It was a usual day for the titans, "Robin training with Starfire", Cyborg, Beast boy and Raven in the room doing their own thing. Raven reading, Cyborg and Beast boy playing video games.

Cyborg: you can't pass me Grass stain the star cup is mine

BB: No way dude! I'm Mario! Mario never losses, especially to Bowser!

Cyborg: well he is about to lose cause… I GOT A MUSHROOM!

BB: wha-

Before bb could finish his sentence Cyborg used his mushroom and passed the finish line.



Cyborg: Told ya you can't beat me grass stain

BB: *Grumbles*

Raven: will you two be quiet, for once

BB turns to Raven with her hood down not taking her eyes off her book

BB: She is still beautiful… wait did I just think that? Anyway What are you reading anyway?

Raven: Something called none of your business

BB: Hey!

Cyborg: leave her alone BB want to go round two?

BB: You're on!

Raven: Honestly

Just then the alarm goes off. Robin and Starfire come into the common room


The three nodded but started smirking

Robin: what?

Cyborg: You got something right on your neck

BB: Its big, red and starfire

Robin blushed knowing what it was and Starfire was confused

Cyborg and BB burst out laughing and Raven giggled a little


Raven stopped and put her hood over her head

Raven: no you didn't


Robin *still with red on his cheeks*: TITANS TROUBLE NOW!

The titans got into the T car except Robin and Starfire using Robin's Motorcycle. The Titans got a stress call at the abandoned warehouse in the the outskirts of Jump city. Once the titans made it they walked cautiously to the warehouse doors, waiting for Robin's orders.

Robin: enter quietly everyone

The others nodded and they all stepped in.

?: Welcome Titans long time no see

The titans looked to see non-other than Slade

Robin *angry*: Slade!

Slade: thank you for coming but I only want one of you, so..

Slade snapped his fingers and multiple Slade drones came out from the shadows


The Titans charged the robots. Taking them out one by one

BB: This is easy!

Robin: Too easy

Robin looked up at Slade to find him gone

Robin: where did he!

Raven: AAAHHH!

The other titans turned to see Slade holding Raven by twisting her arm back

Robin: SLADE!

Slade: All I want is you dear

Raven: LET ME GO! AZ-

Slade: Can't dear and don't even try, I put a controlled chip on you to nullify your power that I need.

BB: Let her go…NOW!

The other Titans were startled about how Beastboy's behavior

Slade: Nice threat but that won't stop me.

Slade looks toward Raven again

Slade: Now for me to have your power!

Slade pulled out a remote and pressed a button. Raven screamed in agony. BB tried charging Slade but the more Slade drones appeared to block his path. Beast boy transformed into a Rhino to push through; but to no avail, there were too many. The others were also having difficulty with the numbers. Beast boy turned back to normal while being mauled by Slade drones.


Beast boy was then engulfed with Slade drones that he wasn't visible at the moment


Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin: RAVEN!

Just then a Slade drone flew towards Slade and Raven. Slade let go of Raven to dodge and Raven also dodged.

Slade: what th-

Slade was then punched in the face and sent a few feet away. Raven's eyes closed and she was about to collapse on the floor but only felt fur. She opened her eyes to see something she, Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin thought they would never see again. The beast

Slade slowly gets up looking at the beast

Slade: what a new trick

The beast put Raven down gently and glared at Slade before it charged at blinding speed toward its prey.

End of ch.1