The team was in the living room of the cave with their mentors when they heard a crashing noise outside; they raced outside only to be engulfed in a bright lilac light. They suddenly woke up on bright white coaches in front of a massive television.

"Good Morning everybody," A voice cheered. They looked on the screen were a purple haired girl was watching them with star gleaming in her bright green eyes.

"Morning? Wasn't it like 3:00PM when we went outside?" Bart asked a confused Wally and Artemis who had come to the cave that morning.

"My name is Magnolia, I'm here to show you the hidden moments of the Bat-Clan," she announced overjoyed.

"Bat-Clan?" Nightwing questioned out loud. Before anymore words could be uttered the girl disappeared leaving a blank white screen.

"What does she mean by hidden moments?" Jamie asked.

"Things we don't see about them?" M'gann suggested shrugging her shoulders. The screen suddenly flickered and the lights dimmed.

Nightwing and Robin were shown in the monitor room laid casually back in the office chair surrounded by dozens of security cameras of happy harbour and the mountain inside.

"Ahh I remember this," Tim said smirking at Dick who shrugged in response.

Recognized Aqualad B-02, the zeta tubes announced Lagoon Boy B-18 it said afterwards. The brothers glanced at each other then got up to look at the screen. They saw Kaldur walk out the a humanoid fish walk out behind him.

"Hey that's me!" La'gaan exclaimed throwing his arms up. "Probably admitting how awesome I look," No sooner had he said that he looked up and saw both Nightwing and Robin with WTF faces on.

"What is that!?" Robin asked half screeching.

"Um... A catfish that fell into toxic waste?" Nightwing suggested.

"Has he even blinked yet?" Robin asked falling into the other chair still staring at the screen.

"Can he blink? I mean his eyes are hu- wait he just did, oh man that looks painful," he said wincing.

"That's rude guys," M'gann stated cuddling up to La'gaan. Nightwing and Robin shrugged their shoulders and looked back at the screen.

"This is La'gaan he is from Atlantis," Kaldur said from the monitor.

"I couldn't tell," Robin said sarcastically. "Hey! Do you think he can like feel stuff with those things on his face?" Robin asked poking the monitor with one hand and gesturing to his own face with the other.

"Maybe if he looks with his whole face," Nightwing said looking at the monitor as well.

"Aw man I hope he can't then I hate when people look with their whole face," Tim said reclining in the chair again.

" I had I guy one time at school in Gotham and he was like "Hey did you do your homework bro?" he said in a surfer guy accent. " and my binder was on the desk and he literally smashed in face on it while he was looking with his whole face." To prove his point he slashed his face on the notepad nearby. "Like that,"

"Same thing happened to me only he was Asian, why an Asian guy didn't do his homework? I'll never know," Tim stated. Nightwing laughed as Tim looked at him.

"Anyways we should go meet him now," he chuckled. "New knight to rule! Hazzuah!" He shouted running out of the room. With a laughing Tim on his heels.

The screen faded to black the Justice League was all laughing along with the Young Justice team except for M'gann and La'gaan who were staring at them with a judging glance with a hint of amusement in M'gann's case and a hurt and angry glare in La'gaan's case.

"What?" They asked innocently.

"You judged before you knew them that hardly soundly like you guys," Karen said still sniggering.

"You should have seen when I met Boy Wonder," Batgirl replied pointing at Nightwing. Just then the screen crackled to life showing the dark BatCave.