The saying "never judge a book by its cover" is long gone. Never ever judge a book by its contents if you haven't finished reading till the last page.


The Devil in Sheep's Clothing

He slid his huge hands forcefully in between the other's pale tighs. They were horrifyingly pale as if they belonged to the dead. But the kicking the legs made proved that they still were of the living.

"Little slut...look at the face you're making..." the voice was laboured with lust. Panting, wheezing into the pale skin of the boy before him. "Look...aren't you a sight?"

The boy struggled. He turned his face left and right. But the man's hand grabbed hold of his chin. He was forced to see the indecency of his body. How he buried the palms of his hands against the fullsized mirror just so he could maintain standing.

"You wanted this anyway...why acting coy now?"

The man, seemingly have become a carnivorous beast as he sunk his teeth into the boy's neck. Chewing on the flesh, nipping at the skin. Licking at the little drops of blood that emerged from the cut.

A muffled scream echoed into the observing walls. Everywhere the boy looked were mirrors. Mirrors reflecting himself spread eagled, bruised and broken.

"Tell me...who am I again?" the voice whispered. "My Hana-chan*...tell me..."

Dazed, out of his wits, the boy stared back at his face through the mirrors. His pale skin, flushed red on the cheeks. His fingers grazing the smooth surface, indecently pinkish. Like a drop of blood on a pure white snow.

His tears were very clear. They shone, sparkled under the dim lightings which just fired more shameless acts from the beast behind him.

"Hana-chan...say it..." his long calloused fingers traced the boy's stomach, crawling up to the trembling boy's collar bones. As like a spider would, his long fingers brushed the skin ever so lightly, making the boy under him squirm in nothing but utter belwilderness. "Hana-chan...I am losing my patience..."

He went higher, feeling the sweat under the boy's chin and touched the boy's half-open lips in agony.

"Come on now, Hana-chan must you defy me?"

"Ugh..." the boy's huge emerald eyes, that had the glint of dark grass in the dim shot wide. His tears just fell like jewels on his skin. He made a gurgling sound as the two of the man's fingers slipped into his mouth. He sounded like he would choke any minute as saliva dripped from the corners of his lips.

"Now Hana-chan...who am I?"

"M-...ter..." the boy panted, finally falling on his knees.

"Huh? I didn't hear you."


The man behind the boy turned him around like a top and forced him against the mirrors.

"Very well for your reward..."

The boy's eyes stared wide in horror at what his 'master' was holding. That pulsating, disgusting, bundle of flesh that always brought him disgrace, humiliation and pain. That ugly part of humanity that wanted dominating and torturing the weak. He stared at it with silent tears falling as he felt his left leg raised up high. He stared at it and cut all the things he could feel and see. He stared at it and welcomed that disgusting flesh into his body. And he started begging for more.

"Okay...let's not finish the show anymore..." a voice announced, pausing the event about to take place.

Everyone seemed to have stopped breathing in that spacious conference room. A shuffle of papers and forced coughing filled the area as the people inside didn't know where to throw their attention at.

"Alright everyone," the woman's voice was crisp and it boomed in all corners of the room as she turned on the lights and turned off the projectors. "I see that it turned this room really hot."

When the lights cleared the conference room and the people's brains inside it, the woman at the front gave them a sweeping glance. She was rather shorter than the rest in the room, but her intimidating aura made up for what she was lacking with height. Everyone patiently waited for what she had to say.

The room was basically empty. A long, oval cream-colored table in the middle took most of the space. It could sit 20 people but that time, there were only five people occupying the black, swivel chairs. All wearing nothing but black, they had their eyes at their woman chief, or at the folders in their hands alternatingly.

"That piece of shit..." one of the more veteran guys hissed as he started flicking his lighter on and off. "Bastard..."

The woman smiled an understanding smile before turning back to 'business' mode.

"Well as you all have seen, the pervert had taken videos of his hidious acts in HD with his sex slave, apparently his favorite," the woman started, switching the projectors on, showing a clip of pictures and the mastermind. Her red curls bouncing with her every move. "Prosecutor Nakano Hirota, 39, based in Nagano. Found dead three days ago."

"The bastard deserves a fucking more painful death than just being shot in the fucking head!" the oldest grimaced, slamming his fist on the table. "Sicko..."

"Hai hai...we all feel the same way about this case Mamoru-san but we need to be level headed," the woman replied moving on to the next slide of her presentation.

"Nakano seemed to have been dealing with a still unnamed underground organization. And information points out that he's been killed by this organization he was dealing with. Apparently there was a misunderstanding."

The men in black browsed into the outline of their agenda and frowned at what they've read. Baseless information just came swirling about that the leader of the organization that dealt with drugs and human trafficking was a high government official. And to shut the perverted Nakano up for he was getting more shut-up money, was finally silenced.

"So...this isn't exactly a case of a man, raping a boy. Just to be clear. Our mission, is to get our hands on the Big Boss."

The woman then panned the new face on the slide. A hollow face of a teenager who seemed to have been carrying the entire universe on his shoulders flashed before their eyes. He had huge, lifeless green eyes, busted swollen lips and pale, translucent skin which made the disgusting hickeys on his body more visible.

"'Hana-chan, as what Nakano called him. Real name, Takahashi Misaki, 19, orphaned at an early age, ended up in the wrong hands and found his misery in Nakano's arms. He probably knows something that some of our useless informants don't."

The second youngest in the team, with round eyeglasses that matched his clean cut hair cleared his throat, signalling that he wanted to say something.

"Chief Aikawa, what's the base of him being useful in this case? He could be a spy for all we know," he glanced fearfully at the man at the farthest side of the table. "What if what happened two years ago repeats itself?"

The woman turned on her heels and headed to the end of the oval table and sat on the edge of it.

"We also wanted to take that side as a possibility. But given Nakano's obsessiveness with him, the shit must have told the kid something. Or perhaps the kid might even be able to point out key player's faces," she drew a deep breath, about to say the biggest blow. "Whether he's a spy or a real victim, the information he holds is important. We kill him the moment he struggles."

Many disturbed faces glanced back at the face of the boy named Takahashi Misaki. Out of all the sex slaves that Nakano owned in his high end-security basement, it was only him who survived after Nakano had been killed. Whether he was left to survive or was just taken forgranted because he could already be mistaken as dead as well if he didn't move at all was still a question they couldn't find an answer.

But there was one sure thing. Takahashi Misaki was there when Nakano was shot.

"'s the crucial part..." the woman continued, throwing a sharp glance at the man sitting at the farthest side of the table. He had his face looking down on the table as if he was engrossed in reading the outline of their meeting. Eyes hidden by a pair of dark sunglasses as if he was blinded by the bright lights. But in truth he was already dozing off into a different world.

"Usami!" the woman called. "Agent U!"

When the man still didn't budge an inch, the woman chief gave an exasperated sigh. "Can someone wake up that sleepy head?"

The man suddenly raised a hand. "I'm awake and I'm listening."

"Tsk..." the woman frowned. This agent of hers always, always, seemed to be so uninterested with everything. He delivered results when asked to. But that sort of half-assed involvement with the unit was a pain. "You'll take Takahashi under your wing."

"Huh?" many surprised faces turned to look at the red head.

"Chief, isn't it best to put the kid in maximum protection?" the youngest offered.

"I've already thought about that. But the kid had been locked and kept in a basement he might as well be good as dead. Do you think he'd cooperate to the people trying to lock him up like his 'master' did? He is mentally unstable, as the medics were saying but who knows? There are geniuses who could fake insanity in numbers. So...we decided to make him your responsibility Usami."

With an annoyed grunt, Usami threw his folder in the middle of the table. "Why me?"

"Because you have experience in this kind of situation. What's there to ask about?" the woman answered, the others gave it more thought while nodding.

"Your mission in this is to make Takahashi talk. Be friendly, be chummy, whatever it is that you have to do to get information out of moment he acts suspicious, it's for you to decide to pull the trigger."

The oldest guy, his hair gray, his eyes jet black sighed pitifully. "That sounds like we are just also using the kid as a tool when I could feel he's just a poor victim..."

Chief Aikawa flicked her tongue and turned her back. These were the times she had to had an iron chest. "We maybe just using him. But in the long run, we'd save more lives."

Walking over to the sitting Usami, Aikawa then patted him on the shoulders.

"He's all yours."

Usami shrugged. "Shit."

The woman smiled a satisfied smile. "I'll take that as a 'yes'." She then turned to the rest and clapped her hands. "Okay, I'll send out everyone copies of the mission and your specific roles through the system. For now, DU Agents, dismissed."

DU, acronym for Delta Unified was a non-government organization that deals with high government officials using their power for underground dealings. What the normal police force and the army couldn't do, they finish. Ran by funds from a few anonymous billionaires who felt the need to do something about the hidden stink the government was hiding, they work in the shadows, eradicating the stain of the sparkling, clean picture the government was portraying.

It was easier to show a clean, organized government without blemish than to publicize their dirty works. And so, DU agents, comprised by only a few select were willing to stain their hands deep red, to fulfill the Organizations will; That was to eradicate crooked government officials acting clean in public by making it an accident.

It might sound like another bloodlusting group pretending to be heroes, but in truth, they were just a number of people who lost faith in what the local police force could do. Knowing that the police force had already been dominated by stinking government officials, using them for their benefits. More importantly, they didn't do normal procedures and they have their own ways of dealing with things. They were aiming for justice but they could also be beasts themselves.

Naturally, the public didn't know. They were enjoying high quality of living to notice hideous things from the government. What the many tolerated, the DU did not.

"Why did the Chief placed that task to Agent U?" the youngest agent of the Team 3 asked, glancing at the back of the silverhaired man who was the tallest in the team as he made his way to where the 'Hana-chan' was being kept. "And what did Agent Nowaki said about, repeating things two years ago means?"

" just joined the team a year ago," the oldest in the team, Mamoru-san, Agent M to everyone, mumbled as if reminiscing. He turned his back to go to a different location, the greenhorn following him earnestly. "I'll tell you something good, kiddo."

The old man placed a cigarette in between his lips without lighting it. It just bobbed up and down as he walked.

"Two years ago, there was a war between two Yakuza Groups. Let's call them Team A and Team B. Team A's Boss was chopped off senseless by a supposedly minion from Team B. That was why the war started. We got involved in it because one of the sponsors of Team A was a son of one of the Cabinet Members," he added carefully as he pressed the ground floor button, entering the elavator. "DU got an eyewitness, and that eyewitness, a very cuddly boy gave strong evidence on that. He was the one who pointed with his cute little finger that the son of Team B's boss killed the Boss of Team A. DU tried to stop the senseless stupid Yakuza war as it was being a pain in the neighborhood."

The young agent in the name of Sahada Rikou listened silently, absorbing everything.

"That eyewitness... Agent Usami was the one protecting him..." he trailed off.

"Did the eyewitness died or something because of Agent U?"

"No. Agent U and that boy were you know...flings. You probably already know his preference right?"

The young agent nodded uncomfortably. He already knew that though it didn't show, Agent Usami Akihiko was a man who had a thing for the same sex. They didn't hold it against him. He was a professional and didn't do unnecessary things and sexual preference didn't matter.

"Of course, Agent U would do anything to protect the little doll. Unfortunately, that eyewitness lied. He in truth belonged to Team A, one of those who really wanted to kill their own boss to have the next in line reign. He pointed another at the different Yakuza group to get away clean. It was a long, long cut it short, the eyewitness was a spy sent to redirect the flow of investigation. He betrayed DU and betrayed Agent U. Well after all the kid did, he was shot by his own Team members for he knew already so much. Case closed."

"But why Agent U, Mamoru-san?"

"If anyone here hates weak, fragile , broken looking people...that'd be him. He really liked that last eyewitness and it took him a couple of weeks to come back to work after the kid's betrayal and death. Do you think, he'd be the type who'd want to make the same mistakes again? This job is perfect for him because he made himself a heart of stone."

Usami had a blank face, more blank than the gray steel doors before him. He had a bank card in one hand for the kid's living expenses and his gun tucked away in the holster hiding under his dark-purplish leather jacket.

He stood perfectly still for a few seconds as the retina scanner did its job. And then the door opened with a sharp click.

When he entered, he was met by the white walls and a white bed. A deja vu brushing over his skin as he remembered himself meeting that fucking liar two years ago. The boy had black hair and piercing blue eyes. So innocent, so fear-streaken that he had the urge to protect him right away.

"But I was so stupid back then. Going around in circles for him and what did I get? A stab in the back..."

He looked around and finally, met eyes to eyes with another yet broken looking boy. The compassion he had long ago gone and he just stared at the glassy green eyes looking at him with distrust.

"You'll be living with me for the time being. The names U. I will be your personal bodyguard," Usami uttered in monotone. The word 'bodyguard' tasted sour in his lips as he was just going to observe the boy for any suspicious acts and get the information DU needed. "Any questions?"

The 'Hana-chan' in the perverted HD videos didn't make any expressions at all. He just raised both his hands towards Usami, wrists together. The oversized white gown that seemed for mental patients sliding off his pale shoulder, revealing bruising hickeys.

Usami eyed the boy for a few seconds with his sharp lavender eyes. In a downward gaze, Usami's orbs looked like that of a preying, guarded hawk's.

"Kiddo..." Usami started, forcing the hands down on the boy's lap in one swift push. "I am not going to handcuff you. Stand there and just follow me quietly."

The two walked silently. The long empty hallway lighted in a low, bluish tint casted calm, shadows of their forms as they walked. Usami looked behind him just to make sure. The boy walked like a fucking feline. Not a sound was made. His breathing couldn't even be heard. The man had a lingering thought that he'd be not surprised if the boy just suddenly disappeared.

Usami paused. One hand on his hip, he nodded at the brunet. "You walk ahead of me. I need you where I can see you."

Without any objection perhaps the way he was trained as a slave or perhaps he was just one good actor, the teen walked past Usami. Like a programmed robot, the youth walked where the hallway was going but stopped dead when he found himself standing before the elevator. He slowly walked backwards eyeing Usami with the eyes of a fearful kitten that was just taken away from its mother.

"God, stop looking at me like I am your master okay?" Usami hissed in a low voice as he pressed "20".

Instead of going down to get to the basement, they were going upwards. DU headquarters was located underground of a popular, shopping mall. A perfect hiding place and where agents could just easily mingle with other people and dissolve in the crowd like nothing.

As the numbers fastly changed one after another, Usami threw a sweeping glance at the boy from head to foot. The damned people in their medical team should have given the boy something more decent to wear. It wasn't because he was feeling any pity at the already pitiful look of the youth. It was more like, aside from getting too much attention, he didn't want to be looked at like he knew someone that looked demented.

"Listen, if you want to have a peaceful life with me, don't bother me. Stay out of my way," he started all of a sudden. "I hate loud and noisy people and most of all, I hate people making a fool of me so don't do anything foolish."

The boy just looked at his feet still in clinic sleepers.

"Hello?" Usami tapped the walls of the elevator with the back of his index finger. His silver ring as a charm clanking against the stainless surface. "Am I talking to air?"

"H-hai," came the reply so soft it was barely a breath.

"Fucking quit the sorry look..."

Leaving the boy inside his car seemed foolish. But he couldn't stand seeing the teen wear the white dress as if he just walked out of an orgy. So ordering the boy to duck low at the back seat of his car, Usami then set off buying heigene stuff for the brunette.

In the grocery, he stuffed his basket with a toothbrush. A soap, he didn't care if it was mild or strong, a shampoo, a towel, some boxers and pajamas and some clothes the boy could wear. It was a little annoying that with just one glance, he already could tell what sizes to buy.

"Milk..." he half grumbled, remembering their Chief Aikawa's strict order to keep the boy well fed. "She says kill him the moment he acts suspicious but was actually doting on him...women..."

As he was waiting for his turn at the counter, Usami glanced at the lollipops on one of the stands. The kind he used to buy for the darkhaired boy before. He hated every moment of what was happening. That grocery doing, that clothes buying, everything started like that as well with the boy who turned out to be a pretty liar two years ago.

"Not gonna make the same mistakes..."

Usami watched the polite girl swipe his items to the scanner. The device making a 'beep' that annoyed Usami for some reason. And as the number of his purchase increased, Usami looked at the carton of fresh milk he bought.

"I will not be shaken anymore."

Usami walked with the bags in one hand, eyes ahead. Without sweat he reached the silent parking lot.

"I've learned my lesson the hardway."

Pressing the buttons of his automatic car keys, the door unlocked on its own, giving a faint 'click'. Usami took a step looking down inside the tinted windows of his car. Despite it, he could still clearly see inside. That cowering feature not on the seat but on the carpet of his car. Takahashi Misaki literally did crouch like hiding behind the driver's seat. Usami fought the urge to give a sarcastic smile.

"Fragile-looking people can no way be trusted."

Usami opened the door and tossed the grocery items on the spacious back seat. Slamming the door shut, he then went to the driver's side on the right and went in, the car shaking a little due to his weight.

"Straighten up now, put your seatbelt on, we're leaving."

Clumsily, the sound of the buckle that wouldn't go to its slot filled the car for a few minutes. As annoying as hell, Usami just flicked his tongue and the boy at the back almost jumped out the window.

"Hurry it up!"


The heated Usami turned the car on and didn't wait for the boy to finish. Takahashi Misaki had no choice but to hold on to the fabric of the seat, fighting to fall or be out of balanced, as Usami drove like a mad driver.

"They will suck everything from you..."

"Don't just cling there like a monkey will you? Do your seatbelt."


"Yeah...until you run dry."

The moment they exited the parking lot and the morning sun glowed its glory all through out, the boy at the back seat stopped moving all at once. He just stared from the tinted windows. At the cars going into the opposite direction, students running late for class, the birds flying up in the sky, and the red and gold and brown the color of autumn painted in the surroundings. Misaki, so-called Hana, a word for flower, looked out the world outside as if he was just a meer onlooker.

The flat was brightly lit up, not from any artificial lightings but because Usami had forgotten to close the thick draperies of the window that ran from ceiling to floor. The chilly autumn air, the scent of the leaves gave his entire home a feeling of nature, even for just a little.

Throwing his jacket on the couch, Usami glanced back behind him. The new border, the second border to be exact was still on the doorway, not sure whether to move or not.

"Oi, move out of the Genkan will you?"

"Uhm..." the boy for the first time in a long while started. "S-sorry for intruding..."

Sighing aloud, Usami started taking out the contents of what he had bought on the dining table not far from his living room. The rustles of plastic filled the animosity he was giving off.

"You probably have been briefed of what DU is and all, correct?" Usami asked not looking at Misaki.

" Aikawa-san..."

Uncaringly, Usami threw the towels and the clothes at the other end of the table. With a bored face he then paid a look at the boy who averted his eyes right away.

"I am a writer by day, assassin at night. Everyone in DU has different profiles in the morning. I told you I am your bodyguard but let me tell you one thing. I wanted to know what you know about Nakano and who killed him. That's all. If you proved to be useful then great. But if you happen to be some stupid spy from somewhere, start thinking now."

Misaki just nodded.

"God you annoy me for some reason..." Usami uttered under his breath. "Here, go take these, you can use everything in this house. Camp up wherever you want, just don't disturb me. And go wash your stink."

For the first time, the boy threw a look at Usami dead in the eyes. His green eyes looked like he was going to cry any moment but the older man saw how he swallowed it down. After that pitiful glance, the teen just gave a slight nod. Slowly, as if he was afraid of being electrified by the clothes laid before him,he picked them up and turned his back. Scratching the back of his neck rather harshly.

Usami watched the boy from the corners of his eyes. He noticed the brunette tugging at his collar, sniffing it very faintly. He disappeared into one of the doors and Usami grabbed a chair and slumped in it.

"You stink..." the man repeated looking at the ceiling. "Why did I say that?"

He scratched his head and looked out the open windows. Takahashi Misaki didn't stink or anything. It just escaped his mouth for some reason and now, as much as he wanted to take it back, he couldn't. He was sure the boy took his words as 'you're dirty' in a different context. And probably the boy was already crying in the bathroom.

"Forget it..."

Usami knew more than anybody else that he was getting annoyed and angry with this Takahashi Misaki just because he didn't have the chance to be mad at the one who betrayed him. Completely unfair even for him, but the brunette was reminding him of everything that he wanted to forget from two years ago. He couldn't help himself. It's human nature.

"Done..." Usami exhaled, shutting his laptop off.

He had been too absorded with writing for a publishing company that when he looked at the small, glow in the dark clock sitting on top of his cluttered table, he cursed himself.

"11:40?" he stood and went out of his room. He was welcomed by a completely dark hallway. It was as if he was just the only one there like usual but he knew better.

"Takahashi?" Usami called as he pressed on the light switches. One by one they brightened the dim flat, sending a little pain in Usami's eyes that had been accustomed to the dark. " can answer you know?"

"I'm here."

"What the f-" Usami turned on his heels abruptly. The boy was standing behind him. Curse this kid's ability to move without the slightest sound, Usami thought he'd have a heart attack and an untimely death. "Can you...don't just pop like that?"


Exageratedly, Usami exhaled and started walking towards the home phone down stairs. As the silverhaired man was dialling for food delivery, he observed the boy walking slowly, wearing now the pajamas he brought. It fitted him fine,not lose and not too tight and for some reason, the boy was walking around in it as if feeling proud.

"Huh?" Usami almost shouted. "No delivery? What?"

Usami dialled another number for a sushi delivery, for a noodle delivery but for some reason, they were saying it'd take an hour or more. Usami never ordered for food delivery before since he didn't care not eating dinner. But the story was a little different at the moment. He didn't offer lunch and it was almost midnight and the boy didn't ask for anything.

Begrudingly, having no choice, Usame decided to fix themselves food. A porridge will do perhaps so that was what he did. He found himself a little surprised that the kid he was guarding was already at the door, looking at the cooking stove earnestly. Usami didn't even notice the teen's arrival.

"This isn't simply a trait you develop out of somewhere..." Usami thought as he stirred the boiling mess. "It's years of training to move like you're not there..."

Usami's suspicion that the kid wasn't just an ordinary witness became stronger.

Almost throwing the white bowls into place, they landed perfectly on the mats anyway. He poured the rice porridge on each bowls.

"You eat first," Usami ordered turning his back to make a phone call.

Misaki waited until Usami was gone before he meekly sat on the chair and took hold of his spoon.


Slowly, he scooped the contents and brought it to his lips which was still very hot. But he didn't care. It wasn't great hunger that was making him want to eat that bad. He was just wanting to finish it so bad he started getting teary.

"Yeah, make another background check to Takahashi Misaki. There must be something missing. Send it to my email. Thanks."

Usami sighed a deep one before walking towards the dining table. The boy was already coughing so bad that Usami raised a brow.

"No one's hurrying you to eat that," Usami grunted. "Wait for it to cool off, it's not like there's a time limit."

He noticed the boy's red eyes as he silently still ate the smoking hot porridge.

"Idiot...Do what you want."

Usami graciously sat at the other end of the table. He stirred his porridge a couple of times before he brought it to his mouth. And when he tasted it he dropped his spoon back in the bowl with a clank.

"Damn it...this sucks like hell..." Usami hissed at his own cooking. Angry instead of being embarassed, he looked at the other person across the table who seemed to be not at all bothered.

"Oi...stop eating it. It's too salty. Could very well cause food poisoning..." "Look you're already crying because it's too bad!"

The boy pushed his already empty bowl a little away from him. "Gochi...sou-sama..."

Usami disgustedly stirred the inedible porridge before him and raised a brow at the brunette wiping his face with his sleeves.

"Why are you crying for fuck's sake? No one forced you to eat that!"

"It's just...the first time someone cooked for really feel grateful."

Usami stopped stirring into the bowl and for a few seconds just eyed the brunette. He then looked at the empty bowl and remembered how awful it tasted. There was an odd feeling rushing over him.

"Go sleep. We'll talk tomorrow."

When the boy didn't move an inch from his chair, Usami, much calmer now looked at Misaki.

"I said you can sleep now..."

"Uhm...aren't you..." Misaki lowered his eyes at the empty bowl, as if unsure of what to say. "...aren't we...going to fuck?"

For a moment Usami thought he'd fall off from where he was. He laughed inspite of himself though it sounded forced. He pointed at Misaki with his spoon, almost couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Aren't we going to what?" Usami dragged with his tongue. "Hell no! What are you talking about!? God I'm going crazy!"

Misaki looked at Usami showing he was really serious. "I get to eat as a reward for fucking."

Usami stopped his forced chuckling, ticked at what he heard. Only the most twisted pervert could do that.

"No we're not. Go sleep."

chapter end notes:

hey everyone! i feel like it's been a while and my head is full of thoughts and i just have to release them one by one. rest assured that i am working on each and every of my stories...^^ but since i add a little's taking long...also...i missed writing in this kind of genre it goes...another series...ah but this is just going to be short. originally this should only have been a oneshot...but i dont think i can pull everything with just a one chapter story. i hope you give it a try and tell me your thoughts...

i may reply late because im a little busy..but i will DEFINITELY reply to all of you guys!

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*hana- a word for flower