Warning: There is lemon in this story.

"Guess what?" said Sakura.

"Hm?" replied Hinata.

"I got a phone! Now clients can just call when they want me," she said with a smile, holding up her cheap, black flip phone in her hand for her friend to see. "And not only that, but thanks to this thing I got us both a man tonight!"

"M—Me too?"

"Yeah. Both of us. Don't worry, Hinata. If you can pop your cherry with this guy, then you'll be set for life. You'll finally be able to open up the option and get more pay."

Hinata looked nervously to the cement sidewalk floor beneath them, her arms wrapping around her frail form to help shield herself from the cold December air.

The two girls wore nothing but small, thin sweaters, midriff shirts, short skirts with fishnet stockings and heels. That was their only source for warmth. Sakura was used to years of many chilly nights, but Hinata was still fairly new to the streets. She wasn't yet accustomed to it.

"Don't worry about it," Sakura tried to assure her. "I was nervous my first time too. Just ask the client what he wants, give it to him, and you're done. The first time's always the hardest but you get used it afterward."

All Hinata could do was nod meekly in understanding.

Life on the streets was scarier than when she worked in a strip club.

This all began when a guy showed her how she could make quick cash. He was friendly, charming; she was lonely, abandoned. He was the one that brought her to the strip club—the way to make "easy" money. Despite her reluctance, she needed it. Without any money, she was homeless.

After she had joined the strip club, he disappeared. It seemed he got paid for bringing girls in. She never saw him again.

Now tied in the sinful world of lust, she tried to make the most of the situation she saw as her only option. Her job at first was a waitress, but when she was continuously asked for her services, the manager of the club promoted her to being a dancer. She learned to work the runway and the poles, and thankfully, she was allowed not to strip until she was nude. The other girls did that in her place.

Hinata grew accustomed to pole dancing, and she liked that she didn't have to be involved with men physically. If anyone were to try to force himself on her, a security guard would grab the man and kick him out of the club.

That's what happened one late night when she tried to leave work early. A man jumped her—tried to rip the clothes off her body—when a security guard spotted him and beat him to the ground. The man fled soon after.

That was only the first of multiple warnings for her to try a different trade. She knew she would have to give in eventually. Rent was increasing and the strip club refused to pay her more than she already received. Besides, physical relations earned more. And so, unwillingly she went.

Three years she had spent in a strip club. Now, she was a sex worker. Nudity, sexual promiscuity, she had grown accustomed to it all. She never wanted this kind of life. She hated it. But it just... happened.

It was hard when she first became a streetwalker, but she was sort of desensitized from having worked at a strip club. She never entered a car if a man wanted to penetrate her. Instead, she chose those who accepted only handjobs or oral. In time, she mastered them. Those who wanted to go all the way, she'd send to her friends—Sakura being one of them.

Unlike most streetwalkers, Sakura was nice enough to take Hinata under her wing and allow her to sell on her street. She had been in prostitution for too long already and so was knowledgeable of the trade. Despite coming upon dangerous situations with clients at times, she stayed on the streets because that was her only way of living.

After months and months of giving only minor jobs to clients, Sakura convinced Hinata to finally give in to what she would have to face eventually—actual sex.

"Where better than in a bed? This is actually perfect for you. My first was in a car, but I can tell you about that later," she said, walking Hinata to the condominium the two were scheduled to arrive at. When they reached the door, Sakura rang the doorbell. Then she turned to Hinata to give last minute encouragement. "Just take a deep breath and go for it. And don't be afraid to talk dirty. God knows they aren't," she said, rolling her eyes.

The door opened, revealing a tan, blonde man around their age. He smiled at the girls, eying them up and down before saying, "Perfect." Then he stepped back to allow them to enter. "Hey, Sasuke!" he yelled toward the stairs just past the entranceway.

The girls walked into the living room to their right and remained standing, waiting.

Footsteps descending could be heard before a handsome man with dark hair and pale features came into sight. "What is it, Naruto?" he said uninterested.

"Now we can celebrate!" said the blonde man, Naruto. His hands outstretched dramatically to lead Sasuke's attention to the girls' direction.

Sakura muttered under her breath to Hinata, "I call that one," as she stared directly at the tall man, Sasuke, who looked askance at them.

The man's dark eyes were intimidating to say the least as he turned back to Naruto, who came up beside him. "You got us prostitutes?" he said in a condescending tone.

"Remember when I said you really needed to get laid? Well? They're perfect!"

"…No." He turned to head back up the stairs.

Naruto caught his arm before his foot raised for the first step. "Come on! You've been a cranky bastard lately because you haven't been sleeping well. This'll definitely help you loosen up." Then he said in a singsong voice, "You know you want to."

Sasuke stood still for a moment. A brief silence surrounded the occupants in the room before he turned his head slightly and asked, "You paying?"

Sighing, he relented, "Fine. Yes. I'll pay to get you screwed."

"Now that that's settled," spoke up Sakura, her hands clasped together in front of her, "who's first?"

"I'll take you!" grinned the blonde, raising his hand in an overly energetic manner.

"Damn," she muttered, pursing her lips. Then she breathed in and stepped up to the man. "Pay me up front," she said with her open palm to him.

He dug in his jeans pocket and took out a brown wallet.

"Three hundred," she demanded.

"No discount for being in a nice, warm house as this?"


So he forked over three large bills and led the girl up the stairs to his room, leaving Hinata behind with Sasuke.

The aloof man gave her the once-over from across the room, then directed with his head to follow him.

Her hands fiddled in front of her as she submissively traipsed behind him up the stairs, turning left to enter through a door that led to his room. It was plain and smelled of lavender and spices, probably from cologne. A large, untouched bed was on one end and a desk cluttered with paperwork on the other.

She didn't realize she had stopped right in front of the doorway until she felt his hand push her further inside. When she turned around after, she saw him close the door. He then looked at her, catching her eyes only for an instant before she brought them to the ground. His eyes were dark and intense and she felt she could crumble beneath them. Maybe tonight was not the best night. Maybe she could leave.

Her head tilted back up to face him again when he proceeded to take off his shirt. All thoughts of leaving were washed away at the sight of his lean chest, something girls would drool over. Lips parted, she could not stop watching his body, attractive as it was.

He smirked at her stunned reaction. Leaning forward to force her eyes up to his own, his face was mere inches from hers, "Like what you see?"

This time she held his gaze for longer than a second. But then she felt a blush color her cheeks and she looked away to hide it. He leaned back, and then didn't move after that. She wondered why. Then it hit her—he was waiting for her to undress.

So she slowly took of her jacket first. That's when he moved again, throwing his shirt over to the chair beside his desk. It landed messily over the back.

When her jacket was off, she didn't know where to put it. Should she put it over his chair too? Or should she just place it on the carpet ground? She couldn't possibly place it on the bed because they were going to use it to—

"Just drop it," he told her, noticing her hesitancy.

She complied, and slowly bent down to drop it nicely. Then came the most embarrassing part. All she had on to cover herself was the midriff and skirt. If she took them off, she'd be exposed entirely.

His eyes weren't leaving her. Knowing that made it much harder for her to undress. Is she allowed to tell him to turn around? Can she request perhaps for no lights to be on?

"Are you really a prostitute?"

When she met his eyes, she could tell he meant it as a rhetorical question. He didn't care for the answer. But still, she nodded, "Yes."

He scrutinized her timid behavior, squinting. Then he realized—"It's your first time."

And she was caught. Her head tilted downward, her fingers together in front of her. She replied with a hesitant nod.

"You're a virgin?"

Another nod.

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. A prostitute who is still a virgin? Where did Naruto get this girl? "Leave then," he decided, seeing her reserved demeanor. She clearly didn't want to do this.

To that her eyes darted to his. He was serious. He was serious because he opened the door for her to exit. But—"I… I can't." When he remained silent, waiting for an explanation, she took a couple of baby steps backward, away from the door. "I have to."

"You can keep the money," he said, assuming she didn't want to leave for fear of losing her pay. Unexpectedly, she shook her head.

"No, that's not it," she tried explaining. "I… I have to…"

"Lose it?"

Biting her bottom lip, she nodded.

He closed the door, locked it, then walked up to her. Her eyes came up to the bottom of his neck. She didn't want to look any higher than that.

But he forced her to when he grabbed her chin and lifted it. "Don't cry when I fuck you."

His grip didn't allow her to nod. "Okay," she replied, her voice just above a whisper.

When he let her go, she took a step back and went down on her knees. If she were to start with something she already knew how to do, maybe that would build her confidence a little more and calm the nerves fluttering in her stomach. What will sex feel like? she contemplated, as her hands unfastened his belt buckle, undid his pants button, unzipped the zipper. People make connections with those they become one with. It was her job not to.

She pulled down his pants, then his boxers. After pushing her hair to one side and holding it, she moistened her lips with her tongue, then licked his member, fondled him, played with him, before covering his erection with her hot, wet mouth, sucking him. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her securely. She knew he liked it because she could feel him engorge inside her and his legs tremble with satisfaction.

Suddenly he yanked her off him. Pain stung for a moment as her head was forced back. Her eyes looked into his dark ones, waiting for his command.

He snapped his fingers and pointed in the direction of the bed. She complied, pushing herself up from the carpet and making her way over to the large bed that awaited them. The shuffling of clothes were heard behind her, then without warning, she felt a push against her back, flinging her on top of the bedcovers, her body bouncing once on impact, knocking her out of her shoes.

His forceful actions got her guard up, but she couldn't stop him. He was going to deal with her however he wanted and she simply had to make sure he didn't go too far. Is the other man like this to Sakura?

Turning her over so that she was on her back, he pinned her arms beside her head. From the corner of her eye, she could see he wasn't wearing anything below his waist. His eyes were staring into hers, but they looked far away. What was running through his mind? Dark eyes squinting slightly, his hands around her wrists tightened. He was recalling something. What bothered—or was bothering him?

Sometimes, Hinata observed the men she came across, piecing what their true character might be with any hint they gave through their demands, desires. This man in front of her, Sasuke, he was a little rough and his eyes reflected… irritation? Frustration? Not at her though. She could feel it… he was going to use her tonight.

Letting go of her wrist, he slipped one hand up her white midriff and squeezed her breast. It elicited a response from her, heat in her breath, her cheeks coloring lightly from his expectant eyes that took in her reaction. She hoped he couldn't feel her heart pounding in her chest. Her now free hand held the arm that played with her, his hand stroking then twisting the pink middle. It hurt a little, but aroused her all same.

Flipping the top over her curves, he slid it up her arms and off her. He then pulled down her black skirt and fishnet stockings, slithering her thin panties off as well. Her clothes were tossed away from them to the floor and she was left exposed and helplessly staring back at the man over her.

Nervously, she covered her breasts with her arms and closed her legs, bending them in front of her. Embarrassed by her bare body, it helped somewhat that he too was naked with her.

It wasn't appealing to her customers—she believed—for her to be shy about intercourse, unless they would ask for that. Normally though, they wanted the job done and she wasn't supposed to delay them. All she had to do was act her part, and every man she was with, she acted. This situation would be no different. Using this to harden her resolve, she relaxed her legs to hang over the edge of the bed and leaned up on her hands. He was waiting to see what she would do next.

Forcing herself to keep her gaze locked with his, she remembered to ask for something of vital importance. "C—Condom?" She mentally kicked herself for stuttering.

When he turned away to open the nightstand drawer beside the bed, she realized how hot her body was, especially between her legs. Was he feeling the same rise in temperature?

Hearing him grab something plastic, he came back to her and showed her the square wrapper between his fingers. Then he tore it open with his teeth and put the condom on.

She glanced down at him before looking into his eyes.

Harshly, unexpectedly, he pushed her down against the bed and forced her legs further apart so he could comfortably fit between them. Then he held her jaw and smashed his lips against her chapped ones. A spark surged from the connection of their lips despite the pressure, crawling down her spine, giving her goose bumps. His tongue traced her lips, lubricating them before taking her lower lip between his teeth, pulling out, then letting her go. As his lips trailed down her neck, he groped her breasts.

She had never kissed anyone on the lips before. She had never needed to. But after he initiated her first one ever, she wanted to try it again. He would help her test it out just like how she was testing out sex with him, but only if he allowed it.

When she felt him nip the space between her neck and shoulder, then above her collarbone, then above her breast, her hand gripped the covers beside her as the other took chunks of his hair between her fingers. He was letting out his frustrations on her body, marking her with every bite, uncomfortable as it was for her. If they weren't on unequal ground, she would've experimented with marking him back.

Pulling him off her by his hair, she brought his face closer to hers and eyed his lips before searching his eyes to see if she was stepping out of line. If he didn't want to, she couldn't force him. But he gazed back at her with intent. He knew what she wanted, and he wasn't going to stop her.

Just take a deep breath and go for it.

Chest tight, face flushed, she licked her dry lips and then kissed him.

He felt her hesitant strength and met her back with deeper force.

After a moment of pushing against each other, she pulled back for a moment to grab her breath through her mouth. He used the opportunity to slip his tongue inside. A small moan escaped her at the sudden sensation, her eyes flickering open for a moment after realizing it came from her. Then they closed shut again when he didn't stop their play. It was awkward because she was so inexperienced. She let him take the lead and tried following him.

He tasted of cigarettes and she liked it. Sweat matted his bangs as she held his face in her hands. Their exchange made her heart pound, his tongue expertly wrestling hers, evoking pleasure noises from her. Rough as he was, he was using her to her full potential. It made her feel needed, useful, good.

He could feel she was a beginner in the art of kissing as well. It wasn't even something they had to do. It wasn't necessary. All she was paid for was to have sex with him. Nevertheless, he didn't stop her. If this was their foreplay then so be it.

When he let her go so they could catch their breath, she placed her palms on his burning chest and lightly pushed him off. He watched her as she wet her palm with her tongue and reached for him. His hands pushed against the bed, fingers curled in the bedcover as his back arched slightly. She was making sure his erection was still there, nice and hard. It made him want her all the more.

Raising her legs over her chest, he pushed two fingers inside her and fingered her clit, garnering juices to lubricate her opening. Her face was flushed from the sensation. As he brought a hand down to direct his member toward her tight, wet slit, he teased her with light strokes of his head around her outer edges. Her body felt hot, tingly, expectant.

Leaning closer to her, he said in a deep, chilling voice, "There's no turning back."

Don't be afraid to talk dirty, she suddenly was reminded. This must be the sort of time to do so. What was his name again? Oh, it was—"S— Sasuke." Her breathy voice revealed her desire without meaning to.

His hand reached to hold her jaw as he brought his face over hers. "Say that again," he commanded seductively.

"Sasuke." Her hands flattened against his sweaty, attractive chest before sliding up smoothly to wrap around the back of his neck. With lust laced in her words, a feeling so overwhelming, she implored, "Please. Give it—to me."

Her wish was his command.

She tensed as she felt him slowly making his way up in her tight cavern. His movements were gentle at first. As her heat engulfed him, she heard him groan. Gradually, he increased his speed, moving harder with slight circular motions, back and forth. With every thrust he gave her, she braced the discomfort. When he hit the deepest he could, he seized and held, and it felt as if electricity raced through every part of her body. Convulsing in pure pleasure overshadowed the pain for the most blissful instant, and it showed in the moan that escaped her lips. It was so good, that feeling, it was the perfect drug.

All the noise that was left in the room now was their heavy breathing.

Immediately after the high came a low. A mix of feelings ran through her, topped by accomplishment and the craving for more of him. The latter she ignored. He was simply handsome, that's it. It's all she believed she felt. And anyway, if a customer wanted it, she would deliver the same thing she did tonight. That same high wouldn't be deprived from her just because it wasn't with him.

A thought crossed her mind. Do lovers feel this way afterward? Like they reached the top of the world? Maybe, if she were doing this with someone she loved, every encounter would be exciting. As pleasant as the idea was, she refused to dwell on it for long, knowing it would make her sad because she would never be in a stable relationship. It wasn't something she could have.

Despite her initial nerves, the passionate night was mostly pleasurable for the both of them, and in the end, she felt more secure in this field. Because she wanted to get used to the feeling of a man inside her until it wasn't uncomfortable anymore, Hinata continued the dance with him—in various positions, some more painful or more unpleasant than others—until she could no longer do so. He held no complaints.

This shy little prostitute had such smooth skin and a curvaceous figure, despite her thin frame. Sasuke wondered how she was able to keep it away from men for so long. And hell, she may be new to sex, but she sure caught on quickly. Moreover, she knew how to work her hands and mouth on a man. Her skills were compelling.

This lustful transaction ran much longer than she should have allowed and took a lot of energy that she didn't realize it needed. So much so in fact, that when the two were done for the night, after falling atop the pillows on the bed to cease their heavy breathing and calm their sweaty bodies, Hinata ended up drifting off to dreamland.

He himself had pulled out a cigarette and took a drag of it, not realizing she was asleep until he noticed no movement when he told her she could leave. Her body was curled on its side, relaxed and tranquil.

What made this girl lose her purity and become a prostitute? Before she had encountered him, there was still some innocence left in her. He almost didn't want to mess with it at first, but she had asked for this so he was only fulfilling her wish. Once the two had come together, he had seen it disappear from her eyes.

Bringing the cigarette to his lips, he studied the small girl carefully. She breathed evenly, sweat and saliva sheening her body, her chest rising and falling in constant rhythm. Her facial features expressed serenity—like that of a doll. Her lips were rosier than normal, having been bruised by him earlier in their night. Anyone would've found her beautiful even in her disheveled state, with her hair and bangs strewn in various directions, long strands sticking around her face like a frame.

The clean slate of her milky skin was too perfect. Was too perfect. He had marked various spots on her body with his bites or hickeys. They satisfied him, the color he painted.

His eyelids felt heavy suddenly, drowsiness hitting its highest within him. She did her job and successfully managed to drain all of his energy. It guaranteed him a good night's rest, something he hadn't had in a long time.

For some years now, recurring nightmares plagued his nights now and again. It was why he dreaded sleep. Each time it happened, he awoke in longstanding frustration and with tense muscles. But, something felt different this time.

Because of that, he welcomed darkness and hoped for nothing else.

To Be Continued


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