Mindy had always been the type to know the time to act when it came to her, and when Mindy woke up on December 23, she knew that today was the day to act. It was the perfect time, just before Christmas, making killing the end of the D'Amico line the perfect Christmas present.

So instead of letting Dave sleep in like she normally did (since Mindy did tend to wake up before anyone else) she shook Dave awake.

"Wha—" Dave mumbled, groggy.

"It's today, it's going down today," Mindy told him.

"What, what's going on?" Dave asked, still not totally conscious.

"Ralph D'Amico. We're taking him down today,' Mindy explained, starting to get annoyed.

Dave understood that time. He furrowed his brows, "But it's almost Christmas," He protested.

Mindy rolled her eyes. "Think of it as the best Christmas ever," She told him, smirking.

"Well every time I get in a fight I wind up with a broken nose and a fat lip, not exactly my idea of a great Christmas gift," Dave retorted, now totally awake.

Mindy's smirk left her face and she rolled her eyes again. "Come on, we've got a lot of work to do today," She said as she patted Dave on the shoulder, patronizingly and crawled out of bed.

After waking up the rest of the team Mindy assembled them in the kitchen. They were mostly still half asleep, but Mindy wasn't going to waste time.

"First of all, Todd, we need to talk," Mindy started, looking serious.

"Um…" Todd answered, worried.

"Ass Kicker has got to go, you're like a fucking flashing neon sign in that outfit of yours, and… Ass Kicker, really? You couldn't come up with something better than that?" Mindy asked, causing Dave and Marty to snicker.

"Wait, your superhero name is Ass Kicker?" Miranda asked him, incredulous.

"Well…" Todd replied, sheepish now.

Mindy raised an eyebrow, "Can you come up with something better?" She asked.

Todd nodded furiously, "Yeah, yeah, I can…" He trailed off, trying to think of a name. "Alright, okay, I got it! Nightmare Guy!" He said, smiling, proud of himself.

The others looked at each other silently. Mindy scrunched her nose up in disgust and incredulity. "Okay, never mind." She turned to the duffle bag she'd brought in with her and pulled out a few items, handing them to Todd.

Todd leafed through them, finding a black hoodie and baseball cap, faded green cargo pants, and a bandana with a white skeleton printed on it. The others also looked on curiously.

"What is it?" Todd asked, not sure what to make of the clothing items.

"It's your new costume, for starters." Mindy explained, pulling out her final piece from the bag. The others recognized it immediately as a Kevlar vest. "If I see you in that god awful neon again, I swear I'll blow your head off myself!" Mindy warned.

Dave bit his lip to keep from laughing. He'd always hated Todd's outfit, and knew it was a horrible color choice. While it was the complete opposite of his own Kick Ass costume, his particular choice of hue was much, brighter, to put it nicely.

"Well, with a new costume, you need a new name," Dave suggested, smirking at his friend, who was obviously just as bad with picking names as he was with picking colors.

"Yeah, put on the costume and come out here, we'll help you pick a name!" Miranda offered excitedly.

"Cause god knows you can't pick one to save your life," Marty added, snickering.

And when Todd came back out in his new gear, it was simple, but much better than the yellow abomination he had before.

"Where's the bandana? It finishes the costume!" Mindy asked, impertinent.

"Oh, well…" Todd answered, awkwardly and fumbled around with the black fabric, tying it loosely around his face. However he didn't put it on right, causing Mindy to stomp across the room, and rip it off his face, frustrated.

"God dammit, can you do anything?" She asked him, folding it the right way, so the skeleton print matched his head, and the lower part of his face was covered with the nose and jaw of the skeleton print.

Miranda's face lit up when she saw it. "You were right, it does complete the look!" She cried out excitedly.

"Skeletor!" Marty belted out in a deep voice, suggesting the first name idea.

"You can't name him after a He-Man character, dumbass, that's just as bad as Ass Kicker," Mindy retorted, sitting down and crossing her legs Indian style in the kitchen chair.

Dave smirked at Mindy and watched as the group threw out different names. After about twenty minutes of arguing and names ranging from Dr. Doom to The Incredible Slicer, since Mindy produced a weapon for Todd (which was an axe with a long handle that strapped across his back), Brad brought up one that stuck.

Death Row was Todd's decided persona. And after it was all said and done, Mindy revealed the really big news.

"What?!" They answered in unison, fear and surprise in their voices.

"We're taking down the D'Amicos today," Mindy said again.

T-today?" Todd stuttered, freaked out at the idea of actually going out and taking down a real mafia group. It had seemed like more of a dream or a game living in the plaza suite, spending time with friends talking about fighting bad guys. But actually going out and doing it was terrifying.

"Shouldn't we wait until after Christmas? I mean, do you really think we're ready?" Miranda asked, unsure.

"You guys are loads better now than when I first met you, better than Dave was back when I first met him," Mindy responded, smirking in Dave's direction when she made the snarky comment about his abilities. "And he was perfectly capable of finishing off Frank. So why can't a whole group of people get rid of his brother?"

"Yeah, well are we using a Gatling gun equipped jetpack or a bazooka? Cause that was the only reason I didn't get killed. That and that you went in and got rid of everyone else before I even got there," Dave told Mindy, since he wasn't sure they were ready either.

"Well, since you're so against killing the bad guys, no. But if you don't but faith in yourself, and don't think you're ready for this, you aren't ready for it. But if you believe in yourself and go for it…" Mindy trailed off and smiled, biting her lip. "You might get lucky and not die," She finished, shrugging her shoulders indifferently.

"Thanks, Mindy, that was a real spirit booster," Marty replied.

"Look, I'm not gonna sugar coat it for you, you're…" Mindy trailed off, looking from face to face, and realizing she probably shouldn't tell them they were going to die, she doubted Todd could handle that, he wasn't Dave. "In danger, but the main difference between us and the bad guys is that we have one superpower. We have hope. Hope is our greatest weapon… You can run out of ammo, and have your staff broken," Mindy said, turning towards Miranda, "But no one can take away your hope. No one but you. As long as you have hope, you have a chance of winning."

The group stayed silent, letting Mindy's words of encouragement soak in. Brad was the first one to speak. "Okay, so, what's our game plan?" He asked her.

"We're going to go in, rescue Ina, and kill Ralph D'Amico," Mindy answered bluntly. "Suit up!" She added, yelling as she turned around and headed toward her personal armory, housed in her closet, to gear up for the big showdown.




Justice Forever, and their new leader, Hit Girl were sneaking up on the abandoned Mill where Ralph D'Amico had set up his illegal operation. Hit Girl was more geared up than ever seen before and her followers were a little frightened, to say the least. None of them had ever done anything like they were about to undertake, and their closest experience was for most of them the showdown at the Motherfucker's evil lair, and it was the most frightening moment of their life to date. Of course it was also their most amazing, but it was still the scariest.

Truth be told, Mindy was a little scared too. Of course she'd never show that. Hit Girl didn't have fear, plus she had to lift the spirits of and lead her team. Which was the real reason she was scared. She still hadn't been able to shake the effects of her nightmares, watching all her new teammates get cut down, and her helpless to stop it.

Which was her real fear. She wasn't really afraid of getting hurt of even killed. She wasn't afraid of not winning either; she was worried about being helpless. Which is why she had her handy adrenaline injection with her. She'd even given one to each of her team members just to make sure they didn't wear themselves out. She considered giving Marty two, but knew that would probably kill him, since he'd probably use them too close together.

And her fear of being helpless was also the reason she'd brought some extra special tools with her on her endeavor. And as she made her way to the door she and her team were going to enter through, she had one of them in hand.

"Are you sure she can do that? I mean, she's just a girl… A small girl at that," Marty whispered to Dave, starting to get worried about Mindy and his own safety.

"I didn't even know people could buy these. I thought this was just a military thing," Brad commented, whispering as well.

Mindy stopped walking and turned to Brad and Marty, "For the right price, anything can be bought… Remember that," She advised before turning back around and getting in position in front of the door. She nodded at Dave as he flung the door open and got out of the way with the rest of the group, who were huddled off and back to the side.

"Mama's home cunts!" Mindy yelled out, noticing a few burly men through the hallway turn to take notice of her and react with wide fear-filled eyes as she pulled the trigger and released a rocket down the hall, taking out all the men in the hall, and breaking down the solid steel security door at the end with a fiery explosion. Mindy grinned and set down her rocket launcher, leaving it behind since she wouldn't be using it again. She motioned for her team to follow, and they passed through the hallway, watching out for falling fiery debris.

Mindy knew the inner workings of the D'Amico operation was past the security door, and rather than trying to trick their way inside, she chose to go the quick and pyrotechnical route.

She mentally went through the building's layout she'd researched and walked in the direction she guessed Ina was held in. She knew finding and rescuing Ina was the first thing they needed to do, just to avoid any human shield issues later.

Mindy came to a corner, and held her hand out, to stop the others from stepping in front of her, so she could scout out any guards lurking in the halls. She leaned around the corner and spotted two guys. They didn't look like they had guns, so she turned back to her team.

"Okay, Nordic Nightmare, it's now or never," She whispered, patting him on the back, reassuringly. Brad took a deep breath, and grabbed his meat mallet. He stepped out from behind the corner, and saw the two men he was supposed to subdue. He gritted his teeth and Mindy peeked from around the corner, wanting to finally get to see her gift in use.

Brad swung his arm back and threw the large spiked hammer at one of the men, just as he turned and noticed the armor clad hero. The hammer hit him strait in the head, breaking the man's nose, and ripping the flesh on his face, leaving a bloody pattern where the spikes had been.

Brad tugged on the chain, bringing the hammer back to his grasp, and he caught it in midair, flinging it at the other man who had only noticed his presence after his coworker had been assaulted. It smashed into the side of his face, the force, twisting his head to the side, as if he'd been punched. It left a nice bloody print behind on his cheek.

Brad then advanced on the men, pulling out his tazer, which was a much stronger version then what Dave had used years before. Mindy had made sure of that. She'd made sure any member of the team using a tazer had a strong enough one to knock out their opponent, which was what happened to the two men Brad faced off with. He guided the second man's body to the ground as he went limp and called out behind him.

"All clear!" Causing the team to come out from their hiding place. Mindy was grinning and was walking towards Brad to give him a congratulatory pat on the back when three more men came around the corner, curious about the voice they'd heard booming out.

Mindy narrowed her eyes, and prepared for hand-to-hand combat. But Kick Ass came from behind her, running towards one of the men, brandishing his batons. Nordic Nightmare picked up his mallet, throwing it at another, and Dr. Gravity charged at the third, whacking him over the head with his baseball bat.

Mindy decided to just stand back and let her team prove their worth. Of course none of the men went down immediately. These were professional thugs, not just some dweebs who had anger issues. So Dr. Gravity's bat was pushed out of the way at the last second, and the man brought up a fist to the hero's face, knocking him backwards.

Dave's man was hit across the head with the batons, but didn't go down either. But since he was hit, he wound up dazed. So Dave took that opportunity to hit him with a combination of punches and kicks that did wind up knocking his opponent on the ground. Dave finished off his man with a swift kick to the head, knocking him out.

Brad had fared well against his opponent as well. Although this may have been easier because his attacks held more long lasting pain then the others, since his hammer ripped the flesh away from his opponent's body. But he also had the advantage of using the tazer to incapacitate the man too.

Dr. Gravity was hit a few times before getting a good footing and successfully hitting his man a couple times. Although none of his hits were in the man's head, so his opponent didn't succumb. The Mrs. Remembering Tommy finally stepped forward and knocked her brick filled purse upside the guy's head, knocking him out.

After that debacle, there had been a good amount of noise, catching the attention of someone locked inside of a nearby room. Mindy heard muffled yelling coming from inside a nearby room, and snapped to. She marched forward, turning the corner and finding another group of men coming down the hall. Mindy sighed and rolled her eyes.

"God damn, this place is crawling with fuckers," Mindy grumbled as she ran down the hall to attack the group of men, who no doubt noticed the purple clad heroine. She kicked off the wall right before getting to the group, giving her the lift to spring on top of one's shoulders. She then flipped down, securing her feet above the man's hips, punching him in the face.

She then leapt off of him, landing on her feet, and pulled out her nun chucks, flinging them into the other three, quickly and hitting each in vital areas. As each man bent over to clutch at their arm, leg, or face, Mindy took the opportunity to kick one in the head, punch another in the face, and wrap the chain of her nun chucks around the neck of another, pulling him along with her and cutting off his windpipe. The other two recovered, but as they swung at her with their arms she used the one she had wrapped beneath her nun chucks as a human shield.

Whether it was from Mindy cutting off his oxygen supply or hits from his buddies, he finally passed out, and Mindy let go of him. She landed a powerful roundhouse kick to the head of one of the men and he also went down. The last one pulled a gun out, and Mindy smiled, as she reached out, and wrapped herself into the man, so his shot only hit the wall. She then twisted his arm around, hit it, breaking his arm, and grabbed the gun out of his hand. He bent down to nurse his arm and Mindy hit him in the head with his own gun, making him crumple to the floor.

"Damn!" It took four of us to take out three guys, and you just finished off four by yourself," Marty said, impressed.

Mindy smiled and took a bow sarcastically before hearing a pounding on a door to her right and rushing up to it. There was a lock on the door and Insect Man came up to her side.

"Does anyone have a bobby pin?" He asked, looking at the lock and taking it in his hand.

"I've got, like, fifty in my hair right now, and even though it's going to ruin my hairdo, I'm willing to give one up for the greater good," Miranda said as she fished one out of her hair.

Insect Man walked over to retrieve Miranda's pin but before he got back to the door a gunshot rang out, and Mindy threw the gun she'd taken from the guard earlier away. She pulled the now broken pad lock off the door and opened the door, leaving Insect Man and the rest of the team looking on in surprise.

"What? Quicker and easier," Mindy reasoned, shrugging her shoulders as Ina sprung out from the room, crashing into Mindy.

Ina smiled as she reached around to hug Hit Girl. She looked past her and found the rest of Justice forever. "Oh thank god," Ina sobbed.

Dave came up and took a hold of Ina, hugging her. "Are you okay, are you hurt?" He asked worried, letting her go and looking her over for any visible wounds.

"I'm okay, I'm fine. Look, listen to me, Dave, promise me something," Ina said hurriedly, trying to make sure she voiced her concern before the group was distracted by someone or something.

"What? Ina—" Dave asked but Ina cut him off.

"Just promise me you won't kill Chris, he's confused, he's being used, none of this was his idea! Please just promise me you won't kill him. I—" Ina rushed out, her voice shaking.

Mindy snarled her nose in disgust that Ina would want to save the life of the guy who kidnapped her. "Look, we know Ralph is behind this, but if you think I'm going to let that little dick live, you are sadly mistaken. I've let him live too long already. I'm ending the D'Amico line tonight!" Mindy told Ina.

"No! No, you can't, it's all Ralph's fault. He's using Chris. Chris just wants to do good, trust me!" Ina pleaded, trying to help the poor boy she'd learned so much about over the past few days.

"Remembering Tommy, take Ina back out the way we came in, Dr. Gravity, you go with them in case more guys show up. Get her to safety. Take her to your house or something, just get her out. The rest of you… let's press on." Mindy called out, passing Ina along to the others and walking down the hallway.

"Wait, please!" Ina called after her, but Mindy just grabbed Dave and pulled him with her down the hall. The others followed and Remembering Tommy along with Dr. Gravity gently nudged Ina down the hall as she tried to convince the team to have mercy on Chris.

Hit Girl, Kick Ass, and the rest of Justice forever continuing on, came to the end of their hallway and a set of double doors met them. Mindy pushed them open revealing an open warehouse.

"Mother fucker!" She grumbled, recognizing a red bikini clad Amazon woman. Mother Russia was standing before her. She had noticeable scars on her this time, and Mindy smirked, "I see I left my mark," She said, grinning.

"Only a scratch," Mother Russia responded, advancing on Mindy, placing her hand above the holster holding her blade.

Mindy narrowed her eyes, and held her hands above her own swords. "You go ahead, I've got a bitch to kill," Mindy snarled, instructing the rest of the team to press on without her.

Mother Russia didn't try to stop them, just smiled as she stared at Hit Girl, ready to decapitate the little brat that thought she could kill her. As the group made it to the exit, he turned around and sent Mindy an encouraging smile before turning back around and letting the doors close behind him, leaving Hit Girl and Mother Russia to face off against each other again.

"I'm going to make you deep throat my sword, asshole!" Mindy yelled, leaping at Mother Russia, and whipping out her swords. Mother Russia whipped out her own blade, and caught Mindy's separated katanas, pushing them back.

Mindy tried hitting Mother Russia from the side, but was blocked there too. After several attempts to slice the woman with her swords, Mindy was knocked back, and her swords went flying across the empty room. Mindy then somersaulted backwards to retrieve her swords, but Mother Russia ran after her, kicking her mid somersault, and causing Mindy to fall down, almost twisting her wrist.

Mindy slid across the slick concrete, but jumped back up, as Mother Russia advanced on her again. Mindy quickly looked around, for any way to kick off of something and get a higher vantage on the Amazon and noticed an abandoned piece of scaffolding. She didn't bother flipping this time.

She reached down for her throwing knives, and threw them at the woman, not bothering to wait and see if they were fatal hits, and while Mother Russia had to avoid the hits, Mindy rushed towards the scaffolding, starting to climb up.

Mindy's diversion worked, but like last time, her knives were stopped. Mother Russia stomped over towards the scaffolding just as Mindy was at the top. But instead of trying to climb after Mindy, as Mindy had expected, Mother Russia took a hold of the side of the scaffolding and started to tip it over with Mindy still on top of it.

"Shit," Mindy said to herself, bracing herself for the fall, and as the contraption tipped over, Mindy jumped off right before it hit the ground and rolled out from her fall.

Mother Russia was right back again and Mindy was starting to get worried. Things seemed to be going the way they had the last time. And now that Mother Russia knew what the injection was for, she wasn't likely to shoot Mindy up with it again.

Mindy jumped up to do a flying armbar again, but Mother Russia expected it, and pushed Mindy off, sending her to the ground, making Mindy hit the back of her head on the concrete, dazing her. Mother Russia then came down on top of Mindy, punching her in the face. Mindy felt light headed and reached up to block Mother Russia's blows, and stopped one, but then she was hit from the other side, and her vision went fuzzy.




Dave lead the rest of the team onward through another hallway that had at one point held offices in the abandoned mill. The group twisted through an intricate cubicle area before finding another set of double doors that opened up to another large warehouse looking area, only this time they were let out on a catwalk, above the ground.

Once they had all gotten onto the catwalk area, gunfire let out, hitting Dave in the chest, knocking him over. Brad and Todd cowered down, but Miranda, Marty, and Insect Man went back through the double doors since unlike the others, they didn't have bullet protection on.

Before the group was able to regroup or counter attack a group of men covered in thick armor came down the catwalk and grabbed the group, one by one. The group tried fighting as best they could, but due to the constant gunfire many of them were too busy cowering from it to fight back.

But that didn't stop them from getting the shit knocked out of them. Night Bitch's staff was broken in half, and had the wind knocked out of her by it, Marty dropped his sick stick off the edge of the catwalk before he could use it, and Insect Man had one of his own tazers used on him.

Once the armored men all had a firm hold on the battered heroes, they grabbed a nearby dangling chain and tied it around each of them and pushed them over the edge of the catwalk, flinging them towards the ground. Right before hitting the ground, the chain caught, yanking them.

The six heroes were dangling from the chains, hovering several feet above the ground, when the gunfire suddenly stopped. Dave wriggled, trying to free himself from the chains, like many of the others did, but it was no use.

It was deadly silent when a soft clicking sound caught Dave's attention and he looked up from trying to free himself to see a suit clad man walking towards him from across the warehouse.

The man came up right in front of Dave and stopped, looking the dangling group over. Dave knew instantly from the resemblance to Frank and Chris that this was Ralph D'Amico.

Dave started thrashing around trying to kick at Ralph, and Ralph backed up letting a group on men come forward and restrain each of the heroes legs. Ralph smiled and stepped forward towards Dave again before the smile left his face.

"You kill my brother, cripple my nephew, and now you think you're going to waltz in here and not pay the consequences?" Ralph sneered at Dave before punching him in the face. Dave was dazed, and felt his nose crunch under Ralph's fist.

Ralph stepped back and opened his arms wide, motioning around him. "This, this is what you've created," He said, nodding slightly. "Are you proud?" He asked, coming up to Dave again, and getting right up in his face. "You're going to die here tonight. You and all your little friends," He continued, motioning towards the others who were now whimpering.

"Including that little purple bitch," Ralph said, marching across the floor, gloatingly, and picked up a walkie-talkie, pressing the button. He turned to face his captives again, and smiled evilly.

"Karina?... Mother Russia? Report in?" Ralph asked over a walkie-talkie, waiting for a response. A few seconds passed with no response and he asked again, "Mother Russia, have you finished her off?"

Static came through before her response finally came through. "YA otrezal golovu malen'koy suki."

Ralph smiled and started laughing. Chris, who had been sitting in his wheelchair in the shadows the whole time, looked at his uncle, holding his hands up in confusion. The rest of the team responded similarly, sans the movement of the hands.

Ralph finally stopped laughing and clarified, "For those of you that don't know Russian, Mother Russia just told me she cut off that little bitch of yours' head."

Dave felt his stomach drop, his brain felt like it was pushing out of his head, he was so suddenly lightheaded, and his throat tightened. He could barely breathe.

"No!" Came a scream, causing the group of superheroes, to look in the direction it came from, surprise on their faces. "No, no, no, she can't kill her! She's my last hope, you dumb fuck!" Chris yelled, almost looking like a young child throwing a tantrum.

Ralph looked over at him and frowned, glaring at his nephew. Chris drew his strength and stood up on his prosthetic legs, walking as quickly as he could, and launching himself on his uncle.

He succeeded in knocking him over, and proceeded to swing at him, filled with rage. Rage for the murder of his caretaker Javier, rage for keeping him here in this shit hole instead of a proper rehab center so he could really learn to walk again, rage for forcing him to be the Motherfucker again, even though he'd sworn he was done with it.

The group of tied up superheroes watched and secretly cheered on poor legless Chris as he swung and punched at his uncle. Some of them were bewildered, others were feeling faintly hopeful, Dave on the other hand, was still in shock.

Mindy was… Dead. Once it sunk in enough to realize it, Dave didn't care. He didn't care what happened to him now, without Mindy, his life had no meaning. He felt hot tears burn his cheeks and his shoulders started quaking.

Miranda noticed Dave's shaking and realized he was upset about Mindy's fate. She desperately wanted to console Dave, she knew he had to be feeling the worst feeling ever. She wanted to run to his side and hug him, but her restraints wouldn't let her do that. So she called out to him instead, "I'm so sorry… "

The others noticed and felt similarly to Miranda, saying thing like "Shit man…" and "It's okay to cry, man," but Brad spoke up and said something different.

"Shut up! Stop crying. Hit Girl wouldn't want you to give up, Kick Ass, she'd want you to keep fighting. The fight is never over until you're dead,"

While all this was going on though, Chris was getting the shit beat out of him by his uncle. Ralph was kicking Chris so hard he was pushing him across the floor. Chris tried to fight off his uncle as best he could, but it wasn't any use since he had no legs to grip and give him leverage. And while Chris was bleeding and in pain, he didn't care. He hoped his uncle would kill him.

He knew that with Hit Girl dead, he had no chance of getting away from this operation. He was going to have to stay here, doing his uncle's bidding, living in pain and grow weaker until he died of old age, or he took his own life.

While Ralph was beating his crippled nephew, the men that had been helping backed up, going back into the shadows beneath the catwalk out of embarrassment and respect for privacy. And Dave was still sobbing, the others trying to console him.

Chris' head was spinning and was about to black out when a voice rang out from above. "Guess we see where your loyalties lie now, dick," A snarl came out from the catwalk above and a purple teenager grabbed a hold of one of the chains nearby, leaping off, and cascading to the ground. The chain caught, and Mindy let go, gracefully landing on the ground.

She took out her purple gripped guns and turned around landing lethal head shots in each of the guards hiding in the shadows before she turned on Ralph, who had been standing dumbstruck.

"Guess you didn't know I speak Russian, you dumb fuck," Mindy said, dropping her guns and whipping out her katanas from their holsters. Chris noticed that they had a significant amount of blood on them.

Mindy twirled the swords around a couple times, menacingly, and right as Ralph come to, and moved to charge her, Chris reached out with his prosthetic leg, tripping his uncle.

Mindy stepped forward, and kicked Ralph over, and before he had the chance to fight back, or try to get up, Mindy stuck one of her swords deep in Ralph's stomach. She took the other and swiftly swiped it across his throat, slicing it open. Blood poured out, and Ralph gurgled, holding his hand up to his neck, as if it would stop it.

"No, I'm finished with you," Mindy said, and nudged his hand out of the way with her boot, and brought down her other sword, cutting deeper into Ralph's throat. Mindy snarled and placed a boot on Ralph's head, crushing his face and leveraging herself above him. She took the sword in both hands as she brought it down deeper in his throat, pulling it back up and swinging it back down over and over, literally hacking his head off.

After several minutes of this, with everyone looking on in a mixture of fascination and horror, Mindy was successful and lifted Ralph's head up by his hair, and smiled devilishly. She lowered her voice to imitate a man's and started mocking the deceased, bobbing his head up and down like a puppet.

"I'm such a badass, I'm going to bomb an airport, but I can't kill Hit Girl myself, I'm going to have some bitch do it for me, and then radio it in when she's done. Cause there's no way that's not going to fail." Ralph's mouth slapped open and closed as she swung his head up and down.

"Okay… Mindy, you have to stop. You're really starting to freak me out," Dave said, trying to stop Mindy from swinging Ralph's severed head around, splattering blood all over the place.

Mindy snapped around to look at the group still wrapped up in chains, who were all now looking at her in a mixture of horror and disgust. Mindy had forgotten about them for a moment, relishing in her kill, she awkwardly placed Ralph's head back beside his body and shrugged, trying to ease the situation.

"Daddy would have thought it was funny," She murmured to herself under her breath, walking over and untying Dave from his restraints. As soon as he was free, Mindy turned to start on Brad, but Dave stopped her.

He wrapped himself around her, pulling her close to his body, and kissed the under part of her jaw. After a moment of embrace, that was long enough to raise eyebrows and cause some coughs, Dave pulled back and looked at Mindy's face. He noticed her left eye was starting to swell and there was blood running from her nose that was starting to dry. Dave knew he had to look similar if not worse and smiled.

"I thought you were dead… I thought I… Damn," Dave said, smiling wider and wider, just so relieved that she wasn't dead.

Mindy smirked, "Well I'm glad to know you have so much faith in me," She retorted.

Dave shook his head, still smiling, and grabbed Mindy by the shoulders, crushing into her, kissing her on the mouth passionately. When he broke away, Mindy smiled and opened her eyes wide.

"Shit, if I knew I'd get that sort of reaction out of you, I'd have faked my death years ago, Lizewski," Mindy said, her heart fluttering at Dave's affections and clear worry for her wellbeing.

"Okay, before the two of you start fucking on the floor, could you untie us first? I mean, I' still want to watch, but I want to get comfortable first," Marty asked, breaking the moment between the two partners in life, love, and profession.

Mindy rolled her eyes and shook her head, giving Mary a contemptuous look. After she Dave untied their team, she looked down and noticed Chris was still sitting on the floor, his prosthetics bent off his legs.

Mindy stalked over towards him, leaning over his cowering form. She grabbed one of her purple gripped guns and placed it under his chin, speaking in her Hit Girl snarl. "Sounds like you've been trying to pull some bullshit story over on my friend."

Dave watched Chris cower and quiver under Mindy's gaze and gun. He noticed the twisted prosthetics and saw the fear in his eyes. He remembered how he'd been willing to save Chris from death before, just hours after his father's funeral, and he thought of Ina's pleas to spare Chris' life. He was about to step forward and tell Mindy to put the gun down, when Mindy lowered it on her own, returning it to its holster.

She leaned down so her face was inches from Chris' and spoke low, "Don't make me regret letting you live."

She slowly stood back up and glared down at Chris, who was smiling in gratitude, and then turned back to her group. "Our business is done here, let's go," She said, pointedly at Chris, making it clear she wasn't going to help him get up or out of the building.

Mindy lead the way out through the lower doors Ralph had come through earlier. As the doors closed behind them, the group felt the need to whoop and holler in celebration, but didn't say anything. Marty motioned a silent fist pump in Todd's direction and Todd smiled back with thumbs up.

After several minutes of silent wandering through the hallways, the group of heroes reached the end and opened the doors, stepping into the New York City setting sun. Mindy looked across the skyline, standing for a moment, wondering if leaving Chris alive was a good idea or not. She wanted to believe in Ina's judgment, and clearly he was being abused by his uncle since she witnessed him getting kicked around the floor like a soccer ball. But a part of her wanted the entire D'Amico line extinguished. She'd let him live twice before and still shit got fucked up, but somehow she felt that Ina was right.

She knew personally what it was like to have your childhood shape who you are, and how hard it is to break away from that. She supposed in some way she had something in common with the D'Amico kid. And since she trusted Ina to help her, she had to trust Ina to help Chris, and know what was the right thing to do.

"So what do we do now?" Miranda asked, curious and excited to see where their little group would go next. Mindy snapped out of her little reverie, and turned to her group.

"Well, now we go after the corrupt. We're heroes, we don't show favoritism. If someone in power is fucking the world up, they're going down," Mindy said seriously.

"Does this mean we're going after cops?" Insect Man asked tentatively, knowing about the police files Todd had uncovered, not sure he was okay with that.

"Well, we're going to give them some time to change their ways on their own. Since their payroll is going to dry up now that I've literally cut the head off of the operation, I figure most of them are going to just stop. But those that don't will be dealt with on an individual basis," She replied.

This seemed to please the group, and they didn't protest. Mindy smirked and walked in front of her fellow heroes.

"Besides, I'm getting my Ducati back, dammit."

The End.

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