"Steve, what did you do?" Chin demands. He and Kono have just been summoned to an emergency meeting at HQ. Steve looks down guiltily.

"I, uh…I messed up. Big time. I don't have time to explain everything right now. Right now, we have to go find Jeffrey Anderson."

"I don't see how he fits into this," Kono says. "There are no warrants, priors, nothing. His record is completely clean."

McGarrett is already stalking toward the door. "We have to go. Now. I'll explain to you on the way."

Kono and Chin listen quietly as Steve recounts his tale, starting with his and Danny's kidnapping all the way up to where they are now. They occasionally seek clarification or make a remark-"What the hell were you thinking?" being a common theme. When he's done, Chin only has one question.

"What are we doing?"

"Those guys I shot in the woods. I have the distinct feelin that they aren't alive any more, and we're going to go see if I'm right."

"You said this guy is really smart. Why would he just kill them and leave them in the woods if he's such a genius?" Kono asks.

"He wouldn't have killed them himself. If the bodies are still there, we can get the bullets, figure out what kind of gun they're from, and at least have a hint as to who did it. We find him, he may be able to help us get to Anderson."

Kono and Chin exchange a glance. They both look skeptical.

Chin takes a deep breath. "Look, Steve. You've been through a lot the past week, and you've got a concussion and you need rest. Why don't we go back to HQ, do more research on Anderson, run the plates of-"

"No," Steve interrupts. "No. I've got a gut feeling, and I'm gonna follow it. You wanna leave, I'll pull over."

"No," Kono says quickly. "We're with you."

Steve nods, thankful for their staying, even if he would never tell them that. Before long, they're in the forest, the thick trees blocking out a lot of the sunlight. McGarrett slows as they near the place where he made his stand.

It appears suddenly out of the trees-the black SUV with the blown out tires. The two men are there, just as McGarrett suspected.

He stops the car and jumps out, pulling his gun out just in case. He lets out a low groan.

Both their throats have been slashed. Whoever did this doesn't want to be found. Not that Steve blames them. He's been in prison before, and it kind of sucks. Kono and Chin are already calling for cleanup.

"Great," Steve mutters. "This is just perfect." Anderson is smart. Steve frowns. "Shit."

"What?" Kono follows after him.

Steve is already stalking back toward the car. "Danny's in trouble."

Kono and Chin get into the car after him, and Steve guns it.

"What's going on?" Chin asks.

"Anderson gave us his real name for a reason. He needed a distraction. Something to keep us occupied while he tied up loose ends. Danny's a loose end."

"Steve, you're a loose end. If you really think he's going after Danny, he's going to go after you, too. You know his real name. If we go to Danny, we're probably walking into a trap," Kono points out.

"You think I give a shit? Look, this guy thinks he's smart. But he underestimates me. Underestimates us."

As soon as they get to the hospital, Steve I out of the car and running. He gets to Danny's room, Kono and Shin right behind him, and swears loudly.

"Hey, Steve," Danny says sheepishly.

"Yes, hello Steve," Anderson echoes. "Now that we're all here, it's time for the fun to start."


Danny hates having a gun to his head. Steve, Kono, and Chin are all in the doorway, as well as a random nurse who was on his way to bring Danny some lunch. Their faces range from pissed (McGarrett) to scared shitless (male nurse). The nurse begins to sidle away, but Anderson stops him.

"Don't do anything stupid, young man, or I'll shoot your patient in the head," he says calmly. The nurse nods nervously.

"What's your plan here, Anderson? You're outnumbered three to one. You know if you kill him you won't get away with it," Steve says, his voice low.

"I know," Anderson says. He grins wickedly. "You really have no idea what's going on, do you?"

McGarrett takes on a look of confusion, and Danny can feel himself making a similar expression. What is going on? Unfortunately for him, at that moment his pain meds are beginning to wear off. He shifts uncomfortably, only to hear the sound of a gun being cocked.

"Don't move, Detective."

Danny sighs. Great. He can smell a monologue coming on, and he really needs another round of pain meds. It could be awhile 'til he can reach the button that will send them into his system. He bites back a groan of pain.

"You think this whole thing was about Holloway. But that's only half true. This is also about you. I've heard so much about you. The brave ex-SEAL, always saving the day from bad guys. Always winning. It's not fair for you to do all the winning. I was doing the winning until I found out about Holloway. You know who works with a guy that's got a mole in his operation? No one. No one. I'm on the losing side now, Steve. Holloway already knew my real identity. If I hadn't told you, he would have eventually. But if I'm going to lose, I want you to lose too."

Danny can already sense where this is going, and he tenses. He knows McGarrett is fast, but not fast enough to pull out his gun and fire before Anderson puts a bullet into Danny's skull. And whether Steve pulls or not, Anderson is going to pull that trigger.

He sees McGarrett talking, probably trying to reason, but his head is filled with static-probably a combination of the anger, fear, and overwhelming pain he's feeling right now. He should probably do something to try and avoid his doom, but he can't think of anything.

And then he remembers the scalpel he has hidden under his pillow from when he still thought the doctors were out to kill him. He inches his left hand-the one that's away from Anderson-toward it. Anderson's too busy arguing with McGarrett to notice.

"You're insane. You're completely out of your mind," Steve is saying.

Danny feels the cold metal. He suppresses a smile and pulls it into his hand. His heart pounds, and he can feel the familiar rush of adrenaline as he springs into action.

He simultaneously ducks out of the range of Anderson's gun and pushes Anderson's arm out of the way with his right hand, sending the gun to the floor. Then, with his left, he brings up the scalpel, embedding it in Anderson's shoulder.

Anderson lets out a scream of rage and pulls the scalpel out of his shoulder, and is about to swing it at Danny when a single shot is fired and Anderson collapses to the floor.

McGarrett stands, smoking gun in hand, fire in his eyes.

"I've been waiting to do that," he says.


By the time the panic is over an Anderson's body has been taken, Danny's adrenaline is pretty much gone, and he's exhausted and very much in pain. McGarrett takes notice and punches a button, sending the drugs into Danny's system.


Danny nods. "They've got me on the good stuff. I'll probably be out pretty soon. Or at least pretty loopy. Thanks, for-for saving my life. Again."

Steve smiled. "You saved your own life that time. Remind me to never get on your bad side."

"Oh, you're already on my bad side," Danny says tiredly. His eyes slip shut and his face and body relax as he falls asleep.

"You're going to have a lot of explaining to do," Chin says from the doorway.

"I'll say I had no choice," Steve answers. He doesn't think that will actually be a good enough explanation, but right now, he's just glad that Danno is safe.

Besides, if push comes to shove, he can always blame it on the concussion.


Gah! I hate to say it, but that is the end. The end! Thank you all so much for the support. It's been great. And this definitely won't be my last Five-0 fic. Thanks again.