The Devil in Sheep's Clothing

Two years ago...

It seemed like, ever since he was born, there wasn't anything, even just a single thing that has been right. From family to upbringing to opportunities, they all sucked.

Takahashi Misaki was still normal that time. He could say it because he still felt repulsion and anger and disgust clearly in the pits of his stomach. It would go up from his core to his throat and would explode out of his mouth. However, they were nothing but muffled sounds. If he cried out with voice not fit for a male, that'd be his end.

In this world, people thought 'all is well'. Well not for Misaki. Having left the rotting, close-minded town where he grew up, he was so eager to break free and start off a new life. No wonder, that this seventeen year-old kid was dazzled to work as a crew in a fast food restaurant. But a new offer came from one of the customers, recruiting him into a more fancyful, diner. It had a good pay, good housing facility and even allowances.

He was all still a naive kid for him to be suspicious of anything. He didn't even think that the offer was too good to be true.

An upscale restaurant outside, a disgusting business behind. How could there be humans involved in such things? Was there really a pleasure of dominating another. It wasn't even a case of woman or man. The world is a scary place...It was all too late before he realized it and he had been sucked in so deep for him to get out.

Misaki could only swallow the sting about working in a decent place because he was just being screwed instead. He was being paid but it didn't even land on his palms. Its got a good housing facility, as good as a prison.

How could one be born like that? Those things only happened in cheesy drama flicks and low budget movies. Maybe all were just a sign of a more trashy thing about to happen. So Takahashi Misaki wasn't really surprised, that after being freed from one sick man, he found himself chained into another. That time was worse.

Because the man who saved him from that hell was also his real downfall.

Everything was shaking. The surface under him was creaking. His body sliding up, down, up down, he couldn't even count. A cycle. Day or night didn't matter. How many times wasn't important.

"They said there is an expiration date...once we reach our twenties...we're off..."

Instead of the gross panting of the sleazy man on top of him, drilling his way between the boy's legs, what Misaki was entertaining was a conversation he overheard from his 'senpais'. Not like it was a school to begin with. They were all there sprawled on small tables, spread eagled or hanging. It simply was an orgy.

"...they'd set us free?"

"No. They'd dispose us."

Misaki glared at the dirty ceiling. He thought that it would really be better if there was just really an earthquake. Make the building collapse and have some metal pierce the pig on top of him. It didn't matter if he'd be skewed with it. Just end it all.

"Hey you."

There was a voice. It was calm sounding. If he could describe it, it was close to a lullaby even compared to the prevalent gruntings and pantings in that room. Such calm voice couldn't exist in that place that Misaki ignored it. He closed his eyes, feeling the pig inside him nearing his disgusting climax.


Misaki's tired, green eyes shot wide open. There was a person standing at the end of the table where his head was positioned. Looking up, he only saw a pair of eyes looking down on him.

"Fuck! Can't you see he's busy!" the pig hissed at the new comer, tightening his grip on Misaki's thighs. "You can use him once I'm done!"

"Oh..." the new comer said but he remained at where he was. "You. Are you having fun down there?"

It was a funny thing to ask. If he could laugh outloud, Misaki would do it. But he unconsiously bit his lip at the sensation of that rods pulsing that he didn't manage to do anything.

The man who was busy with Misaki hissed at the new comer, this time, really angry. "Fuck, I still have ten minutes remaining here okay? Go get lost brother!"

Having someone's flesh inside him, while there was another one looking at him with those deep eyes, he felt ashamed. A feeling Misaki haven't felt for such a long time.

"Do you want to get out of here?"

Misaki stared hard as he could to that man whose face was obscured by the shadows. Maybe he even was an angel or a hallucination created by Misaki's mind. Because those words were the words he had been wanting to hear for a long time. It would be too good to be true.

And because he wished for it, he couldn't help it. His vision blurred. And the man standing there turned into a shapeless dark figure. He couldn't remember how painful it was to cry. He had stopped crying too for a long while. So his eyes hurt, his throat hurt and his chest hurt like it'd burst.

"Do you want to?"

"God, man can't you wait? I'm almost th-agh..."

Feeling the sticky warmth exploding inside him, Misaki's teeth dug into his lower lip harder. He nodded pervently, vision impaired. He just nodded and nodded, wetting his hair as those tears he thought weren't possible streamed down his face.

"I see..."

The new comer shuffled his hand into the pocket of his cream colored coat. As he was doing it, he was as calm as ever, nearing to the man who just had his climax. "Hello, your ten minutes is over."


It was too late for the man to dodge it. He just stared at the silent bullet that plunged to his forehead, passing behind his skull. There wasn't even any blood. The man even had the time to give a shocked look at the tall guy who shot him. His wide bloodshot eyes full of accusations, though he couldn't say anymore his cussing.

"You look tired. You need a very long rest."

Misaki's eyes were wide in shock. He thought he'd suffocate. Shivers ran down his spine, when that hard object between his legs slipped out. And with an ugly thud, the man fell over the tiles where all sorts of bodily secretions created small pools. This time, the delayed blood oozing out of the sleazy man's head mixing in.


Everyone in that room fell into a deafening silence. And as if someone signalled a cue, screams, angry gruntings filled that sickly place as everyone scrambled, naked or not, out of that prison. Misaki on the other hand remained on his table, naked, sticky, and still out of what just happened.

"What, you planning to lay there forever?"

"He...he's dead..." Misaki whispered. "He's really..."

Walking over quietly to Misaki, the man tucked his gun away.

"How do you feel?"

The man shouldn't have asked. The guy fucking Misaki was on the floor dead. And Misaki was so damn happy about it.

"Well...what a mess this place is...and you stink."

Turning on his heal, the man walked away. He headed towards the door with his shoes clicking loudly. As if bells, mellow and beautiful in Misaki ears, it pulled Misaki up. Naked and bruised he left his table. With wobbly knees, he ran after the man like a dog.

The stench of the hallway was strong. It was dark and humid. Misaki just managed to grab a curtain from a window, draping it around his 'stinky' self.

When the back door of that establishment was pulled open, the sirens of police cars were already so near. Murmurings of people of what was going on in the air. It was crazy as an ambulance-looking van parked before the waiting darkhaired man. Perfectly on timing. Perfectly on the right spot.

The man went inside the car, the vehicle shaking a little from the additional weight. Misaki could see how the man made himself comfortable on his seat. Perhaps, a demon had possessed him. Or maybe he had really gone insane. But after the guy went in, Misaki got himself in the car too. Sitting beside the man he knew nothing about. Misaki just looked intensely at the black eyes that were now drilling a hole on his face.

"Boss?" the only person in the car, a hustler looking man muttered sounding unsure. He darted an oberving glance to the filthy boy using the rear view mirror and turned to his boss once more.

"," the man said as he removed his coat. With calm yet hurried motions, the man took a phone out, dialled something and in an instant, he was already busy talking away.

"I'm done. Make sure nothing comes out to the media about that place and that dead guy."

The man started pulling on his buttons too one by one, changing clothes and talking in the phone at the same time.

"I saw the back-ups...I told you sending them in police cars really looked good right?" and then he laughed like he was just playing a one, very interesting game.

How could he look so reliable yet dangerous at the same time should set the alarm in Misaki's head that what he was doing wasn't a good thing. He didn't even ponder on why this guy waltzed in that place, killed that sleazy guy on the spot just like that. So many questions, however, there he was, just watching the man like an idiot.

Thinking back, it wasn't how he was born poor, or how his family seemed to not care at all. It wasn't also even being raped for so many times in that 'fancy diner' that took all his reasoning away. When he entered that car, that was when the foundation of what was right and wrong really started to collapse around this teen.

For the man with the deepest black eyes Misaki had ever seen may not have invited him to come along, but the man certainly didn't tell Misaki off as well.

Misaki couldn't put a word on that force that pulled him into that car. He just followed his instincs. But to the starry-eyed, to the full-of-cherubs-running-inside-their-heads people and to the wishful thinkers, there's a name for that; Love at first sight. A very stupid and detrimental one.

"Hora, move!"

There was no explanation as to what he was supposed to do. Just as when Misaki thought he could finally rest a bit, he was dragged, all the way down into an endless stair. The boy thought he had already seen hell. He just realized what hell really looked like at the end of their steps.

"Uhm..." Misaki, dressed in stinking clothes too big for him stood in the middle of a large room. It looked like some sort of an arena where bulls fight. Equipments he usually could see in a gym were scattered around. Not having any idea of what was going on, he looked on worriedly. He searched for that guy who saved him. But he only saw topless men, wandering around, as if they were in training. The guy with the darkhair and black eyes was nowhere to be seen. "Wh-where..."

"Okay...everyone! We have a new toy here. Please take good care of him!"

The men looked at Misaki fiercely. And the living hell finally started.

"I can't anymore..." Misaki gritted, sniffing endlessly. "I can't anymore..."

His back hurt. His neck cramped. His short limbs totally without strenght. His everything was already drained.

"What 'you can't anymore'?" the man who appeared behind Misaki spat. "I don't know why a useless brat is here in the first place, but do your job!"

Helplessly, Misaki watched the tons of heavy clothing poured before him. His hands were already raw from scrubbing their shoes, from massaging their calloused backs, from washing clothes and cleaning that filthy dungeon of a place. Sleep was a far long dream, food, perhaps even an expired milk would be luxury.


Misaki couldn't help but compare this situation to where he was before. All he had to do was spread his legs before, there was atleast foods being served no matter how tasteless they were. Here in this new place, he was being worked worse than a slave. He was so tired beyond description. So tired, that he just stopped moving altogether.

The boy waited for that customary beating. But no one even paid attention to him. They didn't beat him. They didn't say anything and just left Misaki on the side of that place going on with their businessess.

"How long has it been since the last time I ate?"

Laying on his side, ear pressed against the dirt, there was no doubt that the men around him walked like bulls. The floor would shake, making a grumbling sound. And Misaki would just weep there on his own, contemplating how sorry a person he was.

"Where is he...?"

His wish was answered when finally, a stance he would never forget appeared. It was coming closer to him. Closer, closer, closer. Until Misaki could just gaze up crying. His savior, came. Finally.

The man, dressed in a suit stood regally before him. It took Misaki a couple of seconds to notice the spots of dark on that perfect suit. No doubt, clearly, they were blood.

"Move. You disgust me," were the first words of Misaki's savior. Heavy and it stung.



The men who stopped from their weight training and resistance training glanced over to where the one man they wouldn't dare piss was. They wiped their sweats away with their bare arms and shook their heads.

"He must be really pissed right now..."

"Yeah...he never even raised a voice when he was in the middle of a shoot out...and now..."

Misaki pushed his way up, sitting pitifully, wiping his face with his dirty hands. It just smudged more dirt onto his skin.



Abused physically before, abused verbally before, why then Misaki thought, this man's words hurt the most?

Misaki just shrunk into a dirty ball.

Running his bloody hand over his hair, the man bended one knee on the floor and glared at Misaki. He looked about ready to kill another fly.

"Did I tell you to follow me?" the man asked, in a very soft voice he appeared to be whispering a delicate matter. "You followed me all on your own."

"Why did you save me then?!"

The man smirked. And slowly burst out laughing exposing perfectly, aligned teeth. "Saved you? When did I?" narrowing his eyes into slits, the man gave an expression of a stone. "All I did was eliminate a trash."

A younger male stepped in. Wearing a high school uniform, he wrinkled his nose while looking at Misaki. "Oi Ijuuin, your car is ready."

"Wait there I'm still talking to this pathetic insect."

Misaki felt ashamed. He was so filthy compared to the new guy that came. He looked about almost the same age as him but he could talk so casually like that to this 'Ijuuin'.

"Listen here honey," Ijuuin started, grabbing Misaki's chin. "I hate the likes of you the most. Wimpy, whiney...are you a fucking girl?"

Ijuuin leaned closer, his breath smelled of chocolates surprisingly.

"You are the reason why you are so pathetic, do something about it. Easily tricked, easily used, what's inside that skull of yours? Are you expecting anyone to come rescue you this isn't a fairtale kiddo. If you don't stop acting like this, you're free to leave one's going to stop you..." Ijuuin traced his long fingers down on Misaki's exposed collar bone, grinning. "However, I am not saying you'll be getting out alive."

The entire time Misaki was looking into the man's eyes, all he felt was looking into a sea of devoidness. Eyes of a man without soul, he was the devil himself.

"I can't fight...physically I am lacking..." Misaki whispered. "I am not smart either...what...what should I do? I want to...stay..."

"Heh..." Ijuuin smiled. His fingers resting on Misaki's shoulders climbed up, tucking Misaki's hair away from his left ear. The boy wondered what the man was doing, but he could only hold his breath when the man spoke in his ear. "You're already doing it. Realize it on your own...useless punk."

"Ijuuin, what was that all about?"

"Nothing..." the man replied waiving a hand in the air, walking ahead the guy in a high school uniform. "That puppy is what I need."

"A puppy you're trying to grow out fangs so early with, huh?"

Ijuuin laughed, raising his arms behind his head. "You could tell?"

"Of course. Men naturally lowers their guard when presented with something weaker than them. And that's when they're most vulnerable."

"You really know me well, huh?"

"But...what are you gonna do?" Shizuku Ishi, a mysterious kid who seemed to be close yet distant asked, putting his pretty hands inside his pockets. "His face is already screaming, 'you're my savior I'd die for you'..."

"Isn't that to my advantage? I have him in an invisible leash and he'd keep running after me, trying to please me."

"What a cruel thing to say."

Both turned in to an elevator, riding into the moving device that smelled of rust.

"He could be smart and pretend dumb at the same time, it's going to be so natural. A kid who could blend, a kid who looked as harmless as a squirrel would be the downfall of the many. How laughable."

Ijuuin pulled open the door of his ambulance disguised van and turned back to the younger male. "Teach him all you know, Ishi. I just have this big project in the future and all the plans are laid, the main character is the only missing one and he's going to be very useful."

"Fine..." Ishi replied like he was half-hearted in doing it. "Ijuuin..." he suddenly called out. " better watch out for yourself. When your puppy runs around, you might get entangled with his leash..."

"Is this one of your visions?" Ijuuin asked with a hint of mockery, hopping in.

"No and I don't have visions, moron. It's what you call 'possibility'."

"You smart ass," Ijuuin grinned, slamming the car door shut.

Of all the time his car could run out of gas, it just have to happen when Usami Akihiko needed to reach his place fast. He had no idea when a problem could occur and fighting in a gasoline station wasn't all very advantageous.

" think I'd forget to check this dumb car before driving it..."

So as he tapped his fingers silently on the wheel, waiting for his tank to be full, he glanced at the rear view mirror. Misaki was as pale as the white scarf around his neck. Looking out the tinted windows blankly and silently.

"Are you okay?" Usami asked, out of obligation. "If you want to puke, just don't do it inside the car."

The boy just looked out, a slight, a very very faint smile on the boy's lips.


Misaki's green eyes were still planted outside as if in a daze. Suspicious, Usami followed where Misaki's gaze was. Usami scowled inwardly. His lavender eyes just met an ambulance near them taking gasoline as well. It looked like an old ambulance. There were a lot of scratches on its tinted windows but still well maintained. But would an ambulance be really that interesting to a teenager?

Out of habit, the silverhaired man looked at the ambulance through his peripheral vison. The vehicle started moving away, passing them and then disappearing into a turn. Misaki's pale face had grown a bit of color. The slightest pink on his cheeks was very obvious.

"Do you have a fever?"

"Ah...I don't..." the boy replied, raising the scarf to almost half of his face as if hiding. He had just remembered some parts of his past. He found comfort in it. "Thank you..."

Looking at that sudden liveliness in those green eyes that were just about as good as dead, Usami started pressing on the accelarator. Rolling a bit of the window down, he started lighting a cigarette. A couple more minutes and he heard someone coughing so hard. And when he glanced back, a teary eyed, pale teen seemed to be gasping for air.

"Shit..." he looked for the nearest ashtray he remembered he had around and stubbed it. Smoking was second nature to him, almost like breathing. He needed to keep his mouth busy when thinking. "Roll the windows halfway. You're such a handful..."

"I'm sorry..."

He grabbed some menthol candy from the car's compartment and grumpily tossed it inside his mouth. Aside from baby sitting, he couldn't even smoke for crap because of the kid. Annoying.

Misaki, on the other hand was really elated. He'd never forget that ambulance. Nor the silhoutte of the man behind the tinted windows.

DU was starting to tilt at a dangerous angle. Having to pursue a huge government official running an illegal business and worrying about the possible spy sent to infiltrate the organization's base was tearing their resources and force into half. Its focus all over the place. The catch was the green-eyed mice hasn't even started moving yet.

Driving, Usami Akihiko would glance every once in a while at his rear view mirror. At the tenth glance, a dozing Misaki was what he found. Head against the window, scarf on his lap, cheeks flushed. Usami decided to stop the car.

The man turned from his seat and reached for the boy's forehead. The temperature he felt was the opposite of his cold hand.

"Tsk," Akihiko let out a deep sigh. "Really a handful."

chapter end notes:

when shuusetsu was younger, she set a goal of memorizing a 572-page english dictionary as part of her studying the language (you know, to widen vocabulary and stuff). now she realized, that was a goal crazy to achieve considering her short attention span. (why memorize when you can carry it around!)

as of the moment, she's having a major busy time. but tries to type something even just a little once in a while.

hohohoh...i just felt like talking in 3rdperson point of view...felt strange...but gave me a different perspective...hmmmm WWWWW


-shuusetsu says...ganbarimashou!