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Beca Mitchell knows one thing and that is Tom is an absolute dick lick. No, scratch that, he's an asshole and needs to have his eyes ripped out so he'll never be graced by this wonderful woman's beauty. This woman is the epitome of greatness, kindness, love, and respect. He in no way deserves such an amazing person with a heart that screams love from the highest rooftops. No, no he does not. That asshole deserves to be smothered into a pile of cow manure. Why? Because he treats her like shit and needs to know what that's like, right in his face. However, she knows she can't do that. One because Beca doesn't know where she's going to find manure or how to get it to the perfect place and two because it seems like Chloe actually loves this dumb idiot. But mostly for reason number one and maybe partly because Chloe might get mad at her for rubbing that asshole's face in a taste of his own medicine. Beca swears that woman is blind sometimes.

Beca is furiously mixing songs she knows will never go together. She shakes her head thinking how ironic this situation is. She's trying to let off steam from Chloe and that idiot Tom by mixing and she's using songs that seem like they'll never go together, kind of like her and Chloe. Sighing after that revelation, the brunette closes her laptop and climbs into her bed, placing her pillow directly onto her face and squeezing it down as hard as she can. What the hell are you even doing, Mitchell. Pull yourself together. She takes a deep breath and starts thinking about last night again.

Chloe came to her door with eyes that looked as though she'd been crying, makeup smudged giving her this oddly adorable raccoon look, and her arms folded over her chest with eyes focused on the floor.

"Hey Chlo, what's wrong?" Beca could already tell it had to do with Tom, but she asked anyways.

The red head sniffed and barely looked up at the brunette before plunging forward, shoving her face into her neck and started breathing short and heavy. The red heads arms wrapping around Beca's shoulders, her hands grabbing anything they can hold onto. Beca quickly wrapped her arms around the red head and sighed inaudibly. She started rocking the pair back and forth slightly, knowing the calming effect it has on the red head.

"Hey" She removed Chloe's head from her shoulder to look into her eyes. The red head looked at her with glossy eyes threatening to spill over any second. "Come on, let's go snuggle." The brunette pulled the girl towards the bed and settled them down under the covers. Once again, the red head burrowed her head into her neck as the sobs finally escaped her. Beca wrapped one arm around her waist protectively and the other stroking the red heads hair.

After a few minutes of consoling the red head and some internal debate, the brunette kissed the side of Chloe's head and whispered, "You can tell me anything and I'll always be here for anything you need, no matter what. You know that, right?" Instantly knowing she'll have to mop up more of Tom's dumb ass messes that will no doubt send Beca into an internal fury. But if she were being honest with herself, she knows she would do anything for Chloe anyways. She loves this girl, even if this girl seems to be in love with that asshole.

Chloe continued sobbing and nodded into Beca's neck. The brunette knew that the girl would talk about it whenever she was ready, so she did what does every time Chloe comes over crying. Only this time the song had a little more meaning to the brunette even though the red head had no idea. But it was one of Chloe's favorite songs at the moment, remembering when she belted it out during a car ride with just the two of them. The brunette closed her eyes and went for it, singing softly.

When life leaves you high and dry

I'll be at your door tonight

If you need help, if you need help.

I'll shut down the city lights,

I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe

To make you well, to make you well.

When enemies are at your door

I'll carry you away from war

If you need help, if you need help.

Your hope dangling by a string

I'll share in your suffering

To make you well, to make you well.

Give me reasons to believe

That you would do the same for me.

And I would do it for you, for you.

Baby, I'm not moving on

I love you long after you're gone.

For you, for you.

You would never sleep alone.

I love you long after you're gone

And long after you're gone, gone, gone.

When you fall like a statue

I'm gon' be there to catch you

Put you on your feet, you on your feet.

And if your well is empty

Not a thing will prevent me.

Tell me what you need, what do you need?

I surrender honestly.

You've always done the same for me.

So I would do it for you, for you.

Baby, I'm not moving on,

I love you long after you're gone.

For you, for you.

You would never sleep alone.

I love you long after you're gone

And long after you're gone, gone, gone.

As she started the next verse, Beca tightened her hold on the red head to hopefully send the message through to the other girl. The emotion became evident in her voice and her breath on Chloe's ear elicited a small shiver to escape from the red head.

You're my back bone.

You're my cornerstone.

You're my crutch when my legs stop moving.

You're my head start.

You're my rugged heart.

You're the pulse that I've always needed.

Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.

Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.

Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.

Like a drum my heart never stops beating...

For you, for you.

Baby, I'm not moving on.

I love you long after you're gone.

For you, for you.

You would never sleep alone.

I love you long after you're gone.

For you, for you.

Baby, I'm not moving on,

I love you long after you're gone.

For you, for you.

You would never sleep alone.

I love you long, long after you're gone.

Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.

Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.

Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.

Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you.

And long after you're gone, gone, gone.

I love you long after you're gone, gone, gone.

By the time she finished the song, Chloe had stopped crying and was holding the brunette tightly. Beca kissed the top of her head and mumbled, "No matter what."

Chloe smiled at the sincerity in her voice and started wondering what the brunette actually meant by the whole song. She mulled this over for a minute before she started thinking about how she's going to tell Beca what Tom did this time. Just a few weeks ago, the pair was in a similar position because of Tom and his stupid ways. That time the brunette was furious at the man, wanting to take a baseball bat to his head, which thankfully Chloe was able to deter the woman before she got thrown in jail again for a more serious crime. The red head feared that this time the brunette would actually lose it, so she had to tread carefully.

She's always gone to Aubrey with guy issues, but she knows her friend hates Tom and would stop at nothing to take him down, even if that meant involving the rest of the Bella's. She knew Beca was more independent and would try to take matters into her own hands rather than involve someone else so Chloe had a better chance of stopping her. That and the smaller girl has been more comforting lately since the blond has been under so much pressure.

The red head sighed and moved her head slightly to speak. "We were at a party and dancing with different people because that's what we do sometimes and it's no big deal. But tonight he took the girl he was dancing with to get another drink, I headed over to that area once the song was over to see if he wanted to dance. I found her pinning him against the wall and kissing him with his hands on her sides under her shirt. He hardly even looked up from her neck when I called him." The red head sniffed again and Beca tightened her grip, pulling her closer and frowning feeling her anger for the man rise in her and knowing where this story was headed.

Chloe took a breath and started again. "I went up to him and smacked him on the shoulder and that finally got his attention. We started fighting and it basically turned into a he has needs and I don't fulfill them. Calling me a big teasing prude because I won't do anything with him after dating over year." At this Beca balled her hands into fists and rolled her eyes at Tom's high and mighty attitude believing that he actually deserved anything from Chloe. Even a gold sticker, he doesn't even deserve a gold sticker. What he does deserve is a swift kick in the ass…

Beca quickly realized what the red head had said and pulled back from her a bit. "Wait, what?" The red head looked up, her eyes half lidded. "We haven't had sex, Beca. I don't just give it up to anyone, no matter what people say about me." The brunette gaped at her and started stuttering. "Uh... I...I mean...That's not what I meant! I guess I just figured since you've been dating a while, which now I realized was very stupid and presumptuous of me... Sorry." She looked at the red head with shamed and genuinely sorry eyes.

"It's ok. Everyone seems to think the same thing. I want to wait to make sure I have a good one before I do anything." The brunette softly smiled at this, secretly hoping she could be a good one for Chloe. She quickly came to the realization that Chloe hasn't been sticking with Tom and his dumb ass shit because he's good in bed or something stupid. No, she must really love this idiot. Shit, she's so screwed.

"Well whoever the good one is, they better be really special, because that's exactly what you are." Chloe smiled and nodded her head then snuggled back into the brunette's neck, soon drifting off to sleep after murmuring "Thanks Becs." The brunette really wanted to say more like I hope you're done with that prick for good, especially after he practically cheated on you. But of course things didn't seem to work out that way and she kept her mouth shut the rest of the night, her mind running circles around the situation till exhaustion finally overpowered all thinking.

Chloe left Beca's that morning with a big hug and the same sayings. "You're such a good friend. What would I do without you?" Each one being indubitably sincere and each one making Beca wish she could be more than just the good friend that's the shoulder to cry on.

She stopped her thoughts from last night and let out a big frustrated yell into her pillow as she pulled it closer to her face.

"You should just grow a better vagina and tell her you like her so she stops coming over here and crying over that stupid guy."

"Holy shit!" Beca exclaimed and unceremoniously fell off the bed.

Beca looked up from the floor at Kimmy Jin, who seemed to have a smug look on her face. Beca swore she wasn't in the room when she went to lie down and figured the girl must be a ninja. She decided to file that information away for future reference and not piss her off too much for fear of the darker haired girl silently killing her in her sleep.

"What the hell are you talking about Kimmy Jin? A better what? I don't… That doesn't even make sense…"

Kimmy Jin sighs, growing slightly impatient with the white girl. She secretly enjoys her a little bit as a roommate, but she'll never tell her that. Instead she decides she's going to help her stop being such a damn idiot and get the girl. "Yes it does. Vaginas are tough, balls are fragile, so why anyone would want to grow a pair of balls is beyond me. And you know exactly what I'm talking about, Beca. You need to go get the girl, she deserves someone better than that prick."

Beca gaped at the other woman not really sure what to say. This is probably the most Kimmy Jin has ever said to her in all of their interactions over the year combined.

"Beca stop looking at me like that. When I said she deserves someone better I meant you. Now, get your ass out there and tell her so she doesn't go back to him and you can stop moping around."

"But, but I don't think she… I mean she couldn't or doesn't… She wouldn't even." The brunette stuttered at the other woman, still shocked at what she had said. "Beca shut up! Do you not understand? Believe it or not that girl loves you even if she keeps running back to that sad excuse of a human. She may or may not even know it herself, but she needs to hear it from you. She's unsure about everything and you need to fight for her, even I can see that. NOW GO!"

The other woman's tone startled Beca and she quickly jumped to her feet, gathered all her things and went out the door. Kimmy Jin smiled once the door was closed and fist pumped the air. She laughed at her ridiculous action and muttered to herself, "well at least I'll have the room to myself for a few hours."

Beca started walking down the hall on a mission to find Chloe but slowed down realizing she had no idea what she would even say to her. She ran her fingers through her hair with a million thoughts running through her mind all at once. What the hell are you doing Beca? You can't just rush to her and start spewing anything that comes out. She'll probably shun for having the audacity to say anything so stupid. She sighed and stopped walking. She knew she couldn't go back to her room because Kimmy Jin would ask her what the hell she's doing back and probably force her out again. How did Kimmy Jin even know what was going on? Is she really that unobservant that she can't even keep her own emotions in check and one of the most emotionally vacant people can read her like a book? Shaking her head, she realizes that she should give Kimmy Jin more credit, the girl is a ninja after all.

Not wanting to rush into anything looking like an idiot, she decided to take a walk around campus to clear her head and figure everything out.

Should she even tell Chloe? Would that ruin everything? Does she even remotely like girls or Beca for that instance? Her head was swimming with questions and distracting her from where she was going, causing her to run into a solid object, nearly teetering it over.

"Oh shit!" She looked up into the wide eyes of Lilly who stood there with her half smile plastered on her face. "Oh man, I'm sorry Lilly! I got distracted and wasn't even paying attention to where I was going."

The other woman continued to stare at the brunette then slowly put her hand on the other woman's arm, causing her to flinch slightly at the unexpected contact. "It's okay, I kind of wanted to see who would be more likely to fall over if I was just to stand here while you walked. Physics, you know? You were coming at me with some exceptional force."

Beca just stared at her not really sure what she was going on about and surprised she was even talking loud enough to be heard. "You seemed really deep in thought though, what's going on?"

"I um… Well I was just thinking about how much of a dick my friends boyfriend is and how she always keeps going back to him."

"You mean Chloe, right?"

"Uhh, yeah… How'd you know?" Confusion clearly etched on the brunettes face. "Well for one thing, no offence, I know you don't have a ton of friends here and those with boyfriends are even less. Plus her boyfriend is the epitome of a dick. So it was easy."

"You think he's a dick too? I thought I was the only one and was going crazy."

"Everyone thinks he's a dick." Lilly leaned closer to Beca, still holding onto her arm and spoke even quieter with an odd smile on her face. "Want to strap him to a chair and test out the laws of gravity from the roof of the science building?"

"Uhhh I don't know about that one, Lilly." The brunette honestly thinks it's a bad idea, but at the same time thinks he totally deserves it.

"It can be into a pile of cow manure if that makes you feel better?" She winked at the brunette.

Beca's eyes grew wide and she gaped at the other girl. "Holy shit! How did you know about that?"

The other girl just smiled and cocked her head. "It's been something I've wanted to try for years. I think it would be interesting to see how the splatter radius of manure differs from other substances. This is purely scientifical research."

"Oh. Uhm well never mind then. Although to be honest, I'm not sure when that would be a practical application in the real world."

"It's not, but it would be fun. I think you're better for her by the way."

"Yeah it proba-you what?" Beca looked at the woman wide eyed. She's starting to wonder if it's some crazy Asian thing to figure out all her secrets or if she's just terrible at hiding them.

"I think you would be better for Chloe than that sad excuse of a human being." She said more forcefully.

"You talk to Kimmy Jin, don't you?

"Yeah, she wants you to get your head out of your ass." The Asian girl pulled her half smile and blinked a couple of times.

"My what? What?"

"Your head out of your ass. And by the looks of it she kicked you out to do just that, right? You should take her advice you know."

"Oh, I don't know about that…"

"You really should. If you're not though, you can help me find the projectile range of flaming durians when catapulted from the middle of the pond towards the grass. I made my own catapult and hid it under the water."

"That's… Nice… I think I'll pass this time though."

"Suit yourself. If you do change your mind, I plan on doing it early this afternoon when everyone is out enjoying the sun on the lawn."

Beca looked at Lily for a second before responding. "Uhh well alright. Just don't get yourself in trouble, okay?"

"I won't, there's a reason why I've only done one turn at county."

Beca shook her head and stifled a laugh. "Of course there is. Well I should get going, I have some uh..." Lilly interrupted, "Some ginger lady loving to think about?"

"Some what?" Beca gaped at the other girl.

"Fat Amy's words, not mine."

"Oh, of course. Well yeah, maybe. I don't know. Just don't tell anyone, alright?"

Lilly just smiled and finally took her hands off of the brunettes arm and walked away.

Beca furrowed her brows, looking at the ground, shook her head, and muttered, "What the hell was that?"

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The song used was Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Phillips