Hello Everyone, Cray here. Alright so this would be my first attempt at a crossover. Like ever. This is an Adopted story, which was originally written by Mergana Pendragon, She didn't want to continue it, and I saw potential, and honestly, I was suffering from a Writer's block, and with this fic, the plots just flowed inside my head. Now While I will Attempt to keep some of the ideas that the original writer wanted to happen (which she mentioned were little to none)I will also integrate my own and see where it takes us.

Now I've taken a few things into consideration. First off, the fact that the Moon Pool is completely different from the one in H2O, and so I came to the great conclusion that maybe, there were two Moon Pools on Mako. One on the North side and the other on the South Side.

Also I used Geographical help on this. Now Australia is a semi-big continent, so I take it, with a whole lot of common sense, I sometimes lack, that there is more than one city there with view of Mako Island. So for the sake of this fic let's pretend there are two different cities/Towns.

Set 2 years after Mako Mermaids, and about 8 months after H2O, that way everyone is a little over 18 (19 ish)

Pairings: Zikki, Clewis, EmmaXAsh, BellaXWill, ZacXLyla, CamXNixie and SerenaXDavid

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except an over active imagination…. And a gun… I own a gun…

Time had transcended rather quickly after Nixie, Serena Lyla and Zac had joined forces to save Mako from Cam and the Triton. And after a couple of weeks the girls came to the conclusion that the Pod was never coming back. Not unless someone told them about what had happened, and since they were outcast, and Zac was still a merman, then there was very little chance of that happening.

So they decided to make their lives on land. They created lives, made friends and even relationships. Serena was now David's, what they call, Girlfriend. And had been so for the last two years.

Zac had made amends with Cam, after all they had been besties since they were in dippers, and that sort of friendship could not be lost over something so, not simple, but as stupid. Cam was a bit reluctant at first, since it had taken him couple of months to come up to him, and he had first though it was because Zac and Evie had broken up –yet again.

Evie had been out of the picture for a while, after they had graduated only a couple of months ago she and her family had moved over to America, so Evie could study abroad.

And well, since then, things had been flowing very smoothly. The group was, as Land People say 'tight'.

Today Zac was out swimming. And out of curiosity he took a swim around Mako. He had never done so before, and according to the girls, their pod had only stuck to their side of the island. What he saw was beautiful. The reefs on this side were amazing and seemed to stretch out for ages. And there were plenty of sharks on this side as well. It looked more like a breeding ground.

Zac was finally feeling the fatigue hit him after swimming for so many hours in the ocean and so he headed back to land. Thing was, he felt somewhat lost and didn't really know the way back, so he decided to head lower, see if he could see the entrance to the Moon Pool and then orient himself from there.

When he surfaced he was nowhere near home. Drying himself off he walked around the place, until he figured out where it was he was at. Turns out he was on a completely different island. With a sigh he headed over back to the docs to try and head back home, but he was tired, hungry… sore from swimming all day long. So he thought that maybe staying a while longer wouldn't hurt.

He made his way to the nearest Café, Rikki's. It looked….. Alright. Nothing compared to the Ocean Café, but then again he might just be a little baist since his best friends worked there. Taking a seat in the furthest table in the establishment he looked at the menu and searching his pockets for his wallet to make sure he had enough money, and not make a fool of himself and ordering something he could not be able to pay for later.

"May i take your order?" The brunette waitress asked, causing Zac to look up.

"I er…" he took one last glance at the menu. "I'd like a tuna and anchovy sandwich with provolone cheese and vinegar, with a side of fish fries." He ordered.

She smiled and asked "Would you like a drink to go with that?" Now that she mentioned it, he'd need something to combat the vinegar. "Water with a straw please." he said.

A few minutes later he would've noticed another waitress coming back with his order, had he not been mesmerized by a blue crystal on the cafe singer's necklace. He shifted in his seat; bumping into the waitress and almost knocking the whole tray over.

But the blonde waitress had caught it just in time to avoid the worst, though a few drops of the water fell onto her and her customer. Panicking she quickly set down her tray and grabbed the towel she had gotten used to carrying off her shoulder, wiping the water of her and -noticing her customers' equal panic.- his as well.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed. Zac smiled assuring her he was fine. "Mir sir, I'm.. oh I'm very sorry, I'll pay for your order." She promised in a panic toned. Zac chuckled. "It's alright, it was an accident." He said. "And I'm Zac by the way, not sir, or do I look that old?" He joked holding out his hand to the waitress he had just noticed wasn't the same as before.

"Emma," she said taking the hand and giving it a firm shake, returning the boy before her a bright smile.