The Return

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Jacob lay next to Bella on their bed, he was leaning up on his elbow and caressing her rounded belly. She was nearly nine months pregnant and on the verge of giving birth. He smiled as he felt the ripples under her skin of the baby moving slightly. "He's got a lot of energy." He said to Bella.

Bella opened one eye and yawned. "He sure has. I can't wait until I give birth. I'm tired of being fat." She complained.

"You're not fat, honey. You look beautiful." Jacob assured her as he placed a kiss on her willing lips.

"Jake, since I moved in here three years ago I have been pregnant every year. That's three years of being fat. I can't remember the last time I saw my feet."

Jacob stroked the top of her head, a happy grin on his face. "This will be the last I'm sure."

Bella rolled her eyes. "You said that last time. I just got back into shape and duh." She pointed at her belly.

"You love it really." Jacob laid down beside her and looked into her eyes.

Bella gave him a wry smile. "I do, I wouldn't be without our boys, but this is definitely the last. I don't know how it keeps happening, I've tried the pill but it doesn't seem very effective."

"You're married to a spirit wolf honey, we have strong genes." Jacob said proudly.

Bella groaned as the baby gave her quite a kick. "Hey," she touched the spot where he had kicked. "Give mommy a break baby."

Jacob placed his hand over hers and the baby seemed to calm down at his touch. Bella sighed with relief. "Peace." She murmured, her eyes closing.

No sooner had she said that then the sound of crying from the nursery made her eyes shoot open. "No, not already, it's only five in the morning."

"Relax, I'll see to them." Jacob leapt easily out of bed, giving Bella a quick kiss before leaving the room.

Jacob strolled down the hallway until he reached the nursery, he pushed the door open slightly and peered in. Two year old Jack was sitting up in his bed rubbing at his eyes while his 11 month old brother, Ryan, was standing up in his cot crying, his face scrunched up as he tried to get someone's attention. Jacob slipped into the room and motioned for Jack to lay back down. He gave his dad a cheeky smile and pulled the duvet up to his chin, closing his eyes again. Jacob picked Ryan up and took him out of the room so Jack could sleep.

"Now what's all the fuss about, Ryan?" Jacob asked him as he carried him into the living room.

Ryan had stopped crying as soon as Jacob had picked him up and was now beaming at him. He gurgled words that Jacob couldn't understand and batted him on the nose with his little fingers. "Are you hungry?" Jacob asked him.

Ryan wriggled in his arms and gurgled again, showing his milky white teeth and flashing his big brown eyes, so like Bella's, at him. Jacob smiled at his son as he placed him in his high chair and began to make him up some breakfast. He whistled happily as he walked around the kitchen getting everything ready. The last three years had been like a whirlwind as his family had expanded unexpectedly at a fast pace, but he wouldn't have it any other way, it was more then he had ever dreamed of. He had the woman he loved by his side and children he adored, his dad was doing well and the business was bringing them in enough money to keep things afloat. Life was good and Jacob was intent on enjoying every second of it.


Bella woke up in the middle of the night to cramping pains ripping through her body. She had been having slight pains all day, but had been ignoring them as she thought they were the normal phantom pains, but it seemed she was wrong. She elbowed Jacob in the side. "Wake up, he's coming."

Jacob opened his eyes and looked at her in surprise. "Now?"

"Yes now." Bella said irritably as she began to climb out of bed. "Can you get my bag? It's in the cupboard under the stairs. You'll need to call my dad and Sue so they can come and help Billy with the boys."

Jacob smiled to himself as she continued to issue orders at him. He knew what to do, this was the third time after all, but Bella was always like this when in labour. Ordering him about gave her focus and took her mind off of the pain.

"I've made up some food for Ryan and put it in the freezer." She said as she began to get changed out of her nightdress.

"Yes, honey." Jacob replied.

"I've also made up a list of Jack's favourite meals. Tell Sue that he hates beans, he won't eat any of his dinner if they are on his plate." She pulled her converses on and clutched her belly as fresh waves of pain washed over her.

"Yes, honey." Jacob helped her to stand and rubbed soothing circles on her back as he assisted her out of the room.

"Tell Billy that I'll know if he has eaten any of the foods he shouldn't. I have a check list in my head. He needs to stick to his diet." Bella walked slowly out to the living room and perched on the edge of the couch while Jacob made the call to Charlie and Sue.

"Yes, honey." Jacob mumbled as he listened to the phone ring.

Charlie and Sue promised that they were on their way. They could hear Bella issuing orders to Jacob in the background. "She's going through her list then." Charlie chuckled.

"Sure is." Jacob agreed. "See you soon."

"See you soon, son." Charlie ended the call. He turned to Sue and smiled. "We have another grandson on the way."

Sue smiled wryly. She and Charlie had been married for two years now and ever since their family had been growing. Besides Bella and Jakes boys, Leah and Paul had twin girls and Seth's girlfriend had fallen unexpectedly pregnant. They were certainly kept busy with their growing brood. They hurriedly got in the police cruiser and Charlie drove as fast as he could to La Push.


Jacob pulled into the hospital car park and parked the truck. Bella was still issuing orders. "Get my bag, Jake. Don't forget the diapers."

"Yes, honey." He said automatically.

Bella climbed slowly out of the truck. "I've left a shopping list on the fridge. You'll need to go shopping."

"Yes, honey." Jacob half carried her into the hospital, her bag slung over his shoulder. Bella's breath was coming in short pants as the pain began to increase. Jacob knew that soon it wouldn't be orders she would be yelling at him, it would be much more fruitful language.


"Never come near me again." Bella screamed at him as pain shot through her like a knife. She gripped onto Jacob's hand and dug in her nails.

The doctor and midwife glanced at each other as more profanities left Bella's mouth. The gas and air wasn't working. She had been in labour for the last six hours and was reaching the end of her endurance.

"Now, now Mrs, Black there is no need for language like that." The doctor chided her.

Jacob sighed. "You shouldn't have said that."

Bella glared at the doctor wild eyed, her lustrous hair a halo around her head. "Have you ever given birth?" She snapped at him.

"Well of course not. I'm a man, but really this is a natural process and..." His words were interrupted as Bella swore at him.

The doctors face turned red as Jacob tried not to laugh, even the midwife was pressing her lips together as she tried to hold in her laughter. Bella groaned again as another intense labour pain washed through her, she had the sudden urge to push. She turned her head to look at Jacob through tired eyes. "He's coming." She gave him a weak smile.

Jacob stroked her sweat soaked hair back from her face and kissed her gently. "I love you."

"I love you tooo...ahhhh." Bella let out a cry as she began to push.


The hospital room was crowded as all the pack, plus the proud grandparents crowded around Bella's bed. Jacob was sitting beside her holding Ryan while Jack was perched on her other side. He was staring at his new baby brother in wonder.

"Bubba." Jack prodded his new brother.

"His name is Liam, sweetie." Bella told him.

"Leem." Jack frowned as he tried to wrap his lips around the difficult word.

Jacob laughed. "That's right, son."

Jack beamed at his dad and kept repeating the word. "Leem, Leem, Leem."

Sue quickly scooped Jack up in her arms, he was bouncing on the bed, the vibrations disturbing the baby. Bella rocked Liam gently and he settled down again. Leah, who was holding one of the twins, came over and looked at the newborn. "Wow, Bella, he actually looks like you."

Bella peered down at her new son. He certainly had her hair colour, all of the others were the mirror image of Jacob, except for their eyes. Liam was lighter in skin tone then his brothers. "Yeah, he does." She smiled and kissed the top of his head.

Paul approached holding the other twin. His daughter burped in his arms and a suspicious smell came from her diaper. Everyone wrinkled their noses. "Maria needs changing again." He left the room swiftly.

Seconds later Maria's sister did the same and Leah laughed as she followed Paul out of the room. Sue rolled her eyes. "I swear those girls cost a fortune in diapers. Food goes in one end and out of the other seconds later."

"Just like Paul then." Seth joked.

Everyone laughed at this statement. Jack clapped his hands and began chanting. "Poo, poo, poo."

Sue hushed him and he pouted. Bella smiled at her son, he looked just like Jacob did at that age when he was told off. Liam yawned in her arms, his eyes opening briefly before closing again. Charlie and Billy looked at their children, proud expressions on their faces. Three years ago they would never have been able to picture this scene. Charlie always blessed the day that Bella returned home to see him.

One by one the other members of the pack came over to greet the new arrival. Kim and Emily held Liam for a while, offering to babysit whenever Bella needed a break. Emily had never been able to get pregnant, they were never sure why, but she played the doting aunt and was always on hand to babysit. Seth's girlfriend was pregnant, she was at home resting.

"This will be you one day soon, Sethy." Bella teased him.

"Piece of cake." He said with a wink. "Any problems and I know who to call."

Sue cuffed him on the back of the head and he rubbed it. The others laughed at him.

Jacob put his arm around his wife and smiled. All the heartache and trials they had to go through to reach this point had been totally worth it. He couldn't be happier. He looked down at Bella and saw her smiling up at him, he knew that she felt exactly the same.


Edward was sitting outside in the palatial gardens belonging to the Denali clan. Tanya came and sat beside him. Her vibrant blonde hair glinted in the weak sun. "What are you thinking about so hard?" She asked him.

He smiled at her as he kissed her on the forehead. "Just mulling over old times."

Tanya knew he was thinking about his first love, she could always tell by the far away look in his eyes. "She is happy where she is, Edward." She said softly.

Edward reached out and took her hand, kissing the back of it. "I know." He agreed. "You're too good for me, do you know that?"

Tanya gave him a fond smile. "You're worth waiting for."

"I'm nearly there." He promised.

"Good." Tanya rested her head on his shoulder as they watched the sun sink below the horizon.


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