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Chapter 2

Spike moved his fingers one by one, feeling the movement in each joint. His eyes travelled down his fingers, past his palm to his forearm. There was hardly a mark, not even close to a scar. Just a single white ring around his arm, and with his pale skin you can barely even see it. No one would be able to tell he had had his hands removed just a couple of weeks ago. The doctors at the Firm really knew their way with a knife.

"Ok Spike I just need you to do one more exercise and then it's all good." Fred beamed. The energetic brunette seemed to be more excited about the final test than he was. Maybe she was just trying to cheer him up, had seemed that she was the only one to notice. He had been out of it since Andrew had shown up and then left just as suddenly. The little ponce made him think of Buffy and Dawn and his final moments in Sunnydale. Nothing that he really fancied having on his mind.

"Spike?" Fred looked down at him, concern in her eyes.

Spike shook the thoughts from his mind, "Sorry doc, what do you want me to do now?"

Fred studied him for a second then started motioning him to move different fingers to test his response time. All to check the nerves are fully functioning.

"Well they all look fine, no stiffness or lack of nerve feeling." Fred ticked of her list on the clipboard, with Spike nodding beside her.

"Good as new, pet." He commented, "So you clear me to be fightin' some demons?" He asked, though not really caring, he would go out there anyway. Anything to keep his mind from running.

"I don't see why not, just if there are any pains or numbness let me know." Fred added as a second thought. "Oh and possibly avoid any major damage." She warned him.

Spike bid her farewell before leaving the lab and headed back up the top floor. He wondered around the hallway unsure of what to really do, it was still daylight, keeping all the beasties, including himself, locked in. Deciding to go see if Angel had any new baddies that needed chasing was his best choice for wasting time. The large office doors were closed and the blinds pulled down which could only suggest someone of importance was in the meeting.

"You know you are blocking the walkway." A whiny voice complained behind him.

Spike turned to see Harmony glaring up at him, the blonde vampire was clutching a cup of what could assume was warm blood. "What's going on there?" He asked pointing to the closed off office as she stepped around him.

Harmony resumed her seat behind the desk, "Well it's after two, so it should be Andrew."

"Andrew?" Spike asked in disbelief. "He's in there?"

"I think so, I was on my lunch break. I didn't see him go in."

Spike rolled his eyes, she wouldn't have noticed him going in even if she was here, she gave new meaning to ditz. "Don't suppose you know what he's back?" He rasied his eyebrows leaning over her desk top.

"He called last night didn't really give a reason, something thing about a slayer probably."

Turning away from the girl Spike headed towards the two main doors of the office, not caring about interrupting the meeting. It was just Andrew in there and if it's slayer related Spike may as well know. Ignoring Harmony's attempts of stopping him he pushed open the doors strolling into the conference room.

"And what the bloody hell are you doing back…" Spike's voice stopped working as did his legs. He stood frozen in the doorway of the conference room mouth hanging open. If he could be any paler he would have gone it. "Nibblet?" He called Dawn his pet name for her before a sudden, familiar, fist slammed into his face.

Buffy's fist moved without her even thinking, seeing the bleach blonde vampire stroll into the room as if he had no cares fuelled her emotions which had turned all into anger. Part of her expected her hit to go through Spike as if he was an illusion. But instead he was solid and went tumbling back groaning in pain.

She watching him slowly pull himself back up to look at his attacker. When her green eyes locked with him bright blue it all felt real. Spike was real, he was really here, gaping on the ground staring back at her. Instead of his smug look he was terrified, pain reflecting in his eyes mirroring hers.

"Bloody hell." Was all he said still holding her eyes.

"Spike, are you ok?" Andrew broke the silence causing all eyes to turn to him.

"You told her?" Spike accused pulling himself up to stand, "What happened to 'I'll take care of it'!"

"Buffy was going to beat it out of me."

"You were going to take care of it?" Buffy found her voice turning to Spike, making fist, "And when were you going to do that exactly?" Spike took a step back knowing too well the anger of the slayer.

"Boss is everything alright- Buffy?" Harmony appeared in the office surprised to see her old enemy.

Angel walked over to push the girl out and close the doors muttering about privacy.

"You have Harmony working for you?" Buffy asked in disbelief, not seeing the girl working there when they arrived.

"I was just as surprised." Spike muttered before reeling back when Buffy turned on him again.

"What the hell is going on here? You were dead, you died in Sunnydale and now here you are working with Angel and I find out from Andrew that you are alive. Then Angel tells me that you have been here for months!" Buffy was on the verge of tears, trembling with fury. When she first found out Spike was alive she was shocked, now she was livid.

Dawn stood up from her seat at the long conference desk clearing her throat, "Ok, I think that maybe Andrew and I should go have a look around, care to show us Angel?" She turned the dark haired vampire. He had been quiet since Buffy had yelled at him when they first arrived. She knew her sister needed to talk alone with Spike, now she just had to get everyone to clear the room.

Angel stepped back sitting down on the desk, holding it like an anchor, "I'm sure Harmony can take you." Spike and Buffy both narrowed their eyes at him making him squirm.

"Please the last time I talked to her she was kidnapping me." She pulled on Angel's arm, pushing him out of the room closing the doors behind them.

Spike looked around awkwardly, he couldn't look at Buffy, her red rimmed eyes made his heart ache knowing he is the reason.

"Dawn looks well." He commented in a small voice.

"Oh yeah she's just peachy." Sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"I just meant-"

"How long?" Buffy muttered. When only silence followed she demanded louder, "How long?"

He glanced up forcing himself to hold eye contact with her, "Bout a month after Sunnydale." He inwardly winched when a tear ran down her face.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She pleaded, hurt clear as day.

"I was… I tried…"

"Didn't try very hard." Scorn echoing through her voice.

Running his hands down his face in frustration he took a step away from her beginning to pace. "What was I going to say, 'Hi Buffy I'm not dead anymore'?"

"Would have been a start." Another tear falling down her face, she quickly whipped it away but he saw.

"Then what? Go back and join you and the scoobies like nothin' happened."

"That's not a good enough reason Spike."

He froze, she hadn't said his name with such hate in a long time. Spike turned back to her letting his eyes take all of her in. She still wore slick pants with useless heels but her shirt wasn't as colourful as she use to wear. Her hair had grown longer again, showering over her shoulders. He was sure she didn't use to be as thin as she was now.

Green eyes glistened back at him, despite her tear stricken face she was beautiful to him. His fingers twitched to touch her, to feel her skin, to feel the warmth she gave. Just to be close to her. "You had what you wanted." He finally spoke, "you wanted a normally life and with me out of the picture you could have that. You and the little bit could go do whatever you wanted."

His words felt almost like a blow to Buffy, "You think that's what I wanted? You just assumed and didn't even ask." Tears were flowing freely now, "Every day since you… every day was like hell and then hearing you have been here this whole time was like I was getting stabbed in the heart."

Spike was taken aback, he thought that she would miss him a little and then move on, just the look on her face now told him otherwise.

"Buffy, I-"

"Well fine, you can have what you want, I'll just go back and do whatever I want. I'll go have my normal life." She threw his words back at him before storming out of the room, leaving him standing alone.

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