-Last Chapter-

"Never the less, Batman is funny when he's drunk," Green Arrow stated,

"Here Here," Everyone else replied.

-This Chapter-

The member of the team were sitting around looking at the screen waiting for a video when their attention diverted over to La'gaan and M'gann who were cuddling on the couch.

"Really cuddling? In plain view?" Artemis asked annoyed.

"What? It's what couples do," M'gann stated.

"Maybe in the dark while watching a horror movie," Wally snickered.

"But seriously M'gann, you and La'gaan are making out in the halls in Mount Justice all the time," Tim said seriously.

"So?" La'gaan asked.

"It's kind of gross," Cassie replied.

"Relationships," the Bats all said together.

"Perfect I'll so you their views on relationships!" Magnolia said excited. She appeared on screen wrapped in film reels. "Let's do this!" She said pressing a big red button.

Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl were walking through the halls of Mount Justice when they came across M'gann and La'gaan making out in the halls.

Oh man, that's gross, he looks like he's eating her face. They heard Tim's voice say.

Why, Why there's so many room's in this mountain, it's a mountain! Why right here in the f***king hall, there's 13 year olds in here after all. They heard Batgirl's voice say after.

I can so kiss better than that, he's drooling all over her face, but seriously I'm pretty sure he's feeling her faced up with those creepy whiskers. They heard Nightwing's voice say after Batgirl's.

They continued walking until they got to the main part of the cave where the Zeta Tubes were. They quickly walked over and beamed themselves back to the cave.

"That was nasty," they all said at the same time.

"Nasty? Really?" M'gann asked annoyed.

"He was all over you," Batgirl deadpanned.

"Never mind, let's just continue with the video," Wonderwoman replied.

The team had a day off and were milling around the mountain absentmindedly. There were mostly groups conversing. Superboy, Wolf and sphere were sitting in front of the static filled screen, M'gann, Wally, Artemis, Raquel, Zatanna, and La'gaan were talking in the kitchen while they baked some goodies for the younger members. One of the other groups were the Bats Nightwing, Tim, and Barbra they were watching seemingly the most interesting group consisting of Cassie, Jamie, Bart, Arsenal, and Garfield. They were apparently trying to act cool in front of the girl that they assumed they had a crush on.

"This is actually hilarious," Nightwing said eating from a bag of chicken whizzes, which he stole from Jamie. "Like you could totally get her without all this fuss," he said to Tim.

"You should go for it," Batgirl said.

"If you haven't noticed, I don't want to be in a relationship, you know, too dramatic," he stated. The two nodded in reply.

"It looks like she's happy though," Nightwing commented when he saw her laughing at a joke that Garfield made.

Recognized Batman02 the Zeta Beams announced. Nightwing threw the Chicken Whizzes in surprise spilling them behind his back were Wolf gobbled them up.

"Come on, trouble in Gotham," he announced.

"Cool let's go," Batgirl said jumped up. As they walked by the group of five, Nightwing said.

"Wheels*," and left.

"I still don't know what that means," Cassie said.

"Never mind," Nightwing replied.

"But relationships are so overrated, it's not like you need them to survive," Tim stated.

"What about parental relationships?" Artemis asked. At that all of the Bats stiffened.

"What's wrong?" Karen asked.

"Nothing," the Bats replied.

"Not nothing," Magnolia said starting a video.

Bruce, Dick, Barbra, Jason, and Tim were sitting on the couch in the grand living room of Wayne Manor. Bruce had his elbow on the arm of the chair and his hand covering his eyes. Dick had his knees drawn up to his chest with his chin resting on them and looking straight ahead. Barbra was doing the same on the opposite side of the couch. Jason was on the floor with one leg straight out and the other bent with his head leaning on the base of the cushions. Tim was lying on the floor sprawled out with one of his arms to the side and the other over his eyes. To the side they saw the calendar it marked May 4th. It focused on Bruce when he took his hand away from his eyes. They looked unfocused and blurry with tears.

"You know," he started. "On Mother's Day, I would always give her a bouquet of flowers from the garden," he laughed and choked on a few tears.

"I would bake for my Mom" Dick said after. "I would get permission from Pop and he would let me bake her Cl─âtite, which was like pancakes for breakfast, then me and her would stay on the trapeze for the whole day, just me and her," she said tears fall down his cheeks.

"I would save up money and we would go shopping," Barbra said. "I would only have about 5 dollars and she would always end up buying things for me instead of the other way around," she chuckled.

"My mom was the only one who cared at least a little bit about me," Jason said startling some of them. "We wouldn't do anything special, but she would stop taking for one day** so I could spend some time with her," he said sadly looking down.

"My mother wasn't around often but she would always, always stay for Mother's day, we would just walk around the house and talk and it didn't matter because she was there. Even if it was just once per year," Tim said without moving his arm from his eyes.

"Master Bruce," Alfred said walking into the room. "I believe it's time for you to go on patrol," he said trying to divert their attention. "And I believe Catwoman is on the loose," at this everyone looked up and left the room.

~Later That Night~

"Selina!" Someone yelled gaining the attention of the one Catwoman. She turned and looked at the young Robin, Tim.

"Hello Tim," she said. "Fine night huh?" she asked.

"Yah, it's pretty nice," he said a blush rising on his cheeks as he looked down.

"Is something wrong you look red," she asked looking at his face. Suddenly he stood up and pushed a card into her hands.

"Happy Mother's Day!" he yelled jumping from the tall building and grappling to the next. She looked stunned then looked at the card. She smiled and put it into her bag. Before she could leap off the building there was another shout of her name. She looked back and saw Dick with something behind his back.

"Hey Selina," he said before placing a wrapped plate in her hands. "Happy Mother's Day," he said. He hugged her to her surprise and jumped from the building. She also put that in her bag and jumped off the roof and started running across the roofs. Suddenly Batgirl was beside her.

"Selina, meet me at my house at 3:00pm tomorrow, we're going shopping," she said and then jumped onto a different building. She processed and then remembered the date, she smiled and looked down while she was still running.

"What will I ever do with those kids?"

"Catwoman is your mom?!" Garfield shouted.

"No, but it's like she's kinda our mom I guess," Nightwing stated.

"Batman seems to like her," Batgirl stated.

"Uh huh," Batman agreed.