-6 Months Later-

"Danny, come on, time to go!" Henley shouted up the stairs, and I grinned, "Coming mother!"

I heard her huff an angry response, before shaking my head in amusement, and picking back up my pen.


Dear diary,

I know it's been, what? 5 months? Maybe 6? Since I last wrote, and even before that I wasn't the best at writing on regular intervals, but... Stuff happened, you know?

For starters, once I had woken from my two month coma after getting shot three times in the stomach by my own brother, you can probably imagine all the legal matters we had to sort through.

And even though James was now back in prison, we were on good-enough terms, and I visited regularly.

The others didn't really agree.

Rhodes was still a cop, and was still loving his job.

Henley was still the mother hen, and we didn't act on any feelings between us, though I had a feeling Jack and Merritt were planning something.

And speaking of the two others, Jack was still crazy and cookie-loving, while Merritt was just as annoying yet awesome as ever.

Everything was back to normal.

And tonight...

... Tonight we were back in business.

We were starting again.

As magicians.

Interpol and the FBI had finally decided to call off the search for us 'fugitives'.

Something about 'Magic can't be real' and 'There's no way these guys could have seriously done all that'.

So, basically, they had proclaimed us innocent, since they couldn't actually find any proof otherwise.

It also helped that Rhodes was still quiet a noticeable figure in the law enforcement world.

And tonight was our comeback show.

Apparently, all tickets had been sold in 7.34 minutes.

All 2000 of them.

A new record.

So, this is goodbye, I guess.

Well... For now, at least.

Though I doubt I will write again.

Considering everyone and everything is going along perfect and running smoothly once more.

No more shadows.

No more secrets.

No more stress.

I guess I should thank you for sticking around with me like this.

... Even though you're just a book and can't really go anything.


That's besides the point.

So... Goodbye, really.

My name is J. Daniel Atlas.

And this, has been The Diary Of Me

Finally done!

I knew half of you guys thought the last chapter WAS the last.

By it was not.

I decided I should make a slightly happier ending.

And I always end with the title of the fanfic anyways, so... Here it is.

Hope you liked.

Until next time,

Rachel :)