*Ahem* Back to the point Rachel

...Oh. Ok. Right. Yea. Sorry bout that...

So, this is my 13th Fanfic (UNLUCKY 13)

But my 1st written about NYSM

Im a COMPLETE addict when it comes to this movie,

And I Love doing cards tricks and everything too


Well, this is set 100% in Danny's Point Of View (POV)

And each chapter will start with a Diary Entry,

Hence the name 'The Diary Of Me'.

(Of course, that's also a Taylor Swift song... I name all my fanfics from either her songs, or songs from the Script)

And end with a normal part of them doing whatever the Four Horsemen do...

Its basically about J. Daniel Atlas *Inner fan-girl kisses an imaginary picture of him*

And... well... to put this short and sweet *Like Danny, Oh My Gawd!*

I shall simply say...

*Clears throat*

"That its not just Jack that has a bad past".

Enjoy :)


PS. The Diary Entries are in Underlined Italics, And the normal parts are in Normal Writing


1st January 2013

So... Uh... Yea... This is my diary... The diary of J. Daniel Atlas... No idea why I've started this... Thought it might help... Maybe it will... Maybe it wont... I don't know... All I know is I've got issues... Issues about my past... So I randomly got up today and decided to get a diary... And I've finally started it... And that's the first step to recovery...

Well as Iv said before, my name is J. Daniel Atlas... Or Danny... Or just Atlas... Yea I got loads of names... You didn't really have to know about that though... Sorry... So... Moving on... I'm 23 years old. My birthday is the 14th December 1990 and I was born in... Actually... You don't need to know that right now either... Let's just say I'm... I don't know... American. Yea. Let's just pretend I'm American. Ok, so, let me start again...

Dear diary,

My name is J. Daniel Atlas. I'm 23 years old. I was born on the 14th December, 1990. And I'm an American. I'm part of a group called the Four Horsemen, of course theirs a fifth guy now. Dylan Rhodes. He's alright too I guess. He's the guy who got us together. If it weren't for him...

There we are. The end. Nice and easy. Glad that parts over. I don't even know WHY people decide to put their names and stuff in their diary. I mean, it's not as if the book can read, and the whole point of it is to keep it a secret... So... What's the purpose in explaining yourself? I don't know... Maybe it's just me...

Ok, so I'm kind of going off track here. Sorry bout that. But I'm not... I just... I don't do touchy-feeling stuff. All that shits fucked up... Sorry. I shouldn't swear... But as I was saying, I'm not good with feelings. I can't handle my own, and I have no idea what to do with it comes to others. That's why it never worked out with Henley, because I always ran away from my emotions... Man if she's reading this now I'm going to fucking kill her... Sorry. Swearing is a no-go. I don't really see the point in swearing either. I mean what's it purpose? What does it do? Relieve stress? Get rid of anger? What? Then again, I can't really talk can I? I swear myself. Not that often of course, just... Sometimes.

And once again the great Daniel Atlas has gone off track. I apologise for that. But it's hard to keep my attention on something boring for very long... Not that your boring of course. I mean, come on like, your awesome. Letting me write on these pages and being all journal like and stuff and let-

I stared at the pencil as the nib cracked, creating a small smudge on page. Sighing, I reached over for a topper, before sharpening the lead and beginning to write once again.

Now. Where was I? Oh yea, I was apologising for calling you boring. I probably apologise too much. How many times have I said sorry so far? Let's see... Six times. Iv apologised six times in the past three of four paragraphs... I bet your checking it now... Haha, I'm right aren't I? You just checked how many times I said sorry in the past few lines. Seriously though, you gotta get a life... And that's coming from the guy writing a diary...

Well... I got to go now... Even though I haven't really explained much... Bye...

Was I me at to say that?

I don't know...

So... See you I guess...

J. Daniel Atlas.

I had just hidden the journal when there was a knock on the door. Quickly tidying up my desk, I put on my usual smirk and stood up, "Yea?".

The door opened and Henley stepped in, smiling slightly, "The lads are going out to lunch. Rhodes is... Doing whatever Rhodes does... So, you wanna come?".

"Sure" I replied simply, following her out and closing the door after me. It wasn't much use locking anything with a random Jack Wilder running around the place, so we didn't bother keeping keys around the place. As he said himself, MANY, MANY TIMES, 'Nothings ever locked'. Which, technically for him, is quite true. Seriously. That 17 year old could break into anything. ANYTHING. It was slightly scary. But we all had our own traits...

Jack was the guy who picked locks and caused distractions.

Merritt was the one who hypnotised people and read their minds.

Henley was one who escaped everything and found her way out of trouble.

And I caused illusions and used cards for tricks, for magic, and to fight.

The Sleight.

The Mentalist.

The Escape Artist.

And the Illusionist.

WE are The Four Horsemen.

WE are the guys doing the magic.

And WE are the ones who are going to pay the price.

First chapter very short I know,

And I haven't even fully figured this out,

But don't worry, dry those tears,

And the second chapter will soon be about




See ye later guys,