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Ethan's POV

I jolt awake on the cold, hard floor and for a brief moment feel completely at peace before all of my memories come rushing back...wait a moment, this is impossible. I'm alive. I'm actually alive! I pull myself to my feet, my knees almost giving out from the sudden weight they bare. It is only at this moment that I hear soft sobs filling the room, my eyes searching the room for its source. My eyes come to rest on a small figure, rocking backwards and forwards in a crouched position, its face buried in its legs, making the figure unidentifiable. I take a few cautious steps towards the figure and as I draw closer realise that the figure is in fact Sarah.

"Sarah..." I utter, softly, reaching my hand out to her but she doesn't look up. "Sarah?" I question now, anxiety growing within me.

"Is anyone there?" She asks, looking up and her eyes meeting mine.

"Oh, Sarah, I'm so happy to see yo-" I state before she interrupts me. "Is anyone there? Erica, if that's you again I told you to leave me alone...and Benny if Erica sent you down here to do her dirty work I will literally turn you into a blood smoothie!" Her voice oozes with pain and sadness but with an underlying tone that I have never heard her use and don't want to hear again, it is a tone of pure distain and hatred.

"Sarah, I'm right here, can't you hear me?" I remark, hurt that she is ignoring me, I walk over to her and place my hand on her shoulder but she just shivers and then rubs her hands over her arms and right through my hand! How the hell is that possible? But then it hits me, I can see her but she can't see me because...I'm a...ghost! I'm dead! I suppose what they say about your loved ones watching over you is true, I just never thought it would be in such close proximity, come to think of it, it's kind of creepy. Does this mean I have to follow her for eternity, not that I don't want to stay with her and protect her, but what if she falls in love this another guy and I have to spend the rest of existence watching her share all the moments with her that I never had...or worse, having to watch her suffer the grief and pain of my death forever? At least we will be forever together, even if she doesn't know I'm here.

"Um...Sarah?" A voice shatters the silence of the room, I spin around to locate its source and my eyes come to rest on Rory, a sheepish and slightly guilty look on his face.

"Oh, hey Rory" Sarah replies, her voice filled with pain and sadness that only comes from having your heart broken.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry, Ethan was my best friend and...and-" he chokes back a sob but collapses to his knees. Sarah crawls over to him and pulls him into a tight embrace, rubbing light circles on the small of his back while he rests his chin on her shoulder, I see him flash a grin as he continues to sob. He's faking it! He isn't sorry at all, he's just trying to take advantage of Sarah while she's vulnerable. Now I really wish I had the ability to touch (more like kick the living daylights out of) people. I can't believe he would do that, he was supposed to be my friend. Rory pulls back slightly, coming face to face with her. He raises his hand to her cheek, running his thumb over it to wipe away her tears.

"Sarah, before Ethan died, he asked me to do him a favour. He...he asked me to take care of you and protect you, give you everything that he can't anymore" Rory confesses, even though I didn't even see him before sacrificing myself so couldn't have asked him to do that even if I wanted to.

"Rory...th-that's so sweet of you. Thank you" Sarah smiles, sadly as tears glisten at the corners of her chocolate coloured eyes. Rory runs his hand up her cheek to push a lock of her hair behind her ear and then lets it trail along her jaw to cup her cheek before pulling her face towards his and in that split second, I know I have to do something, anything to stop that kiss, I focus all of my strength and grab a book from the closest bookshelf before hurling it across the room towards Rory's head, unfortunately it sails past the intended target and collides with the back wall but still has the desired affect as they break apart just before their lips come into contact.

"What the hell was that?" Sarah questions breathlessly as she searches the room for any disturbance. Rory sighs in annoyance.

"I don't know"

"Listen Rory...about what just happened or at least almost happened, I'm flattered but I'm not ready to move on from Ethan...I-I'm sorry" she whispers before clambering to her feet and hurrying out of the room.

"I know that you're here, Ethan, you may have won this round but I will make Sarah my girlfriend" Rory remarks as a smirk spreads across his face, he strides towards the door but stops right in the doorway and spins around to face the room, the smirk having been replaced by a look of compassion.

"Don't you think that she deserves this? She needs someone to actually be there for her, to hold her and care for her, I think I can give her that" he sighs before turning on his heels and exiting the room.