Éponine sighed and walked into her small apartment. All she wanted to do was get into Patron-Minette, the elite gang. She went over to where her four younger siblings were sitting down. Well, only three of them were there. Gavroche was out doing something.

"So, how did the plans go?" Azelma asked.

Éponine grinned, "Good, soon I'll be able to rob the biggest philanthropist in town."

"Sweet!" One of the littler boys said, grinning.

"Ponine, why do you keep talking about a him?" The other little boy asked. "You mutter that underneath your breath sometimes."

Éponine sighed and stared at her dirty fingernails.

"Town square

See you there



Want to say

Love your hair

Here I go


With my dagger

I will stop Paris

With my dagger

I will find the time to

Find the words to

Tell you how

How you make

Make me feel

What's the phrase?"

Azelma raised her eyebrows, "Like a fool."

"Kind of sick?" One of the brothers asked.

"Special needs," the other suggested.

Éponine shrugged, "Anyways."

With my dagger

I will stop the pain

It's not a gun or a badge

That's all Javert

I just think you need time to know

That I'm the girl to make it real

The feelings you don't dare to feel

I'll bend Paris to our will

And we'll make time stand still

That's the plan

Rule Paris

You and me

Any day

Love your hair"

Éponine had accidentally said that to Marius and he responded with a "What?"

"No I . . . I, uh . . . love the . . . air," Éponine said quickly.


With my dagger I will stop …"

"Ponine I'm back!" Gavroche said, walking in. "And I have a message from the Patron-Minette."

"What is it?" Éponine asked, jumping up.

Gavroche recited the message,





He move across Paris

The son of crime

He got the application

You just sent in

It needs evaluation

So let the games begin

A heinous crime, a show of force

(A murder would be nice, of course)




He's bad


Is watching, so beware

The grade that you receive

Will be your last, we swear

So make Montparnasse gleeful

Or he'll make you his girl . . .

Get prepared

There's no recourse

It's thieving time

Signed Montparnasse"

"Perfect!" Éponine said, smiling. "After I rob the philanthropist, I'll finally be a part of Patron-Minette!"

"Are you sure?" Azelma asked, "There's no going back, Ponine."

Éponine nodded, "I'm positive. All I need now is to take in the street and gather more materials. I'm meeting Brujon in the town square tomorrow to get the materials."


The next day, Éponine walked through the busy streets of Paris, keeping to the shadows. She searched for Brujon, the thief who currently had a better chance to get into Patron-Minette than she did. Éponine froze when she saw him, standing on the side of a street. Marius Pontmercy.

"Will you join the revolution
To fight for those who need it
Join us on the barricades
It's for a new world
Would you help… No? How about you?"

Marius sighed, unsuccessful in gaining support for the revolution. He looked around when he saw Éponine, "Ponine!" he called out. Éponine walked over to him, "Oh, hey Monsieur Marius."

Marius smiled, "Do you want to hear about the revolution?"

Éponine wanted desperately to say yes, but she could see Brujon standing across the street, waiting. And she knew that he'll leave shortly and she had to get there soon, "Yes…no…I have to go, sorry, Monsieur Marius," Éponine ran across the street and got the materials from Brujon.

"A girl's gotta do
what a gir's gotta do
Don't plan the plan
If you can't follow through

All that matters
Taking matters into your own hands
Soon I'll control everything
My wish is your command."

Unfortunately, a girl in a long beautiful dress was walking up the street,
"Helping everyone,
Nothing new for me
Just talking to gamines
Feeding them, me

Yes Cosette's here
Hair blowing in the breeze
These children need my saving expertise"

Marius was in the middle of crossing the street. At that moment, a carriage was racing down the streets. Cosette raced forward and pushed Marius out of the way.
"A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
It seems destiny ends with me meeting you
The only doom that's looming is me loving you to death
I'll give you a second to catch your breath

Marius smiled and kissed her hand,
"Thank you Cosette
I don't think I can
Explain how important it was
That you stopped the carriage

I would be splattered
I'd be crushed into the street
Thank you Mademoiselle for saving me."

Cosette smiled, "Don't worry about it. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do"
Marius grinned, "You came from above."

Éponine scowled, "Are you kidding?"

"It seems destiny ends with me meeting you," Cosette said sweetly.
Marius smiled, "I wonder what you're an angel of…"
"Were you watching the street?"
Éponine asked, "Stop looking at him like that."
"When you're feeding the poor you can't rest, what's the use,"
Cosette said.
Marius was blushing; "My heart is beating like a drum"
Éponine was still scowling, "Did you notice that she threw you onto a house?"
"If there are peasants need saving and some food to be distributed,"
Cosette said.
Marius nodded, "Must—must be in shock"
"I could have saved you! I was right across the street!"
Éponine protested.
Cosette was glowing, "The only doom that's looming is me loving you to death
Marius tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, "Assuming I'm not loving you to death."

"Whaat—e—ver," Éponine said, folding her arms.

Cosette blushed, "So please give me a second to catch my breath."

Please give me a second to catch my breath," Marius said.

Éponine cursed and stalked away.


Éponine was not stalking Marius. She was simply watching him as he went on dates with Cosette. Marius seemed to be enjoying himself. He was sitting with Cosette in her garden. Éponine was outside of the gates, sighing.

"Any dolt with half a brain
Can see that humankind has gone insane
To the point where I don't know
If I'll upset the status quo
If I throw poison in the water main

Listen close to everybody's heart
And hear that breaking sound
Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground

I cannot believe my eyes
How the world's filled with filth and lies
But it's plain to see
Evil inside of me is on the rise"

Marius, meanwhile, was gazing into Cosette's eyes.

"Look around
We're helping the lost and found
Just when you feel you've almost drowned
You find yourself on solid ground
And you believe

There's good in everybody's heart
Keep it safe and sound
With hope, you can do your part
To turn a life around

I cannot believe my eyes
Is the world finally growing wise
'Cause it seems to me
Some kind of harmony
Is on the rise."

Éponine stared at her feet,

"Anyone with half a brain
Could spend their whole life howling in pain
'Cause the dark is everywhere
And Marius doesn't seem to care
That soon the dark in me is all that will remain

Listen close to everybody's heart
And hear that breaking sound
Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground."

Meanwhile, Marius let out a breath of contentment,
"Take it slow
She looks at me and seems to know
The things that I'm afraid to show
And suddenly I feel this glow
And I believe

There's good in everybody's heart
Keep it safe and sound
With hope, you can do your part
To turn a life around."

Éponine grimaced,

"I cannot believe my eyes
How the world's filled with filth and lies
But it's plain to see
Evil inside of me is on the rise."

Marius kissed Cosette,

"I cannot believe my eyes
How the world's finally growing wise
And it's plain to see
Rapture inside of me is on the rise.


Éponine and Marius had started talking more and more. They were becoming close friends, yet Marius was still deeply in love with Cosette. Éponine was preparing the materials she got from Brujon for the robbery, but it didn't work. Gavroche was telling Navet about it, and Javert overheard and shut it down quickly.

Gavroche returned with a message from Montparnasse.

"He saw the operation
You tried to pull today
But Javert stepping in
Means he still votes nay
And now assassination
Is just the only way

There will be blood
It might be yours
So go kill someone
Signed Montparnasse"

"You're going to kill someone?" Azelma asked, alarmed.

Éponine shrugged, "I don't know. I suppose so. But who?"


Éponine was in the town square talking to Marius. Marius was understanding, and was telling her about his life.

"Here's a story of a boy
Who grew up lost and lonely
Thinking love was fairytale
And trouble was made only for me

Even in the darkness
Every color can be found
And every day of rain
Brings water flowing
To things growing in the ground

Grief replaced with pity
For a city barely coping
Dreams are easy to achieve
If hope is all I'm hoping to be

Anytime you're hurt there's one
Who has it worse around
And every drop of rain
Will keep you growing
Seeds you're sowing in the ground

So keep your head up Éponine."

Éponine smiled, "Thank you, Monsieur Marius."

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Marius said, looking adorable as usual. "Cosette's here!"

"What?!" Éponine said, but Cosette had already gravitated to Marius' side.

"Éponine meet Cosette. Cosette meet Éponine," Marius said.

Éponine was panicking. Did Cosette remember her? They were children together, and Éponine had mercilessly bullied her. Cosette, however, kept a straight face and simply smiled. Marius ventured off, saying how he saw Courfeyrac, and Cosette dropped the smile.

"You remember me, huh?" Éponine asked weakly.

Cosette narrowed her eyes, "And you remember how you made me feel like filth when I was a little girl. I'm sorry Éponine, but Marius and I are staying together. He loves me. Besides, think of this like karma." Marius came back, cheerful. Cosette wrapped an arm around him and they sauntered off together.

Éponine glared in their direction.

"This appeared as a moral dilemma
Cause at first it was weird though I swore to eliminate
The worst of the plague that devoured humanity
It's true I was vague on the 'How'
so how can it be that you have shown me the light?

It's a brand new day
And the sun is high
All the birds are singing
That you're gonna die

How I hesitated
Now I wonder why
It's a brand new day

All the times that you got better than me I'll forgive
All the crimes incomplete, listen honestly I'll live
The Lark, The Orphan, Dear Cosette is through
Now my future's so bright and I owe it all to you who showed me the light

It's a brand new me
I've got no remorse
Now the water's rising but I know the course
I'm gonna shock the world
Gonna show Montparnasse
It's a brand new day

And Marius will see the evil me
Not a gamin not a creeper not a nuisance
And he may cry but his tears will dry
When I hand him the key to a grand revolution

It's a brand new day
Yeah the sun is high
All the angels sing
Because you're gonna die

Go ahead and laugh
Yeah I'm a funny girl
Tell everyone goodbye
It's a brand new day."


A peasant woman was sitting out on the street,

"So they say
Cosette's become a crusader
Political, she's cleanin' up the streets."

Her husband nodded, "About time!"

In the café, the Amis were talking about Marius and Cosette. Bossuet smiled, "So they say that it's real love."
"So romantic!" Jean Prouvaire said happily.
Grantaire held up a piece of paper, "They signed this!" ("Dude, you're so drunk" "Shut up")

Marius smiled,

"So they say we'll have chairs and tables
for the barricade
thanks to you."

Enjolras frowned, "Thanks to me!"

Valjean smiled,
"It's the perfect story
So they say!
My child leading the way
Cosette's call to glory
Let's all be our best!
Next up, the revolution"

Bahorel was snickering, "So they say she saved his life."
Feuilly nodded, "They say she works with the homeless
and doesn't eat meat."

Combeferre sighed, "We don't have a problem with her!"
"This is her hair!" Joly said, from where he was doing a medical examination to make sure Cosette was healthy.

Cosette was happy,
"This is so nice
I just might stay in Paris forever
They say it's the city of romance
they say you'll find your soul mate."

Musichetta, Joly, and Bossuet were grinning,
"We found our soul mates!"

Marius was sitting in his old apartment,
"This is perfect for me,
so they say
She is pretty stunning
After years of stormy sailing
have I finally found the bay?"

Azelma, meanwhile, had been trying to find Éponine,
"She's nowhere to be found!"

Éponine and Marius were both lamenting in their favorite spots,
"There's no happy ending,
so they say"

Éponine was underneath the bridge,
"Not for me anyway."

Marius sighed,
"Should I"

Éponine muttered under her breath,

"Stop pretending." Éponine looked up at the sky, "Take a chance you build a brand new day."

Marius frowned,

"Or is this a brand new day?"

Courfeyrac was clearing out Marius' stuff, in preparation for Marius moving in with Cosette,

"These are all his clothes

Only one coat!"


Éponine was dressed in boy's clothes as she navigated the crowd. Cosette was feeding the homeless and Marius was making a speech alongside his friends. Éponine clutched the pistol in her pocket, and she could feel the knife hidden in her shirt.

Cosette was humming to herself as she distributed the bread,

"It may not feel too classy
Begging just to eat
But you know who does that? Gavroche
And he always gets something to eat

So you wonder what your part is
Because you're homeless and depressed
But home is where the heart is
So your real home's in your chest

Everyone's a hero in their own way
Everyone's got villains they must face
They're as real as mine
Parisians you know it's fine to know your place

Everyone's a hero in their own way
In their own not-that-heroic way

So I thank my boyfriend Marius
Yeah, we're so in love
He showed me there's so many
Different things I can do

There's the showing of compassion
There's a happiness in being kind
It's not enough to bash in heads
You've got to bash in minds

Everyone's a hero in their own way
Everyone's got something they can do
Get up go out and fly
Especially those who've never tried

Everyone's a hero in their own way
you and you and mostly me and you

I'm poverty's new sheriff
And I'm bashing in the slums
A hero doesn't care if you're a bunch of scary
alcoholic bums

Everyone's a hero in their own way
Everyone can blaze a hero's trail
Don't worry if it's hard,
if you're true in heart you will prevail

Everyone's a hero in their own way
Everyone a hero in their -"

At that, Éponine drew her pistol and shot into the air. Everyone screamed and tried to run for cover, but they were all stuck in the town square, the streets being blocked by miniature barricades. Marius and his friends stopped talking and looked around, confused. Éponine grinned and made her way to the center of the town square where Cosette stood, terrified and frozen in shock. Marius was there too, unnoticed.

"Look at these people
Amazing how sheep will
Show up for the slaughter

No one condemning
You lined up like lemmings
You lead to the water

Why can't they see what I see?
Why can't they hear the lies?
Maybe the fee's too pricey for them to realize
Your disguise is slipping
I think you're slipping

Now that your revolutionaries
Are as still as the grave
You're beginning to fear me

Like cavemen fear thunder
I still have to wonder
Can you really hear me?

I bring you pain, the kind you can't suffer quietly
Fire up your brain, remind you inside you're rioting
Society is slipping
Everything's slipping away, so

Go ahead, run away
Say it was horrible
Spread the word, tell a friend
Tell them the tale

Spread the word around everywhere
Heroes are over with
Look at them - not a word
Les Amis and Cosette!

Then I win, then I get
Everything I ever -
All the cash, all the fame
And social change

Anarchy that I run
It's Éponine's turn
You people all have to learn
This world is going to burn!

Éponine paused when she saw someone writing something down, "Yeah it's Thénardier, T- H-É-N-A, yeah, right."

She turned back to the crowd


No sign of Marius, good
I would give anything
Not to have him see

It's going to be bloody
Head up, Ponine, buddy
There's no time for mercy
Here goes no mercy…"

Cosette, however, got out of shock and lunged at Éponine. They fought for the pistol and twisted it around. Several shots went out into the crowd, and people screamed and ran, destroying the barricades on the street and escaping.

The pistol flew out of their hands and landed in the gutter. Éponine was about to race towards it when she stopped. Marius was lying down, blood pouring out of his wound. "No," Éponine whispered running towards him. She knelt down and held him in his arms.

"Éponine?" Marius asked, distant.

"Yes," Éponine said, crying.

Marius managed a painful smile,

"Don't you fret, dear Éponine
I don't feel any pain
A little fall of rain
Can hardly hurt me now
You're here, that's all I need to know
And you will keep me safe
And you will keep me close
And rain will make the flowers grow."

Éponine bit her lip,
"But you will live, Marius- dear God above...
If I could heal your wounds with words of love..."

Marius smiled,
"Just hold me now, and let it be.
Shelter me, comfort me..."

Éponine was crying hard,
"You would live
A hundred years
If I could show you how
I won't desert you now..."

Marius wiped away a strand of her hair from her face,
"The rain can't hurt me now
This rain will wash away what's past
And you will keep me safe
And you will keep me close
I'll sleep in your embrace at last
The rain that brings you here
Is Heaven-blessed!
The skies begin to clear
And I'm at rest
A breath away from where you are
I've come home from so far."

Marius was drifting away, "So don't you fret, dear Éponine"
"Hush-a-bye, M'sieur Marius," Éponine whispered.
Marius smiled, "I don't feel any pain"
"You won't feel any pain,"
Éponine promised.
Marius nodded, "A little fall of rain"
"A little fall of rain"
Éponine said.
Marius couldn't support himself, "Can hardly hurt me now"
"Can hardly hurt you now," Éponine
said, through her tears, "I'm here,"
Blood started coming out of Marius' mouth, "That's all I need to know
And you will keep me safe."
"I will stay with you"
Éponine said.
Marius closed his eyes, "And you will keep me close"
"Till you are sleeping"
Éponine stroked Marius' face.
"And rain,"
Marius whispered.
"And rain," Éponine whispered back.
"Will make the flowers"
Marius said in a faint voice.
"Will make the flowers," Éponine said. Marius became heavy in her arms and his head lolled back, "Grow."

Éponine kissed Marius' forehead and set him down.

"Here lies everything
The world I wanted at my feet
My victory's complete
So hail to the queen

Arise and sing

So your world's benign
So you think justice has a voice
And we all have a choice
Well now your world is mine

And I am fine"

Éponine went on to become one of the top criminals of Paris. She entered the Patron-Minette with Babet, Claquesous, Gueulemer, and Montparnasse.

"Now the nightmare's real
Now Éponine is here
To make you quake with fear
To make the whole world kneel

And I won't feel
A thing."