Ch.7 Raven vs Slade and conclusion

Black energy was emitting all over the floor, light bulbs shattered leaving dim light in the warehouse, the concrete started cracking and shifting upwards. Raven and her emotions all had the same intention in mind, KILL SLADE. Once that was settled Rage took control. Rage looked down and grinned evilly at Slade.

Rage: You wanted my power… well let's see if you can take it now!

Raven dark energy shot towards Slade. Slade jumped out of the way in time to see the energy make a huge crack in the concrete he was standing on earlier. Slade knew this wasn't going to be easy. Slade kept dodging Raven's attacks barely, each attack getting stronger than the last. Slade's stamina was running low; he had to think of something to get the upper hand. Slade then had an idea, Slade ran past Raven to get to the beast with all his energy. He was about reach the beast until something grabbed his ankle. Slade turned around and saw Raven's dark energy wrapped around it


Slade eye widened as Raven's energy started looking like long and large black tails as tall as she was now. Rage laughed and stared Slade down.

Rage: for the next 10 minutes you will be my ragdoll BITCH!

Slade tried to break free, but it was no use, Raven had him. For the next ten minutes Raven has been throwing Slade into the walls, concrete, windows, and ceiling with her energy still wrapped around his ankle. Slade coughed out so much blood it started oozing from his mask. Once Rage was done, she dropped Slade high off the ground. Slade fell hard into the ground hard enough that a few new cracks formed on impact along with a few bone cracks being heard. Slade was unconscious. Raven wasn't done though she then flew toward the unconscious Slade and grabbed the top of his head.

Rage: You think your done asshole? After all you have done you piece of shit? I am going to make sure you get tortured for the rest of your shitty life!

Rage threw Slade through a wall with ease and with only one arm; she then grabbed Slade by the ankle with her energy again and moved him slowly toward her. Raven then opened her cloak to reveal nothing but darkness, Rage laughed manically. Slade was about to be engulfed in darkness until Rage head her name being called. Rage turned around to see the beast limp with his left arm over his right arm, the Beast cried out her name again. Rage felt what his emotion was saying; it said "Don't do it! Don't stoop to his level! YOUR BETTER THAN THAT!"Out of The beast outcry emotion, Raven has gained control of her emotion and body, her dark energy dispersed. Raven went back to her original size and her four red eyes turned into two violet eyes. She then realized what she was about to do trembled.

Raven: I almost killed someone…I almost killed someone what have I-

Before Raven could think of anything else, she felt something on her face, snapping out of her trance to see the beast rubbing the side of his face on Raven's. Raven hugged the beast immediately and started crying into its shoulder. After she stopped crying she tried to look in the beast's eyes, but she only meet two green eyes. Raven gasped, Beast boy was back to normal.

Raven: b-

Raven never finished her sentence because beast boy's lips were on hers. Raven melted into the kiss and kissed back. After a few minutes beast boy broke the kiss and looked Raven in the eyes, their hands now linked together.

Beast boy: I'm glad you ok Rae

Raven (teary): You too

Then beast boy's brain started to function, he then realized he kissed Raven.

Beast boy: SHIT!

Beast boy tried to let go of Raven's hands but Raven gripped his hands were they were. Beast boy started sweating knowing he was about to die.

Beast boy: I'm SO s-sorry Rae! I-I w-wasn't t-thinking! Please Please Please d-don't k-kill me!

Raven then cupped beast boy's chin and kissed him with full force on the lips. Beast boy's eyes widened at what was happening. Raven broke the kiss and hugged him tightly.

Raven: You think I'm going to kill the man I love?

Beast boy: R-Raven!

Raven: Beast boy I love you

Beast boy was blushing like mad and was speechless. He was about to answer Raven but, realized this was not the time.

Beast boy: I'm sorry Rae, but can we talk about this later?

Raven: w-why?!

Beast boy pointed to the others who were unconscious. Raven let go of beast boy and blushed that she didn't notice anyone else but Beast boy. The two went to their fallen comrades to assist them.

A few hours later

Robin: SLADE!

Robin woke up and looked around; he was in a hospital bed. Robin tried to get up but felt pain in his head and body. He touched his head only to feel bandages.

?: took you long enough to wake up

Robin turned to his right and was automatically hugged by Starfire who was crying in joy. He saw Cyborg with scratches and some bandages on his human body half.

Robin: what happened?

Cyborg: Raven and Beast boy put Slade in a more higher level Jail cell and took us back to the tower, they also bandaged us up too

Robin looked around not seeing either of them in sight

Robin: where are they?

Cyborg: …..Beast boy feels guilty of what happened… raven is with him for comfort

Robin: O…

Silence filled the room for the three titans not knowing what to say

Meanwhile, Beast boy and Raven were outside sitting on the rocks in front of the tower. Beast boy was starring at the ground feeling guilty as ever while Raven patted his back trying to comfort him

Raven: Beast boy it's ok

Beast boy: No its not! I almost killed them! I -

Raven then slapped beast boy on the cheek, Beast boy looked at Raven in surprise. Raven hugged him

Raven: Don't you EVER say that! You are not a monster ok!

Beast boy: Raven…

Raven looked at beast boy giving him the look

Beast boy: ok ok I am not and I won't say that again

Raven smiled and grabbed beast boy's hand

Raven: Let's go check on the others

Beast boy: ok…

Once the two got into the hospital room in the tower the three Titans looked at them. Beast boy automatically bowed his head down. Everyone was confused until beast byt started talking/crying


Cyborg: SHUT UP B!

Beast boy did as he was told; scared his friends hated him now

Cyborg: I forgive you B, you're like my little brother. Also you weren't in control you were manipulated by Slade

Starfire (smiling): I am with friend Cyborg, You were the manipulated, and you are my friend I forgive ten times over

Beast boy and Raven smiled, But beast boy smile faded as Robin remained silent his eyes were somehow covered. Beast boy knew Robin wouldn't forgive him easily. Beast boy sighed

Beast boy: I am sorry Robin, if you want me off the team then I will go now and never return

The other Titans protested, but Beast boy didn't listen, Beast boy was almost to the door until Robin called his name

Robin: wait beast boy

Beast boy turned around: I also forgive you; I have also been manipulated by that mad man, besides you're always a part of this team

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven all smiled at him. Beast boy started tearing up.

Beast boy: thanks guys

Robin: But how did you turn back to normal Beast boy?

Beast boy scratched the back of his head

Beast boy: well I think it is because I have mastered transforming into the beast now…

Other Titans: Really? How?

Beast boy looked at Raven and blushed

Beast boy: because of Raven

Raven then blushed while looking down at the floor

Robin: ? Explain

Beast boy: well when she is in danger I always turn into the beast, since I was in the beast form for so long I think I mastered it

Cyborg: Let's see then

Beast nodded, he closed his eyes and transformed into the beast. The beast then closed his eyes and reverted back to beast boy but with torn clothes.

Beast boy: ta-AH!

Beast boy realized that his clothes were ripped. (Nothing below the waist perverts) Cyborg started laughing

Cyborg: I didn't think you would be that gullible grass stain! I already believed you when you said you mastered the beast!

Beast boy: *grumbles*

The Titans laughed and enjoyed that everything was back to normal. A few hours later the three injured decided it was best for them to rest. They said goodnight to Beast boy and Raven. Once the three Titans were asleep, Beast boy and Raven went into the common room. The two stayed awake together in an awkward silence. Beast boy spoke up

Beast boy: Um Raven about what you said earlier…

Raven heart started pounding

Raven: y-yes

Beast boy sighed

Beast boy: I don't know how to say this but…


Raven was starting to tear up; she got up and was about to leave the room but Beast boy grabbed her wrist standing up as well. Raven looked at Beast boy in surprise

Beast boy: let me finish first Rae

Raven (blushing): o-ok

Beast boy: As the beast I remember only parts of my memory and well I remember one thing important I said

Raven listened closely

Beast boy: I said beast…love, I love you too Raven I have for the longest time

Raven: B-beast boy!

Raven: If you're up for it we can go on our first date tomorrow? You don't have too if you don't want to though

Raven then hugged beast boy and put her head on his shoulder

Raven: I like that plan

Beast boy: cool but Rae…

Raven: y-mmf!

Beast boy kissed Raven. Raven closed her eyes in bliss, Beast boy broke the kiss

Beast boy: will you be my girlfriend?

Raven giggled and rubbed the side of her face into Beast boy's

Beast boy: only if you will be my boyfriend

Beast boy: Deal

They look into each other's about to share another kiss, but a flash went off. The couple turned to their right to see Cyborg grinning with a camera in his hand, Robin smirking, and an excited Starfire with a huge smile on her face. Raven and Beast boy blushed maroon red

Beast boy (blushing): I-I thought y-you guys were asleep?!

Cyborg: Do you really think we would be asleep from all that has happened between you two! I have gold in my hands! HAHAHA

Beast boy: give me the picture Cy!

Cyborg: try to get it grass stain!

Beast boy let go if Raven, looking at her one more time to giving her a look that said I'll be right back. Beast then went to Cyborg to grab the picture but Cyborg pushed him back with one hand while the other held the picture, Cyborg was still laughing. Starfire went over to Raven excited and talked about their relationships, Raven was getting irritated but kept blushing about Starfire mentioning little Raven and Beastboy's around the tower. Robin sweat dropped just looked at the chaos in the room. He then decided it was time to go back to bed. Robin smiled walking about to the hospital bed

Robin: Congrats you two