Elijah gasped when Katherine gripped his crotch. She was hardly gentle about it, but nothing about her at that moment was very gentle. Smiling, she drew another raspy grunt from the man below when she eased her attack long enough for him to regain his speech.

"We need to –"

Every suspicion Elijah had about the renowned vampire evaporated when she gripped his bulge.

"Shush," she whispered.

Elijah found himself unwilling to resist the woman roughly unzipping his pants. She quickly coaxed his growing erection out before spitting in her palm and clasping it firmly. The skin-on-skin contact rendered him verbally impotent until a long, strong jerk drove his hips forward.

Elijah's cry reverberated beyond the cab scaring several birds nearby.

Katherine recaptured Elijah's mouth mid-groan, deepening her exploration as she tenderly stroked his cock. It was exhilarating to hold him in her hand, to feel him shudder and twitch beneath her. He was helpless – completely hers. Not bad for the woman he callously compelled to 'stay put' in a smelly old tomb during their first encounter. Of course, this wasn't about sweet revenge. She wanted him. Maybe it was his softness – his acceptance of her life since they parted; maybe it was an opportunity to strengthen their alliance, or maybe it was something else. She didn't know, not yet – but whatever the reason, she wanted him. She wanted to master him – to control him and for now, he was hers. The noble vampire was positively taken in. With any luck, he would be positively smitten afterwards.

Elijah groaned into Katherine's mouth.

"Faster?" she said, hovering over his lips.

Half-lidded, the Original held her gaze pleadingly.

"Yes," he said in a broken murmur.

Katherine swooped down and resumed her oral assault, buffering the sound of his sobs as she fisted him with vampire-like speed.

Elijah closed his eyes and clutched the seat, accidentally tearing the upholstery between grasps. Had he the presence of mind too, he might have reached out for the woman beating his erection, but her fervor already had him skating over a thin layer of sanity. If he deviated, even just a little, he would spill into his own lap, ending the experience too soon.

Elijah's sex-induced fog did little to irrigate the memories of their centuries-long association. Every smile, every laugh, and every misdeed floated in his mind like flakes of ash from a dying fire. Although he was too incoherent to think it aloud, he distantly knew their relationship was about to change.

Katherine tore herself from the kiss and looked down. Elijah's gaping mouth remained slack; forming only a shapeless 'ah' as she rapidly jerked his swollen member. A series of unintelligible phrases flowed from his lips; every syllable marred from the expanding vibration. Even his lids pulsated. Katherine bit her lip and turned her attention down his fit torso. Sighing, she slowed down long enough to admire the flesh in her palm. His pale, purplish-veined shaft and rose-colored head contrasted her skin nicely.

Sighing, Elijah gently drove his length into her hand.

"Don't stop," he swallowed.

Elijah was unaware that his bearer had retreated. It wasn't until he felt a warm hollow engulf him whole that his eyes flung open. Hissing, he snapped downward, carefully gripping the bobbing woman in his lap. She had taken him fast and deep, using her fingers to guide her. With a jagged groan, the vampire steadied her head and pumped, abandoning whatever notions he held about propriety. He simply didn't care and neither did woman sucking him noisily. The wetness along with her teasing moans forced a shudder from the man watching.

Thrusting, Elijah eagerly met Katherine's bobs with a series of shallow grunts.

"Faster …" he growled, loosening his grip.

A small thrill filled Katherine as she slowly tongued his length.

"Faster?" she teasingly asked, tracing the head along the flat of her tongue.

Quivering, Elijah's lips pursed. Her technique was jaw dropping.

'Yes,' he hoarsely worded.

Katherine eased down his shaft until her lips could go no further. Only an inch of flesh remained, drawing a heated hiss from the man anxious for her to take it all. Her eyes sprang open when an unexpected thrust forced the last inch down her throat. Breathing heavily, the vampire mindlessly pressed down, drawing several ear-pleasing gags from the woman. Groaning, Elijah delighted in the domination while allowing only the tiniest of breaths between motions. Katherine happily submitted until the moment came when it was time to retake control. After breaking free, she recaptured his flesh and sped up, taking him so quickly that her face and head became a dizzy blur.

Elijah held his cry to a mute, but epic gasp as he violently clutched the door and braced the steering wheel.

"I can't…" he sputtered, paralyzed by the feel of her wet mouth and breathy moans. "…please"

Katherine ignored the warning and continued, alternating between deep and shallow gulps. She knew this would bring him to climax sooner than he wanted, but the satisfaction that followed would more than make up for any loss of dignity. Katherine silently congratulated herself when the cock in her mouth twitched. Right then, the vehicle stopped moving, following the first of many spurts and cries that filled her mouth and ears pleasingly.

Elijah observed the woman reapplying her lipstick from the corner of his eye. They had barely spoken two words since leaving the park, but his mind ran wild with little else. He was consumed with guilt and confusion over what had happened. Katherine wasn't some drunken fling or one-night stand. She was Katerina – his Katerina. Of course, it was Katherine – not Katerina, that brought him to climax in a manner befitting a professional, but underneath that temptress was his Katerina.

"Katherine," he awkwardly began, drawing a smile from the woman painting her face. "About what happened ..."

Katherine honed in on the vampire's intention and interrupted.

"Please don't, Elijah. We did nothing wrong! Nothing happened that we didn't want to happen. You liked it. I know you liked it," she winked. "So don't start with the apologies, okay?"

Frustrated, the Original propped his arm on the broken doorframe and rubbed his temple. Although he wasn't concerned about the damage it or the upholstery, the rental company would undoubtedly have questions. Even he had questions, starting with Katherine's motives. He wanted to believe that what happened was possibly the result of some dormant feeling she held for him, but the vampire inside; the same vampire who longed to know her whereabouts for 500 years said otherwise.

"How much further?" she asked.

Elijah cleared his throat and sat up.

"We're almost there," he answered, still focused on the tornado of thoughts in his mind.

Katherine sensed the vampire's confusion, but she had no desire to ease his moral conflict. Obviously, he was trying to come to terms with being with a woman he had come to despise. He was probably asking himself whether he could trust her and whether or not getting into his trousers was some kind of ploy. She was confident that he wanted her; probably more than he realized, but Elijah was a man in-love with the idea of courtly affection and honor. Okay, maybe he wasn't that bad, but a nice-nasty blowjob was probably a bit much for their first time.

In truth, she found his uneasiness a bit charming. His awkwardness was reminiscent of boy that had just lost his cherry to a high school crush. He probably didn't know how to feel, but she was betting he'd come around soon enough.

'And when you do, you'll come again,' she thought, smiling to herself.

The pair soon arrived at a small home with a barn, several chicken coups, and two pig fences out front. A few bales of hay stacked alongside an old gate marked the entrance. The house itself was tasteful enough, but the mud driveway that led up to it reeked of manure and slop.

"Is that it?" asked Katherine, pinching her nose disapprovingly.

"Yes," Elijah replied. "Just remember, you insisted on being here! Can I trust you to behave?"

Smiling, Katherine folded her hands in a pray-like pose and batted her lashes meaningfully.

"Or you can sit in the car," he suggested.

"Forget it, I'm coming with you," she told him. "I'm just a little worried that I'll step in something, that's all. What are you doing associating with a pig farmer anyway? You're an Original! Don't you know anyone cleaner?"

Elijah pulled up to the house and turned off the engine. Amused, he quickly dismissed Katherine's sudden concern for his reputation as little more than snobbery. Caleb was a simple warlock, but a knowledgeable one. Jonas often relied on him for information. He always said that Witch Legend was Caleb's specialty.

"I trust him. He is also the cousin of my former aid, Jonas. As for being a pig farmer, he's not. He just prefers the company of animals to people. Anymore questions?"

Katherine shook her head and opened the door.

"Oh, god!" she gagged.