Naruto: Rise of Uchiha Naruto

Chapter 3: Hero's Comeback!

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Chapter 3: Hero's Comeback!

- Mt. Myoboku-

Naruto appeared in front of the cottage of Fukusaku and Shim out of the plume of smoke. Standing before him was his sensei, the white haired Sannin Jiraiya.

Naruto had changed over the past 4 years. No longer was he a scrawny midget wearing an hideous orange jumpsuit.

Now the 16 year old Naruto stood at a relatively tall 5'10 with no baby fat to be seen around his now narrower facial feature. His onyx black eyes had become more narrow, like his father and grandfather. His skin was pale and his spiky blond hair had grown out long, now reaching the top of his shoulder blades with his bangs framing his face and partially obscuring his right eye like his grandfather. His body was muscular, not quite as lean as a runner but not anywhere near a body-builders body.

Over all his physical features had grown to the point that women of all ages would drool over him.

His style had changed just as much as his looks. He now wore a vaguely samurai-like attire. On his upper body he wore a sleeveless black kosode with a sleeveless white shitagi underneath. Underneath those he wore a short-sleeved mesh armor shirt. For pants he now wore black hakama pants tied with a white sash and with white tabi and waraji on his feet. Over all this he wore a long white haori with a deep royal purple inside that fell to just above his ankles with a pattern of black dots and thin ovals. On the back of the haori he had a symbol of a black rhombus with a white inside and four black points. Inside the rhombus was the Uchiha Clan crest.

Around his neck hung the necklace from Tsunade, along with his now black-clothed hitai-ate.

As he saw his student Jiraiya grinned perversely.

"Well how'd it go? Did you have a good time?" He asked.

Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Yes as a matter of fact, Mei-san is a very pleasant and lovely person. I take it political experience wasn't the only kind you wanted me to get?" Naruto asked rhetorically.

All he received was a grin and an perverted giggle. After a few minutes Jiraiya turned serious as he looked at his student.

"So, did she go for it, will Kiri be making an alliance with Konoha?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto kept his face expressionless for a whole minute, making Jiraiya worry. Then he broke out in a proud grin.

"Yep, Mei-chan said that she'll be coming to Konoha in a little over a month to discuss it with Tsunade-baa-chan directly." He told his teacher.

At first Jiraiya looked pissed at Naruto making him the great Jiraiya sweat! Then he realized what he called the Mizukage.

"Oh 'Mei-chan' is it, so you did get close to the Mizukage, how close we talkin here?" Jiraiya asked while whipping out a sketch book.

Naruto just shook his head while having a slight blush on his face.

"S-so did you get my order?" Naruto asked, ignoring the comment in favor of his excitement at getting his new sword.

Naruto put the book away while nodding as he unsealed a katana in a black sheath from his wrist.

"Yep here ya go kid. Made for channeling lightning and fire chakra, enjoy." Jiraiya explained as he tossed the blade to Naruto.

The sword was a standard looking katana with a purple cloth on the handle that was the same color as the inside of his cloak. The end cap and the tsuka were made of a golden-bronze metal with the tsuka being a simple oval.

If the blade were unsheathed the sharp edge would be a gleaming silver while the other would be a darker, but still gleaming, grey.

Naruto grinned as he held the blade in his hands.

He tied it to his sash and looked at his sensei with a firm gaze and a grin.

"Alright, looks like it's just about time for my comeback, what d'ya say Ero-Sennin, you ready to head back to Konoha?" Naruto asked with a mischievous grin.

Jiraiya replied with a grin of his own, forgetting the title Naruto gave him for once.

"I never thought you'd ask Gaki." He replied as he opened the door to the cottage and called inside.

"Hey Ma, you think you could summon us to the main gate of Konoha?" He asked.

"Will do Jiraiya-chan!" Shima replied.

While they waited Naruto suddenly chuckled, gaining a curious look from Jiraiya.

Seeing the look, Naruto explained.

"Oh I'm just imagining the look on Kakashi's face when I use the Chidori. I still can't believe Baa-chan managed to get him to give her a scroll on it and the Raikiri." Naruto explained.

A minute later the two disappeared in matching plumes of smoke.

Konoha was in for a blast from the past.

-Konoha, Village Gates-

Naruto and Jiraiya appeared in front of the familiar pair of gates in matching plumes of smoke.

Naruto looked nostalgically at the village before him.

"It's been a long time since I've set eyes upon the village. They even got around to adding Baa-chan's face on the monument." Naruto observed.

Jiraiya nodded with a grin.

As they walked through the gates they were noticed by Izumo and Kotetsu who were guarding them...again.

"Hey who're-" Izumo began only to stop as he recognized one as Jiraiya.

However when he looked at the second one his heart stopped and he felt like he was looking at a ghost.

The face was a little different along with the clothes, but it was definitely him.

"Hey that...could it be?" He asked his partner.

Kotetsu nodded mutely beside him. Naruto glanced at them and gave them a double eye smile.

"Izumo, Kotetsu, still guarding the gate I see." He said cheerfully.

For a second he paused to stretch out his senses, finding that Tsunade was in her office with his former teammates and her apprentice Shizune.

Turning to Jiraiya he spoke again.

"See ya later sensei, I do believe it's time for a Team 7 reunion." He told him pleasantly before he disappeared in a blur of speed, about the level of an mid jonin.

He was headed for Team 7's old training ground as Tsunade had told him to wait there.

She had also told him Kakashi would be evaluating him to see if he was worthy of a promotion to either chunin or jonin. He'd been told only Neji had made jonin of the 'Konoha 10' as they had begun to be called.

Jiraiya simply shook his head at Naruto's antics.

Turning to the gaping gate guards he smiled sheepishly. Izumo managed to speak.

"W-was that?" He asked, the question implied

Jiraiya nodded.

"Yep, that's Naruto alright." He told them simply before vanishing in a plume of smoke, intending to go watch his students assessment.

It was silent for a few minutes before Kotetsu spoke up.

"And I thought he couldn't top painting the Hokage Monument in broad day light in 'kill me' orange. Damn." He said to his partner who nodded.

-Tsunade's Office, just before Naruto and Jiraiya arrive-

The two remaining members from the now disbanded Team 7 stood in front of their leader in confusion.

They had been told to arrive here to speak with the Hokage, Kakashi being threatened with burning of his Icha Icha if he was late. Needles to say he was on time.

Sakura was the only one who changed. She was taller and her hair even shorter with her now wearing a small apron-like pink skirt and a sleeveless red top with her headband worn in the same style. She had also begun to gain slight curves to her figure.

"I'm sure you are wondering why I called you here. The reason is simple. I want Kakashi to perform the test for a jonin prospect and I want you, Sakura, to be there to watch." Tsunade told them, getting straight to the point.

At this both were extremely confused, usually you had to go through the exams to get a promotion, the only way to do it this way was if the person had the full support of at least two elite jonin or higher. They wondered the person was.

Also having Sakura watch was even more unusual.

Shizune behind Tsunade was even more confused, she was usually let in on these types of decisions.

"Um, not that I'm complaining Tsunade-sama, but why have me do the test, and why have Sakura-chan there?" Kakashi asked while scratching his head.

Tsunade hid a smirk as she clasped her hands together in front of her mouth.

"Well I am hereby reinstating Team 7. The man you're testing will be joining as the third member." Tsunade explained in her Hokage voice.

At this the two members of the disbanded team tensed. The team was a tense subject for them, and they had no real inclination to replace either team member that they had lost.

Shizune saw how tense the two appeared to be and decided to speak up, thinking this would throw off the team dynamic

"Um are you sure that's such a good idea Tsunade-sama? I mean, to promote someone just like that, and then place him on Team 7? You know how they feel about replacing either missing member? And who is this shinobi " Shizune asked cautiously, trying to find her mentor's reasoning.

Tsunade once again hid a grin and spoke in a mock haughty tone.

"Of course I am. He's been training during a 4 year mission and I feel his old rank of genin requires a reassessment. As for who he is, you'll recognize him when you see him. Now let's go, he'll be waiting for us at Team 7's old training ground. I intend for him to take the bell test." Tsunade replied.

This peeked Kakashi's interest as he found it difficult to believe that someone who was genin only 4 years ago could take him one on one.

Never the less he went with everyone else when Tsunade motioned for them to leave.

-Training Ground 7-

As the four Konoha nin arrived at the entrance to the training ground 7. Looking across the field they saw a figure out on the opposite side of the river from them, standing on the water.

The person was wearing a strange attire for a shinobi, being distinctly Samurai-like. He wore a black kimono top with white undergarment and a mesh armor top. For pants he wore black hakama with a white sash. over that was a white haori and he wore tabi with waraji sandals.

However it was the hair of the individual that caught their attention the most. It was a long spiky sunny blond in color with his bangs framing his face with them partially covering his right eye. Currently his head was tilted down so that the top half of his face was cast into shadow.

"Well Kakashi, I'll leave you to your opponent, Shizune! Sakura! Let's go!" Tsunade commanded as she took off to the tree line, Shizune and Sakura following reluctantly after.

Kakashi meanwhile was getting a strange chill down his spine as he looked at the young man that stood about fifty yards in front of him.

Slowly he reached into the pouch on his hip as he removed a single bell and a timer. Placing the timer on the middle stump and tying the bell to his belt he looked forward as he spoke for the first time.

He couldn't shake the feeling he knew this person.

"Ya know, it's polite to introduce yourself to your proctor for these kinds of things. How bout I start? My name is Hatake Kakashi, there, now your turn." Kakashi told the boy with an eye-smile.

Naruto grinned as he kept his head tilted downwards.

For some reason the grin seemed familiar to Kakashi. But he still couldn't place it. Then the person spoke.

"Why I'm hurt Kakashi. You've forgotten me already. How very rude of you. But I guess I'll reintroduce myself to you. My name is Uchiha..." Naruto began, causing all eyes to widen except the pair of Sannin's watching.

At the same time Kakashi suddenly placed the grin. It was more sarcastic than he remembered, but a lightly tanned rounder face with whisker marks flashed through his head.

"...Uchiha Naruto!" Naruto exclaimed as he whipped his head up for the first time and he looked at Kakashi.

"Prepare yourself Kakashi-sensei!" He began as he suddenly shot forward at speeds that Rock Lee had during the chunin exams when his weights were removed.

Naruto reappeared in front of Kakashi as he launched a fist at his head.

"...Because this time you won't be able to read your book! Shinobi battle tactics number 1: Taijutsu, the physical art." Naruto exclaimed.

Kakashi barely managed to dodge in his shocked state at seeing his favorite student alive. He flipped backwards to put some distance between them as he automatically began to analyze his opponent, forcing down his shock.

Over on the sidelines two of the occupants couldn't say the same.

-With the observers-

Sakura watched Kakashi dodge with her eyes widened in shock as she heard what

Naruto said.

"He's...alive?" She asked in shock.

Next to her Shizune was having similar thoughts. Their heads whipped upwards when they heard a chuckle from the tree behind them.

There they saw Jiraiya lounging in the fork of the branches.

"That he is Sakura. I figured it would be a good idea to pretend that he stayed dead so as to give us more time to prepare for Akatsuki." Jiraiya told the two kunoichi.

While Sakura simply looked shocked Shizune now looked worried.

"Even so Jiraiya-sama, shouldn't Sakura-chan be helping him against Kakashi, shouldn't we be worried about him being able to handle Kakashi?" Shizune asked worriedly.

This only earned her a laugh from the Sannin.

"Hahaha, that's a good one Shizune!" Jiraiya laughed.

At seeing her and the now calmer Sakura's look he turned to face the action where Naruto and Kakashi were now engaged in a fierce exchange of Taijutsu.

His face took a serious edge as they looked that way as well and finally spoke, with Tsunade idly listening in interest.

"It's Kakashi that doesn't stand a chance." Jiraiya stated confidently, shocking the two kunoichi at how he said it like it was a foregone conclusion.

Seeing their looks he elaborated as he jumped down so as to speak to them directly, leaning against the tree behind him.

"You see the first nine months we spent on getting Naruto to master the basics of every subject taught in the academy, and getting his chakra control to the point that he could make a Rasengan in both hands at the same time in an instant." Jiraiya began.

"Essentially this means his chakra control is good enough that if he wanted, he could learn basic medical ninjutsu." Jiraiya explained, shocking the two medical ninjas as that wasn't an easy feat.

"For the next nine months he studied all the advanced theories of chakra such as chakra form and change in chakra nature. He even went into the theory of jutsu creation most importantly seals." The pervert informed them, enjoying the looks of awe the two were giving his student.

"After that we moved to sparring in taijutsu, and learning his clans style. It was during this time when he really began to shoot up speed and strength wise as we focused all our attention on the physical arts including kenjutsu, it was during this six month period that he awakened and evolved his sharingan to three tomoes." He told the Kunoichi, who by now had ceased being shocked by the information.

"Finally during the for the next year after that we discovered his elemental affinities, he has a total of four." here Jiraiya paused as he watched them sputter in shock once more.

Finally Shizune spoke.

"F-four elemental affinities? What elements, has he begun to master them?" She asked.

Jiraiya chuckled.

"He's only mastered two, his main ones fire and lightning, he forwent master his two secondary affinities, earth and water in favor of learning and creating jutsu. Over all I would rate him to be an S-ranked shinobi, as opposed to Kakashi who is a borderline S-rank." Jiraiya explained.

The two kunoichi nodded to this, finally understanding why he was so confident.

"So that's why you're so confident. I guess that means Naruto is well on his way to realizing his dream." Sakura said with a smile, happy to not only see her teammate alive, but thriving.

Jiraiya nodded.

"Although that's not the biggest reason I say Kakashi has no chance." Jiraiya told them, getting their attention once more.

Jiraiya chuckled at their blatant curiosity.

"The reason I say that is because Naruto is no longer being held back by the Kyuubi." He explained.

At this both gasped.

"Wha-what do you mean Jiraiya-sama? No longer being held back by the Kyuubi? I thought bijuu were considered assets for jinchuriki. So how could it be holding him back? And why isn't it anymore?" Shizune asked.

Jiraiya took on a serious expression once more.

"Well the easiest to answer is your last question. You see Kyuubi is no longer sealed in him. Naruto really did die that day, chidori hole and all." Jiraiya told them.

"Then how..?" Sakura gasped as she looked at Naruto fighting their sensei, now trading jutsu.

"He was dead for a half hour, luckily he was brought back via a combination of ninjutsu and medical jutsu by his grandfather, I won't tell you who he was, that is Naruto's story to tell. But as for why Kyuubi was holding him back..." Jiraiya answered, trailing off to ensure he had their attention.

"For most people it would be a benefit like Shizune said. It stretches their coils and expands their reserves. They also can use the bijuu's chakra if they need to, and even gain certain abilities, in Naruto's case it would be his rapid regeneration, that is even better than the other jinchuriki. However..." He paused as he reached the turning point of his explanation.

The two waited with bated breath for him to continue, wondering how such things could be bad, Sakura remembering how Naruto had been up the next day after the fight with Haku, while Sasuke, and even Zabuza when he was hit in the neck with the ice users senbon, were bed ridden for at least two weeks.

However his next words changed their minds.

" Naruto's case, having Kyuubi sealed at birth was a hindrance, because unlike other jinchuriki who's inteligence was already seen by others, his had not, allowing Kyuubi to suppress it and thus make his emotions unstable, allowing it more influence. However that wasn't the biggest hindrance..." Jiraiya continued.

"The biggest hindrance was the fact that unlike most jinchuriki, he didn't need the boost to his reserves. His reserves were naturally so vast, it was their formidable size that kept the beast from overtaking his mind. Without them being forced to hold back the Kyuubi's own chakra in check by supercharging the seal, he now has the reserves of one of the weaker tailed beasts, in short, he has about one and a half times the chakra as Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara in their prime. By the time he reaches his peak, he'll have the same as the two combined." Jiraiya told them, shocking/awing the hell out of them.

Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara were considered to be gods amongst shinobi. If Naruto's reserves were on par with theirs, even at his young age when they weren't fully developed. What would they be when they were?

"On top of this, he has trained his chakra like I said, to use basic medical ninjutsu, meaning he can get the very most possible out of his reserves." Jiraiya added, just to drive the point home.

By that time they were looking back at the action, watching Naruto toss around ninjutsu like it was candy.

-With Naruto and Kakashi, after Kakashi dodged-

As he looked at his sensei Naruto couldn't help but grin at how different this was from the last time. This time it was him that was shocking his sensei.

"That's what you said the last time we did this test. Shinobi battle tactics lesson 1: Taijutsu. Let's test how I've improved at this over these past four years." Naruto said as he settled into the Uchiha clan style.

Kakashi eyed his opponent wearily. The speed Naruto showed was impressive and his execution of the attack was flawless. But he was convinced it had more to do with the fact he had let himself be distracted.

As he saw the stance Naruto fell into Kakashi raised an eyebrow.

"The interceptor fist huh? I heard you call yourself an Uchiha, yet you don't seem to have the sharingan? How do you plan to fully utilize this style? You might have become stronger and faster as well as smarter. But you still make mistakes you shouldn't." Kakashi chastised as he shot forward.

Naruto grinned as he watched Kakashi shot towards him at high speeds. He had assumed Naruto was making a mistake by using a style that required the sharingan without the sharingan. In truth he just wanted Kakashi to assume that he was making mistakes. Just like he wanted him to assume the speed and strength he showed was it.

After all, the old Naruto would have done that, come at him as fast and hard as he could. He knew Kakashi would then assume it was his own distraction that let him almost get caught, thus setting him up to assume he was still more skilled, if not more powerful, than Naruto himself.

Which is exactly what Naruto wanted right now.

As Kakashi approached Naruto easily followed and read his movements. Just as he went to hit Naruto he threw up his arm to block it, shoving it off to the side so that Kakashi would come up with a kick, which he caught under his arm, and then shot forward an elbow to Kakashi's jaw as he did.

The copy nin backpedalled hastily as he sought to reevaluate the situation.

"You assumed I didn't have the sharingan sensei." Naruto told him.

With a blur he shot forward at speeds of an elite jonin as his sharingan spun to life, predicting Kakashi's block and shooting past it to deliver a punishing kick to his ribs that sent the silver-haired man tumbling.

Kakashi quickly rolled back to his feet in a ready stance as he reevaluated his opponent.

He had assumed something and it had cost him. Now he realized Naruto didn't make mistakes, he let Kakashi think he did.

"So shall we begin in earnest?" Naruto asked as he settled back into his stance with his sharingan still active.

Kakashi nodded as he raised his hitai-ate and exposed his own sharingan.

"Let's go!" Kakashi exclaimed as both shot towards each other.

Naruto came in and blocked a right hook by Kakashi, sending jab at his solar plexus, pulling back to block as Kakashi shot a kick up at him. Unfortunately, Kakashi saw this coming and used it as a springboard to kick him with his last foot, sending Naruto stumbling back as Kakashi flipped backwards as well.

Naruto recovered quickly from the blow and shot forward at Kakashi, sending him a relentless barrage of kicks and punches. Kakashi managed to dodge through most of the blows, however he appeared to be caught by one of them in the head.

His body sailed through the air and just as it was about to hit a tree he burst into smoke to reveal a shattered log.

"Heh, never changes. Naruto declared as he reached out his senses.

The next thing he knew he was in a completely different place. It was a battle field and before him was everyone close to him, slaughtered, and above him the moon glared down an evil red with concentric rings and nine tomoe in it.

His grandfather stood before him telling him how disappointed he was.

Naruto gave a snort of derision.

"Really Kakashi? Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu(1)? That's the best you can do? Let me show you the true power of a genjutsu when one possesses the sharingan." Naruto spoke scathingly as his eyes spun fiercely.

"Magen: Kyō Tenchi-ten(2)!" Naruto exclaimed as suddenly Kakashi found himself in a vision of himself standing over the dead bodies of everyone he had ever failed.

Before he could do anything Naruto appeared before him.

"You possess the eye but you can't use it like an Uchiha can you? You underestimated me again, thinking I knew nothing of genjutsu. You are incorrect, I spent my spare time practicing both using and dispelling it. Now, taste another sharingan genjutsu." Naruto spoke to Kakashi.

His sharingan spun once more as he activated the jutsu.

" Magen: Kasegui no Jutsu(3)!" Naruto called.

Kakashi suddenly saw the world turn blood red as he was impaled by three large rusty stakes that held him in place. He could only scream in agony as the intense pain of his body being pierced racked him.

A few seconds later the world faded and showed them back in the training ground with Kakashi sitting on a branch looking directly into Naruto's eyes with a look of shock.

"Shinobi battle tactics lesson number 2: Genjutsu, the illusionary art. Sakura may have fallen for it during the genin test, and four years ago you would have caught me in it as well. However now, my chakra is far too controlled to succumb to that." Naruto told the copy nin, who nodded mutely.

"So that just leaves ninjutsu, what do you say Kakashi? Shall we begin round three?" Naruto asked in amusement.

Kakashi only nodded in reply.

As soon as he had Naruto sped through one handed seals in his left hand, ending on tiger, while making a tiger seal with his right.

"Doton: Doryū Taiga(4)!Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu(5)!" He shouted as a river of mud began to rush towards Kakashi and he breathed out a stream of flames that traveled along the mud, turning it molten.

The combination jutsu rushed towards the wide eyed Kakashi as he hastily performed a substitution, just in time too as a second later the jutsu hit and exploded in a wave of fire and molten mud.

Naruto turned to his left a second later, just in time to see Kakashi channel lightning chakra to both hands as he called out his technique.

"Raijū Hashiri no Jutsu(6)!" Kakashi called.

Two wolves made of lightning formed, one for each hand. Still connected to Kakashi, they sped towards Naruto, intent on tearing him with their fangs and claws. They might have too if he didn't fly through more hand seals.

Once again he used two different sets of one-handed

"Suiton: Bakusui Shōha(7)! Raiton: Kangekiha(8)!" He shouted as he launched a giant wave of electrified water at Kakashi, who gulped.

A few seconds later Kakashi was swallowed up by the wave of wild electrified water.

But Naruto knew better. Kakashi wouldn't be caught by that.

Sure enough, right where the wave hit was an ornate earth wall with dog heads on it, no doubt having blocked the jutsu. The only question was, where was Kakashi? Remembering their genin test, he came to a conclusion.

A split second before a pair of hands erupted from the earth Naruto jumped away, beginning another chain of hand seals as he did.

"Katon: Karyūdan(10)!" Naruto shouted as he spewed a large Chinese dragon that flew towards where the hands were in the ground, exploding on impact.

When the smoke cleared it revealed a crater with a slightly charred Kakashi starring up at Naruto wide eyed once more.

'What the hell! He's completely dominated this fight, I've barely been keeping from being injured. He's taking advantage of the fact he can throw around this level of jutsu like pieces of candy, forcing me to exert myself to keep out of the way.' Kakashi analyzed, realizing he had no choice but to go at Naruto just as hard, despite the fact he would tire easier.

Kakashi quickly began to speed through hand seals, with Naruto keeping up with the movements to see which jutsu he would use.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu(11)!" Kakashi called as a giant dragon made of Water arose from the river and began to tear towards Naruto.

Kakashi wasn't done as he flashed through even more hand seals.

Soon the dragon became electrified with the same lightning jutsu Naruto used earlier.

Soon the dragon crashed onto the site Naruto stood at, seemingly crushing him and electrifying him at the same time.

Kakashi knew it wasn't over, so he created a clone who began doing hand seals at the same time.

"Raiton: Rairyū no Tatsumaki(12)!"They yelled as they created two dragon-shaped tornado's of lightning, with arms and all.

The two dragons launched themselves on the position Naruto was last in, impacting the ground and creating a huge cloud of dust.

'For some reason I doubt that did it. I saw him use a technique a split second before the first combination hit. So it's likely he avoided both. Better be ready!' He concluded as he flashed through hand seals.

Soon the air was filled with the sound of chirping birds as Kakashi braced his hand and held it as his palm filled with lightning.

"Raikiri!" Kakashi shouted as lightning sparked around him in a circle.

He was about to charge where he saw Naruto's figure in the cloud of dust when he heard a voice speaking from inside it.

"You could use that technique Kakashi-sensei, but it won't make a difference..." Naruto told him, causing Kakashi to become suspicious.

A second later Kakashi's eyes widened as he felt cold steel against his neck and heard the chirping of a Chidori behind him.

Looking down he saw the blade of a katana held there, slightly cutting through the cloth of the mask. He also saw the sparking of lightning that could only come from a chidori

"...because that's a clone, I believe that is match Proctor-san!" Naruto stated cheerfully as he removed the sword.

As Kakashi turned around he was greeted by the sight of Naruto with a chidori still active in his right hand.

"How..?" Kakashi asked stupefied, unable to figure out how Naruto learned the chidori.

"You remember when Baa-chan asked for a scroll on it and the Raikiri to be placed in the forbidden scroll? She just happened to give them to me to copy first you see, the Chidori is a very versatile threshold technique for creating other jutsu." Naruto explained.

Kakashi simply nodded with an eye smile as he slumped tiredly.

"I guess so. You really have surpassed me Naruto." Kakashi stated.

Before the blond could reply they heard a clapping coming from the side of the clearing. There Tsunade and the others were stepping out of the bushes, with Sakura and Shizune having awestruck looks on their faces, and the Sannin with big grins on their faces.

"Very impressive Naruto. You've definitely shown the power and skills to be a jonin, wouldn't you agree Kakashi?" She asked, smiling playfully at the worn out elite jonin.

Kakashi nodded with a sheepish look on his face.

"I would say most definitely. If he had more experience I'd suggest elite jonin, but I think jonin is good enough for now." Kakashi replied.

Naruto felt a bit of pride at hearing his first sensei praise him like that.

After he had started learning the basics in his first nine months, he finally appreciated what Kakashi did in the Chunin Exams. He got Naruto someone who would teach him the basics, which he needed to learn anything Kakashi could teach him.

So even though he knew he was currently stronger than Kakashi, it was good to hear the copy nin praise his skills.

Tsunade meanwhile nodded in satisfaction of the copy nins reply. After his own experience after being promoted, he didn't give his stamp of approval to gain the promotion easily, this was only the third time he did it, the first being Genma, the second Anko.

Turning to Naruto she spoke again.

"Good then as of this moment, Uchiha Naruto, you are a jonin of Konoha. The paperwork has already been taken care of, I suspect there will be a meeting with the council tomorrow. As the clan heir of the Uchiha, you'll need to attend both to announce your return, and to decide whether you yourself want to attend the meetings, or let a proxy stand in for you, meaning they carry the vote of your clan." Tsunade informed the newly minted jonin.

Naruto simply nodded with a smile.

Naruto then turned to his two teammates.

"Sorry, but I'll have to catch up with you guys tomorrow, right now, I would really like to just go see the village and spread the word I'm back. Catch ya later." Naruto told them with a wave as he vanished in a shunshin.

Jiraiya grunted as he saw this.

"So he still hasn't mastered it huh?" He spoke as if to himself, although everyone noticed.

"Hasn't mastered what Jiraiya?" Tsunade asked curiously.

Jiraiya hummed for a second before replying.

"Oh nothing, it's just that he has been trying for quite some time to improve on the shunshin to make an all new jutsu, one that will allow him to move at the speeds of a shunshin constantly. I just figure he hasn't mastered it if he is still using shunshin." Jiraiya replied.

Kakashi stared after his student.

'Yes he really is a once in a generation shinobi.' Kakashi thought to himself.

-Streets of Konoha, near Ichiraku's ramen-

Naruto reappeared from his shunshin as he gazed around himself. He was getting many looks of lust from the women on the street. He also got many looks from the men, of jealousy.

As he looked forward, he was surprised to see two of the people he wanted to see, walking right beside each other. which he found rather ironic because just four years ago they were opponents in the Chunin Exams. Now it looked like they might be on a date.

One was a lazy looking man with his hair pulled back into a ponytail and a standard chunin attire with the hitai-ate on his bicep.

As for the person next to him, she was a blond haired woman with her hair pulled back into four ponytails and a hitai-ate on her forehead. She wore a black kimono with a large metal object on her back.

The two weren't looking his way, looking more towards each other. Holding down a grin he spoke just as they reached to where they were ten feet from him.

"My Temari-san, on a date with the lazy ass? What would Gaara-san say...?" He called in a teasing voice.

The two whipped their heads his way as they both had light blushes on their faces. Looking to see who had spoken they were confused to see an unfamiliar blond man. They were on guard despite the leaf headband. He was their age and he stood out, they should have seen him around before. Although he did look oddly familiar.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think we've met before. Perhaps you should introduce yourself." Shikamaru spoke cautiously as he began to move his hands to make the rat seal required for his clan jutsu.

Temari meanwhile began to reach for her fan.

Before either could do as they intended they felt a hand grip theirs, stopping their movements midway.

Naruto had disappeared from his spot and now stood between the two, shoulder to shoulder facing away from them as one arm reached back to hold Shikamaru's hand while the other stopped Temari's.

Naruto's head was downcast, creating a shadow of his upper face.

"Shikamaru...Temari...I'm so very disappointed. You don't remember me." He said in a serious tone, faking being hurt.

Meanwhile the two shinobi were thinking about how fast he had intercepted them.

'I'm a jonin, yet he moved so fast I couldn't even see it...who is this guy?' Temari wondered with her eyes wide in fear.

She knew he outclassed her, just from that single instance he revealed he could kill her without breaking a sweat.

Shikamaru meanwhile was feeling slight fear, but was also more analytical.

'He's mocking us...he expected our reaction. What's more, he's not concerned at all. So he's either very arrogant...or he knows we're not a threat to him' He thought.

Naruto spoke up once more.

"Although I guess I do look different from that fake corpse you saw at my funeral. Thanks for attending by the way. I was told it was quite nice. I was busy training at the time." Naruto informed them with a smile.

Shikamaru and Temari gasped in unison as they both realized why he looked slightly familiar. Also everything he said finally fell into place. They spoke his name at the same time.

"Naruto!" They exclaimed.

The blond grinned as he let go of their hands, stepping back as he did.

"The one and only! Uchiha Naruto, at your service!" He exclaimed with a cheerful smile on his face.

The two looked as if thunderstruck as he stood before them once more. The fact he was alive brought both feelings of happiness that he wasn't dead, but also anger at realizing he pretended to be dead.

"Troublesome blond, faking you're death like that. Do you know how sad that made the rest of us on the retrieval team?" Shikamaru asked with a sigh, his voice holding no real venom within it.

Temari nodded to this, Gaara had been very sad at the death of his first friend.

Naruto sobered up slightly at this.

"Ya I know. I wouldn't have done it if there was another way, but this gave us all a leg up on Akatsuki. Ero-Sennin and I trained ridiculously hard, I can say with confidence that I could take on someone of Itachi and win without sustaining a major injury, and I just beat Kakashi-sensei to pass an impromptu jonin test. Not only that, we began to build in-roads with other villages, why next month the Mizukage herself is coming to speak to Baa-chan." He explained to the two.

Upon hearing this the two tacticians calmed down. He was right of course, before they would have had three years, he gave them one extra. On top of that, it sounded like they had begun to build support against Akatsuki.

Shikamaru sighed, then he smiled.

"Well in that case it's good to have you back. We would stick around, but we got things to do, planning the next Chunin Exams. But congratulations on making jonin. We'll be sure to spread the word of you being alive and the promotion." Shikamaru said.

With this he and Temari nodded politely and then walked past the blond.

Naruto smiled before turning and continuing on his way to Ichiraku's Ramen. While he may not revere ramen as he used to, he still loved Ichiraku's, and it would be good to see Ayame and Teuchi.

He continued to walk for the next few minutes. Finally he arrived at the ramen shop. Looking at the white curtain for a moment, he took a deep breath before pushing them aside and walking into the ramen shop. He got two steps and registered another two familiar people currently engaged in a kiss, making it very clear they were on a date.

Before he could register more he was tackled by a large white blur that gave a huge bark of joy.

The next thing he knew he was pinned to the ground with gigantic paws on his chest as a huge bear-sized white dog licked his face all over.

It took him less than a second to realize who the dog was as he heard a shout of 'What the hell Akamaru!' from one of the two in the stand.

"Good to see you too get off." Naruto said as he gently shoved the giant hound off.

As he got off and the big dog woofed in excitement as he panted with his tongue hanging out.

Naruto simply gave him a few pats on the head before he walked through the curtain again with the white dog following after.

As he cleared it he was greeted with the sight of the two people he thought he saw originally.

The first was a boy his age with spiky brown hair who was shorter than himself by about four inches. His eyes were slit and he had red fang-marks on his cheeks. He wore a black leather form fitting black jacket, with zips over the chest and sleeves. He also wore black pants and sandals, also with zips, matching the jacket. Under the jacket he wore a grey mesh armor shirt.

Next to him stood a beautiful young woman with long dark blue hair and pale lavender pupil less eyes. She wore a lavender hooded jacket with blue shinobi pants that stopped at her calves with blue sandals.

Currently they were looking at the blond shinobi, puzzled at him seeming to have known Akamaru. More puzzling was Akamaru's reaction. He acted like the blond was an old friend.

As he rubbed Akamaru's head Naruto spoke.

"So the dog recognizes me but not you? Jeez Kibble-breath, I would'a thought your senses would get sharper, not duller. Speaking of the dog, what the hell kind of steroids did you feed him?" Naruto teased the Inuzuka.

At the nickname Kiba's eyes widened as he took a sniff and caught the scent of the blond, paling as if he was seeing a ghost.

The lavender eyed girl looked confused for a second as she studied the man's face before her eyes widened as well.

"So I see you recognized me. You got it faster than Shikamaru and Temari did, I just ran into them." Naruto said as he moved passed the two to sit at the counter, where Ayame was looking at the interaction confused look. Naruto smiled at her as he sat, unsealing a bottle of saké and a cup from his wrist, preferring it to the traditional saucer.

He poured some of the beverage into the cup before speaking once more.

"Hey there, it's good to see you again Ayame-chan." He told her as he took a sip of the saké.

The waitress was confused before Kiba spoke up, turning to look at Naruto's back just as Hinata did.

"N-Na-Naruto? B-but you're dead! We were at you're funeral, I saw your body myself! What the hell's going on?" Kiba asked in a shaky voice, his usual brashness only shining through to make his confusion known.

Naruto turned slightly so he could look at the two other Konoha shinobi out of the corner of his eye as he took a sip of saké.

"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I was only dead for a half hour. I said before and I'll say it again, I WILL NOT die, until I become Hokage. Apparently some god heard my declaration, because there was someone nearby at the time with the ninjutsu and medical ninjutsu knowledge to bring me back. So I made the most of it and faked my death to give me another year and a half to train for the coming storm." Naruto explained.

Turning back to face the frozen Ayame. It was then when Hinata and Kiba sat down to his right, and Hinata spoke.

"N-N-Naruto-kun? Y-y-you're r-really alive?" She asked softly.

Naruto nodded before speaking.

"Yes I am, and I will make one thing clear before you say anything else. I realized that you used to have a crush on me while I was away. I have only one thing to say." Naruto began, making Kiba nervous as he brought that up.

Kiba and Hinata only got together in the past few months. If Naruto were to waltz in now and say he wanted to give a relationship with her a shot, Hinata's old feelings might be drug up and she might fall into her old habits. Already the stuttering was back. As horrible as it was to say, Naruto's death was the best thing to ever happen to her confidence and boldness. She was still shy, but she was assertive when she needed to be, and stuttered only rarely.

However his concerns were laid to rest by Naruto's next words. They were ones he had heard from Hinata when he first asked her out.

"I'm glad you and Kiba got together. What you had for me wasn't really love, more like an admiration because I was an ideal for you to live up to. So I'm glad you moved on to be with someone you can truly care about. Also it's good thing too, as the me you admired was only a sickly imitation of the real me that I am now." Naruto said to the two chunin, surprising and confusing them and the waitress staring at the blond.

"You see I know as chunin you've been briefed on the beast I used to hold, which left when I died that day. It's no longer handicapping my inteligence and thus the real me flourishes. So let me reintroduce myself." Naruto said, finishing his cup of saké.

"Uchiha Naruto, it's nice to meet you!" He exclaimed as he smiled at the three.

-Deserts near Suna-

Two cloaked figures approached Suna. They both wore straw hats on their heads.

They both wore cloaks with red clouds on them, one walked normally and had long blond hair with an bang covering his left eye. His fingernails were painted.

His partner was a hunched-back figure who seemed to slide across the ground similar to a slug or some such animal.

The bells of their hat jingled for every step or lunge made across the sandy terrain.

In front of them rose a massive wall that was tiered so as to let the defenders

"We're almost their Sasori my man. I wonder, are you excited to see your old village once more, hnn?" The blond one wondered to the other one.

Sasori grunted before he replied in a deep growly voice.

"I feel nothing for that place. Just be sure that you don't keep me waiting. My spy has already begun clearing the way for us. You just have to go in and take the jinchuriki." Sasori replied as they reached the gates of Suna.

In front of them stood a single man with half his face being obscured by a cloth. He had black hair and a goatee.

"Sasori-sama, welcome back." The man greeted the hunchback

Sasori grunted once more before replying..

"Yūra, so you remember me. How do you feel?" Sasori asked.

Yūra placed a hand to his head as if it ached.

"A little weird still, disoriented from when the technique activated and I knew who I was again." The man replied.

Sasori seemed to be satisfied with this answer.

"Good...Deidara, get to know how I hate to be kept waiting!" Sasori growled to the other man.

The man for his part said nothing as he opened his palm, revealing a mouth that spat out a small clay bird.

"Ya ya, I'm going. This village is very artistic though. I'll enjoy making it one of my masterpieces." He spoke as he threw the sculpture and made a hand sign.

The bird erupted into smoke as it sailed thru the air. Deidara jumped on the now enormous bird as it took off into the sky, sailing over the great village.

End Chapter

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