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{Olympus After the Council Meeting ended}

It was an odd sight for many gods, goddesses, nymphs, and satyrs to see the recently released Titaness Leto and their man hating maiden goddess Artemis being dragged across Olympus by Apollo.

"Apollo slow down or you're going to dislocate our arms!" Artemis called out.

With that the Sun God stopped right across from his temple allowing his mother and sister to rub the arms Apollo had.

"At least we made it to my temple already, and seriously Artemis, this is something I've craved since we've been on Olympus all these years." He told his sister.

"Why I mean we visited mother a lot on her island?" Artemis asked.

"Artemis you of all people should understand how different this is." Apollo began annoyed. "We had to visit mother on her island because she was trapped there, but now she's free meaning we can show her the world, she could spend time with my kids, your hunters, and so much more." Apollo said as excited as a kid on Christmas.

"Artemis, Apollo raises some good points with my freedom thanks to Percy you can still visit my island, I could visit your temples, I could even convice Percy to give me a palace near both of yours." Leto suggested.

"I love that last idea mom because Percy would definitely go for that. Of course Artemis better have guest rooms in her palace after I finally let her go." Apollo said.

"I should at least tell the Hunt I'm going to be gone at least a few days." Artemis said about to flash to the Hunt until she heard a click and saw herself handcuffed to Apollo.

"No Artemis, we are going into my temple, and I'll be sending Thalia an Iris message." Apollo said as he and Leto walked into the temple with Artemis being dragged by the celestial bronze handcuffs.

Once inside the temple Apollo unlocked the temple, but the front door glowed a bright silver.

"Um Apollo can you explain that glow on the door, and all your windows?" Leto asked.

"Oh simple mother, I can easily anticipate that even if she sees me tell Thalia and the Hunt that she's going to be spending time with us Artemis will still try and leave, so basically the glow is a spell to keep her in as well as keeping the Hunt out." Apollo said as he prepared a rainbow and drachma for the Iris message.

"Iris please accept my offering and show me Thalia Grace and the Hunters of Artemis." He spoke before Thalia's image appeared with the entire Hunt behind her (and Annabeth Chase).

"Apollo?" Thalia asked. "What's going on, why are you calling us, why is Artemis there, and who is that with you two?" She questioned.

"Good questions, last question first, this is Leto my and Artemis' mother, finally freed from her island imprisonment, I'm just calling to tell you that Artemis is grounded to my temple for a few days or weeks so that we can spend time with her." Apollo explained.

"Really? So how long?" Thalia asked.

"Until I say so, I've even made it impossible for her to leave my temple for a while, keeps her in and you girls out." He said shocking the hunters.

"Wait why are you wanting to keep us out of your temple?" Phoebe asked surprised hearing the Sun God say that.

"This is for Artemis and me being able to be with our mother for the first time outside of her island, so it's just going to be us three." He told them.

"And why should we allow this?" Phoebe asked.

"If a single hunter comes anywhere near my temple I swear to Styx that I will gather you all tie you together, and leave you outside of Aphrodite's temple with a note on you asking her for a makeover and dating advice." Apollo said to them with a glare as thunder rumbled making the hunters worry he'd keep his word.

"You are way more serious about this than I thought Apollo." Thalia spoke up a bit nervous.

"Of course I am, ever since she first formed your little diva band Artemis has made it impossible for the three of us to spend time together as family even on our mother's island, so with her finally free I'm giving Artemis no choice." Apollo told them.

"I can understand your desire to have your family celebrating together Apollo, and personally I agree with you." Thalia said making the hunt look at her shocked.

"Thalia how could you?!" Some of the older hunters asked.

"Look it would be good for Artemis to spend a few days with her brother and mother celebrating Leto's freedom, and besides we can work on punishing Annabeth while you're there Lady Artemis." Thalia commented making everyone nod in agreement.

"Good idea ladies, and Artemis will see you again in at least six days." Apollo said before he dispersed the IM.

"Well with that out of the way let's get started with a look at my favorite room in the temple." Apollo spoke aloud.

With that the mother and daughter followed the excited god to a grand door.

"So what's in here Apollo?" Leto asked.

"Probably a collection of perverted movies and the like." Artemis said with a huff.

"Way too cold sis, but it's still something you would never have in your temple." Apollo countered as he opened the door showing a pictures of some men, and women holding children as well as pictures of people growing up organized by names and years.

"This room is actually a shrine to all the mortals I'd fallen for, of course many pictures with the women are the children I sired." Apollo began. "There are even spots for my immortal and godly children as well." He finished before moving to the very center of the room which showed the portraits of a mortal man, and a nymph.

"Apollo are those the nymph Daphne, and the mortal Hyacinthus?" Leto asked getting a sad nod from her son.

"Apollo why would you have this room?" Artemis asked.

"To do something Poseidon and Hades do in secret as well, honor those they loved and the children they sired." The lone god answered. "Course even though you know about it, doesn't stop that while the three of us honor others, you have nothing in your temple for your hunters." Apollo scolded making Artemis lower her head.

"Why would I when my hunters are immortal?" Artemis asked as she raised her head.

"Immortal to time not battle sister, and even then there are those who you betrayed due to manipulation from Aphrodite or kicked out because they couldn't help but fall in love even if it was with a woman." Her brother countered.

"But they swore an oath!" She fought.

"And once some time passes, the oath becomes forgotten due to friendship and sisterhood." He argued.

"He's right Artemis, even I could tell that some of your hunters were manipulated, plus even you are subject to weakness when you were drawn to Orion's skills." Leto spoke up making Artemis realize how right her brother was.

"Guess I'm more like father than I care to admit being so stubborn and proud that it makes me blind." Artemis spoke before being hugged by her brother.

"If it makes you feel better we can work on copying a room I had to honor your Hunters throughout the years, as well as the room I dedicated to you and mother." Apollo suggested making her hug him back as Leto joined in.

{With the Hunters after Apollo hung up on them}

"Thalia I say this is a trick by Apollo to try and seduce us while our mistress is trapped." Phoebe complained as a few others agreed.

"Trust me it's not Percy and Nico would probably do something similar to get me to be able to spend time with them and Jason." Thalia countered. "Besides this gives us the chance to work on punishing a certain daughter of Athena without constantly being on the move." She added while glaring at Annabeth.

"So what should we do with her?" A young hunter asked.

"Well we can have her sharpen all the weapons along with cleaning our tents." Thalia suggested.

"What about washing the clothes and cooking your meals?" Annabeth asked wondering why they weren't making her do all the chores.

"We'd rather save those to mess with Percy, and we aren't having you feed the wolves because I wouldn't trust someone that would lay with my father with our prized hunting wolves." Thalia replied glaring.

"But Thalia, I thought we were friends?" Annabeth pleaded wanting her friend to not look at her with such contempt.

"We were, but now you need to redeem yourself since you almost got many people killed." Thalia told her. "Just be glad we haven't agreed to make your our "sparring partner"." The daughter of Zeus commented.

With that Annabeth was dragged to the armory to begin sharpening the weapons. However, after she was dragged away a bright flash revealed Hera with Jason.

"Hera." Thalia growled before turning to her brother. "Jason what's going on?" She asked her Roman brother.

"Apparently Hera wants to try bonding with us." Jason said to her.

"Yes, I was just so infuriated that Zeus would constantly cheat on me so much that it was practically a daily occurrence. It's why I could never look at his children with other women without constantly remembering how they were born from his affairs." Hera began. "With him gone and no longer ruining Olympus, I am free to choose a new path, and I wanted to start with Zeus' best two children from this era." She said with sincerity.

"Oh and what do you have to gain or lose in this?" Thalia asked still suspicious.

"Simple, I lose nothing, but I gain new relationships. However, my motivation for this was when Athena mentioned that many of my ex husband's children just wished to be treated as my family. Like children of Poseidon and Hades with their step-mothers." She told them.

"Fine, I'll go bond with you Hera." Thalia said making the goddess smile, before turning to the Hunters. "Phoebe's in charge, but stay away from Olympus, also if any men wander into camp, ask questions first, then shoot later." She ordered before leaving with her brother and Hera.

{Olympus Hera's Temple}

The trio arrived instantly at Hera's temple and Jason and Thalia were surprised to see a den set up for watching movies.

"Guess we're watching a movie?" Jason asked.

"Depends if you want to watch a movie you both like or if you want to watch some of Hephaestus' short films from when he pranked Aphrodite and Ares, watch Percy and Annabeth get caught in one of my son's traps, or if you want to watch your cousin duel Ares?" Hera suggested before Thalia and Jason voted for the last one.

During the show, the two siblings got to enjoy seeing their cousin take on Ares at twelve.

"Hera you have to let me borrow this so I can show Frank." Jason pleaded so his friend can watch his father be schooled by their favorite son of Neptune.

"Hey Jason they say when Percy was first shown around camp, Ares' daughter Clarisse tried to give him a welcoming swirly only for Percy's powers as a child of the sea to turn the tide, and nearly drown Clarisse in toilet water." She told the son of Jupiter.

"I heard about that from Grover and Annabeth who had front row seats to it. The only thing said to rival it was that Percy managed to kill the Minotaur with its own horn when he first came to camp." Thalia commented.

With that it seemed Percy's new rules as the King of Olympus were beginning to change a few for the better.

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