Red Rose's Thorns

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~Red like Roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest~

"Ruby. Hurry up! We'll be late, again!" a voice scoffed in annoyance. "I'm coming Weiss. Just calm down," another voice calmly stated.

A girl with black hair and red tips ran out, her hooded cape flapping behind her as she approached her team. A girl dressed in a white frilly dress had her arms crossed, a deep scowl on her face. Behind her were two others. One had dark raven black hair and bright golden eyes. The other one was blonde with soft light purple eyes. Both were quite indifferent throughout the whole ordeal, well at least one was the other had a fierce look in her eyes.

"Alright, guys. Let's go," Ruby smiled, blocking out Weiss. "Thought you'd never say so little sis," the blonde chuckled with her hands behind her head. The golden-eyed fauna nodded absently, eyes set into a book she was reading. Ruby smiled and led the way to their destination. Meanwhile, dark silhouette watched to girls in the distance, carefully tailing them.

"What's the status?" a voice spoke from the earpiece. "The target has shown no signs as of yet sir," the figure reported in a low whisper, keeping attention away from themselves. Blake's bow twitched a bit as she swore she heard a low voice.

"Hey Blake, what's wrong?" The girl in red turned towards the girl in black. Blake turned towards the group and shook her head. "Thought I heard something. Most likely my imagination" she gave a reassuring smile. Doubt flashed through Ruby's silver eyes so fast it seemed like it wasn't there at all. "Well, let's continue." Ruby sighed and began to walk with the group.

~Time Skip~

The team soon found themselves in the cold, icy winds of the snowy forest, their snow tracks becoming hidden all to quickly. They tread through the forest, the snow crunching under their feet. They heard a chorus of growls and quickly turned around. Beowolves circled the girls with vicious snarls.

Ruby felt a sense of nostalgia, as if she had seen this before. She gripped Crescent Rose harder as they approached. Usually she wasn't so tense, but for some reason, she was on edge. Yang noticed this and gave her hooded sister a worried glance as she powered up Ember Cecilia.

The Grimm began to attack, roaring loudly. Weiss air-stepped above them before covering half of the wolves in a thick layer of ice. Yang sent a punch, killing the Beowolves in the process. Ruby and Blake were back to back as the fought the Grimm. Suddenly, one scratched Blake, drawing a bit of blood. Ruby froze for some reason. Her stomach did flips.

Why was she acting like this? It's just blood. She shouldn't be scared. But she was. She heard footsteps approach her as she was yanked back. "What the heck was that?" Weiss asked. "I don't know. But we need to go" Ruby sighed.

They began walking again, Blake hearing the distant sound of movement again. That's when Ruby caught sight of a cliff. Her eyes went from shining silver to a hazy gray. Her black boots dragged through the snow drawing her team's attention. "Ruby?" Yang called to her sister. Ruby continued to walk towards the cliff and froze abruptly. The team gave each other worried glances and followed the girl. They saw her body tremble as she stared at the ground. Following where she was looking, they saw the grave with the inscription "Summer Rose. To which I kindly scatter"Blake read out loud. "Ruby what is this" Yang asked, receiving no reply. "Ruby now isn't the time to be sight-seeing. We have to go," Weiss quickly scolded a silent Ruby."Ruby?" Blake inched towards the girl carefully.

Ruby's previously downcast face was now looking past the cliff, entranced in something. The Faunus followed the girl's distant gaze, taken back by the sudden figure in a white cloak. It was much like Ruby's except for the red on the inside.

The shadowy figure moved towards Ruby and gently brushed her forehead. A blinding light suddenly came and went in less than a second, making everyone shield their eyes. When everyone opened their eyes, Ruby was unconscious. Her hood was slightly off of her head as her body shook. Her face was scrunched up, like she was having a nightmare. "Ruby? Ruby! Wake up!" They yelled worriedly, to no avail.

She felt cold. As if she had been in the freezer for way to long. Ruby opened her light gray eyes and sat up. She was welcomed with the sight of a small house. Curiosity getting the best of her, she went inside. A small child was curled up next to her mother. The mother had her arms wrapped protectively around the child.
"This seems so familiar. Where have I seen this before," Ruby thought as she watched the mom cradle her child. The girl had reddish black hair and pale skin. Ruby's eye's widened in recognition.

This was a memory.

This was her memory.

She knew what would happen next and closed her eyes. She heard the door burst open and covered her ears, remembering the sound all to she opened them, the house was dark and abandoned. The body of her mother was motionless on the ground, a pool of blood surrounding her. The dead Beowolves lay sliced on the ground. "No... NO," Ruby crawled back into a corner, eyes wide in horror. Why did she remember this? Wait. Where was her child self? The room flashed again and Ruby shielded her eyes.

When she opened them again she felt weak. Her head was spinning and her muscles ached. She groaned in pain."Ruby can you hear me?" Professor Ozpin's voice echoed blurrily. "Where am I?" Ruby asked. "You're at the school. Your team had you brought back before they completed the assignment." She hummed in understanding.

"Can you tell me what happened?" Ozpin asked, sipping his cup of coffee. "We were traveling through the snowy forest when we were attacked by Beowolves. It took us a while to beat them but we did. While we were walking again, everything just went blank. That's all I remember." Ruby half-lied hoping he bought it."Interesting. It reminds me of a legend of a woman who died years ago near those mountains." Ozpin smirked nonchalantly. Ruby tilted her head in curiosity, as if telling him to go on. "It is quite an interesting legend. Long ago, near the forest you just mentioned, there was a woman. She lived at the top of the mountain with her husband, who she treasured very much. They loved each other very much, which in turn allowed the woman to become pregnant. The couple was overjoyed. But one day, the husband had gone to get some wood, due to the blizzard making the house they lived in much colder. But he never came back. It was only when the woman found his body did she find out he died. Two weeks after his death, the baby girl was born. Her hair was black with a reddish tint to it and her skin was as pale as the snow. The woman took care of the child until the child was at least five years of age. But unfortunately, Beowolves found the woman's house. The woman sent the child away as she fended off the Beowolves but she did not make it. Just like her husband, she died. They say the child of the woman was also killed that night, but I believe differently. And judging from the look in your eyes, you believe me too, don't you Ruby" Ozpin took another sip of his coffee before gazing at the girl before him.

"T-There's no way a five year old could survive the freezing cold! Especially with no food and water..." Ruby stuttered. "Well sometimes, miracles do come true. So it's quite possible this child could have survived", Ozpin smiled mysteriously. He stood up and grabbed his cane. "Well I best be going now. I have much work to be done. I suggest you refrain from going on any assignments for a while Miss Rose. If you need anything, just come to my office." He smiled and walked out of the room.

Ruby was dumbfounded. Why couldn't she remember anything? What is going on? Did Professor Ozpin know something about herself that she didn't even know? All she had was questions. But she didn't have any answers to them. Quite frankly, all of this were making her head hurt.

The door suddenly burst open. Yang was panting heavily before she flung herself onto Ruby. "Sis. Thank god you're ok! What happened back there?" Yang hugged her adoptive sister tightly. "Yang, can't breathe," Ruby gasped as Yang let go. "Anyway. I don't know what happened. One minute we're walking the next minute everything is blank," Ruby sighed. "Maybe you're getting sick? But you rarely ever get sick," Yang muttered to herself as Weiss and Blake, followed by Team JNPR entered.

"Ruby!" they all cheered. "We heard what happened. Are you ok?" Jaune and Pyrrha asked.
Ruby nodded and gave a slight smile. "I'm fine. Can you guys not shout? My head hurts." She asked politely. They nodded and apologized. "Ruby, are you sure you aren't getting sick?" Yang asked worriedly.

"I'm not. I'm probably just tired. I'm probably going to relax for about a couple of days, just to take a breather you know?" Ruby smiled at the blonde girl and yawned. "Right. We should let you sleep. Come on girls. We have a big day ahead of us." Weiss stood up and stretched. "Us too. Goodnight," Ren yawned and walked out of the door with his team.

The rest of Team RWBY bid the girl goodnight. "Take care of yourself Ruby," Weiss sighed. Ruby nodded and lay down on the bed. She felt her eyes become heavy in exhaustion before she closed them, not able to stay awake any more.

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