family was killed, the Sannin, the students of the Sandaime Hokage. Responded to sensing a barrier. Where they found a mortally wounded woman with blond hair and blue eyes. Who begged them to help her son who Senju Tsunade subsequently retrieved him from the tree he was hidden in. The woman introduced the two as Namikaze Hitomi, and Namikaze Minato." Zetsu replied, praying that the words would interest Madara enough to let him continue.

He was in luck. Madara blinked. Then blinked again. Finally he leaned back in his chair and stopped the killing intent. Now he seemed to have forgotten about Naruto for now, more interested in the news he son had apparently survived.

"Well, what did you find, get on with it!" Madara ordered eagerly, a complete 180.

Zetsu sweat dropped slightly but continued none the less.

"We uh, well we found out what happened to him, and suspected for some time. It's just your apprentice has kept us so busy gathering information everywhere but Konoha that we never got to check into it thoroughly. It also didn't help that the only information on his origins was an obscure mission report." Zetsu replied, the white half adding some humor onto the end.

"So what does that mean? It sounds almost I if you should have made the connection sooner but failed to, is this the case?" Madara asked in an emotionless voice.

He wasn't angry per say, more frustrated.

Zetsu nodded reluctantly.

"You see Madara-sama you never told us her surname. So we couldn't make the connection, had we had the surname we would have known long ago." Zetsu explained, earning an nod of agreement and understanding from Madara.

"Now just so you know, don't get your hopes up, your son is long dead, even though he did great things. However he is beyond reach for the rinnegan" Zetsu warned.

For one second Madara felt angry at Zetsu for wasting his time, but that faded when he realized Zetsu wouldn't have come here without reason, this wasn't reason. He would have known this would not change the plans at all, the only thing that would change his mind would be it couldn't be!

He licked his lips before he spoke in a sorrowful tone.

"Tell me, you said it might change whether I wanted to complete the plan, why is that?" Madara asked, his mouth dry.

Zetsu hesitated for a second, knowing what he was about to say would affect his master deeply.

"Because your son died fighting the Kyuubi when it was released from his wife's seal by the one we chose to be your successor. He was the Yondaime Hokage and died using the Shiki Fuijin(2) to seal half of it into himself and the Hakke Fuin to seal the other half into a child. So he really is beyond the rinnegan, and his wife is dead...however..." Zetsu trailed off purposefully to get Madara to keep paying attention, as he seemed to be struggling to comprehend his plan had caused the death of his son.

Zetsu was right about Madara. Currently he was reliving the moment he arrived at his home 30 years ago. His heart stopped and his blood became ice in his veins. He felt as if he was amidst a sea of guilt and sorrow. But that one word was a life line that kept him afloat.

Seeing he had his masters attention, Zetsu continued.

"As Yondaime he became well known for his philosophy, 'Never send another on a mission you would not be willing to go on yourself. So when it came time to seal the Kyuubi into a child. He didn't choose some random child..." Zetsu trailed off, hoping Madara would catch on.

And he did. The ancient Uchiha's eyes widened as they flashed to the blond haired boy's body in Zetsu's arms as they gained an understanding glint filled his eyes. Then it turned to rage as he realized exactly who the boy with the blood soaked jumpsuit and a fist sized hole through his chest was.

"That boy is my grandson isn't he? Would you care to explain to me how he ended up in the condition he is currently in?" Madara asked with fury boiling inside of him.

He found it hard to keep it in, as he looked at the body of the boy who was his grandson. He knew that he could probably bring him back, but it did not change the fact that he felt as if someone was stabbing him in the gut with a white hot knife repeatedly, such was the pain of the grief he felt, even if it wasn't rational.

He had to fight himself from swearing vengeance upon the one who did this. The revelations of the past fifteen minutes had shoved him, if only briefly, back into the light. Madara was determined to stay there, his actions when in the darkness of his hatred, had led to the death of his son.

Zetsu meanwhile was nervous of his masters reaction.

"His name is Uzumaki Naruto, as for how he got in this condition; We were on our way here when we arrived at the side of the valley that leads from Konoha. When we came up we saw two boys, both Konoha ninja, fighting. It appeared that your grandson got sent on a mission to stop his teammate Uchiha Sasuke from deserting Konoha to join another traitor who offered him power. We arrived in time to see him kill your grandson and immediately gathered his body so you may revive him. He didn't die by the Gedō Mazō, so there should be no issue." Zetsu concluded.

Madara took a few deep breaths to calm himself before he could think clearly.

"Very well Zetsu, but before that. I want to know everything you know about him before we do. He is-was- the Kyuubi jinchuriki, you must surely know most if not all of his life up till now. For now, set him on the table." Madara ordered as he leaned back in his throne, nodding his head at the table off to the side where he ate dinner.

Getting the message Zetsu walked over to the table and set the boy down gently.

Zetsu shuffled back to stand in front of Madara, clearing his throat before he began his tale. He told Madara of how Naruto's jinchuriki status had been secretly leaked by a man named Danzō shortly after the Kyuubi was sealed in him, forcing the newly reinstated Sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen, to tell the citizens that it was the Yondaime's dying wish Naruto be seen as a hero, and when that failed, to make a law that forbid people from speaking of it in hopes Naruto having a chance at a semi-normal childhood where he could make friends.

Zetsu also told him how they ignored it and the adults and children old enough hated and feared Naruto as he grew up. How that fear had transferred to their children as well, and they in turn avoided him. Then Naruto turned to pranking to get attention, and proclaiming he'd be Hokage. He also told him of the events of his graduation, and the friend he made in Iruka.

By the time Zetsu finished Madara was both furious and proud.

He was furious at his grandsons treatment and how his education was sabotaged by teachers unwilling to teach him, while favoring the bratty little Uchiha. The boys notion that merely bearing the Uchiha name made him an elite was sickening. It was offensive to Madara, who while being part of the head family, had worked hard for every single ounce of strength he ever got, instead of expecting it to be handed to him like this Sasuke.

However he was also immensely proud of his grandson for coming so far and doing so much with so little. Unlike him his grandson never gave in to the feelings of hatred and lashed out. He persevered, and in the end held an enormous amount of potential. Learning a B-rank jutsu in a matter of hours, that showed an amount of raw potential that would make most of the so called 'prodigies' like this Uchiha Sasuke green with envy. That was the type of talent you couldn't teach.

Although Zetsu told him about Naruto's life, he also ended up giving him the overview of what had been going on since his seclusion, particularly about the boy Zetsu had chosen to continue the Mugen Tsukuyomi plan for him. He didn't know what Zetsu was thinking, letting the boy witness the death of the girl he loved at the hands of his best friend.

As for what happened with the boy Zetsu gave Izuna's/his eyes to. That was just bad luck there, the boy had gone past the point he would have wanted a wielder of his eyes to be at, even when he was in the darkness. The boy truly believed that he was a god. He felt especially bad for his female friend who stood by him even when she knew he was no longer the person she became friends with.

Finally having heard enough, Madara prepared to bring his grandson back.

Madara grunted as he slowly stood up from his throne, his old bones creaking and protesting the movement. But he ignored it. He had family left, he could help his grandson, unlike his wife and son.

While he walked slowly towards the table, his eyes darted to the blood on his grandson's clothing.

That wasn't good. The Outer Path allowed him to bring back the dead, as in use the body as a beacon for the soul, and while it could heal the body of just about any injury. But there was a limit of what it could heal at once. For instance the hole in his grandsons chest was simple enough. However if the amount of blood he was seeing was any indication, he would also need to replace all his blood as well.

In his current state his body wasn't fit to do that much with the jutsu. He couldn't handle the amount of strain it would put on his chakra coils, let alone his eyes he took from that random Uchiha. If he attempted to do such, it would only result in his death and his grandson remaining dead.

If he had his original eyes from his brother, it may have been possible. But since he had taken these other eyes it had taken him twice as much chakra and strain to use their powers.

'I hope that's not the case...but if it is, I need another option...unfortunately the only one that comes to mind ends up with me dead...however if it means I can really and truly bring my grandson back and repay him even slightly for the harm I did to him, the life I took away from him and my son...then so be it...' Madara thought with conviction.

While giving his life was well and good, there were many variables to consider. Such as his 'apprentice' that was running around using his name. Zetsu told him that this Obito or 'Tobi', wouldn't abort the plan for similar reasons Madara would not have yesterday.

That was a problem as after seeing his grandsons dead body and hearing about his son's death because of the plan he realized that seeing his family again through an illusion would be worthless, a pale imitation, the world he created would be perfect. That was the problem, it was the imperfections that made life worthwhile. He saw that now.

So he had to ensure there was a way to stop the monster he'd let loose on the world. He wouldn't be there to do it, so he would have to entrust the task to his grandson, he'd proven he was a better person than Madara. He could defeat the Uchiha curse of hatred when Madara could not.

He just needed to make sure Naruto was as prepared as possible. He knew that if Kyuubi's yang half didn't go to the stomach of The Shinigami where it's yin half was with his son, then it would most likely reform in about 4 years. That was good, that gave Naruto 4 years to get ready, according to Zetsu, that's a year and a half longer than he had before.

But the difference was now none of his chakra reserves would be focused on keeping the fox at bay, meaning it would be about easily twenty-five times as large as before he was revived. In short he would have about as much chakra as a bijuu, about one and a half times more than he and Hashirama had at the height of their power. In addition chakra control would actually be possible for him without the seal leaking the Kyuubi chakra into his system constantly.

But there was still the question of how Naruto would prepare. He himself wouldn't be around to train his grandson, and Zetsu still needed to keep up appearances so as not to arouse suspicion from 'Tobi'.

Suddenly his mind flashed to what he had been told about both his sons and grandsons mentor, the Toad Sage Jiraiya, one of little Hiruzen's students. Yes that might work...

Shaking his head Madara realized that he had by now made it to the table.

Quickly he flashed through a set of hand seals to activate the mystic palm technique to make sure his assumption was correct.

Slowly his palms passed over his grandsons body encased in green chakra. His heart and stomach dropped and a frown overtook his face as he realized he was right.

Zetsu noticed his master frown as he examined the body. What could it mean? The injury couldn't be that bad right? Surely it could be fixed.

Finally after a few minutes of Madara's frown increasing, he spoke up.

"Madara-sama, is something the matter? Ya you look like someone just kicked you puppy." Zetsu asked/stated.

Madara's mouth twitched as if he found the statement amusing, before speaking to the plant-man.

"Yes there is Zetsu. You see the rinnegan will take enough energy and strain to heal just his chest wound. However he is also missing over ninety percent of his blood. To heal both at once with the jutsu is impossible. Which means the only option is to give him a transfusion of blood just before the rebirth jutsu is performed, not even a few seconds can pass in-between." Madara replied.

At this Zetsu's eyes widened. He was not stupid, you would need to be a relative for that, closer the better. Also transfusing that much blood would result in a person dying.

The only relative was Madara himself. Zetsu knew his master, and his love for family. It was a trait Naruto shared with him, when it came to those Naruto saw as surrogate family. There was no doubt his master planned to do it.

"What are your last orders Madara-sama?" Zetsu asked seriously.

Madara actually smiled at this. He expected Zetsu to grasp the situation right away.

"Good, you realize what is about to happen. First things first, before I begin take my grandsons bloody jumpsuit and leave it where you found him, make it look like it fell off, this way people will think he died." Madara began, surprising Zetsu.

Before he could comment Madara continued.

"After that all my orders are to be carried out after I die. First seal my entire library into a storage scroll keyed to my grandsons blood. Also seal inside with the library the scroll that holds the container with my original eyes, just in case Naruto needs them later on. Then deliver it and my grandson to Jiraiya of the Sannin, make sure he understands the gravity of keeping my grandsons survival as close to the chest as possible. Also inform him he now has four years to get Naruto ready." Madara continued, making sure Zetsu was paying attention before continuing.

"You are to serve my grandson after this, but don't give them information on Akatsuki's specific members until the time to actually fight comes, that way, you maintain your cover. Also, see what you and Naruto can do for that Konan girl. She has been affected more than most by my machinations." Madara finished.

Zetsu nodded with reluctance, knowing that his master wouldn't be dissuaded from this path.

Seeing this Madara nodded before he ripped off his grandsons jumpsuit and handed it to the plant man who immediately sunk into the floor, knowing his job was to believably fake Naruto's death.

When Zetsu left Madara looked down at his grandson intently. He hadn't mentioned to Zetsu what he expected to happen with this particular combination of jutsu. It was a calculated risk.

The big advantage was that if it did work, if his hypothesis was correct, his grandson would soon be a one hundred percent pure Uchiha. Having Madara's blood, which was one hundred percent Uchiha DNA, inside Naruto's only one eighth Uchiha body, at the time he did the resurrection, would purge his body of all non-Uchiha DNA as the resurrection fixed the rejection problem that would normally come with implanting another's DNA into someone.

This way, his grandson would be able to awaken the sharingan where as it was unlikely he would before. Another bonus was his previous DNA would have had trouble surviving without Kyuubi's chakra suffusing his body, the new DNA would have no such problems.

With his plan now made, Madara created a shadow clone using nearly ninety percent of his chakra. The idea was simple, Madara only needed a small amount of chakra to transfer his blood to Naruto, and if he attempted to do that before using his chakra to use the revival jutsu, he wouldn't be able to complete the revival. However if he had the shadow clone do the revival, then he could focus only on the blood transfusion and only need to worry about remaining alive for the seconds it would take for his clone to do the revival.

Flashing through hand seals, Madara placed one hand over his heart and the other over his grandsons. Within seconds Madara felt the jutsu take effect as the feeling of blood being drawn from his body began and continued, with him becoming continuously light headed.

Now the numbness was setting in, his legs nearly gave out and his eyes drooped. He had to split his chakra between the jutsu and stimulating his organs to keep them functioning as he felt them slowly shut down one by one, most important was the heart, brain, and lungs.

Finally after one minute the ancient Uchiha let out a sigh as the jutsu ended and he wobbled where he stood, before finally collapsing so that he sat down on the ground, his breathing shallow as his old lungs struggled to draw one more breath and his heart weakly fluttered.

Immediately after he collapsed he heard his clone call out the jutsu to bring his grandson back, even as he vision began going black and his hearing faded.

He had one last thought before his body stopped functioning.

'I did it Hitomi-chan...I beat the darkness...and saved our grandson...I know he'll make us proud..' Madara thought before his eyes closed and his breathing stopped.

Beside him there was a faint pop as his clone dispersed.

Now all that was left in the room was a young boy in his t-shirt and green boxers with orange swirl patterns. Around his neck hung a necklace with a small green crystal. He had pale skin and spiky blond hair.

Currently the boy wasn't moving, until finally he drew in a great shuddering breath as he shot up in his spot on the table, his onyx colored eyes going wide as he looked around in confusion.

"Wh-where am I? The last thing I remember is Sasuke...killing this the afterlife?" Naruto asked in confusion as he looked around, his eyes eventually fell on the old man lying still on the floor.

Slowly he got up off the table with his body feeling oddly stiff. When he finally finished getting up Naruto knelt down and check the old man's neck for a pulse. Just as he realized there wasn't one, someone spoke from behind him.

"You won't find a pulse. He gave his life to bring you back from the dead." The voice spoke, it's tones alternating.

Naruto's heart leapt into his throat as he jumped to his feet and spun around.

Standing behind him was a man-plant-thing, with half the face being black and the other white with some sort of venus fly trap on his shoulders. Most telling was the black cloak with red clouds on it.

"Akatsuki! Where am I, who are you; Who's he? Are you here to capture me?" Naruto asked rapid fire, his mind reeling from seeing the apparent Akatsuki member standing there so nonchalantly.

Zetsu grinned at the boys confusion.

"Oh he's so cute when he's confused but I guess we should answer. You're currently behind the waterfall at the Valley of the End. We're called Zetsu, I'm White Zetsu, he's Black Zetsu. We are not here to capture you, our loyalty to Akatsuki is secondary to the man who brought you back. As for who he is, he's your grandfather!" Zetsu informed the blond jinchuriki, the white half lacking any tact. Or rather conveniently forgetting it.

Naruto opened his mouth to say something but he couldn't think of anything. He had been dead? The old man was his grandfather? Denial immediately set in. He was not that stupid, it would be extremely rare to just happen to find some long lost grandfather that just happened to bring him back from the dead. Still...he knew he had been hit in the chest with a Chidori.

He took a look down at his chest, and sure enough there was a hole in his shirt, but where the wound should be he saw only smooth skin.

Naruto looked up and stared at the strange plant man, silently asking for an explanation.

The plant man could only sigh. This was going to be a long explanation.

Chapter End

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