Since Dylan knows he's Jason, from now on I'll just write Jason.

Chapter 17

Everyone was still in shock. They all think it might be a dream. Robin knows that Jason might not be ready to begin explaining. So she decides to start first.

-So I didn't die in the explosion because I was switched before anything could happen to me. They put a dead woman's corpse in there and put my ring on her finger. It was their plan all along. They brought me to a psychiatric facility in Switzerland and kept me there for awhile.

-Robin, your dad and I went there. Oh, you were there when we went there weren't you? Your dad found you?

-Yes, he did. But, unfortunately, I don't have a clue how, Dr Obrecht overpowered him and you know the rest. That's when she brought me to a laboratory in Cassadine Island where I had to find a cure to help Jerry out. How's dad doing? Is he alive and well?

Patrick, meanwhile holds Robin's hand and hugs her to give her strength. It's all Robin needs to be able to get through all these explanations.

-He's still in a coma. But he's doing much better than before. I should have fought harder to find you there. We found the real Duke but not you.

-It's okay mom. They did everything to make sure you wouldn't doubt me being alive.

-I'm happy you're good and alive cousin. I missed you so much. I'm so sorry for being the reason you were there in the first place.

-Maxie, Don't ever say that again. Didn't you hear? It was their plan all along. If I weren't there then I'd be kidnapped another way. Please, stop blaming yourself. Or else, if it makes you feel better, I forgive you. Where's baby Georgie?

-Thanks. It might take time to forgive myself. My daughter was too tired. She's at home with Mac and mom.

-Did you get a check up?

-Patrick cut in.

-Yes, Anna. I made sure she got one done. The results came back Nothing is wrong with her. I thank God everyday that she was lucky and that Jerry gave her the right medicines.

-How did you escape, Robin? I'm so happy to see you alive.

-Thanks mom. Well they brought Sam there and tied up her hands. We made a plan, mainly Sam, and I helped her to get free. We fought our way though and took their car.

Sam sees that all these explanations was tiring her out, she decides to cut in.

-We got to the airport of New York and there wasn't any car to rent. The last one was rented by Jason here. He thought he was Dylan. He was nice enough to offer us a ride to Port Charles. It was his destination.

-I couldn't leave two woman stranded in an airport. Plus, we were headed to the same place.

-It's exactly what my Jason, you, would do.

-I guess I just don't remember but my heart hasn't changed at all. I should let you know that I remember almost nothing about my past life. I only saw Sam in my dreams once. I also know some of what she told me these 2-3 days that I was reintroduced to her.

-Jason, please don't listen to a thing that she said. I'm sure she tried to put you against me. We've known each other a lot longer than you too. You helped me so much. We even had a son together. We've been through so much and have a connection. We got even more closer together towards the end. We even kissed on your birthday. Please forget everything she said and we can get back together again.

Jason had enough of listening to this delusional woman.

-I'm guessing you're Elizabeth. Sam told me about you and I. You know the odd thing is that I feel something towards Sam but nothing towards you. If we were as close towards the end as you say we are, then why are my feelings for Sam so much stronger? I can't believe I lied to Sam for you. If you were as good as a friend, then you would be supporting my decisions. You shouldn't have had told me only bad things about my wife, hmm Sam. Until you learn more about respecting others, I want you to stay away from my family and me. I'll let you know when you do change.

-Ugh. What have you done to him Sam? I don't recognize him anymore. This must be all your plan from the start. You probably did something to her to forget all about us just so you can make him depend on you only.

-What do you mean? I hid him somewhere far away from my family, his son just to make him forget all of you? Don't be upset just because he saw the real you. Anyways, why are you getting upset, don't you have AJ back at home? Or did he also see the real person that you are?

-I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving since none of you want me back. Hi Robin I'm glad you're alive.

Liz leaves the place with a huff.

-Wow. I love this no memory Jason so much. I never thought I'd see a day where my best friend would see that Elizabeth is a liar. And not only that but also tell her off. I'm glad you're alive Jason. For now, I promise to try to give you some space but it might be hard. Welcome home.

-You must be Carly, my best-friend. Luckily, last night Sam showed me pictures of all of you. That way, I'd be prepared to know who you are.

-Jason, my son, I'm so glad to see you're alive. I couldn't believe I had lost my son. Welcome home and I'm sure that your son and wife missed you.

-I'm slowly trying to get to know them more. If I had known sooner I had people waiting here for me, I wouldn't have spent time in Genoa City. A place that brought me so many heartbreaks. I just don't know why I thought I was Dylan.

-My son, it'll take time but you'll slowly get your memory back. Then you'll understand what happened and get to your normal life. For right now, forget about the past and just live with your future. That's all you can do. Or else, you'll regret not using your chance of happiness.

-Thanks. I'll follow your advice.

-Stone Cold, I'm so glad to see you're alive. I missed you.

They continue to talk and celebrate. They were all reunited and happy. Later in the evening, they all head home for the night.

-Robin, how are you feeling?

-Great. I'm so happy to see them all again. Is Emma asleep?

-Yes, she is. You will continue to live that way. As long as I shall live, I'll make sure that I never see a single tear in your eyes.

-You can never promise me that. Maybe you will never upset me but others just might.

-I promise that whoever hurt you, will never try again.

-I just wish I knew you else was responsible for all this.

-We will soon. I love you and will continue to do so, as long as we're both alive.

-I will always love you too.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jason with Danny headed to the PH.

-Well, we're home.

-Yes we are. I will try my best to remember everything.

-Don't rush it. Just like your mom said, live in the moment.

-I will

-I should probably bring Danny up to his room. Goodnight.

-Goodnight Sam.

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