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Chapter 54:

Reliable Family

Elijah waited by the door in yet another suit of his with his hands placed comfortably in his pockets, waiting for Klaus to come downstairs. It had been, what, ten minutes, and Klaus was only upstairs... "Always with the entrances, my brother," Elijah muttered to himself.

Finally he heard the footsteps of Klaus's leather shoes against the hard wood staircase. "Ah... Hello, my dear brother..."

Elijah just waited for his expected speech.

"And to what do I owe the pleasure of this abrupt meeting?" He asked with a wide smile, which became noticeably more obnoxious as he walked closer.

Elijah sighed. "What is it?"

He raised a wry brow. "Why, what ever do you mean, Elijah?" He baited, still with that cheshire cat-like smile.

Elijah gritted his teeth, taming his annoyance. "Niklaus—"

"'Sweet Caroline... Bah-Bad-ah! Good times never felt so good...'" Klaus sighed at his big brother; the eternal buzz-kill and down at his pocket.

Elijah's quizzical gaze fell upon Klaus's pant pocket as he fished it out.

"Caroline, I presume?"

Klaus took his time to smile arrogantly at him. "Yes, but don't be jealous. My ringtone for you is Beethoven's 5th symphony."

Elijah glared at him tiredly, wanting nothing more than to break his nose. Klaus clicked to answer the call and brought it to his ear after adding "Feel proud; my ringtone for Rebekah is the theme song from Jaws—Hello Caroline."

Elijah couldn't help but smile slightly at that. Klaus turned around and moved away a few metres for privacy, which he granted him. Elijah stared down at his phone, waiting for him to finish.

"...So how long will you be...? I suppose I'll see you later tonight, then?...Well, we could just... skip the dinner part of the evening..."

Elijah cocked his head with surprise, then everything clicked.

"Goodbye, love," he said before hanging up. He turned back around and smiled even more brightly than before. There was a pause as Klaus waited for Elijah to pry about him and Caroline—he was in the mood to brag.

Elijah sighed quietly. "Not that I care much about your endeavours, but one must wonder... How on Earth did you get Caroline to spend the night with you?"

Klaus raised an amused brow. "Why? Do you need some times, big brother?"

Elijah just looked at Klaus with an unimpressed expression. "Let's just get to the point at hand: Kol."

Immediately, Klaus's smile disappeared. He knew the subject would come up, but he also knew the seriousness of it, and wanted to just think about Caroline a little longer. "Must we spoil such a wonderful day with talk of our irksome brother?"

"Well since you're the one so desperate to resurrect him, I should say so." Elijah saw a flash of anger behind Klaus's eyes at the mentioning of the word 'desperate'.

Klaus forced a smile and gestured at the broken door. "Lovely of you to stop by again, but I really must be off," he said, striding to the door.

"The resurrection is to happen tonight, Niklaus," he said to him. Klaus stopped and slowly turned around with a glaring look that said 'I know'.

"It is a full moon," Elijah continued, "Almost everything we need is in place to contact the Bennet witch."

"Lola," Klaus corrected with another flash of anger. "That was her name."

Elijah frowned, surprised by his sudden care about respecting witches. "Very well. Like you said, for this ritual to work we need Lola, a full moon and the fourth element."

Klaus nodded along.

"Now I am assuming the third element for the resurrection is not beryllium, so what is it?"

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Now if I knew that, I wouldn't need Lola Bennet, now would I?"

"Where is Kol's necklace?"

"Caroline has it for safe keeping." Klaus told him matter-of-factly.

"And the cure?" Elijah asked. "What are we to do about that?"

Klaus cursed himself, rubbing his forehead with his hand. "Last I checked, Katerina had the cure. And now Rebekah has the cure..." Klaus looked up at Elijah with pursed lips. "In a way, this is all your fault."

"How so, Niklaus?"

"You, my annoying romantic sap of a brother, you, are the one who handed over the cure to Katerina."

Elijah gritted his teeth. "Had I known, the cure would bring back our brother without the rest of the dead, I might have reconsidered," Elijah retorted through his teeth with his voice raised. "But back to the issue at hand, Rebekah wants the cure still. And now she has Katherine, so do you have yet another dubious plan to retrieve it, or not?"

Klaus glared back at him. "I've been a tad preoccupied with my time," he sneered.

Elijah sighed tiredly, straightening up and fixing his jacket. "How do you suppose we find our notorious little sister?"

"I'm right here, you idiots," Rebekah snapped, suddenly in the door's frame. "And it's nice to hear how you talk about me when I'm not around."

"Believe me when I say that was being nice," Klaus said with that glib smile again.

"If you're looking for the cure, prepare to be disappointed," Rebekah said as she walked closer to them.

Klaus gritted his teeth and glared daggers at her. She scoffed and rolled her eyes at his expression. "Oh, please, Nik. I didn't take the cure—Katherine did."

It's like all the blood drained from his face with that piece of news. What was worse was the happiness he saw in Elijah's eyes.

"...Katerina took the cure?"

Rebekah raised a brow and pursed her lips in that way her brother did... One of the many things they had in common. "What happened to calling her Katherine?" Elijah didn't say anything, making her smirk. "Oh, sweet Elijah. Just because the bitch took the cure, doesn't make her any less of a bitch." Elijah stared at her like a disappointed father would, which she pretended didn't faze her.

"When you two are done, I'd like to discuss what we could do to fix this little problem."

Rebekah scoffed once again. "Am I the only one here with a brain?"

"If you were, you would know not to say that to the brother with a dagger by his bed," Klaus threatened.

Rebekah was so used to that, she didn't even flinch—just looked at her nails and twirled her hair.

"What is your point, Rebekah?" Elijah asked impatiently.

"I talked to an old friend today; all we need to do is drain her blood, I'm guessing into some million-year-old goblet, and thankfully kill her in the process." She took a moment to look at Elijah with a satisfied smile. "Is that going to be a problem for you, Elijah?"

"No. Of course not," he said sternly. Klaus stared at him intently, looking for any sign in his expression that said he was lying.

"Good," Klaus said, mostly to Elijah. Then he turned back to Rebekah. "Why are you helping us? If you drained her of blood, would you not become human?"

"For the same reasons you're helping, Nik," she snapped. "I love Kol just as much as you do," she said. Klaus saw a flash of something in her eyes, but he didn't know what it was. If it was honesty and love, then he would be okay, but what if he was wrong? If what he saw behind Rebekah's eyes was anything other than family loyalty, then what would that mean for Kol?

He looked back and forth from sibling to sibling with an uneasy feeling settling in his stomach. This was the part in his plans that he hated the most; emotion. If Elijah decided his love for the long gone Katerina was stronger than the love for his brother, he was screwed. And if Rebekah decided that her own selfish desire for becoming human was stronger than the love for her brother, then Klaus was screwed.

What were the chances that everything would work out well for him?