Just a Gun

E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100

Challenge word: File

Warnings: None

Summary: It's Dean's 16th birthday and John has a special gift for him. Sam can't understand why Dean is so excited about it.

"Here you go, kiddo. Happy Birthday." John smiles at the way Dean's face lights up as he takes the plain brown package and starts ripping into the paper wrapping.

Awe replaces eagerness as Dean takes out the shiny pearl handled Colt 1911. John can see his eldest's hand's trembling as Dean raises the gun and stares down the sight.

"Might need to file that down a little," John says, hiding his own emotion with gruffness. "To get it just right for you."

"Dad, I… it's…fuck. Awesome!"

Sam looks up from his book and frowns.

"Huh. It's just a gun, Dean."